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  1. I forgot the Rosalyn Chapel is beautiful but our experience was very crowded.
  2. Brit Tripping..........The Tarquer Murals are roughly five miles(more like a half hour by road) from my house but I had no idea that they were there until this summer or the really cute village of Clayworth where they are located until Ds started his walking project. Clayworth is one of the places the boys thought they could cross the Chesterfield Canal so we dropped them off for the day’s walk and all went to view the murals. These murals seem to be a local mystery as no one could tell me why a somewhat famous artist came to a really remote little village and painted some incredible murals in their church. If anyone knows a reason why please share! I. enjoyed this blog post. Once again please don’t copy as I plan to remove the picture of the boys in a couple of days.
  3. I would base myself in Edinburgh and do something outside of the City most days. Probably rent a car because daylight is going to be precious. Stirling and St. Andrews will make good day trips. I don’t know the nature preserves in the area but believe there is a place with seals near Edinburgh and the grey seals have their babies in November and December. We love to go to a beach in Lincolnshire to see them. It is incredible........if there is something like that you need to go. My husband really likes the Battle of Bannockburn site
  4. Happy to help! I love making Halloween costumes.......I have to admit those robes are so cute I am tempted to give them a try, just not sure who to make them for.......
  5. So fun! I wanted to see what was out there and this tutorial is pretty great Since you are starting with a Simplicity pattern for a bathrobe they should work well for DS2.
  6. I want one of these now and I don’t like toaster ovens!🤣
  7. Thanks, just checked and my library has it on Overdrive so I requested it. I listened to a great book on Overdrive this afternoon while sewing that I doubt from looking at the Goodreads reviews I would have enjoyed in book form.........the book is The 39 Steps by John Buchan. I actually gave the audio 5* then discovered all the 1* ratings over on Goodreads so I recommend listening, it was short and enjoyable if you like spy/action type stories. I am working hard to complete my 10x10’s and this one works for Scotland which makes me very happy. I never finished watching the movie years ago when I had it on for the kids........not sure why.........but I can totally see this guy hiding in the gorse etc. I need to find the movie because I suspect I would enjoy it now. 😂
  8. Dd, my linguistically talented child who actually did teach herself French mainly using Duo and testing well.......and I were talking about the Latin on Duo and her opinion is a text of some sort will be needed to truly get very far because of the inflections. She compared it to Cambridge which is also hard without a teacher leading you through the program. She is very curious how far her mother will get before she pulls out one of the textbooks (Dd self taught Latin after Ds quit) so I stopped when the going got 8 years ago.......and have forgotten most. I cannot understand most of the spoken Latin on Duo which is already becoming an issue for me. The speakers are just not clear enough and the slow button is not there. I occasionally hit the slow in the other languages. That may prove to be the reason I eventually quit the Latin. I do Duo every day for both French and German and have for skills are not extensive but It allows me to maintain what I know and perhaps learn a couple new things every week.......I do the 30 second timed option for both every day. I have added Latin as a third.
  9. Crunchie bars are my weakness. Dh loves Flakes. Both are by Cadbury..........they sell boxes with mixes of different candy bars which are fun. Cadbury Fingers are nice....lots of flavors and all are good.😉 You also might enjoy an assortment of McVites biscuits. Dd is obsessive about Jaffa Cakes, chocolate and orange flavored. Digestives, Chocolare Covered Digestives, and Hob Nobs (oat flavored. Scottish oat cakes might be an acquired taste but I like them. Quite plain, I like them when I don’t feel well. Nairn’s is the brand I normally buy but if he see’s the kind that are sort of pie slice shaped they are the best.
  10. Great news! 🥳🎊🎉 The pictures are great!
  11. Well my Addi Turbo just arrived and the needle on one side is bent in a rather nice curve. Had me wondering for one second if the curve was the Secret to the fast.🤣. Being returned, new set coming tomorrow. We might make it to Germany next summer......😀
  12. I finished the new novella (but it’s 176 pages long so not really short) by Becky Chambers late last night. To be Taught, if Fortunate has a totally new mission and set of characters from the trilogy based on A Long Way to a Small Angry Planet (the first book is a favorite of mine). To be Taught was a book that had an unusual slant on space travel and is in many ways more real in terms of actual space travel, so sort of concept filled for to allow a crew to travel on a trip that will take decades? etc. I highly recommend it for the Sci Fi readers among us.
  13. Since he will be there near Christmas my first thoughts were mince pies and a Christmas pudding! Tea.......I would just have him buy you some that looks good to him. Lots of nice fruit infused on the shelves. The grocery stores in general have expanded their choices. I am boring and drink P and G so no great advice, Yorkshire tea is good too and not so widely available.
  14. I am sorry. It’s always hard but when the friend is my age it really upsets feels so much closer.
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