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  1. This thread seems IMO more important with the possibility/probability that many students will be taking courses that are Online or partially Online, during the Fall 2020 semester. Even if that was not the case, they should be copying all of their important files (school related) to a Cloud Backup provider. Frequently... Last night or this morning, in my Google Feed, there was something that said that Microsoft is going to increase OneDrive space from 5 GB to 100 GB for Free users. I have 5 GB, so 100 GB would be a huge increase for me. There was also something about students (with a .edu email address) have or will have 1 TB of space on Microsoft OneDrive? Backup and backup and backup... The other thing that was covered upthread is that I now believe that it is more important than ever, for college/university students to have immediate access to a Backup machine. Desktop or Laptop doesn't matter, but they need to be able to continue working if their primary machine goes down and if they are in a school where the students take their Laptops to classes and/or the school doesn't have immediate repair available and/or doesn't have loaner Laptops, this could prove to be critical. One can buy a Refurbished (for one example) Dell Latitude E6400 Laptop like I am using at the moment, from a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, with a new license for Windows 10 and a warranty for approximately $200 USD on eBay. (Buy it Now price, not an auction) and probably one can buy a slightly newer model, like my Dell Latitude E6410 (I could not get the Free Upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 to work on that machine) for a few dollars more.
  2. I am interested in NC because DD is there. I suspect that the Durham school district has asked for input from the Duke Medical School and possibly also from the UNC Medical School and that these are the best options they can come up with. Nothing wonderful in the possibilities, but complex problems rarely have simple solutions. IMO the school buses are the biggest issue. The choke point... If they are limited to 1/3 capacity, to bring everyone in and take them home, would require three (3) buses, not one (1 ) bus. Another issue is that younger students (especially K > 6) will probably have far more difficulty with Online classes than will Middle and High School students. Many Middle and High School students will have difficulty with Online classes, but Elementary students IMO are going to need much more assistance and if possible should be in their brick and mortar school. Many High School students will have great difficulty with Online courses, as do many college/university students. To say nothing of the fact that many school children have both parents working and nobody at home to help them or take care of them. I believe Carolina is planning to begin the Fall 2020 semester on 03 August and to end the semester just before Thanksgiving, after students take their Final exams and then they go home until early in January.
  3. We knew one (1) person who used RS and IMO he learned a lot from it. However, most of the threads I have read here on WTM about RS, the comments in general were not favorable.
  4. The title of this thread directs it at Texans (I vote absentee in Texas) but the confusion and concerns are obviously not limited to Texas. This is the URL of a thread in the sub Reddit for UNC: As others have pointed out, unless a school declares now, in concrete, that a class is going to be "Online" in the Fall, they are trying to leave their options open, hoping for the best, but to have "wiggle room" in case things go South. One thing at UNC with regard to scheduling of in-person classes is that some of them will end at 8 P.M. They need to allow more time for the students to go from one class to another, etc. This is sad for the students and their college/university experiences, but not the end of the world. OT: With regard to Covid-19 from what I read in the news from the USA the situation there may get much much much worse, before it begins to get better, so that's not good for our college/university DC. I am normally in favor of "States Rights", but in the case of Covid-19, uniform laws throughout the USA, IMO, would have been better than 50 states and DC having different laws.
  5. There are 2 schools that come to mind. I believe both of them have existed for approximately 100 years, but with different names. Back in the day (before Internet) they were known as "Correspondence Schools". I believe that both of them are accredited by a Regional accreditation agency and that both of them are extremely inexpensive. I think a few years ago there was someone on WTM who had a DC who was a graduate of one of those schools or who was a student at that time or who had herself graduated from one of these schools. Whether or not the boy in question will do the required work is something only he and the mother can work on. Good luck to him! (1) American School (Chicagoland) (2) Penn Foster (Pennsylvania)
  6. I suggest that he take Pre Calculus for his 4th year of Math.
  7. The windows don't open? That is something I believe should be corrected, before he thinks about sleeping there. On days when the weather is nice (not when central a/c or heat is mandatory) to be able to open the windows and get fresh air into a room is a blessing. Also, in case of an emergency, having windows that one can open might permit one to escape.
