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  1. To the best of my knowledge and belief, as of today (31 July 2021) the only one that has an EUA in the USA for people younger than 18 is the Pfizer/BioNtech mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. I believe it is approved (EUA) for those 12 and over. The other vaccines are for those 18+ The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine is very similar, but there is far more documentation about it. I suspect Moderna is approximately 3 to 6 months behind Pfizer/BioNTech with regard to studies and documentation required for approvals in the USA. Both vaccines are IMO extremely good.
  2. By coincidence, Western is the only one of the UNC schools other than UNC CH that I have some knowledge about. Years ago, when DD was in Pre-Primary in a Private school here, a bunch of the Instructors and Staff were working on Distance Learning Phd or Masters from Western. Occasionally, Western sent one or more people here for testing, etc. I don't know how it ranks for Undergraduate and that would depend upon the Major, but it is established at the Graduate level and I know 2 people who got their PhD from Western in that program.
  3. OP you can use the Free service on CamelCamelCamel. Set it up to check Brand New from Amazon and also Brand New from 3rd party Sellers. They will send you an email if it drops to your price. Also, you can see recent prices. https://camelcamelcamel.com/
  4. Congratulations to the new "Seaman" (Seawoman?) and to her family. All should be very proud. How many weeks was the Boot Camp?
  5. Lanny

    Disney sad

    I believe the approximately 150 USD (per day) that I mentioned was for a 4 day "Park Hopper" ticket at WDW. End of April 2016. I don't remember what we paid to go to Universal Orlando for one day, but we wish that we had spent a lot more time in Universal Orlando and less time in WDW. However, now that you have the young boy in your family I suspect that he would enjoy Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. We ended up spending a lot of time in Animal Kingdom. I remember going on the Safari a few times and on a ride where we got wet. And going to a Bird show (I can't remember what kind of Bird it was) and after the show I asked the man about our now late Bird.
  6. Lanny

    Disney sad

    @DawnM I agree with you. Go to Universal Orlando! You will have a great time there and you will save a huge amount of money. We went up to Orlando at the end of April 2016. We were there for 7 nights which allowed us 6 days. Like on a Cruise Ship... The trip was for DD and she had always heard and read about WDW. We spent the first day in Universal Orlando and then 4 days in WDW and then 1 day in Kennedy Space Center. If we had the $ to do that trip again, we all agree that we would spend more time in Universal Orlando. IMO if you can buy an annual pass for Universal Orlando for only $299 + tax that is a bargain. I think on our trip 4+ years ago we paid approximately $150 USD per day for each ticket. Those were "Park Hopper" tickets, which we strongly recommend . We did much more Park Hopping than we had expected to do. I remember almost immediately after we entered EPCOT my wife complained about the smell of Urine near the first attraction.
  7. @calbear Question: Has your DC already taken the SAT and the ACT exams? (Unless the College Board and ACT have changed their rules in the past few years, CAS calculators are not permitted for those exams) We bought one of the first TI84 Plus CE calculators sold by Amazon in the USA. I think that was possibly during 2015. It didn't go on sale on Prime Day, but after Prime Day there was a day when it did go on sale and I bought it for my DD that day. The original (OEM) TI battery died after approximately 12 months. I think it was still in warranty (in the USA) but we live in South America and cannot send things to the USA for warranty (the shipping going North is very expensive). I was to use a very polite word, disappointed that the OEM battery died after so little time and searched on eBay and bought a battery from a Seller in NYC that sells a huge amount of Used or Refurbished TI calculators. The TI 84 Plus CE is still working, with that battery in it. It isn't a TI OEM battery. There was an additional issue that I don't believe was related to the battery failure and replacement, but it may have been. I think they were unrelated issues but this was years ago. The calculator had a breakdown. Garbage on the display. I searched on the TI web site and found the latest Firmware available and Downloaded that to my PC and then I flashed the new Firmware onto the calculator. It is still running with that Firmware version. It went to UNC with my DD. 🙂 There are some weird things about how to do certain things with TI 84 Plus series calculators. When I ordered the calculator, I also ordered the "Dummies" book about the TI-84 Plus CE calculators. When the book arrived, DD thought I had wasted $ buying it, but sometime after that she told me that I was smart to buy the book for her because it helped her with a couple of things. If your DC haven't taken the SAT and/or ACT exams, there is a "learning curve" with a TI 84 series calculator that are not intuitively obvious and one needs to practice with them, over time to learn how to do things.
