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  1. WhatsApp is very cool and is incredibly popular outside the USA. My issue with it is that it is now owned by Facebook and they are going to integrate it with other apps (Messenger and Instagram) and put advertising on it. That said, it is the *only* app on what I call the Home page of my Android phone. That may be what Google calls it too. So, of all the apps on my phone (51 but I think most were installed in the Motorola factory) WhatsApp is the app I use the most. Possibly by accident, after she got to Carolina, my DD initiated a Video Chat, which was nice. There are a lot of photos coming our way and an occasional video. Having WhatsApp or something like it makes being apart much easier. I can't imagine how much harder it was for families whose DC went to a school far away, or for military families, before the Internet and these apps.
  2. WhatsApp is our primary method of communicating with DD. Especially between DD and DW. I prefer email, but there are also a lot of short Voice or Text messages on WhatsApp that I participate in. If one doesn't already have WhatsApp installed (our HOA uses WhatsApp, so there's no way they will switch to another messaging service) there is something called Signal Private Messenger that is a better way to go. What's App is now owned by Facebook and they are going to integrate it with Messenger and Instagram.
  3. She will be fine. If she has not already done so, PLEASE have her register with the ACS (American Citizen Services) in the U.S. Embassy in Paris. She can probably do that on their web site, or it will link to the State Department web site in Washington DC and she will register there. If she has an existing account, add this trip, if not, set up an account and then the information for this trip. If they send email or text warnings, she needs to read them very carefully and comply with their suggestions. Here, it's very rare that the ACS sends something, but if they do, I read them very carefully. Usually, they have to do with demonstrations or protests. Those can begin with the intention of being peaceful, but it only takes a few people to turn them into a violent event, so the ACS suggests staying away from any demonstrations. I am curious about the "Duck Boots". If you have a link, please post as we might want to buy a pair of those for our DD. Your description makes them sound very practical... DD took my Red LL Bean Down Parka, which will come in handy for someone who was born and raised in a Tropical Valley. That you bought one that can fold into a tiny package is interesting.
  4. A few minutes ago, I responded to the post of another dad, in the College Forum here on WTM who is interested in ACT tutoring companies for his DC. To tie that into Felicity Huffman, I wonder if she had spent $15K USD with Kaplan or another company, to tutor her daughter, how her daughter would have done on the ACT exam. Had Felicity done that, she wouldn't be headed for the Federal Slammer. And the thing about Lori and her 2 daughters being into Crew... One of my cousins has a Granddaughter who is a Coxswain for an extremely highly rated National University. Highly rated as a National University and as a Public University. She actually participates in the sport. Lori and her obnoxious daughters will suffer for what she did. Her daughters never participated in Crew.
  5. Possibly add Kaplan to the list of companies you investigate. Last year, they had a "tie in" with ACT. Possibly they still have that. If so, IMO that's "a plus". My DD had access to an Online program for approximately 2 months that had a lot of Videos, and a few Live sessions with an Instructor where the students could ask the Instructor questions. She found that very helpful. Somewhat more helpful than the material she used to study for the SAT on Khan Academy. It was $99 or $100. You can spend a lot more, many thousands of dollars more, so investigate carefully, before you spend a lot of money.
  6. If you had a cat live to be 19 she must have had great genes, in addition to you being a great owner. Possibly better to wait until your 12 year old cat passes away? I don't know. What do the other people in your family think about you getting a kitten? Where would the kitten stay, if the 4 year old cat is mean to it?
  7. OP I copied a couple of things that stood out when I read your post and will paste here and then comment: "My own psychiatrist claims he can diagnose but does so by just talking to the person. I think I’ll ask him next time I see him (which is soon) if he thinks I have ADD. I won’t consider it a formal eval or even necessarily accurate, but he’s been meeting with me for medication management over a year." I am not familiar with ADD or how that is normally diagnosed, but I would assume that an experienced Psychiatrist can correctly diagnose common disorders, in addition to uncommon disorders. If not, I would probably be looking for a different Psychiatrist... "Many of the couples in the book say therapy was a waste til they found the right counselor. The partner with ADD would go undiagnosed and the other partner would come across as nagging/controlling. It didn’t solve anything." Rapport with the Psychiatrist or Psychologist is, IMO, crucial. Without that, IME, there is no reason to spend the time or the money to go to someone with whom there is no rapport, etc. I have P.T.S.D. so not the same issues you are dealing with, but before I found the "right" therapist I went to one a couple of times who was very near to where I lived, but there was no rapport, etc., and it was a total waste of time (his and mine) and money. The way I eventually got to the "right" Psychologist was just plain luck. I had called the woman in a local hospital who refers people to doctors. The first time I called her, I don't think she knew what P.T.S.D. is. Then, I went to the nearby Psychologist (mentioned above) who was useless for me. After awhile, I called the woman in the local hospital back. At that time, she was engaged to a man who had P.T.S.D. and she gave me the name of his Psychologist. I drove about 75 - 90 minutes, each way, to see him, but it was worth it, to be speaking with someone who had tons of experience with P.T.S.D. patients and with whom I had rapport. The local guy I went to was about a 10 minute drive, but worthless to me. Good luck!
