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  1. Oh wow! Can’t believe we need to plan for 2020 already! Fun stuff! Beyond wanting another spelling challenge incorporated I don’t have any instant ideas or requests. I have enjoyed the 10x10 concept this year and it has worked well for me in terms of broadening my reading. BIngo is always a challenge for me but there isn’t a category that I really want to do.
  2. We don’t have it up and running yet but it’s on hubby’s list! Your post made me happy because I wasn’t sure that I would enjoy it much........I spent years watching Disney movies and the kids had quite a collection. Dh did not watch many so really enjoys them......we found the original Mary Poppins VHS a few weeks ago which he hadn’t watched since a theatre as a child. He loved it! Are the oldies all there like Aristocats? My favorite❤️! Well, Aristocats and Bedknobs are my favorites. I know we will get use out of Marvel!😂 My kid’s watch them all! Question of the Week........What is your favorite Disney movie? I finally started reading my Phyrne Fisher mystery and have to say Cocaine Blues at 20% is good. I now remember why I never read this series, this first book deals with botched abortions which is a personal trigger for me. I do think I have started Cocaine Blues and abandoned it in the past. So far I am good with how things are being presented so will continue but other people might prefer to give a later one in the series a try.
  3. We still do cards with preprinted letters to people we have known throughout the years who matter. Our life has included a lot of moving and the cards do seem to keep us a bit more Facebook and honestly I don’t think many of the people on my list do Facebook either. I do quite a stack and could never write a personal letter with each. I do address the cards myself and try to write a bit in each if it is someone we won’t see in the next year. We still mail a picture of the dc’s standing beside each other because it’s tradition. They spent years in front of Royal Mail boxes wearing Christmas sweaters after we moved to England 😂......then we moved to a house with a great stone wall which became the backdrop for how much taller is Ds (ended at about a foot). Now we just do a favorite picture I have from the previous year of them. Dh enjoys writing the letter and seems to be popular with it.😉 My college roommate’s hubby writes theirs too and I really look forward to hearing what’s happening from the guy perspective. Each year I cut a few from the list as I add a new person to two. I seem to always cut someone who didn’t want to be so am pretty cautious about cutting now. People actually have asked for copies after Christmas while asking what happened to theirs.......I normally say it must have gotten lost ( actually has happened) and I mail a new one. I have a spot I keep all the card photos I have received over the years. It’s fun getting a quick email from someone commenting about something mentioned in the card. We still receive several cards each year from both sides of the Atlantic but since we require a trip to the post office because of international postage I don’t keep count in the traditional crossed off the list way.
  4. My brother is a great cook and hosted holiday’s for both sides of their family together for years. His mil demanded stuffing made with everything in that pack except the neck. He had to roast the neck for her separately. She did take the neck home to eat with her leftovers thankfully. He served her stuffing in a special recognizable bowl and announced very carefully that it was her favorite so everyone would remember to stay clear. I think Dh was a bit traumatized in fear of getting her food by accident! I reminded Dh that he never wanted anything that was Vicki’s “favorite” before every meal. Side note: I have never gotten that special package in a turkey purchased in England but I check very carefully.😉
  5. Definitely make sure she leaves room in her schedule to take it twice. Libraries generally have lots of prep books so at a minimum take the timed exam once before the exam. She needs to understand what the timing feels like at a minimum for both exams. Unexpected things happen during the exams or your dc could be ill so plan on sitting twice. For instance, both of mine took the exams together although they are not the same age because we were living overseas and a hotel stay was needed. We took a practice timed exam two weeks out from the ACT, worked on weak points in between, and two days before took the timed exam again. We were so prepared until we got to the school and they had no power. They did allow the test to go ahead....fortunately not many signed up so window seats for all who stayed!😂. The scores were lower than practice but not bad. We took it again in a few months and improved enough so our super scores were quite high. One of the exams had a wonky science section exam that had one question that confused both of my kids so they were glad to have the other score available.
