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  1. Following because wondering the same thing!
  2. Does anyone care to enlighten me? I’ve only now discovered Craft; and only now discovered DS is probably ADHD and/or dyslexic. Craft seems cheaper at first glance and seems to address both issues.
  3. @Lecka in regard to those moms I spoke with—one was the wife of my husband’s work colleague, who started homeschooling her son when after public school wasn’t working out for him. She said she couldn’t imagine trying to teach him at 6, but after a few years in PS, her older two knew the “school” drill and just got their work done, and were the example for the littles. My other friend was a lady I met in Bible study and then we got our kids together. Her son is definitely more boisterous than mine, hands down.
  4. Yeah, I started wondering today while pondering our visit if it might just be an attention issue instead of a dyslexia issue. We are spending the week apart-me with girl friends and DH and kids at grandparents. That’ll give me some time to contemplate and research before we have to get back to “summer school” (otherwise my kids will forget too much!).
  5. Ah…I had gathered from chatting with some of the HS in our church that they had the same struggles with their boys at my son’s age. I guess that helps clarify what I thought was normal behavior.
  6. This is super long and probably rambling, but if anyone could help shed light or has words of wisdom, I'd appreciate it. DS turned 6 in April. Last year in pre-school (prior to Covid), his teacher expressed concern to me that he was having trouble with his ABCs. Behavior was simply golden in Pre-3-4. I started him out on AAR-Pre Reading when quarantine started, and we finished up (with a summer break) this past November. From the get-go, he fought me about "doing school." He would cry and wail when I would say it was time for school. Because I have a DD as well who is a year ahead, I would work exclusively with her, and he would have "free play." I tried to structure his "free play" towards things like puzzles, play dough, lite-brite, magna tiles, but because our school room had also been a play area previously and was still a storage area for all sorts of toys, it quickly devolved into playing with toys just like usual. By the time we got done with AAR-Pre, he still only knew a few letters of the Alphabet, and was constantly calling an "A" and "E" although he made the correct sound for a and e respectively. I began to suspect dyslexia (he had recurrent ear infections until he got tubes put in, he started stuttering at age 2 1/2 which coincided with DH returning home from a year overseas, us moving houses/cities and away from grandparents, and stopping breast feeding cold turkey due to health problems that I needed treatment for. Don't know if any of that is related or even mildly relevant. Anyway...I have suspicions that DH and his dad are dyslexic, but don't know for sure. In Dec, desperate, I purchased Wilson Fundations Preschool curriculum, and we started that and by April, he knew his alphabet quite well (ok, WAY better than with AAR, but still not perfect). And he became so excited to start reading, given his previous negativity towards school, I decided to give it a try, using Bloomfield/Barnhardt's Linguistics approach as per David Kilpatrick (read through his book, and we are now doing the 1 minute activities as suggested on school days). About this time (Jan/Feb), I also phoned around to try to get testing for DS. The public school psychologist said that giving him one on one attention like we were doing with HS was best for him at this stage; the best my pediatrician could do was to recommend we see a developmental pediatrician. Well...what with the referral process and taking forever to see new patients, we finally got in to see the DP yesterday. She had family history info that I had filled out, and conversed with Eric for about 10-15 minutes. Based on that, and her interview with us, the DP decided that he probably has dyslexia, although she made clear that she couldn't diagnose that, that we would need testing done for him. She also diagnosed that he had ADHD inattentive type, and said we should put him on Ritalin so he could focus better on dealing with his dyslexia. Now, I get that Ritalin benefits those with attention disorders, and as a high school teacher, I saw first hand the difference in concentration, behavior, effort that it can make in kids who need it. I just never pegged my DS as having that issue. Yes, he gets distracted...he'll run around his room naked for 30 minutes sometimes because he got sidetracked by playing when he's supposed to be dressing. He can be pretty intractable, and has difficulty with changes in plans. Sometimes. Not always. Other times, he'll go with the flow with a great attitude. He definitely wants HIS way and when he can't have his way for whatever reason, he'll cry, whine, and occasionally have a wailing tantrum (with appendages flailing and tears) on the floor. Is this normal 6 year old boy behavior? Is it ADHD? He sits perfectly still and quietly for readings from the Burgess Animal books, fairy tales, the Jungle Book, Aesop's fables; and he LOVES audio books. It DOES take him forever to eat b/c he gets distracted and would rather chat; my daughter when through that same phase. Anyway...I guess I just wanted to get some feedback on whether that Dev Pediatrician was right about the ADHD; and feeling very much like I may need send the poor boy to school instead of getting to homeschool him...partly so he can get quality reading help, but partly b/c this whole "Mommy teaching me" doesn't seem to be working for him right now...are boys just like that???
  7. Can you wash it off? I always wash my fruits and veges before eating bc I grew up in a developing country.
  8. I’m curious. Would you mind elaborating? I have never been to seminary and the only theological teaching I got was in the various PCA churches I attended over a span of 15 years. Thus, it was my understanding that if one subscribed to a majority of TULIP, one was Reformed. Apparently I need to be educated on what being Reformed means: I was in a Reformed Homeschool FB group for a while and was genuinely surprised to encounter ladies who subscribed to head-covering (all the time, not just in church). I wasn’t aware that was a part of Reformed Theology. Clearly, I need an expanded view of what it means to be Reformed.
  9. Patricia Veryan writes historical Brit novels that aren’t “bodice-ripping” types. Several of them are serial-type, so you meet a lot of the same characters in the different books.
  10. 1. Presbyterian Church of America. 2. No, I was raised Southern Baptist. The Southern Baptists I know are not Calvinists. They are Arminian. 3. Never heard of double predestination until your question. 4. Yes; as much as possible, but with being military, at times it’s difficult to find a Reformed church near where we get stationed. But as much as it depends on me, I try to. Why do you ask?
  11. That’s good to know. We’re military so constantly moving. We left one grill in NM bc there was no room for it in the moving van. We got this one free from DH’s dad. And he hates it. It’s huge. A small, compact one would be much more to our liking. Also…we have another move coming up sometime in the next year so there’s that I need to keep in mind as well.
  12. Oh, he just grills occasionally over the summer. He’s not hard-core at all. Alas, I WISH he was into smoking bc I love smoked meats, but he says it’s too time consuming. Anyway…he just hates the one he’s got—it always burns chicken, even hamburgers. Is it possible to use just one or two burners? Would that help? He usually turns all burners on lowest possible setting and it still burns stuff. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  13. I’m thinking $5-600??? Is that doable?
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