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  1. I didn’t see the photo’s but am assuming you have a fairly major situation involving many dishes, apparently Corelle. I know people who use bleach when washing these but you might was a test aunt bleached everything, generously and definitely used Corelle dishes so it should be fine. I would do this slowly a few dishes at a time placed in a bucket and covered with bleach. Let them sit outdoors overnight. The bleach should break down into essentially salt water within 24 hours as it sits in the bucket and any bacteria etc should be killed. Bring inside and wash in hot soapy water. Washing should be easy at this point. Fwiw, I don’t think I would ban him from dishes altogether I just think you need new house rules.....along the lines of food can only be consumed in blank areas and all dirty dishes must be placed on this counter or sink immediately. No washed immediately because that will mean exceptions happen......
  2. @Robin M love the Baldacci link. I have One Good Deed on hold and am close to next! Before I forget I recently read a new to me author for one of my favorite genres, Cozy Amish Mysteries, Shelly Shepherd Gray. The book was not my favorite ever but just fine for a comfort read. @Junie Not sure if you have ever read this newspaper column written by an Amish woman It appears in my hometown newspaper and my mom used to send them to me so I was happy to discover that I can still read them via email. They make me happy!
  3. The mystery set from Goodwill might be from Brunswick. I am pretty sure some of my needles are from there, they went out of business at least 20 years ago. I just ordered a set of Addi Turbo’s off of Prime......I realized I could try one set at a time if I bought via Amazon.
  4. Hugs........My Ds needs detailed info and lots of reminding, always has. Who am I kidding? Dd does too..........We have a few constant chores that I like help with and if I ask for help with anything I expect to receive help. Personally I would tackle the dishes in they must be returned to kitchen. I wonder if he doesn’t return so he doesn’t have to wash them? Have him include a walk around and collection as part of the assigned chore. Anyway I would start there and add in bits of other things for awhile that make your life that day easier. Ds please take the trash out, walk the dog first, etc.
  5. Wee Girl will always be Wee Girl even if she requires a full size cello, which by the way is totally ouch worthy. May the rest of the year go as planned! I finished my Inspector Gamache.........there is every indication the series will go on although I hope to resist moving on with it. I can live with this ending and hopefully will resist the next. So now I am onto some of the books I finished last week..... Fred Vargas’ Have Mercy on Us All was read in honor of last months detective Jean Baptiste Adamsberg. It took me awhile, I gave it a three...........It was set in France so will be used for my Brexit Express 10x10. I have another by the author in the stack and plan to try it ......I liked the detective even if the story didn’t thrill me. Sapphire Flames by Ilona Andrews appeared way earlier than expected in my Overdrive and I dropped everything and listened. I loved it! Medusa Uploaded is a Sci Fi book that I totally enjoyed. I am looking forward to the next. A Corpse in Koryo Was an audiobook for my Asian Detectives 10x10 set in North Korea. It was interesting but a bit odd to listen to as the writing style is choppy but set in North Korea I had to finish and ended up rather liking Inspector O who is the main detective. He has high principles in a corrupt place and because of family connections is able to function with some independence. I will probably listen to more at some point.
  6. Robin great are so right about favorite restaurants and the comfort they bring to our lives, which is surprising to me. Recently one closed that Dh and I have frequented since before kids. We knew the whole staff and were all there on the last day. Sniff.......we all miss it and can’t find another where the food tastes as good. Last night I read two chapters of the newly released Inspector Gamache Novel, A Better Man, and am now over 80%done and I actually went to church! So no matter what else I say it is a page turner! I promised myself after the last book that I was done and I honestly thought Louise Penny was too. @aggieamy is very wise.....she stopped a couple books back! A Better Man takes place over a year later and I find the time line to be off which is an irritation. It just doesn’t work for me considering how the prior book ended......I get this is the time line to make this book be............readable, acceptable, satisfying for fans......pick one. Last week @Kareni started a thread over on the main board about which book do you recommend to all and at one point my answer would have been Inspector Gamache, now honestly, I just wouldn’t put anyone through the roller coaster this series now is......but I have recommended the series in the past because it had something that could work for many imo. So I love the characters but do not really like them anymore. I am on a roller coaster hoping for a happy ending to the series......and I have no idea if this is the end! I will post more later tonight when I am done....
  7. I don’t know what to say beyond hugs and most schools do superstore the ACT in our experience. Is the first section the one she needed to improve the most?
  8. Thanks to this thread I added Latin to my Duolingo account. I am enjoying it so far.....did it with the dc’s for years but don’t remember much.
