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  1. Haven’t started yet, but next year for DD’s 2nd grade, we’ll finish Logic of English C and do D(probably???). We’ll do WWE 1 ; and Spelling Workout (I’ve discovered I have an intense dislike for the spelling in LOE). She’s reading so well though, that I’m not sure what the point of doing LOE D is...perhaps someone can enlighten me.
  2. It sounds like it could be cultural to me (I’m guessing Asian of some sort?). Lots of cultures defer to their hosts; lots of cultures have specific practices regarding behavior around meals, and don’t want to offend. Without knowing the specific culture he’s from, it’s hard to know exactly. BUT, I grew up in Africa, have been around many different cultures while there; and there are always unwritten expectations around food, and eating. One Zambian pastor (so educated, and familiar with American culture) we’d known for YEARS came to the US for a visit and we took him out to eat. He sat bes
  3. I just tried magnetic lashes. Because Angie at Hot n Flashy. You put on this special liquid eye liner and the magnets on the lashes stick to that. I’m not usually a fake lash type. But those looked fun. I may wear them for date night when we ever get a date again!
  4. I know nothing about production timelines, etc. but watching the ending of F&WS had me wondering if the writers came up with that scene the morning of Jan 7. Because that was so how I felt watching the news coverage of the previous day.
  5. Which live webcams are these? How does one watch them?
  6. Banana Republic has some nice linen cropped pants (I don't know if that counts as capris in your book or not?). But I don't know if they would arrive in time?
  7. We have done the same. No dental check ups for any of us since quarantine started. However, I started having TMJ pain back in October, and I put off going in until February, when I couldn't stand the pain any more. When I called my dentist, I specifically asked what precautions they were taking, and among other things, they had stand alone air filters/purifiers in each office. That made me feel much better. That trip prompted visits to the Oral Surgeon, a CT scan, and an MRI, all of which I had to undertake without a mask for a large chunk of time. I did NOT take my kids with me, howeve
  8. Digressing a little, but my step-mom is a bit like your ex-friend. She has resisted wearing a mask this whole time and proclaimed that she believes in "faith not fear" and then got the vaccine back in Jan. Then she posted the other day on Facebook, "Silver Sneakers for the first time! Exercising in a Mask is no problem for me." I was dumbstruck.
  9. Not sure about anti-vaxx per se, but there’s an overwhelming number of anti-maskers and anti-quarantine types in all 4 of the local HS coops I’ve looked into. Therefore, I haven’t gotten integrated into them enough to actually find out if they are anti-vaxxers or not, but I would be extremely surprised if they got vaccinated. As these local HS coops are my only experience with homeschool groups, I was quite amazed to see “so many” people on this forum supportive of masking, and getting vaccinated.
  10. Don’t know if you’ve ever been over on Reddit xxfitness, but that’s where I get most of my fitness info from (they have lots of good stuff under “community info”...of course there’s also plenty of the clueless “how can I spot reduce” questions, but if you can look past those you can really learn a lot...) Anyway, they seem to hold that too much cardio can indeed make you super hungry, and depending on how much you eat to deal with that can derail your gains. I tried for years to get away with not doing cardio, but frankly besides being great for your heart and lungs (which at 47 I need to take
  11. I find that if I’m lacking in protein overall (like less than 40 g a day)I can get really hungry, particularly when I’m expending a lot of calories. But I hate eating meat, and I’m sadly lactose intolerant. So, I generally end up supplementing my meals with protein bars or a protein shake. When I’m really tracking what I eat and eat closer to 90-100g (which is lower than the weight lifting world recommendations, I know!), I feel much less hungry!!
  12. Sort of??? Non-denominational reformed church plant. They were really great at the beginning when our state shut down from March to May; then started meeting outdoors (I think) during the summer. Then they changed venues to a larger space to accommodate social distancing. They seat people socially distanced as family units. BUT, when the singing is done, and the preaching starts, everyone takes their masks off, because they're no longer moving around. I guess they still aren't up on the info about the virus being AIRBORNE and totally able to float around on air currents, whether people
  13. Hunter, thanks for your insight. I wasn't aware of Ella Frances Lynch, but I downloaded her book and started reading it this morning. I'm looking forward to seeing what she has to say. Thank you for that link. Another Lynn, thank you for the freedom to pursue what works for us and what doesn't. I happened to save several books from my own homeschool childhood (the Old School Calvert from the early 80s), and happily discovered that I have several of the books that keep popping up on the CM books lists: Hillyer's A Child's History of the World, Crommelin's Famous Legends and I even fo
  14. What is the group opinion/experience with this curriculum? I've just discovered it, and am loving what I'm seeing so far...BUT. Last year, I fell in love with Memoria Press because their books were so beautiful...I started actually implementing it this year with my little ones...and I hate it. So, I really don't want to fall into that trap again. If you have any experience with the SCM curriculum, please share. I'm very very new to Charlotte Mason, haven't read her books, but have "For the sake of the Children" on order, and am also looking for a used copy of Karen Glass' Narration Book.
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