  6. I actually finished a nonfiction audiobook earlier this week for my Seafaring Bingo square. The Catalogue of Lost Books was quite fascinating. Columbus had an illegitimate son, Hernando, who not only traveled with his father but lived a life devoted to starting what might be the first library that is similar to what we know today. He attempted to include all published materials, not just the famous. He was also the first to attempt to develop a cataloging system which I found especially interesting. @Mothersweets Down a Dark Hall was one of my favorite books when I was your DD’s age. Someone here helped me find it as I couldn’t remember many relevant details so I could read it with DD at that age. I am currently listening to Sacred Games by Gary Corby for my Sacred Bingo square. I had planned to use it for my Ancient square but think I will use it for Sacred and spell Ancient. This series features a detective in Athens, and this particular book is set at the Olympic Games. Enjoyable with some adult content. I have several fluffy kindle books currently which are meant to balance my Nordic Noir paper stack to finish that 10x10. Many of the Fluffy books have been picked in order to finish up my 2019 A to Z challenges. First up in Nordic Noir, The Bird Tribunal
  7. Thanks for the more detailed links, I think I saw it explained via blog a couple of weeks ago. UK libraries do not have Overdrive Kindle either. Apparently per librarian friends it was made very clear upfront that Amazon would not be releasing the Kindle format to libraries when kindle came to the UK. I do use my library card there for unique audio occasionally but prefer to just work with Overdrive. After reading the part about one cheap overdrive that the library perpetually owns being the first book I feel a bit more positive about the move. As a series reader I love being able to check out a nice clean kindle copy of the first book in a series that came out 25 years ago so this will keep books in a collection which is a plus. Also the hold lists for really popular books is frequently long..........honestly I frequently go on knowing I have a six month wait all the time because I prefer the kindle format. It mentioned some other publishers are already doing something similar which explains the rapid movement in my long hold’s after a couple of months. Like Robin I am not sure that I will be very inconvenienced......I probably won’t be seeing new releases until after the two month mark but do wonder if the long waiting lists at huge library systems might dwindle pretty quickly with multiple copies. @Negin What good news! I love the pictures of all the pots filled with plants....I would love watering all those pots but love looking at them.
  8. I read that they are only allowing each library to buy one copy of a title on Overdrive and thought they were talking about the Kindle format. After the book has been released for several months they will allow more copies per library. Apparently there are no limit on the number of paper copies a library can buy. As someone who uses Overdrive a great deal this saddens me. Eta: It’s one copy for two months, than more copies can be purchased.
  9. I loved my electric roaster but didn’t keep it in the move. Your post prompted research (yes, $25 gets an Oster electric roaster at Walmart) that led to the discovery that Oster makes a combination roaster/ smoker. I may need one of those for Dh........
  10. Fwiw, Personally I would go with the turkey and the ham. I don’t like the Turkey leftovers. That said I think the large amount of meat per person is so you can package take home leftovers for the guests.
  11. I just saw this blog article about knitting/crocheting advent kits and thought people here might enjoy it. It mentions yarn with hedgehog fibers which I just can’t imagine.🤔.
  12. @Kareni I finished Confluence this morning and have to say it was the favorite but it ended with the need for another book! I don’t think a newish book by the author called Stars Uncharted will have the same characters but I did check it out. I did a very quick look and couldn’t find anything about a new Linesman book. Is there one in progress?
  13. I use Lysol in concentrate form as a laundry additive when we have a germy person in the family in an effort to stop the spread. You don’t need much of the oddly deep red liquid in a load to have it scent the clothes. I have added it to particularly bad smelling loads and they just ended up smelling like the Lysol concentrate, no more teen boy smell. I know I prefer the smell to Pine Sol so just a thought. I pour a bit into the water before adding the clothing and have never had a problem with discoloration as i just add a couple of tablespoons.
  14. I still don’t know the ending so am not positive as to favorite for sure. I am find the technology on the alien ships fascinating and of course budding romances are my soft spot so at this moment Confluence wins. I think there is another couple beyond the hidden one also I wrong?
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