  8. I'm not sure that the following numbers are correct but if they are UNC would be approximately 20% more than the school you mentioned. There are a lot of Asians at UNC and a lot of $ available. What is the cost of UNC? How much does it cost to go to UNC for one year? Residents of North Carolina pay an annual total price of $24,228 to attend University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on a full time basis. This fee is comprised of $7,019 for tuition, $11,526 room and board, $972 for books and supplies and $1,961 for other
  9. @pitterpatter I have not read all of the responses. The title includes National Universities wanting to be in the Top 100 of the rankings. Yes, they would like that. They would be even happier to be in the top 25 or the top 50. The truth is there are so many National Universities that IMO being in the top 300 or possibly above that is a very good school. An example I am familiar with is TTU (Texas Tech University) which is tied for 217 on the U.S. News ratings of National Universities. A very good school, with lots of competition.
  10. I just checked, on Google Flights, for one-way fares on 08 August, from LAX to SYD. American for $11357 USD and Delta for $14138 USD. Possibly this topic also includes the approximately 100 (?) Qantas employees who were recently caught in a drug sting? https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/crime/up-to-150-qantas-employees-part-of-gang-infiltration-at-airline/IRC6QPD5DKHWB4TSNY2RW7ZQ6E/ There is NO way an airline can make money on a twin aisle Civil Turbojet aircraft with a limit of 25 passengers. No airline with sane management would operate a flight with that limitation. The Cargo Jets, depending on the route, may have one route where they carry Perishable products (from Colombia for example we ship Fresh Flowers and Fresh Fruits and Vegetables) and can charge high rates per kilo (the examples I mentioned probably require refrigeration and special handling which causes the cargo airline to have higher expenses. And then in the other direction, the cost per kilo may be much lower, because it is a "backhaul". Here in Colombia, we benefit, because from Miami to Colombia is a "backhaul" and the rates are very low. Going North it is the opposite and the rates are very high and we would never send anything in that direction. DD has a little package that arrived in Bogota yesterday in the morning. Hopefully this morning it will go into Customs and then be delivered to our house tomorrow or on Monday. It was delayed, possibly because the cargo airline didn't have a flight scheduled or possibly they didn't have space for the freight our Receiver/Forwarder delivered to them on Wednesday morning. With cargo, they don't have passengers screaming at them, but they may need to adjust the rate for their customers (Freight Forwarders, etc.)
  11. @MamaSprout During recent years, there have been some threads and some responses on WTM that I wish I had the links for as I write this. If your DD is a STEM major, IMO she should take Calc 1 in the STEM university when she gets there. Concentrate now on Pre-Calculus. Many students including students with excellent grades in AP courses or DE courses get to university and find themselves ill prepared for Calc 1, despite their paper credentials. Sometimes, not infrequently, they founder because of a lack of mastery of Algebra 1. The STEM university that your DD eventually attends will teach Calc 1 the way they want it taught. Much good luck to your DD!
