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  1. This is a correction to my previous post in this thread. Earlier I had been thinking that where I read that in the UK they are looking into mixing AstraZeneca with Pfizer/BioNTech (if I assume I assume one injection of each, several weeks apart?) was on the web site of the El Pais newspaper, in Cali, Colombia. "Britain is currently exploring the possibility of mixing its AstraZeneca vaccine with the Pfizer vaccine." No, it is in this article about the 2 major Chinese vaccine makers: https://www.foxnews.com/health/chinese-vaccine-effectiveness-not-high Colombia has I believe
  2. I read awhile ago, I think on the web site of the largest newspaper in Cali, Colombia (El Pais) that in the UK they are studying the possibility of combining the AstraZeneca vaccine against COVID-19 with the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine so far has arrivec in Colombia in small quantities (several hundred thousand dosis in a shipment) and has been given, so far, to Medical and Health people, which I believe is correct. I think another issue may be that there are a very limited (approximately 50?) of the super freezers available to store the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine
  3. There are apparently MANY people, I am one of them, who want something other than the AstraZeneca vaccine against COVID-19. Of the 5 vaccines Colombia has purchased, I am not willing to receive AstraZeneca, because of the many issues during the past year. In my case, it has nothing to do with the fact that AstraZeneca requires two (2) injections. If I can, I will get the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, which requires two (2) injections. Or, the Moderna vaccine that requires two (2) injections. Or the Janssen (J&J) vaccine which only requires one injection. In that order of preference.
  4. @TexasProudThank you for thinking about and being concerned for people in other countries! Here in Colombia we are fortunate and our government purchased COVID-19 vaccines from 5 different companies. I read that Canada purchased from 7 companies. Colombia paid for the vaccines, buying from the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture them. Also, Colombia was the first country in Latin America to participate in COVAX. We are getting a very small percentage of COVID-19 vaccines because of COVAX contracts. I assume we are paying for those vaccines too and hope and assume that we are
  5. @JanewayAre your mechanics able to guarantee you that the repair will not exceed a certain amount of money? My fear would be that after they tear into the engine, that there will be more damage than they are assuming and that then the repair will become much more costly and possibly require a replacement motor. Here are a couple of old stories: (1) Many years ago, a late Aunt or late Uncle was driving on a freeway in L.A. The car was overheating. The area was too dangerous to stop in so the driver continued going. As I recall, that destroyed the engine. (2) Many years later,
  6. This is one of the issues where the pedal hits the metal. I suggest that you and your DD explore Coursicle.com for both UNC at Chapel Hill and for Lawrence University if it is included on Coursicle. https://www.coursicle.com/ Pick a subject at UNC CH for example English or History and look at the selection of courses. And then, if Lawrence is on Coursicle do the same for Lawrence. If Lawrence is not on Coursicle, study the Courses in the Catalog from Lawrence. I believe there is going to be an overwhelming interest in the courses available at the large state public university but the
  7. I always check the boxes about the Presidential campaign fund. I use an Online version of TurboTax. On some of the issues with our tax returns, I would be lost without it. They have Free Support which I believe is U.S. based. By phone if you want to call. Or, online. Recently, I was contemplating changing our Married Filing Jointly return to Married Filing Separately, because we are one of the approximately 8 million "mxied" families where one spouse has a SSN (me) and one spouse has an ITIN (DW). I created a thread in the TurboTax Support Forum. That was during the week. To
  8. Not me or DW but DD has up-to-date records. The reason for that is a few years ago, she applied for a U.S. Government program, for studying strategic languages. She applied for the Summer after her high school graduation. She didn't make the final cut (which I think was OK because I don't know how she could have done that and gotten ready to go off to the university in the same Summer) but we spent a lot of time researching her vaccinations and she had to get 1 or 2 that were required by UNC and have one or 2 tests. So her record is probably very up to date. The hours we spent researching
  9. OP this thread is of interest to me, because 2 or 3 days ago, I read in the subReddit for Carolina that they are going to begin vaccinating students this week, with the Janssen (J&J( COVID-19 vacccine. They expect to receive at least 2000 doses. My DD is home this semester, taking courses that are all "Online" so she isn't there, but I am sure she will need to be vaccinated before she returns to UNC and possibly by then a vaccination will be required for airline flights too. Note to anyone in NC: In the thread in the subReddit it says all adults in NC will be eligible for vaccina
  10. I don't think any of the Janssen (J&J) vaccine has arrived in Colombia yet, but at the moment, that's #3 on my list, if I have a choice. An elderly cousin in CA had the Janssen vaccine on April 1st. She wrote me this morning that she has had a fever and some other symptoms but is doing OK. One thing I like about the Janssen vaccine is that I read last year (in June?) that they had about 500 people here in Cali, Colombia participating in the Trials. Another thing, very recently, I watched a video, twice, that was in the Google News Feed. That explained why one should not compare the
  11. @Mrs.WI am old and when I went to High School, it was 3 school years: 10th, 11th and 12th grades. My High School had approximately 2400 students when I was there. Lawrence may be "the perfect" school for your DD. Or, it may be the "KOD" (Kiss of Death). I would be concerned about the sizes of the English and History Departments and the number of Instructors, etc. in a school with such as small student population. i think the big universities can offer one a lot more and may in fact be more responsive with Support and other things than a school with about 1500 students. And, one can find "
  12. @JanewayThis is a follow-on to my previous comments. I have 2 browser tabs open on USNEWS.COM One is for UNT and one for UTD. USNEWS is not a "perfect" web site, but it is a good place to begin looking at stats. So, I wonder, which school would be "better" for your DS, based on what I "see" about the 2 schools, from those high level stats. If I assume, which I try not to do, UTD has, in general, students who are better prepared and motivated. That is not to say that UNT will not have plenty of students who are well prepared and motivated. But, more importantly for your DS,
  13. @Janeway Disregarding the very high level stats of both schools, where UTD would seem to be "a better" school, in the case of your son, my belief is that he is going to greatly benefit from some services that were not available to him at Baylor, or, were only available in an extremely limited way. I would look at both schools with regard to those special services they have available to their students. Does one school offer things to him that the other school doesn't offer? Much good luck to him, whichever school he goes to in the Fall!
  14. I do not believe not having taken the PSAT/NMSQT would be any problem. The students need 2 online accounts which are linked: The first is on CollegeBoard.org and the other is on KhanAcademy. My impression (my DD did this several years ago) is that they give feedback and help in weak areas. My DD used KhanAcademy almost exclusively for her SAT exam. Also, possibly there is some information on the PrepScholar company web site, available Free, which may be helpful? OT: As I wrote, for the ACT, my DD had access to a Kaplan Online course (they have or had a tie-in with ACT.ORG)
  15. This is a Zombie thread that got reactivated. To continue on the comment I made in 2018, my DD did well on the SAT and almost all of her preparation was on Khan Academy, which is Free and has the tie-in with SAT.ORG She had taken the PSAT during October of her Junior year and did well enough to qualify as a National Hispanic Scholar which is an Honor. She did a little better on the ACT exam and the ACT and SAT exams are very different and one must apply different strategies. For the ACT she had access to an Online course on Kaplan Academy which had a tie-in with ACT.ORG It was for
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