  9. Thanks everyone! Keep the comments coming....... I have been busy contemplating the recommendations, such choice, far more than I was seeing actually. I need to pull the patterns for the Christmas things that Dd and I have talked about and make a list of the needle sizes we will be needing then order a couple of the new to us brands! So many good comments........have to admit I didn’t think I wanted slippy and am now wondering if I do. I am also starting to think that I may just want individual needles as opposed to interchangeable cables because of that slight stickiness where they join. Decisions!😂 I switched to circular’s because I could easily carry a small project in my purse in a zip lock. I haven’t been knitting as a car passenger recently but used to all the time. Circulars confined my projects to my lap really easily. Now I use them because of weight issues.....Dd actually likes longer cables because she stores all of the pieces of the project on her cable. They are just plain more convenient imo.
  10. Brit Tripping......... Most of this week’s photos were actually taken a year ago today according to my iPad because of this year’s trip being rather wet.......It chucked it down in local terms! When IPad did it’s “would you like to see pictures from this day........” I decided it was telling me what today’s Brit Tripping was supposed to be about. Not the most thrilling picture wise but hopefully someone will find it interesting! Every summer we “cross” the Prime Meridian near Hull and visit the bird sanctuary at Spurn Point at least once We actually go to watch the seals now but our family started going when Wooly Mammoth bones were found on the point It’s actually a great place to find fossilized corals but we really haven’t had any great variety of fossils there. To get to Spurn Point we have to go through Hull and take a series of smallish roads for about 45 minutes through several small villages. We live close to the Prime Meridian but the markers are not common, as in this is the only one I ever notice. Maybe next summer Ds can do the trail or at least part of it. 😉 In the first picture is on the Humber ( Hull estuary side of Spurn Point) , I circled the roe deer which blended right in. At high tide that grassy area is under water. The second picture is the ocean side near where the mammoth tusk was found......windmills are off the coast, which I was apparently trying not to show! I really dislike looking at the windmills which seem to be everywhere now!
  11. We prefer to give to specific areas within our local church or to missions. If you feel called to give to missions that is a wonderful cause that we give to both in time and financially. The general fund is not always used for just that particular church and it’s needs and my family likes to have a bit more control. Make sure you attend the annual meetings.
  12. This is the series Ds really liked It’s called Wonder Stories.
  13. Over the years my preferences have changed to knitting mainly with circular needles and I need to buy some new ones. My old interchangeable set seems fragile, as in the cords seem to be snapping. It’s roughly 30 years old, Boyle I think, plastic tips. I no longer like knitting with them anyway. I just want some new ones and plan to start treating myself as I (or Dd) starts a new project. I bought a couple of new pairs of needles last week from Knit Picks......the wood ones in small sizes. These have been my favorites for years but just did a google and found lots of new brands that I have never heard of. Dd still likes what she calls normal straight needles so I will probably buy a few new pairs for her too. Hit me with your favorites..........
  14. My son’s vocabulary improved quite a bit when I found some high interest (for him) reading comprehension books. The new words in context when reading something he cared about to a detailed level really did it. He would take that particular workbook to Dh, the science guy😉, and they would go over the lesson and correct together. He loved science......I can’t seem to google the name but a funny drawing of Einstein was on the cover. Wordly Wise was not very useful.
  15. The audio for Rabbit Cake is now on hold. Thank you! My plan for The Goblin Emperor is to attempt the audio (which is not popular at my library, so almost always available) with the print version in the house. Trying to get the best of both worlds without having to hold the thick book which definitely would be an issue but for using a glossary is much preferred by me. I had the paper checked out last spring and my Dd grabbed it out of the pile and loved it so much. When she was done someone else had a hold on that point audio may not have been a choice. I have to admit I am probably better off listening to the pronunciations as opposed to letting my brain make them up, my chances of long term audio enjoyment is just greater. I have recently started rereading (listening) whenever possible to many of the fantasy type series I have enjoyed while I sew, they make a great background and headphones mean I can use the machine too.
  16. Jonathan Strange is one of my all time favorites.......and I do recommend it. I love Mrs. Pollifax! She is a relatively new find for me. A new friend recently asked what my all time favorite book was and Jane Eyre is what popped out. I have loved that book since I was a teen. I just put a hold on A Suitable is almost 1500 pages and I don’t think it is on Kindle. I hope I will be able to hold it to read it as it sounds wonderful. Thick books bother my hands. I just remembered to put a hold on the of my planned fall reads. Audio or print for Rabbit Cake? I just put The Bright Way on hold. Ditto, for Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend, Just put it on hold! @Kareni The Linesman is my planned last book for my Sci Fi 10 x 10 this year. So I will be reading it!😉
  17. This is such a hard question because everyone has preconceived tastes. I want to recommend books to people that they will love so I tend to tailor the recommendation to the person. Honestly, I think I recommend actually reading the Harry Potter series to people more than any other books.....cannot believe how many people have only watched the movies. Same with Narnia, irl most people have just read Lion, Witch, and I recommend reading the rest or at least a couple of others in the series. My recent favorite books to recommend is The Expanse Series, the first in the Department Q series, and as always the Sebastian St. Cyr series which are my ultimate comfort reads. I have recommended Murderbot several times lately too....... This thread has convinced me to give Lady Trent another try..........the end of the first book irritated me so I decided not to continue. I have had the Poisonwood Bible on my nightstand for a really long time and should probably open it!
