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  1. Seriously you need a few more days to rest. You still have a fever. I think you are still in the “contagious” time frame.....5 to 7 days after and still symptomatic. I know we were advised to wait for a week past the contagious period before visiting my 94 yo mom. Your pastor really shouldn’t want to be near you when your business can be done via phone as he risks infecting his congregation if he does catch it. The flu seems to be hitting early this year and not everyone has their flu shots yet. We went for the flu shots last week because of these threads!
  2. Oh wow, I can just imagine the toxic bone melting slime pits in a video game. I have to ask Ds if has knows about the game. I am now at about 50% and enjoying it.
  3. mumto2

    Baby Names

    Fwiw, I know several real life Freya’s ........I love the name Freya
  4. Glad blood clots were ruled out. Put your legs up and relax. Hopefully the swelling will go down. fyi, My mom had lymphedemia in her arm after her first mastectomy and belonged to a support group. Legs were not uncommon. Along with the massages people had stockings like support hose.....speciality medical items that helped.
  5. I finished listening to Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend which is yet another book off the favorite book to recommend thread. The one was also engaging and unique......I gave it a 5. I doubt it will be on my favorite books of the year list but totally well done. I also that the narration was really well done for audio book fans. I have abandoned a few books lately and seem to have stuck on Roadside Picnic and have no idea how this rather odd science fiction book appeared in my stack.........literally aliens landed on earth, made a mess at their picnic, then left leaving their rubbish in a mess. No idea what is going on beyond that bit of wisdom that I confirmed by reading the Goodreads. It is early Russian Sci Fi........... I am also reading Delivering The Truth A historical mystery featuring a Quaker midwife.
  6. Your mother is wrong, you have the flu not some 24 hour thing. You need to rest. Go to bed and stay there as much as you possibly can............lots of hugs. Note as I said before on this thread neither my husband or I think we ever really had the flu before a couple of years ago. We could barely move for days......then the kids got sick. I hardly cared because I still felt awful........really having the flu is so different. Really different.
  7. Yeah! Glad he is coming home! Btw, he is beautiful.
  8. I understand. Can your husband leave you a cooler beside the bed with some basic supplies so you don’t have to walk to the kitchen? Crackers, some cool water............a flask of soup?
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