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  1. The Poisonwood Bible is a book that has sat unread on my nightstand for at least two years. Obviously I am unsure......I really need to try to actually read it this summer! Just finished Death in a Strange Country and actually really loved it. In part because I suspect it is setting up some great stories in the future.😉 I went ahead and rounded up and gave it 5 stars over on Goodreads. The negatives I had read mainly had to do with the books treatment of Americans which I think were amplified by the readers knowing the author is an expat. As a fellow expat, she was a bit harsh but I am not sure which culture was presented worse in the end...... I have two 10 book Chains in progress............Death in a Strange Country is the 7th book in one of my chains. Woot! My next book fo the chain will be Dressed for Death by Donna Leon. I guess I will chain Death for book 8 and either read another Donna Leon for book 9 or chain using Dressed. Lots of cozies with Dressed in the title. My chain so far........... 1. Broken Ice by Matt Goldman 2. The Ice Princess by Camilla Lackberg 3. The Princess and the Pea by Victoria Alexander 4. A Murder for the Books by Victoria Gilbert 5. Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop 6. Wild Country by Anne Bishop 7. Death in a Strange Country by Donna Leon
  2. The Sentence is Death is on my hold’s list. I have been looking forward to it and glad to read your good review. @tuesdayschild From a prior week’s conversation.......I just finished reading The Veiled Lady by Agatha Christie and really enjoyed it. Very short and clever. @Violet Crown I enjoyed the sheep story.........
  3. @Negin Thank you for the wonderful photos! Forty Autumns sounds like a fascinating book that I definitely need to find. It’s been a busy week so not much quilting happening which means I am only 4 hours in to Senlin Ascends which is my current audiobook. I previously abandoned it in book form because I was horrified that the main character misplaced his bride. His honeymoon to his dream vacation spot....the Tower of a disaster. There is much his guide books forgot to tell him. In audio form I seem to be loving this book. So glad I am trying it again! I finished Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe which was reviewed as a fascinating combination of Sci Fi and magic. It wasn’t bad but I don’t plan to continue reading the series. Sort of a “not special enough” rating. I was reading it jet lagged and in cars etc so I may be wrong.......the book jumped around quite a bit, I had a hard time figuring out what was happening. which is my major complaint. Also the characters weren’t quite as compelling as those in Sci Fi series that I have continued to read. I now have a much needed U for this month’s spelling challenge! I finally started my Guido Brunetti book, Death in a Strange Country. From my browsing on the internet this one is frequently mentioned as NOT being a favorite. Sort of put me off but I am also planning to use it in my “10 chain challenge” connecting with Anne Bishop’s Wild Country. Anyway, I actually am enjoying it so far.
  4. Obviously I miss my brand of teabags since I started a recent thread.😉 Dd misses lemonade (a fizzy drink that is not Sprite) when living in the US. I have to say my family adjusted pretty well to living in the UK 13 years ago and most of the things we missed were either replaced by new favorites or have showed up on the store shelves here. We now have Taco Bell which was my big one in the nearby city. Cakes mixes arrived. Canned pumpkin is easier now......
  5. I’m not sure how old your son is but I did The Sword in the Stone as a read aloud at about age 9 for Ds. I thought it was great! My son thought it was daughter loved it.
  6. Thank you, I just checked and my UK library doesn’t have Goblin Emperor in paper form. I think I will wait until fall when I can listen with a paper copy right beside me. 😉
  7. Glad you enjoyed Department Q! This was one of my favorites from a high school lit class. Maybe I should revisit it. Glad the kittens are all going to homes. So cute, it must have been hard to resist. I am going to put Goblin Emperor on hold again. Maybe I will try the audio. Dd read it when I had it last time and loved it! She is currently reading another @Kareni recommendation, The Martian.
  8. @Chris in VA That sounds like me at your dd’s age. BC greatly reduced my cramping and made me regular. Ibuprofen never reduced my pain from cramping, I had prescription meds. I was told that I didn’t have endometriosis at that time but always wondering if my doc had a clue. Fast forward a few years and I had severe endo.........the good thing as I understood it was my minipill probably slowed things down substantially but I would have liked to know.
  9. I would definitely combine your older kids for the first year. Your preschooler might surprise you and join in. We did this with Sonlight and used the package appropriate for my younger child and supplemented a bit for the older. My dc’s are 22 mos apart in age. Buy the LA elsewhere........maybe Memoria.
  10. Bumping you ......... My kids are in University so I haven’t taught or looked at elementary science books for quite awhile. I know where to buy curriculum but not necessarily individual books. This series of nature readers was good We used Usbourne pretty extensively for our science program. I have noticed Timberdoodle now offers secular and non secular home ed kits. It might be worthwhile to browse through their curriculum....they are wonderful at science.
  11. A Shameful Murder generally has really long hold’s so I have never tried it. From the hold’s line people like them! 😂 It looks like something I would like but know I quickly abandoned one of this author’s other series No idea why but it was a book I really wanted to like because of Robin’s Lady Judge Bingo category last year. I will try to think of a few more series.......
  12. I have been looking over my lists for my favorites so far this year and honestly I have had a really good reading year so far. It was hard to pick just a few........... The Au Pair was good in the what everybody’s reading type of category. What bookstores are displaying etc😉. I can’t remember much about the adult content levels but throwing it in because was a convoluted plot that totally entertained me. The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax is first in an older cozy series that I managed to completely miss much to @aggieamy horror. I really enjoyed the second in this series also and need to put the third one on hold! All Systems Red is the first in the Murderbot series. I loved these books! The Man Who Died is a very different murder mystery. The main character discovers he has been poisoned and will die. Before he dies he wants to track down his killer and pretty much everyone in his life has a solid place on the list. Finnish author...... The Sunday Philosophy Club I believe @Neginreally likes these and they have been a happy find for me. They aren’t what I would class as cozies because many of the mysteries are simply things that Isobel is curious about. This is another series where I need to check the next book out.......... @tuesdayschild wondering if you have read any Charlotte MacLeod? These are older American cozies that my Overdrive recently started stocking. It’s another author I completely missed but the two I read in this series were good I need to start using this author to fill in spelling challenges! 😂
  13. FWIW, my grandmother died in 1960 in California and my Uncle’s both traveled there to take care of things. They managed to get her birthday wrong, maiden name spelled really badly, and a couple of other things are off. I did genealogy pretty seriously for a few years and she appears correctly in many public family trees etc so I never even thought of having it fixed. I have her original death certificate but I am not sure anyone else ever pulled it. I got it from my mom. I wouldn’t worry.
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