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  1. We buy hard copies of most of the content my family really enjoys but they love the free stuff on Amazon. Just have to share a funny recent conversation......... makes me worry about content being altered. If you own the hard copy no one can change it. Me to rest of family: Wondering about getting rid of some of our VHS tapes guys. We have the Star Wars all on DVD right? My Kids in utter panic: You can’t give our VHS away! We own all of the deleted scenes on those.........Disney changed the original movies apparently and we own the original ones!!! Collectors items and my kids are collectors.😂 I gave up on getting rid of the two bins of VHS that are still hanging around after that. DH confessed he has purchased extra new VHS players for when the current ones break and he wants to keep his VHS. @SKLWe have a huge number of DVDs and I have been allowed to toss the boxes for some and put them on a spindle that blank dvd’s are sold on.
  2. Robin, sending prayers your way! The building looks great! Since so many here have teen readers I wanted to post about City of Brass I started (listened to 3 of 19 hours) and think my kids would have loved it as early teens. My kids adored a series called Children of the Lamp at around 10 and this struck me as a slightly more advanced version of that series. Goodreads classes it as YA. Going to admit I abandoned it as too many audiobooks arrived on my Overdrive. I have started listening to Dread Nation and am loving it! Thank you. @Mothersweets! I finished spelling this month’s detective.......Peter Zaks. P.......Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs E......Death Threads by Elizabeth Lynn Casey T.......Spellbinder by Thea Harrison E.......Addiction by GH Ephron R........The Rooster Bar by John Grisham Z.......Zero Day by David Baldacci A.......Amnesia by GH Ephron K........The Wedding Guest by Jonathan Kellerman S........Strange Dogs by James Corey @tuesdayschild Your challenges are going really well, especially classics. I checked on my categories last weekend and am about halfway through most of mine.
  3. On my way out but we drove into a state or national park on the way to Seward. Thant Park had a short cruise and everyone stepped out onto the glacier.
  4. @Penguin Congrats to you and your son! Glad you will be around more. Are you still doing your Latin? @madteaparty I will admit to being curious about your Paris course. When you decide on your booklist please share. @JennW in SoCal I really enjoyed Rivers on London on audio. The narrator was perfect in my option.😉 I will look for Lovely War on audio. I was going to skip reviewing The Rooster Bar by John Grisham but decided I needed to because I mentioned it on Sunday and am afraid someone will blame me for recommending it! He threw out so many laws when he wrote this book (or as he puts it, his work of fiction. It was) that it made me want to throw it too! On my kindle so I didn’t! The college loan stuff didn’t quite track but that was fine because he needed a book and could be forgiven. But so many other things were totally wrong......immigration law.........class action lawsuits....... It was quite an irritating read because I expect better but I kept going to see if it would end in classic Grisham style. It did....also it read really quick.
  5. Thank for the Trader Joe’s Irish Breakfast tea idea. We will be living close to a TJ and I have never tried their tea. I have never seen a water boiler like the zojurushi so I had fun googling. Many community gathering places have huge instant hot water supplies for tea making. My huge boxes of P&G arrived thanks to the great deal on Amazon Peter Pan found so my immediate crisis is averted.
  6. I have been busy adding to my stacks but haven’t actually read or listened as much as anticipated this past week. I really don’t know what I am reading because they are all at the stage where I might abandon them. I have started the third Dr. Peter Zaks mystery, Delusion, which appears to be heading into a multi book arc. I am trying to figure out if I wish to continue knowing that none of my libraries have the final book in the series. For now it sits beside my bed with the bookmark in place. 😉 I hate reading too many reviews/ spoilers in order to decide if I need to read all three of these last books for the series to feel complete. I have also started John Grisham’s The Rooster Bar which apparently is about a group of law students at a for profit sub par law school who are out for description. 😂 These students have borrowed a couple hundred of thousand each for a law degree and now know their odds of passing the bar and being employed are extremely slim. Since the cost of and return on University degrees has been a constant source of discussion and research the past few months at my house I hope to enjoy this book but am only a chapter or so in. I used to love Grisham but the last few that I have read were not favorites. Btw, we have decisions so are thrilled to be moving forward knowing their path! I plan to listen to my next Patricia Briggs the next time I sew.....hopefully I will get a chance this week. I also need to finish The Magician which I am a bit further in. @tuesdayschild Sending hugs and prayers. I hope you are able to work on you new house soon! Also your list is much more impressive than mine.😉👏 @Violet Crown naming characters after appropriate animals sounds like a great idea! @aggieamy Make sure you tell us which DE Stevenson! Feel better and have fun with DfaY!