  8. This is a Federal thing so she must go to a Federal Prison. The article I read said that she wants to go here:
  9. DawnM How is it going with the Red Pocket Mobile service where you are? My DD is on the 2nd 30 days of her 90 day trial plan with very low limits. I am not getting any complaints from her, so I assume it's working OK for her. On the eBay Store for Red Pocket Mobile at this time, they have discounted the 360 day plan that is normally $240 for 360 days to $225 USD. If you are ready to take the plunge, here's the link: As I wrote upthread, I am normally "violently" opposed to paying more than a month or 2 in advance for Web Hosting or cell phone service, but the discount on that plan (when it's $240 USD) is so huge that I will probably put DD on that in November when her 90 days are up. I believe at times they discount that up to 20% but some discount is better than no discount...
  10. On the information I am reading is not what I would call, in any way, sympathetic, to Felicity Huffman. What they are reporting seems to me to be hostile towards her. She is trying to get into one of the 10 cushiest prisons in the USA, which is located in the San Francisco Bay area. That's the closest one to where she lives in the L.A. area. I don't blame her for wanting to get into a "cushy" prison. Even tho it's only 14 days (probably less with time off for good behavior) it isn't going to be a cakewalk for her. IMO she responded very well, and properly, until a few weeks ago, when the information she was submitting to the court about the sentencing became public and I am not sure how much that hurt her. Lori Loughlin is another matter and IMO did not respond properly from the beginning and she may do a lot more time in the slammer.
  11. Follow-on to my previous comments in this thread: There is a possibility of very substantial need-based aid at UVa if one qualifies for that. They require, as I recall, the CSS Profile, in addition to the FAFSA form. That is not common for a Public university and especially not for a Public university that is highly ranked as UVa is.
  12. If you can't resolve this in normal Amazon Customer Service Chat, send an email to and someone on his staff will (hopefully) look into a solution for you.
  13. OP I haven't read the preceding replies. A couple of comments: Virginia Tech is the university that had many more Freshmen enroll than they had anticipated, for the class of 2023, and that resulted in a severe housing shortage? Probably also in overcrowded classes? The other school UVa, I have more knowledge about. In (?) when I was researching it for my DD, they had two (2) lists of high school courses. One was shown as "Required" and the other was shown as "Recommended". You can imagine which list of qualifications they are getting their Freshmen from and my money is on the "Recommended" list. I had not seen that for other schools my DD was considering or had applied to.
  14. Some references upthread about the "cocktails" of prescription medications many Vets with P.T.S.D. have received from the VA. Probably a subset of the drugs they are given, would be enough to kill someone. Take this if you cannot sleep. Take this to help you be alert in the morning. Take this if you have anxiety. Take this if you are depressed or have some other issue. Etc. Probably more than one vet has accidentally killed himself (or herself) just by mixing those drugs they are given, legally, by the VA. Especially if mixed with Alcohol or other things. The sad part, IMO, is that this is because of two (2) things: The first is that it is far less expensive than providing Psychiatric care with people who are actually trained to help people with PTSD and have experience doing that. The second thing is that those people are few and far between. Very hard to find.
  15. OP if you do end up getting a TI-84 series Graphing Calculator, as has been mentioned upthread, there is a "learning curve" attached to using those. Not everything is intuitively obvious. When I bought a TI-84 Plus CE for my DD, after they first came out, I also bought her the "Dummies" book for the TI-84 series calculators. At the time, she thought the money I spent for the book was wasted. But then, after awhile, she told me the book was a good investment and helpful. The type of calculator needed will depend upon the specific class one is taking.
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