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  1. "The great and powerful Hive", gotta love it. Congratulations! Sounds perfect!
  2. I'm so sorry. One of my good friends was shot and killed in our twenties. It's painful to this day. Thinking of you and your dd.
  3. How wonderful that everything was so lovely and you had a great time!
  4. The teens in our church were fine.
  5. How crazy are people?
  6. i always wonder about this. But I can call and ask to be connected to so and so s room. I can go into the hospital to visit and the room number will be given.
  7. Oh sorry, I haven't done it about Covid. I've just checked to see if people were still in the hospital pre covid for the church to arrange visiting. We live in a small community. I was just thinking she might be able find out from the phone person if covid patient was still in the hospital.
  8. DD says the university where she works has vaccination mandates for everyone, students, professors, and all staff. Everyone is to be masked unless in their own room or office. There isn't of course masking mandates off campus. They are testing on some rotation every couple of days and breakthrough delta cases are showing up.
  9. I guess you stay up and dance the night away and you won't hear the roosters. haha
  10. I have called the hospital and asked to be connected to a particular person to find out if they are still hospitalized. Then you get back things like, "just a minute and I'll connect you"or "they are in ICU and I can connect you to the nurse."
  11. All those conflicting emotions, sadness for missing them, happiness for their opportunities.
  12. I'm so sorry. It's awful. I don't want to go home.We've been in Newfoundland vacationing and getting ds settled for grad school. It's so weird. It's like going back in time. The locals are following the rules, there's the in door and the out, masks when you aren't at a table and lots of hand sanitizer. There are only 3-5 cases per day in the all of the province. I don't want to tell them the worst hasn't hit yet. Churches are starting to open, tourism is slowly coming back , universities are on campus.. t
  13. This is one time that what you wear just won't matter. They will be so excited to see a new family join them in person! You can always dress up more next week when there isn't a picnic if you feel like it.
  14. I can’t imagine. I’m so sorry!!
  15. Is he on the ole one hour neuro checks to be sure he doesn’t get worse ? Praying he starts to improve soon!
  16. I hope she feels better soon. It isn't fun but better than 3 weeks of misery.
  17. Normal in our world. They told us most folks were feeling better in 72 hours.I didn't feel well for the 72 hours and then was fine.
  18. I hope you can sleep some. Stay safe!
  19. They made my rebel dh go out in the hall when he refused to say the pledge with the class in 8th grade. lol This isn't a new issue. My homeschool kids learned it in 4H.
  20. A lovely picture! Thanks for sharing with us. Congratulations!
  21. Jean this cracks me up. It reminds me of a patient I had as a young nurse. The doctor approved coffee enemas at the patients request. After the first one,he wanted another but there was only so much coffee and the night shift was coming on. He got instant decaf. I never knew if he needed caffeine or not but I knew the night shift did.
  22. 20 years in dh's office, no sag and very well filled/over filled.
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