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  1. @SusanC regarding the Eyre Affair .......no s#x scene type things of an adult nature but there are so many times the f bomb is dropped......that said the book is hilarious and I let 13 yo dd read it because I knew she would love it. She actually was allowed to give a copy to her bestie back then after I had it preapproved with her mom so the girls could enjoy it together. We are so not the f bomb type of people and it normally makes books get rejected.
  2. @tuesdayschildI read the first 30 pages of Piranesi and decided to return it. I just couldn’t keep track of what was happening.
  3. I did the write a romance quiz ........ You got: Melpomene: The Muse of Tragedy When it comes to romance novels, you like high drama and deep emotion. Tortured heroes, tragic backstories, and lovers reaching for one another across the wild pain of an empty world are the things you crave. The more drama, the more heartbreak, the more satisfying the eventual happy ending will be. I will admit I do like them interesting.......tempted to take it again using my second choices or at least choices that build upon each other!
  4. I finished listening to Nora Robert’s latest The Awakening last night. It was an enjoyable adventure into a realm of fame, dragons, and witches. The ending was good which Nora is known for😉and I am looking forward to the next book. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/49127421-the-awakening
  5. The Worst Duke in the World does look like a good fluffy read! I just recommended to my library.......I think it is actually being released this week as I saw it on a new releases list earlier today. i seem to have immersed myself in an Amish cozy series about a quilt shop that I can’t even honestly class as awesome in a cozy sense. I am simply hooked https://www.goodreads.com/series/102467-amish-quilt-shop-mystery. . It has a silly dog and a goat.....I am on the third one already!
  6. Since I was somewhat enthusiastic about my David Baldacci audiobook featuring Atlee Pine I need to report I finished it but do not care for the character. Actually I may be done with the author too.......the main character just plain irritated me and the storyline was beyond belief.
  7. You are so right! I like Acton some of the time ....... now that I have read a half dozen of these books. They are so addictive.
  8. Thank you Robin! I need to think about the antihero...... I am trying to clear out a couple of audiobooks that I already had checked out before diving into Rex Stout. I spent last night trying to get to know David Baldacci’s female main character, Atlee Pine, who seems to be growing on me. A new book in this series was recently released so he obviously is continuing this characters ongoing story. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/39088984-long-road-to-mercy. I am reading the second book in a Space Opera series series by Kristyn Merbeth by the nam of the Nova Vita Protocol. I h
  9. These lists....... I probably should just start a Nora Roberts 10 category. 😂. I have already been dipping into this author for rereads. I doubt many of these have made it past me but they all sound good and since I read them when they were released it’s been years for most! Thank you!
  10. @Robin MI am planning to do a 21 book chain this year but am actually going to have to force my first pairing which normally just happens...... 1. To Sleep in a Sea of Stars by Christopher Paolini 2. The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler #3 will have big in it, a couple of options
  11. I seem to do best with a journal that is just plain old lined paper one as I never fill out the fancier versions that my best friend kept giving for years.......finely I think she noticed what I actually use!😂. I used to use pencil but I now write with Frixion.........two colors as I have done my set up with red the past few years. Simple page headers........I make lists for challenges leaving plenty of space for each completed book. I usually get three years to a notebook. I travel with my book so I also have pages with a few important life notes like everyone’s library card numbers!
  12. I really liked Sourdough by Robin Sloan......it made it onto my top ten for the year a couple of years ago. Not sure if your library has the Moose Springs books but I am really loving them and I think you would like them. The first is The Tourist Attraction.......... https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/43352294-the-tourist-attraction
  13. If I could talk to animals .......is where I plan to put books with things like hedgehogs,pigs, moose. All of which I was reading when I decided on that 10! I have How the Penguins saved Veronica https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/50519007-how-the-penguins-saved-veronica currently in my stack which I expect to put in that 10. I suppose I could add a sourdough starter to the assortment and it does sound intriguing so I just bought it!
  14. Breaking Bad sounds great and I am looking forward to reading my copy! My mental pictures should be pretty awesome as we have spent a great deal of time near Skipton.....which means we drove by/through Leeds. Definately keep track of the Brit Tripping. I had a really successful year last year......I think it was 39 counties visited and I just read and kept track in the recommended line on Goodreads. That way my master list on Goodreads keeps updating too!
  15. I just finished my 30 hour listen to Christopher Paolini’s To Sleep in a Sea of Stars and have to say it was awesome! At first I thought it was highly reminiscent of some of the parts of The Expanse series but he managed to create a clever new world populated by some great characters. When I was giving it 5 stars on Goodreads I noticed that it received the Goodreads award last year as the best science fiction book and it was deserving. Apparently he spent 9 years working on this book and it shows. It appears to be a stand alone at this point.😕 https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/48829
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