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  1. No. It's a term that has been used for, gosh, I don't know how long. Everyone knows what it means. It isn't intended to be sexist. Many people will not know what you mean by "family name." It's just not a big deal, unless you make it that way.
  2. I can't vote, because of the third question: I don't think the tradition of a woman taking her dh's last name is problematic, but I don't think she "should."
  3. The rule of thumb is not to provide more than is specifically required. The law says to provide "a list of your syllabi, curriculum materials, textbooks, or plan of instruction." Also, in NY, the law is the same for all districts; individual districts do not have the right to require more than/different from what the law specifies.
  4. Without seeing his teeth, I couldn't say for sure, but yes, if the overbite is severe enough, it's absolutely worth it. Also, I say this as a parent whose two dc each spent three years in braces; we took out a small second on our house to pay for them, and we're glad we did.
  5. You should call your doctor. It could be any one of a gazillion things, most of which will probably need a script of some kind.
  6. Well, when I was a child/young teen back in the day, I didn't "arrange get-togethers," either. I didn't have a calendar, or a schedule, other than going to school. Never went to camp, except for a day camp when I was 13. I rarely did a sleep-over. You say she's charming, funny, and extroverted. She also struggles with anxiety, depression, and PMDD. Honestly, I don't think she needs to be more "independent" right now.
  7. I don't use most of the preprogrammed buttons, but the rice button is so perfect. Of course, it is only for white rice, so of course you wouldn't need to use it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, it has a sensor. Of some kind. I can't explain how it cooks white rice; I just know that is true.
  8. I only cook white rice. ๐Ÿ™‚ I tried several different methods (because on the Instant Pot FB group, there are elebenty hundred methods for cooking rice, eggs, and yogurt, lol). I finally saw this on a website which I didn't save, but I promise you I didn't make it up. ๐Ÿ™‚ The Instant Pot comes with a small measuring cup (plus a couple of other things). That measuring cup is for white rice, and it's about 3/4 of a cup. The stainless steel inner liner (which is where you actually cook your food) has measurements on the inside; those are 1 cup increments. You measure rice into the liner using the rice measuring cup (leveled off; IOW, don't pile the rice in the cup); add water to the line on the inside, e.g., 2 rice measuring cups of rice, 2 on the measuring line. Press the "rice" button. Walk away. That button is the only one that senses the food and decides the time; you cannot change it. When it's finished, let it NPR; remove the lid and stir the rice; put the lid back on for a few minutes. If you like to add butter when you cook rice, add it after the water. It doesn't matter whether you rinse your rice or not.
  9. I haven't used my rice cooker since I got the InstaNt Pot. Also, I haven't cooked rice on the stove since I bought my first rice cooker over 30 years ago. It took me some time to find the correct method for InstaNT Pot rice, but once I did, I never looked back. I also use the IP instead of my slow cooker. I have even cooked a turkey breast in that thing. ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. I appreciate the fact that y'all love all of the activities, and have invested time and money in them, but as you have seen, you cannot maintain them all. That the classes are "extremely popular" is not enough of a reason for you to continue doing them. Not even the journalism co-op. Your children's school work, and your home life, are much, much more important than doing all of the sports and the classes and everything outside the home. If you were doing all the things and were happy, then I'd say go right ahead and keep on. But you are not. Your dc are not. Your dh is not. The co-op and book studies and all those things will get along without you. The participants might complain, but they will survive. For that matter, your dc will complain, too, but they will also survive.
  11. Some people are really helped by changing their diets; some didn't even realize how bad they were until they felt better. ๐Ÿ™‚ . Many Hashimoto's sufferers felt so much better when they did the Autoimmune Protocol. It's an elimination diet that targets foods which are known to be problematic: eggs, dairy, all grains (all grains, not just gluten, such as corn), nuts/seeds, nightshades, beans/legumes. Those foods are eliminated for a month, then added back in one at a time.
