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  1. Kathy, All I can say is hugs.............
  2. Oh my, she would have loved that death! I just took a look and there are a few Ngiao Marsh's available on my Overdrive in audio so will give one a try...... @Lady Florida. Beautiful picture!
  3. mumto2

    Older people and filters

    Texas, I am pretty sure this is not the case but have to ask, could this be a hearing issue? Dh’s childhood neighbor (who he loved) was definitely hard of hearing and hearing aides didn’t help. Being in public was mortifying.......sometimes hilarious. Dh was a trooper and took his place in the keeping John entertained queue with his kids and ate a meal out with him weekly. No volume control and the things he said......he tipped huge, which helped our mortification.
  4. mumto2

    Older people and filters

    I am pretty sure I have shared this before here. I think it’s lovely way to handle it.
  5. mumto2

    Older people and filters

    My father had dementia. They lived in a comparatively small town and my mother enjoyed getting out of the house. Activities like going grocery shopping was a big deal for her socially and she took my dad along. Frequently they ran into friends who were not aware of my dad’s condition and strange conversations occurred, these people had known my parents for years and my dad was talking utter fiction. He was generally nice and loved chatting but my mom was frequently embarrassed. Since my mom refused to take the risk embarrassing him she would go home and call the people and explain. Shortly after my dad’s death she found herself on the other side of one of those bizarre conversations and the care person slipped her a piece prepared note saying something like “x has dementia but loves talking to friends. Thank you for being his friend.” My mom loved that and really wished she had thought of having business cards printed with something similar.
  6. Yes,. I would love to! Tuesday, I hope your comment means you plan to join us! 😋 Ngaio Marsh.....really happy you don’t love those.......I made it through the first two, I believe, when Dd was maybe 12. This was the height of her passion for AC and the girl can read read really fast. I was miserable and trying to preread before her. She was allowed to read them but partly because it was Christmas and our library closed for two weeks so nothing new available through the library. She was also determined and I had read them.......fortunately she never asked for more! My current intention is 10 of each category. I am reserving the right to switch some categories out if I need to. 😉 I have no intention of suffering through several books that I hate or ignoring a new reading passion in the coming year! That being said I do want to give it a go and think those categories have the most potential.
  7. First confession time..... I went through my wish lists and actually have lists with close to ten books for each category just to make sure they can be done! Also I have checked on Ten Chain potential and actually created a couple! 🤣 Overplanning! Sci Fi is the reading area I want to grow in next year. I really like the James Corey series I have been reading and expect to finish it. I will probably have 6 left for 2019 by the time I wade through the hold’s lists....... I have several other series marked that all seem to involve space travel so this category is achievable. So my thought is this category will be defined as people originally from Earth exploring outer space, spaceship or living on planets. Other Worlds......My track record with Fantasy Worlds is not great unless they are populated with paranormal creatures. I decided to add time travel to my definition just in case I get stuck, plus my wish lists had some intriguing ones. My intention is LotR and Narnia could exist in this rereads planned but those are books I love, as I said I don’t seem to stick to books in this area. I really want to....... Because of Brit Tripping I have been setting aside books set in Scotland all year. This is going to be a real mismatch of genres but will allow me to go back to several series that I enjoyed. Honestly that is pretty much what all my categories are about, series I have started and liked. Cozies I just want to give some of the huge variety a try and see if any stick. The Alfred Hitchcock category has me a bit worried because I would prefer not to have to do rereads. It might get a new name like rereads if I abandon the first couple I try.
  8. My son has that dragon T-shirt. It happens to be one of my favorites!
  9. Waving....glad you popped in. Both of those books are on my want to read lists, just waiting for the holds line to go down a bit! Kafka on the Shore was definitely one of Murakami’s best books. I like 1Q84 the best, but it was my first one so...... I hope you enjoy Verity Kent! 🙂 Ngaio Marsh is one of the greats that I don’t seem to enjoy. I will mark Artists in Crime and try and read it soon......probably when I need an A. 😂. I have only read the first couple...... I have been planning for those challenges too. I love your categories.....mine are a bit more mystery oriented, ummm, really mystery oriented😉 This is what I have been playing with...... 1. Agatha Christie 2. Scandinavian Detectives 3. Science Fiction 4. Alternate Worlds....Fantasy including time travel 5. Steampunk 6. Asian Detectives 7. New to me Cozy mystery series 8. Books set in Scotland 9. Alfred Hitchcock ...... the books that the movies are based upon 10. Either a category for rereads (several planned) or the detectives from Robin’s challenge or paranormal romances My first book for 2018 was Animal Farm on Audio, it counts!
  10. I finished Murakami’s latest, Killing Commendatore, yesterday. I didn’t post because I wanted to think about it. Overall I really liked it but it wasn’t as .......I guess, many of his other books have been for me. I am left wondering if I just have read so many of his books that I am no longer overly puzzled. It had lots of magical realism, little people, and wells. 😂 So lots of odd, but it also had an ending that made sense and was good. I read several reviews and one said it needed a hundred pages edited out at the end, I agree but would have taken them out of the middle! I am getting close to done with my latest Shardlake mystery, Lamentations, on audio. It is fascinating just because it is set in an unusual period of Tudor history. Very near Henry’s death when the entire country was waiting to see what happens next. I have a growing affection for Catherine Parr. I plan to start listing to The Benedict Option which Texas recommended last week when I finish. Currently reading Treacherous is the Night by Anna Lee Huber which is the latest in the Verity Kent series. Off to make my hubby happy and get the Christmas cards done that need to cross the pond. Yes, we still do snail mail cards!
  11. mumto2

    Holiday Craft Projects

    I just discovered a really pretty English Paper Pieced ornament pattern that is currently free from a blogger I follow. It’s fussy but we have done similar at the patchwork group I belong to in England and they look so lovely when all done. I need to buy some beads but think I will try one.
  12. mumto2

    Book a Week 2018 - BW49: Frosty December

    I don't have the energy to sort my Goodreads categories out (short stories, audio, and books) but a huge majority of my reading has been set in England. Lol I have been a bit osessed........ Ummmmm, I update Goodreads daily too............ 😉
  13. mumto2

    A library book issue?

    I can’t remember the exact statistic, I was in shock about the paperbacks! 😕. Longer, quite a bit longer. Part of the longer was that people tend to treat them a bit better. Not as much reading in the tub apparently..... all our paperbacks are placed in a really nice plastic protective cover too. I honestly thought they lastest a really long time. That being said the circulation aim, especially with paperbacks tend to be getting to popular heavily requested books to the patrons, timely. So buying more cheaper was good value, even knowing they had a limited life.......a computer program took care of those decisions. In the end we only wanted a couple at most of the majority of books to store in the collection so would keep a couple of hardcovers. The aim seemed to be to reduce over time to one point we were missing several in the Harry Potter series because of these policies. Seriously Harry Potter not being available in a big system! I learned a lot....didn’t agree with a lot.
  14. mumto2

    A library book issue?

    FYI, This is coming from someone who spent a few years on a library board and as a volunteer, in another country but.....for all paperbacks the average life span as a circulating paperback book is roughly 6 patrons for our Borough. That is right 6. The sun does a real number on book glue so all those people reading in the garden. Reading while in the bathtub is another issue, the humidity destroys the glue. We typically do not charge when a book is damaged as long as it is returned.
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