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  1. They are very useful! But..........I was so glad when Coyote left with it! So many people seem to be really excited about the psh/changing release that I think that might be my next new series to tackle. I am part way through several urban fantasy series so hopefully I will finish a couple of those first! Keep us up to date with the service dog news! I am sure he or she will be a great addition to your life.
  2. I can totally understand not wanting to glad it still stands and you get to keep reading! I enjoyed the Ice Princess also. I actually read the next in the series already, The Preacher, it was not as good as the first but I may not have liked the investigation topic. I am planning to read the third......I still really like the detective.😉 I finished listening to Patricia Biggs River Marked.........I guess it is a sign of a good author when something like otters turn creepy. This is a reread and the last time I read it we visited a Wildlife Park with some South American otters who were incredibly joyful but I couldn’t stop looking at the long, sharp, teeth. This book changed my whole perspective! 😜My view didn’t change with the reread.....those otters were so creepy!
  3. I remember enjoying The Golden Goblet....... Another one here who is out of the loop......
  4. I finished my Fatal series book by Marie Force and am now waiting for the next to become availiable. It shouldn’t take long. 😋 While I wait I started Hush Hush by Mel Sherratt. Going to be honest and say I am not loving it but that may be more a mood thing. Right now curling up with fluffy romance novels is totally my thing since Hush Hush appears to be gritty police police procedural set in Staffordshire...... For anyone who did Brit Tripping last year Staffs is a hard county to find a book for and to bump into one unexpectedly sort of means I need to finish it! I decided to update (umm start) my Brit Trip list and was pleasantly surprised to discover that I have finished 19 counties rather haphazardly.....definitely no following the roads this time through! I took a look at my other challenges too, I think I might need a new set of words for the Scavenger Hunt since I have only completed one book for that challenge. The Scavenger Hunt involves picking a book out and going to page 10, then to every 10th word, for 10 words. Then reading a book with those words in the words just aren’t in enough titles that interest me to make this fun. I am avoiding it. Most of my other challenges have 3 or 4 books completed so I believe I am on track to finish.
  5. Sending more hugs and prayers. I hope your hour tomorrow is productive but even more I hope it is a bit of a much needed break. I am also hoping the neighborhood person works out.
  6. I do pray for your family and your sons. I wish I could do more. Sending hugs.........
  7. Life of Fred is definitely being saved. We only have the books starting with Fractions. I also have a box with logic games like ThinkFun that has already been actually comes out occasionally.......
  8. So far I have managed to find a set of Considering God’s Creation with the workbook. We loved assembling the solar system model that is in this book. Honestly I wanted it just for that but there are other fun hands on projects too. This book is what started me on my project. Professor B is not your typical elementary math program. The books are scripted and rather hands on 😉 including using your fingers instead of a manipulative. Dd loved these. I bought a set of the first three books on the used market so we have them. These with a white board and printing some worksheets could be an entire math curriculum. The first books title is Mathematics Power Learning for Children. I need to put together a complete set of the original 9 Magic School Bus books. Some have been loaned and never returned. A series of books by Linda Bailey called The Good Times Travel Agency were a huge favorite. The Viking one seems to be out of print so I plan to buy these soon. Murderous Maths ours were from the library. I will buy these.
  9. On the High School Board there is currently a thread regarding cleaning out our masses of curriculum clutter which got me thinking...... Because of a huge clear out when we moved I gave away many things for early elementary especially that I now regret. My kids are college students so no grandkids yet but Dd definitely plans to homeschool. I have been talking to a friend who is preparing to start the journey in a couple of years and discovered some of my favorites are no longer easy to obtain, probably no longer published. but can still be found used. I have actually started rebuying a few of my favorites so I can put together a box of the best. I have room for 1 more box......... What would you put in the box? My eventual plan is an elementary, middle, and high school box so all grades are fair game here. Things that are special and unique. What are you planning to keep just in case? eta.......I just posted this by accident so let’s start!
  10. Unless your sister has serious state regulations I think finding Grandpa an easy do two pages a day math curriculum and having something on level to maintain the reading skills is the important part. They are all young. Maybe they could keep a journal of what they did with Grandpa........honestly Grandpa would probably treasure a notebook filled with what he did with the kids. I think the other school activities depends on your dad’s interests........let him enjoy sharing in his grandkids learning. My Dad would had done awesome nature walks and building skills.....your sisters yard would have been filled with bird feeders! My father in law would have loved the Critical Thinking books mentioned above and science experiment books. The legos would have gotten quite a workout with him in charge!
  11. I just have to say this........I ruthlessly pruned because of a move years ago and have actually went on the second hand market and bought a few of my favorite K-3 things in recent months. Things that do not appear to be being published anymore but were awesome or might be hard to find later. This all came about from a discussion with a young mother who is in the home ed planning stages and as I looked for my favorite memories I realized they were going to be mighty hard to find in another decade plus when my kids might want the stuff for their kids. I have room for another box and decided to fill it. 😂
  12. Sounds like the building is on the way to being finished! Woot!!!! Our guys are going to be out tonight so Dd and I have a girls tv night planned......probably not the typical girly choices as we are between Killing Eve and The Expanse but we are looking forward to it. Glad your dental visit went well. I need to get back to the Cleeland series.........I just started reading Marie Force’s Fatal series again after @melmichigan posted about the most recent installment. 😢
  13. Does she/or some other family member carry a bag that is common? Maybe someone else changed and returned stuff to the bag thinking it was someone else’s.
  14. When my Dd hit 13 I still used the same Clinique products I found thirty years before. Dd is much more adventurous with makeup then I am and watches YouTube etc to learn how to use the products. She also doesn’t have my product allergies........I have a good time picking out 4 or 5 items for her to try each birthday and Christmas. She seems to really like Burt’s Bees and Neutrogena brands. I have discovered I love Burt’s Bees lip gloss myself! Since your Dd is the only girl she might really like to start having some girly stuff of her own. Maybe a cute make up bag and some colored lip balm and tinted sun screen for her face. Nothing major just a start since her friends are a bit older.
  15. Can not say how helpful an aesthetician can be ............and my son listened. He was older than 13 but I wish we had done it then. The gal who does DS’s hair is an aesthetician also. She used to do birthday parties and apparently tween girls loved it. I thought she was incredibly blunt but Ds soaked it all up and before she talked to him I didn’t think he cared at all. She moved out of the birthday party market and now does hair and free advice.....I make sure she is tipped well.😉 A couple of other great tips from her that ds actually does is Cetaphil face wash followed by Oil of Olay or the yellow Clinique mosterizer (ds uses this because I already had it). and 5 days of good dandruff shampoo as must have some ingredient that the Biolage one has and some cheaper ones don’t. We bought the Biolage and he has stuck with it. He alternates with a different Biolage product. His acme is so much better and he looks so handsome with his clean scrubbed with the good silicone scrubber hair. 😉
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