  7. We used many of the books towards the bottom of the list starting with Mathematical Reasoning.....they were excellent. This was many years ago but thought I would add my ideas. The grade ranges are higher btw.
  8. Dh and I have always included earnest money with any real estate transaction if we really want to purchase the property ( 3 states but not NC). We used to own several rental houses/condos and we didn’t always put more than a token amount with those offers. The more money down the more we wanted the property to be honest. We once had to buy a house quickly because our hard to sell home sold contingent on a month close. I had animals that needed a house to live in so I needed to buy quickly........I didn’t have many choices in the price range we wanted.....we gave a pretty hefty amount down to insure a really quick close. The owners were thrilled, they had a new build they already owned and were debating putting on the market because the house we bought was a tough sell. A few years later in a different market we sold that house in days.
  9. 🤣If you can have a goat on your property I suspect an offer is coming!🤣 Seriously, they certainly sound interested. Good luck!
  10. I thought you were being funny but decided to make a bit of a point because so many thinks being an American living in the UK is so easy. Yes, I speak the language but I don’t always understand it. They don’t always understand me either!
  11. I had jostaberries too. They were hard to get started (perhaps my soil was wrong because I only had about a dozen berries per bush in 10 years)but are thriving for bf. She does not harvest many apparently because one of her dogs loves them!😂
  12. Bisto is just so convenient and it’s good. It took me about a year to figure out that British women were not universally great at making huge amounts of smooth gravy out of the drippings a comparatively small roast, chicken etc. 😂. Thanks to Bisto I can serve a Sunday Roast with loads of gravy for all really easy. I no longer remember how to make real gravy....... I fell in love with black currents years before we ever seriously thought about moving to the UK. I couldn’t have black currents because have state agricultural restrictions but had some thriving red currents and gooseberries. My bf took my bushes when we moved and they are still producing 20 years after I bought them. Marmite is such the acquired taste. I am not a fan except for some crisps that are marmite flavored which I enjoy in small quantities.
  13. Ummmm.......honestly I am not always sure when I am being lectured (as in you should know by now) and when people are just talking about the tea because they need something to say to me. People are definitely pleased when I manage to turn out a decent cuppa. The British have a way of expressing disapproval where it is such a nuisance that I suspect I still miss it frequently. A couple times people have apologized weeks later for being rude to me, I had no clue I had been mistreated.😂 btw, if someone stops by my house the teabag in the mug method is just fine. I have one friend who used loose leaf in a teapot (her mum does too) but most people are teabag in a mug for everyday. FYI, I recently bought a kettle I quite like a Walmart..... I think it’s cheaper on Amazon. It’s stainless inside and the water boils quite hard. I have been told some teas like Yorkshire brand are actually designed for hard water. The kettle is a huge improvement from boiling in the microwave! I think it has to be separate. The water needs to be poured onto the teabags. Some serving teapots are stainless This is the type my group situations normally have.
  14. I have worked at so many events where I end up serving and making the tea. I have been lectured by so here is my Yorkshire tea summary. When using a teapot you are supposed to prewarm it. You put about half cup of water in first, swish it around then pour it out. Add the tea bags or tea, then add boiling water. Ideally the ladies expect to be serving two minutes or so after this procedure. Most of these teapots hold 10 to 20 cups and we use between 4 and 6 teabags. If the water is boiling properly the tea is ready at the 2 minutes. You can add water and a couple more teabags once and people don’t complain. After that start fresh. Serving between 100 to 125 cups is not unusual. Milk, everyone uses regular old milk, many even use semi (2%comparable). The secret is you put the milk in the cup first.....we actually pre set up cups with milk in for big crowds where we want to go quickly. Not many people use sugar, almost everyone wants milk. At home, I generally pour the water onto my teabag in my cup. I check the color darkness in maybe 30 seconds and discard the teabag and add my semi milk. I honestly don’t think there is a huge difference but it is a bit nicer with the prewarmed teapot etc. For fun I will add a link to the classic cheese scone recipe that everyone uses......They are awesome! Serve with butter......
  15. Glad you made progress with the great garage clean out! Sounds like my kind of a book festival. 😉I finished Zero Day and definitely plan to read more of his Puller books.
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