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  1. The FAFSA isn't for Scholarships, it is a form one must fill out to get Federal Financial Aid. But also, many schools will not consider giving Scholarships, if there is no FAFSA form on file. And, many families don't file the FAFSA, assuming incorrectly they would not qualify for Federal Financial Aid. Of those who do not file the FAFSA, I believe they say approximately 50 (?) % of those students would, in fact, qualify for some Federal Financial Aid.
  2. If and when you can get rid of the carpeting your house will be cleaner and your health will be better. Hopefully what's under the carpeting you have now is in good condition. Years ago a now late friend and his wife had a house fire and when they rebuilt instead of having carpeting again, they had Tile Floors installed. That made a big improvement to their health.
  3. Update from the OP. Today, DD and I finally did the FAFSA Renewal. Better late than never! With me in South America and her in her dorm at Carolina, we were exchanging information via WhatsApp Chat. She had the FAFSA site open and would ask me questions, many of which came as big surprises to me and I had to unexpectedly hunt for information I didn't know we would need today. The bottom line is that it took a lot longer than I had anticipated and was harder than I had anticipated, but in the end, DD successfully submitted the FAFSA Renewal today. 🙂 The next step will be the Carolina
  4. @DawnM I would like to veer OT and give you and your DH an idea to think about for the future: If you can have the carpeting removed, and replaced with Ceramic Tile, your family will have big health improvements (allergies, etc.) and your house will be much easier to clean. Possibly leave carpeting on the stairs, but otherwise I would get rid of it, ASAP. Good luck with the cleaning.
  5. I suggest that you look at the MOOC courses on Coursera.org They have one that I started and didn't finish because I was fighting a fire here. I need to go back and finish that course. It is hugely popular from UMichigan. It's free. I paid 99 cents for the Kindle Book from Amazon and everything else I have downloaded or is on his web site. It is about Python for everyone. Possibly that would be a good place to begin. Awesome instructor. https://www.coursera.org/specializations/python
  6. It would depend on the interests of the person and whether or not employers place value on a particular certification. Many years ago, Red Hat found that many people could take and pass their written exams, but if they were then given a computer and told to do something or fix something, they had no idea what they were doing. So, Red Hat developed exams that also require "hands on" testing. That makes a huge difference...
  7. I haven't gotten a Flu shot for about 20 years. The last time I had one I got really sick and my DW didn't think that was a good idea, although I suspect it is occasionally normal. My DW thought it was because of the Flu Shot. A year or so ago I read that those vaccines are "Killed" so one cannot actually get the Flu from the shot. However, now, I'm elderly and like everyone in my age group much more vulnerable to COVID-19 than younger adults are. A few months ago, I read about the COVID-19 vaccine being tested made by a company called MODERNA. Early testing showed it to be as e
  8. There really are huge differences between Cat Litters and the most expensive one in the store may not be very good, especially with regard to odor control. We found that out with different brands I bought in the supermarket. Also, there was another issue. One brand seemed to be good one time and then I bought it again and my wife said the quality wasn't the same. THE BEST brand we bought was in the store where they sell out of the box. Consistently good and less expensive per kilo. And a few times, when he has it, we have purchased from the man we buy Dog and Cat food from and I thi
  9. My DW and my DD consulted on part of what you may be looking at, months ago, when DD wanted to increase the things she has for the "Kitchen" in her dorm suite. I believe it involved buying Pots and Pans that she would actually use, very frequently, of very high quality as you mentioned, and not buying a set of 9 items, where she'd only use 1 or 2 of them. What she bought wasn't cheap, but should last her for many many years and will be used frequently. Each item was carefully selected. It does little good to buy things that are not used or are used infrequently.
  10. Possibly this might be an alternative to the thick book you purchased. If so, possibly you can return the book for a refund... This was in 2017 and/or 2018, so I don't remember what it was called. My DD had access to a Kaplan "Online" service that had videos the students could watch at their convenience. More importantly, at times, the students (Including my DD) could ask questions of a live Instructor. My DD found that very helpful and somewhat more helpful than Khan Academy, which she used for most of her PSAT/NMSQT and SAT preparation. (Khan Academy is FREE) It was very inex
  11. I vote Absentee in Texas but I'm an Overseas American. Like the Military, we are covered by Federal laws, which supercede the voting registration laws and procedures of the states. These laws are run out of offices in the Pentagon. If you want to learn about them, here is a link: https://www.fvap.gov/ Due to a terrible decline in the quality of our mail service, especially in the time it takes for mail sent via USPS to Colombia, and then the fact that the Colombian post office in recent years only seems to deliver 1 or 2 per cent of the mail sent to us from the USA, and the delay with
  12. My DD is in NC. She does not have a NC DL or a NC ID. I was reading things on the sub Reddit for UNC about how to get registered online, via the DMV, and sending her links, but without a NC DL or a NC ID, that didn't work for her. One thing I read said that if you didn't have one of those NC documents, to use the last 4 Digits of your SSN. She tried that and that didn't work. So, it was impossible for her to Register Online via the DMV and request an Absentee Ballot... Then, last week, they began "Early Voting". She went to a place in CH, Registered to Vote and Voted, in approximately
  13. There is apparently very little risk to the Passengers (or Crew) on a Civil Turbojet aircraft. A few days ago, somewhere on WTM, I posted a link to a story I read about a study involving the DoD (Department of Defense) and 2 different aircraft models (from United Airlines) that they used for the tests. The flight will be very short. Driving IMO would be much more dangerous with regard to accidents and also to COVID-19. ETA: If Delta flies between the cities he is going from (Origin) and to (Destination) they are blocking Middle Seats until at least January 6th. To me that's a huge adva
  14. The PSAT/NMSQT is to be taken in October of the 11th grade and today is October 19th, so that is probably not a possibility for someone who isn't signed up already or doesn't have a connection at a school where they will give the PSAT/NMSQT. Yes, that one for qualifying students (my DD qualified as a National Hispanic Scholar) has some outstanding benefits. I know there are several other programs but I am not familiar with their benefits. My belief, based on the responses my DD received from universities, after taking the PSAT/NMSQT is that they certainly did pay a lot of attention to it.
  15. OP in addition to the SAT exam, I suggest that he also take the ACT exam. Good luck to him!
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