  12. There are a number of things in the posts I read in this thread that I will try to answer, if I can remember them. First: IMO the air in a Civil Turbojet is much cleaner than the air in an airport terminal. I would rather breathe that air than the air inside a building somewhere. The filtering is constant and is intense. The days of the Empty Middle Seat ended a long time ago. I am so deeply grateful to Delta Air Lines for doing that at the end of November 2020 when DD came home from the USA. I am going to suggest to my DD that she buy a small package of baby wipes and that when she boards the long haul flight that she uses a few of them to wipe down her seat, the tray, and anything nearby that is in "her territory". Someone suggested drinking on flights. Water from a can or a bottle is ideal. People get dehydrated. More so on the long haul flights that cruise at higher altitudes. I mentioned to DD about N95 masks. She said they are very uncomfortable. I am going to suggest to her that she buy a bunch of Surgical Masks. Possibly 2 dozen of them. I don't know after how many hours she will need to change masks. One should ALWAYS buy airline tickets directly from the airline. Sometimes that might cost a little more than buying from an OTA (Online Travel Agency) but it buys one a lot of peace of mind. Use the Google Flights service. I always begin there. Use their Fare Tracker service. I have them tracking 2 flights on the new day that DD will travel now. The first flight a couple of weeks ago was much less expensive. I suggested it to DD and she selected another routing (same carrier) which is about 4 hours and 27 minutes faster. (Connection time, etc.) Now, the schedule that takes hours longer, as I write this, is $1301 USD and the faster flight, which she selected when she changed the date is $865 USD... Be flexible with the dates! A day or 2 before or after can make a lot of difference in the fare. NEVER drink water or anything made from water that doesn't come out of a bottle or can that you can see being opened. The water aboard a Civil Turbojet isn't potable, no matter how often they clean the tanks. Someone mentioned TAP Portugal. I have never flown with them, and my impression (assuming...) is that it is a middle of the road carrier. And yes, when I was looking at a possible return routing for DD, the routings involving TAP from Lisbon to Boston were very inexpensive. One could do a lot worse... A few months ago, I found an interesting fare for DD that involved Iberia. Extra spacious seats and some other upgrades. When she tried to book it, on their web site, it wasn't available. Based on that experience, she doesn't have any interest in considering routings involving Iberia now... If possible, buy your ticket(s) from a carrier that you would not mind flying on in the future, if something happens and you end up with a Coupon that needs to be used on that carrier. Check the Cancellation and Change Penalties and Charges before you click to buy the ticket. Depending upon the Customs regulations going into Ireland hopefully they will be OK with the computer arriving as components. And not charge an arm and a leg for customs duties. I suspect if they are in their original packages they will survive the trip better. DD came on Delta (2 flights) and then a change to Avianca and had things from Trader Dicks (?) famous food stores in the USA, including things in Glass. Nothing was broken. DD discovered that it can be a terrible PITA, especially on very quick connections, or very long connections, to have the Carry-On bag with her in the airports, in addition to the tiny bag with her laptop and phone and papers. She asks the airline counter agent if they can switch her Carry-On bag to a 2nd Checked Bag. Sometimes they will do that free. Other times, as with Delta last November, they charged her an extra $60 USD, which was money well spent.
  13. Suggestion: Immediately, or sooner, call and make the earliest possible appointment with an M.D. who is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist. That person and only that person can examine your eye(s) properly. The best news for you would be him/her telling you that you are OK.
  14. OP: Suggestion: Subscribe to the free email mailing list of ScottsCheapFlights.com Pay a lot of attention to what they write about keeping everything in Pencil and knowing that things can change, with or without notice. Only buy airline tickets that if you need to change because of COVID-19 or other reasons, the airline will give you a credit coupon. I am working on a more complicated situation than what you described and praying that everything will be OK. Much good luck to your DS!
  15. Follow-on to my first reply in this thread. Yesterday, I included our Samsung Microwave Oven and of all of the Samsung things we have purchased over the years, I believe that my DW should have taken it back, a week or so after she bought it, and exchanged it for another brand. That was perhaps 8 years ago? Well, I may have jinxed the Microwave Oven... Yesterday in the afternoon, DW put something into it and when she programmed the timing, instead of it starting, it died... This morning DD told me there is an Error Code about the Keypad. I told DD that either means the Keypad is defective or the operation was programmed wrong. I assume the Keypad died. It is a large Microwave Oven and certainly wasn't the least expensive one in the Superstore that day, but it did last a lot longer than I thought it would after she brought it home... We've had great service from a bunch of Samsung TV sets and the Washing Machine and Samsung Cell phones. It's our "go to" brand but it's not a "high end" brand. The best TV repairman I have ever seen working on a TV was here in Colombia in this house, about 15 years ago. He came on a motorcycle and when I saw that, I thought to myself, "they made a mistake, he needs to take it to the shop", but he took it apart in our house, diagnosed the issues, gave us the quotation and left with the Motherboard on his motorcycle. He returned 2 or 3 days later with the Motherboard, installed it, and the TV set worked for years after that. The most disappointing trend I have noticed, in multiple threads on WTM Chat over the years, about extremely high end refrigerator/freezers, is that many of them die, almost immediately after purchase...
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