  18. I haven’t actually finished the first Medusa yet.......I am just enthusiastic! I am back to sewing so listening to a new audiobook right now, that might be abandoned so will wait for here. I think I left off on Acton and Doyle around Book 5 because of supply issues. Here’s the saga..........For some reason Overdrive (or at least my Overdrive) does not show the later books as even existing so I waited for awhile to see if that would change. I have never had a relatively popular book that is published as kindle not show on Overdrive as a choice to recommend. So the whole thing is just weird. I plan to fill out the request forms at my physical library now that I am somewhat stationary.....they own one of the later ones along with the early’s and see if they buy them. If not I will probably buy irritation is I read half thanks to the library and like to own complete series....... Also thanks for today’s links......I plan to download both as I read Patricia Rice occasionally also.
  19. Dd finished the first of her Halloween Hamsters. I love it! I made the mug rug under it........trying to learn how to make pumpkins with my scraps.
  20. Now I do remember.......I also think @JennW in SoCal would enjoy the music elements in this character.........she has a constant stream of music playing in her mind thanks to an implant. She is able to alter them depending on her situation. I think Jenn would enjoy seeing the composers that the character far I haven’t seen any of the movies but actually know a few of the pieces of music. I have put a request in for my library to purchase the second book in the series.......I could only request an audiobook on Overdrive.
  21. I am glad they changed to DHL for the rest of the world, they promised to. Never followed up.
  22. I am sorry that you need more extensive surgery. Sending hugs........
  23. I am normally one for attacking up the chain of command but as you are stuck with Newman I wonder if a bit of charm might go a really long way......I am wondering if actually meeting the guy and asking about something in a likable way might fix things. If you becoming a real person might help. Years ago we had an issue with our delivery person for USPS............lived in a neighborhood where they walked. Our house had been a construction site for months before we moved in and she had issues because we had no step for months......we also had no mail being delivered there for us, so had not even registered this as a problem. I think she said she had left notes and someone(probably Dh put them in the circular file). Everyone used the back door and we didn’t want or need previous occupants mail. 😂 I arrived permanently the day I brought Dd home from the hospital so it took a couple of weeks for me to realize my mail wasn’t being delivered quite right......I waited and watched and asked her with squalling infant in arms why when she walked by. It was something totally silly like the angle the new mailbox was attached at. Seriously it was a mind boggling picky issue but the gal was irritated with us. I promised we would fix it but I was expecting something and pretty please could you drop it off. I don’t think we ever fixed the angle but I chatted with her all the time very nicely after that. No more issues.
  24. Sending hugs as someone who has been in this situation. I hope it all resolves itself and it might. We were allowed to have a new test date just for Dd using the tests that are always made for these situations. It was summertime and she was the only student that did the special test she had planned to quit studying both Latin and German permanently with the original SAT exam she couldn’t wait months for the normal rotation of those exams and a free sitting. The other students involved just took the SAT on the next date for free. My experience makes me wonder if the FedEx shipping is the problem as I thought UPS was the required carrier worldwide.......we were told that all CollageBoard materials had to be shipped by UPS as part of the test security protocol.......that said we were living overseas where UPS is not a particularly common carrier. There are apparently premade mailing poaches etc involved........postage prepaid and prepared by Collegeboard etc., the administrator should just put the tests in and drop off, have picked up, whatever. Apparently someone decided the postage was wrong and returned the package to a school........not the school, a school. Unfortunately there are several schools with a potentially similar name. We never figured out which school or found them. The tests were invalidated by the chain of security anyway apparently............
  25. I have a couple of really good books in progress........The first is Medusa Uploaded which I think is somehow a recommendation from BaW. When Dd saw the cover there was a little squeal because it’s being talked about as great on her media! 😂So once again any cool mom vibes I have come from you guys. Obviously she plans to read it because these are like Murderbot per Dd. I guess they are in the sense that I am really involved with this character...... I have also been listening to Wife of the Gods is the first book in the Darko Dawson series. This is another of those books I never would have found without Robin’s monthly detective challenge. The character is good, the narration is well done. I totally plan to keep listening to these!
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