  12. She should see another doctor immediately if not sooner, as her current doctor is clearly not competent to treat thyroid issues. A TSH that high indicates a pretty severe hypothyroid condition. Although she *might* be able to treat the thyroid without medications, she should at least know what her thyroid health is, and TSH alone is not enough (although it is an indicator of a problem). She needs Free T3 and Free T4, and Reverse T3 couldn't hurt. There is nothing wrong with taking a life-long medication. If your thyroid stops working, you're going to need to replace the hormones, and it is not likely that the thyroid will regenerate itself. My best recommendation is Stop the Thyroid Madness.
  13. I wonder if there was actually a study? Because it really seems like common sense, that a stable home with stable parents would be much better than having two homes with all the things that have been mentioned. There's just not a good answer when the adults can't make it work, is there?
  14. Those things aren't actually hooks. They really are doorstops, to keep the door from whacking the wall when it's flung open. Some of them have a hook under the stop, so that helps some.
  15. There's cultural Southern, geographical Southern, and political Southern. Geographically, those states would be south, or or less (although seems to me that Virginia would be Middle Atlantic, geographically). Culturally, I'm not sure I'd include Florida; not sure about Tennessee or Kentucky because my Southern roots are not from there, and the only people I've met who are from those states are here in Texas, so there you go. ๐Ÿ™‚ Texas is much more Southern than I imagined it would be, although I would expect El Paso not to be Southern at all but Southwestern. The Southern (e.g., Confederate) states were State Seceded from Union Readmitted to Union1 1. South Carolina Dec. 20, 1860 July 9, 1868 2. Mississippi Jan. 9, 1861 Feb. 23, 1870 3. Florida Jan. 10, 1861 June 25, 1868 4. Alabama Jan. 11, 1861 July 13, 1868 5. Georgia Jan. 19, 1861 July 15, 18702 6. Louisiana Jan. 26, 1861 July 9, 1868 7. Texas March 2, 1861 March 30, 1870 8. Virginia April 17, 1861 Jan. 26, 1870 9. Arkansas May 6, 1861 June 22, 1868 10. North Carolina May 20, 1861 July 4, 1868 11. Tennessee
  16. Never had a fried pie. Arkansas was one of the Confederate States, so in that sense, yes, it's Southern. Geographically, well, no, of course not. Because geography.
  17. I guess I'll just have to throw shade and be rude. Also old. Sentences without end punctuation of some kind are not easily understandable. It's why end punctuation exists in the first place. I'm happy to use some abbreviations and emojis and things like "also old." Not using end punctuation because you think it is "passive aggressive" doesn't fall into the category of "rules of communication," and it certainly requires some sort of education. I am also not going to lower my own level of usage because of "generational styles." It implies that those of a different generation are ignorant and less able, which of course they are not (although many have less education than they should, through no fault of their own; just ask the countless homeschooling parents who withdrew their children from public schools and quickly discovered how poorly their children had been educated). Also, I try very hard not to actually insult people, either IRL or on discussion forums. Perhaps it's because I am old.
  18. Lack of education on what it means to end a sentence with a period or other end punctuation does not equal my having to change my good written skills. Perhaps it does equal recipients having to widen their horizons and learn how to use their words better.
  19. Those are beautiful pieces, especially the china cabinet. No, it won't look weird to have them in your home. And it will be a blessing that you have them. My Outer Banks family tends not to have furniture--or anything at all--to pass down, because things are destroyed in hurricanes. I would *love* to have something that was passed down like your pieces.
  20. We are Grandmother and Poppy. My maternal grandparents were Grandmother and Poppy, and I just thought we should continue that. ๐Ÿ™‚ "Grandmother" might sound formal to some, but my grandchild doesn't know it. That's what he calls me. ๐Ÿ™‚
  21. o_0 I rarely use ellipsis, so there's that. Hardly ever exclamation points, except where, you know, appropriate. I'm going to say that it isn't just because it's text; it's that so many younger people have had such a poor education, especially in writing.
  22. A friend joined a church very similar to this one. Not the same "denomination," but a Reformed church with similar theology. Took her years to get out after she realized it was bad. Do y'all remember this? I don't even know why someone would subject herself to that kind of treatment, and why she wouldn't just walk away.
  23. We bring all the laundry downstairs, sort, wash, dry, fold, then take it upstairs to be put away. I never put clean laundry on my bed. Or on anyone's bed. It's a disaster waiting to happen.
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