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  1. Apparently our Presbyterian church will be using premade communion kits. Assuming something like these.
  2. Non Covid sounded so appealing ............😉 As you haven’t gotten any very outdated experience with a doggie septic tank. We actually bought a house that had something like this installed in the yard many years ago. Going to be really honest and say it was an unpleasant discovery as that part of the yard just had a smell that wasn’t pleasant. Large lot so it took us til spring to find it when we mowed. No idea how old the thing was but it could not have been used for several months at the time we figured it out.. Dh got rid of it.
  3. I am chuckling my way through a book I found via one of Karen’s links.....I think I may have ventured down a rabbit trail off of the 10 best romances to find it. The Countess by Lynsey Sands is a rather slap stick comedy with the Countess literally putting her husband’s body on ice to delay announcing his death. Then we have mistaken identity and body snatching.....and I am only at ten percent. It’s a very silly break from reality and I am enjoying it.....wondering if Kareni has read it?
  4. Me too.......handshakes, especially with strangers, can go but I hate the thought of hugs from friends ending.
  5. Our church had it’s fourth in person services since reopening yesterday. The county has stayed reasonably low........think we had 14 active cases per hubby’s master chart at reopening and now have 28 as of yesterday, so doubled over five weeks. No more deaths. Plenty of free testing. Btw, hubby is keeping records on several places where we have lived or have loved ones.......he is using the U.K. method of assuming the cases are active for 7 days in part because it was the only way at the start to keep his comparisons useful for our family. We have not attended in person and feel no pressure which I greatly appreciate. We are happy with the online services for now. My understanding is a large percentage including the minister preaching are wearing masks. Our sanctuary is large, total current attendance is less than 100 at both services not including staff. Average is 500 per service, although capacity is just under 1000. No hand shaking etc. Being dismissed by pew. All socializing is moved outside. I have confirmed with the minister.......they are singing as pretty much normal. Behind masks mostly ........but singing. I love to sing at church services but that is the thing that will keep me home even after I am comfortable with going in the building. I assume my family will start participating with Bible studies, small groups etc long before we return to in person worship. Watching our numbers...... The church has committed to continuing online worship...... we already had the services online but they now putting together a very well done service during the week. Our worship team constantly reminds everyone that staying home and watching is welcomed. No pressure. They really want everyone to feel comfortable. We actually attended a drive thru party at the church last week for a family my kid’s were close to who was moving. Dh and I sat in the car after we gave up and parked for our kids. The kids got out and hung out with their friends for a half hour or so. Everyone was great, distancing well done. etc. No one bothered with masks as it was mid nineties and all kids were so very happy to have seen everyone in person. People kept visiting Dh and I at the we have spoken with most of the church staff in person now. ETA........they stood outside the car, just to be clear.
  6. Glad you are enjoying the House in the Cerulean Sea! Dd grabbed my library copy of The City in the Middle of the Night last fall and really enjoyed it.......I still haven’t read it. Somehow it slipped way down on my list.....I think it may have been a @JennW in SoCal suggestion in the distant past! I am hoping to spend some time listening to my Kim Harrison today......I am enjoying it but it seems to be the book that is easily set aside. I am also reading the latest Lisa Klepas titled Chasing Cassandra and am enjoying it. I have also been making progress on Dark Queen which is the last Faith Hunter before I read the latest in the series Shattered Bonds. According to the reading order list I have been using the 4th Soulwood needs to be read I will.😉. Like some of my other rereads where the books were originally read near the release date, this reread has enabled me to get a significantly better feel for the clever nuances in the story arc which I have really loved. I am also “getting” past references that would have been missed before. At one point in my reading life I reread every book in a series in anticipation the new releases.......of course I didn’t read as many long series at that point. If I reread all the In Death series every time a new one was released I am not sure I would ever read anything else! 😉
  7. If it was at 6:13 am I probably watched from the driveway. 😉 Ds was 2 months old at that time and I had a two yo. I always watch launches if possible..........
  8. I suspect we were at that one too. We used to drive over to Patrick to watch. Today we went over to New Smyrna for a better view than home. Glad we did as we all got to see it and there was cloud cover today.....neighbor couldn’t see it. I always worry, such a relief when it is over!
  9. Take a look at Timberdoodle for kits.
  10. @Kareni I forgot to say thank you for the links today. I am happily collecting the Carla Kelly romances as she is one of my favorites. Speaking of favorites I am almost done with the latest Anna Lee Huber ......A Stroke of Malice has Lady Darby at a lavish Twelfh Night party at the home of a Scottish Duke with cholera spreading throughout the land. My version of easy plague reading I guess.....the cholera is simply background at this point although face covering has been discussed. Some cover art.......
  11. @Lori D. Thank you so much for the wonderful notes! I just checked ab Overdrive copy out so plan to truly start reading this weekend and am looking forward to using the notes! @loesje22000 and othe Ragnar Jonasson fans ......he has a newish series called Hidden Iceland. I have wanted to start with the first one and finally was able to listen to it. The Island which is the second in the series won many awards and has been availiable to me for that I have read the first I suspect starting with the second would have been fine. I’ll let you know in a few weeks.😉 The Darkness was somewhat short, with a female detective literally racing to solve one last case before retirement. I can’t say she was likable but she was fascinating. This first book is sort of unique as it tells the end of her career...I have access to two more in the series which are both flashbacks I think. Planning to continue reading these as I suspect these are going to be filled with surprises......there were twists in the first book that I really did not expect but were totally in keeping with the character. Great storytelling....using it for my Noir Bingo Square.
  12. I thought this was going to be the start of the Coronavirus version of the epic cupcake thread......sort of disappointed.😂 My husband prefers cake cold so if space allowed I would have it in a frig but it doesn’t need to be refrigerated.
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