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  1. @Kareni I hope you feel better soon! @Negin thanks for the pictures! Beautiful beach! Rose Cottage was a surprise as I discovered I apparently read it in 2018 while Brit Tripping! I knew it was set in the rather elusive Tyne and Wear but did not this I read it then.......Goodreads says differently!😂 It was good and it fit my mood so I quickly reread it in one sitting! I still plan to read the Gabriel Hounds in the next month or so. The Vanishing Man is the second Charles Lennox prequel and I thought it was rather good. It was “another” book based on a Willian Shakespeare theme, this one centered on a lost play. I am really looking forward to getting my hands on the third prequel in a couple of weeks! Good audiobook series btw. Finally I finished What the Wind Knows which may be a new favorite! The time travel elements were very romantic and satisfying and for those who like a serious helping of history this book did a good job on the Irish situation for the 1916 Through 1923 or so. This is significantly fluffier but in some ways reminded me of a Milkman prequel.@aggieamy not sure if you and your Dd have read this but both of you would like it! i have one letter left in my Mary Stewart spelling challenge and have been enjoying a contemporary romance called Anyone but You with a seriously cute stinky basset hound. I have a rather bland Poirot on audio happening......Cards on the table.
  2. I spent Thursday morning chatting with a new friend at a Bible Study and discovered her Dh recently returned from Hong Kong after like a half hour.....she mentioned he was now out of the quarantine window. I said that was great and resisted asking 14 or 21 days........ I think this is the world we now live in and it is scary. Most here have never really had to worry about things like Polio because the herd immunity protects us........ That said go and have a great time!
  3. Not sure that this is new........My parents owned a small grocery store in the 1950’s in a tiny town in the Midwest US and my dad did deliveries to customers.......this was a huge problem for him until he started making my brothers ride along. A 5yo tended to cool the women off! My dad happened to be really handsome and very happily married but the woman in that town terrified him. He hired a delivery guy as soon as they could afford it!
  4. Saw an article that the U.K. government is now looking for the 120+ passengers that were on the Westerdam in order to test them further. . Considering my friend received the advice immediately after her return via the 111 line to go about her normal life and call again if she has symptoms, it seems a bit late. They have self quarantined and did not take the advice fortunately. Not from the article but..........Apparently when you look at the fatality numbers closely they indicate a 20% mortality if over 80. Obviously the numbers so far have lots of unknowns but it does make me extra worried about my village in England which has a huge elderly population. I am so glad that my friend chose to self quarantine.
  5. Dragon Bound was so good! I read it last month and have the second in the series Storms Heart ready to go after I finish my Mary Stewart spelling challenge, I only have R (Rose Cottage by MS) and Y(a fluffy romance with You in the title). I started reading What the Wind Knows by Amy Harmon while waiting to give my kids a ride home from a dinner party last night and it is wonderful! It’s also another Thank You to Kareni............
  6. I finished listening to the first Charles Lennox prequel The Woman in the Water and really enjoyed this opportunity to get to know this much younger version of a favorite character. I moved right on into The Vanishing Man which is the second prequel and have the third on hold. I have to say I am really enjoying these. I did a binge read through several in the original series a couple of years ago when I discovered my Overdrive had them all but left the last one because. he was starting to write prequels which made me think I might not like the ending book.......I have been planning to read the last one this year but may put it off in case the prequels keep coming! I also read Nalini Singh’s A Madness of Sunshine which was not at all what I was expecting. I know the author as a writer of urban fantasy/ paranormal fiction and this was a pretty competent mystery with absolutely no paranormal elements or intense adult scenes. The book was set in New Zealand and made me want to travel there. Not the start of a series I suspect, but enjoyable.
  7. @Pen Thank you, I am currently on the side of having medications that might help available. I think Tylenol will be ......I hate to say in short supply but on everyone’s list. Hopefully we have time to watch what works before it reaches us. Willing to take it at this point if symptoms call for it. Right now I am living with a super high pollen count with citrus starting to blossom so Sudafed etc was actually pretty high on our otc need list! I skipped allergy meds yesterday because I forgot and am trying to get things back under control again for being in public. Lots of people are going around coughing and sneezing probably in part because of allergies but it is frankly freaking me out. A trip to Costco made me have to shower after the lady behind in a foot behind me sniffled all over me. She sounded completely contagious. I even lysoled the car because I sat in it after.
  8. I have been doing the same. So many of our common items come from China now. Supply shortages and huge price increases are a possibility. Then there is the fact that we may not want to enter a drugstore fore things like Tylenol! I keep thinking that being prepared is smart and then I think about ending up with a huge stack of stuff we won’t be happy about needing to use up . I also know I am looking at this from a position of privilege........I have an opportunity to prepare. I tend to. buy my cleaning supplies at big box stores and am currently one box ahead on things like bleach etc. The paranoid part of me thinks two boxes might be better. I have also taken a quick inventory of wardrobes especially the athletic shoes which we buy ahead on sale so can easily switch out when worn out. Everyone has at least two pairs ahead which normally takes us into the fall. I picked up new socks for all....... Dh has gone over the otc meds. Well stocked for colds, allergies etc for the next few months. Not sure what to do about food at this point. I have a freezer full and may just leave it there.
  9. Ellen McHenry Chemistry was something we really enjoyed! Nasa frequently has some hands on freebies that are good. This is just the first page from my google They used to have TOPS units for free......your other son might like those as the ones we used were mathy.😉 Janice VanCleeve is someone you might want to google. She has many books filled with at home experiments. My kids loved those books.
  10. All I can do is echo everyone else, she is such a beautiful baby. Those eyes........... So glad you are doing well too! Glad your nephew arrived safely also.
  11. @Ausmumof3My friends who were on the Westerdam are now at home in the UK under self quarantine . They were not told that a fellow passenger had tested positive until they arrived at their house this morning. Last I heard they have received no advice regarding what they should do. Honestly when I heard about the Holiday Inn I expected to hear they were there.
  12. Pretty sure she hasn’t. I will let you know if I hear something.
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