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  1. 3 of the schools in his list were at the School Fair we attended in Bogota last May. UPenn (they sent the invitation to DD) and Georgetown and Duke. The other school was Harvard College. The information we heard during the very short evening presentation was astonishing and coming at us at high speed. I wish that I could have remembered half of what they said. Your son is correct that they are all highly selective, prestigious universities.
  2. No. That was the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. That is I believe the only school I have looked at for DD where it shows on that they Recommend 5 years of Math and 5 years of Foreign Language. She did apply to Tulane, because they sent her an email, no fee to apply, and (I'm not sure) possibly there was no Essay, although I think an Essay was required. I think that was EA. They turned her down and then they wanted her to apply ED. No way... I suspect her application died at that point because I don't think she requested to be considered for RD. Not at all surprising what your in-state public school was the most expensive. I believe that's common.
  3. That earthquake was a 6.1 which is very strong. It was North of the city of Cali, at a depth of 113.3 kilometers. This is the URL on the USGS web site:
  4. A few minutes ago, we had an earthquake. If you live somewhere where there are earthquakes, or, are traveling and experience one, please report to USGS on this web page: They are "in charge of" earthquakes. I will wait until they post this one and then I will report to them. Our house was designed to be earthquake resistant and is like a Fortress (with the exception of the Roof which was defective when it was finished) and it is made of Concrete. It sways as it was designed to do. We have a large inner patio and that's the strongest place in the house, so we go there if there is an earthquake. In the last few months, we have had several. Sometimes we go for years without feeling an earthquake.
  5. DD told me before Breakfast today that she got a "No" from one of the 3 schools she was waiting to hear from. She said the other 2 are scheduled for 26 March and 28 March.
  6. Heads up... You IMO first need to go to an Optometrist and get your vision examined. I did that at the end of June 2018. I asked her to give me two (2) prescriptions: One for Distant vision which I had made for Prescription Sunglasses. Single Vision. The other for using this Laptop. I read that you would like to get one pair of eyeglasses that you can use for both your computer and for reading. Those are two very different prescriptions. First, the PD will be different (by 2 or 3 mm as I recall) from the PD for your eyeglasses for Distance. Secondly, I think what you want are called "Work" lenses. One prescription for the computer and one prescription for Reading. The Optometrist had a different chart for me to read from, because I gave her an estimate of how far my eyes are from the Laptop display, and a chart for Reading. The Distances are different. I would study on the web site. If you have questions or confusion, send them an email and they will answer you. They are in China so when it is daytime in ABQ it will be nighttime there or the next day. They will answer you. I wanted an inexpensive metal frame. I chose one that had 700+ Reviews when I ordered last year. The basic glasses were $6.95. I always get Anti-Glare. The eyeglasses I have on as I type this are taken off my head and put back on my head, probably dozens of times a day. I got them last July so they have proved to be very durable. I have the same frame for the Prescription eyeglasses. Now, this is a PITA...It might be better for you to forgo the Bifocal lenses (Work glasses or whatever those are called) and buy two (2) pairs of glasses. One for the computer and one for reading. That might save you some money but it is more likely to save you from issues. The issue you had with the Progressive lenses and your computer display are IMO alarming. Much good luck with whatever you buy!
  7. You are welcome. Usually it takes a day or 2 when I contact Tech Support about something and frequently they are on the other side of the world in a time zone much different that ours (E.S.T.) I have tried what you are trying to do a few times, without asking my wife or DD to install another App, so they would know where I am. I think the best one is the Taxi App that I use a few times a year and I can share my route with them and they know what taxi I am in and when the ride terminates and other attempts to report my location to them have not been so successful. I believe this takes some practice, some time, and some patience to get everything working properly. tons of people have those apps installed on their phones so I assume they work. You have a great brand in a Samsung phone. A neighbor we are friendly with is an Electronic Engineer and has worked for a cell provider for many years. He told me a few years ago that the Samsungs and Motorolas connect best to their towers. Usually he buys a Motorola, but occasionally he will spend more $ and buy a Samsung.
  8. Samsung phones are among the finest. Motorola phones are also extremely good at connecting to the cell towers. (Everyone in our house is now on Motorola Moto phones, but in the past we have had Samsungs and we have great respect for their phones). Is the GPS set to high accuracy? WiFi and Data are both turned on? Android phones are designed to work on WiFi if it is available, and if WiFi isn't available, they should work on Data automatically. I would message Tech Support for the App and ask them to help you solve this mystery. You may also want to search on YouTube for videos showing how to configure and use Life360.
  9. Some students do far better with one than with the other. My DD did a little better with the ACT. The ACT of 32 is very competitive.
  10. I read the article linked to below about 3 1/2 hours ago. If my memory is correct, this article says that Southwest and American paid the extra $80000 for the optional warning light, but that United did not order that extra-cost option. I believe this article, or another one I read, stated that Boeing is going to make the optional warning light a standard feature now. Wondering whether Boeing will raise the price of the standard aircraft by $80000...
  11. I read several of the most recent replies in this thread and the subject of Essays came up. After the admissions scandal broke, I read several blog posts about Essays. A couple of them from former Admissions Reps or Deans. One of them said that 90% of the Essays they read are poor and 5% are terrible. So, yes, the good ones stand out. Other blog posts or articles, about people who Edit and/or Write Essays for university applicants. IMO writing an essay for someone else or greatly influencing it should be illegal. Possibly the admissions people can detect a percentage of those Essays, when they read them and then when they read the transcript and the test scores and the information on the application things seem out of place..
  12. @Kevin In the OP you included these words: "They help you write your essays and fill out all the paperwork and make decisions about application." Recently, in the aftermath of the College Admission scandal, I have read articles about services who Edit and/or Write Essays for university applications. IMO Some very minor editing might possibly be OK. Having someone else write an Essay for an applicant, or do the majority of the work, is not OK. That crosses a line.
  13. Here are two (2) links about the two (2) non-survivable accidents involving 737 800/900 MAX series aircraft:
  14. Bolded above: I don't think that is true. The AOA measures the Angle of Attack. AOA = Angle of Attack. As I understand it, the MCAS is a "Black Box", possibly an Auto-Pilot, designed to correct the attitude of the aircraft, if the nose gets too high, so that the aircraft does not Stall. The MCAS would need Input(s) from the AOA, before it pops into action and hopefully it becoming activated would be a rare occurrence. The 737 800/900 MAX series aircraft have (at least) one AOA (Angle of Attack Sensor). Probably one that was faulty (?) contributed to the Lion Air accident in Indonesia about 5 months ago. I do not believe, but am not positive about whether or not this is correct, that these aircraft have a 2nd AOA for Redundancy. If not, there is no Redundancy. Nothing to disagree about if there is only one AOA input to the MCAS. The pilots not having been trained about the MCAS and things that caused it to be included saved Boeing and the airline operators money. That proved to be a bad way to save money. The MCAS gets the inputs from the AOA. If there is only one AOA and it malfunctions, or, if the MCAS goes crazy and the Pilots don't know how to turn it off, there is a problem that is related to two (2) non-survivable accidents in a period of approximately 5 months. If there is (normally) one airline crash in every (approximately) 332 million flights, you can see how the Boeing 737 800/900 MAX aircraft, considering how many of them (or how few of them) were in daily service, have issues that must be corrected, before they are allowed to fly again.
  15. I would like to know what the optional safety features are... Things like Entertainment systems are obvious, but not necessary. Safety should be at the highest level and not with optional safety features.
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