  8. This is not just "spikes". Yesterday (26 June 2020) the CDC announced that they now believe the actual number of Covid-19 cases in the USA is 10 X what they had previously thought. I believe they said about 24 million people in the USA have it?
  9. Lanny


    Cool... Thank you for sharing the origin airport with us. You can also go on SPIRIT. SPIRIT is very agile and has a very young fleet. They charge extra for everything, which also means that you do not pay for things you do not need or want. If possible pay for the "Big Front Seats". After going thru Security, buy Water to drink on the aircraft. If SPIRIT has schedules that you like, I strongly suggest you go on SPIRIT. Enjoy your trip! ETA: I believe that Detroit is the 2nd major hub for SPIRIT AIRLINES. Fort Lauderdale (FLL) is their home base.
  10. Lanny


    OP if Delta and/or Southwest serve the route you are interested in, I would go with one of them. Why? Because earlier today I read an article about how United and American are going to begin selling all seats. Delta and Southwest said they would not do that until September? or through September? Actually, the air on Civil Turbojet aircraft is probably extremely clean and compares with the air in other places you might go. The thing I would avoid on Civil Turbojets is the Water. Do not drink anything made with Water. Only drink something that comes out of a can or a bottle. Also, in the restroom on the aircraft, after washing your hands with the water in the sink, use baby wipes to clean your hands. Or some kind of a disinfectant. It is extremely hard for airlines to keep the water on board the aircraft clean. (Yesterday, the CDC announced they believe there are 10X as many Covid-19 cases in the USA as they previously thought. By the time of your trip, many more people will have been exposed and that may make people safer. I believe it is everywhere. Here in Colombia, the government is much more strict and there are no airline flights to/from/within Colombia until at least September 1st, unless they change that) I would make the reservations if it is a good fare. Pay with a Credit Card!
  11. I suggest that at 14 and High School you need to sit down with him and have a heart to heart talk about what he should avoid doing on the Internet. And then, I believe you need to trust him. At that age I am surprised that he hasn't had his own laptop before this. I suggest a minimum of 8 GB of RAM (Memory) in the Windows Laptop.
  12. Here in Colombia the government announced a 14 day extension in the general quarantine. It was extended from 01 July 2020 to 15 July 2020. For those of us who have celebrated our 70th birthdays. we are still under strict SIP restrictions until 01 September 2020. My belief is that the Colombian government is watching what is happening in the USA and they don't want to repeat the same mistakes that have led to more Covid-19 cases there recently and are taking a very conservatoe approach, although there is some loosening of restrictions here.
  13. Your DD would probably get a lot more interaction with other students, and possibly also from the Instructor, in many MOOC courses. What is Taylor? There is more to most courses than simply passing the Final Examination. When my DD was in TTUISD they had a way for students to do that, but it wasn't called a course. It was called something else and was a way to test out of a course. My DD is studying now, to try to test out of the first course in a foreign language she wants to take. ETA: Online courses are like in-person courses. There are outstanding Instructors and there are terrible instructors. Begin with reading reviews. If there are no reviews of an individual course, read reviews of the school and send them questions about how the course works.
  14. Regarding frames: If you want/need/like Fashion, Plastic is the way to go. However, not very durable. Maximum durability will be in Metal frames. I have 2 very different prescriptions, in the same Metal frame from Zenni Optical. They will be 2 years old next month. One pair is prescription sunglasses so they get much less wear. The other prescription is for when I am sitting here at the Laptop and I put them on and take them off probably dozens of times a day. That's the test of time. There are a lot of people now who are wearing what possibly are called "Work" glasses with one prescription for far and one for when one is using their Laptop. Like Bifocals but a slightly different type of use. That might be good for you. With Plastic Frames, if you break them you are toast and unless they still have the identical frame available, your lenses go into the trash too. With metal frames, there is IMO a much greater possibility of repair. Good luck with whatever you select!
  15. BTDT in August 2019. Encouragement... 🙂 You, and your DS #1 are going to be just fine. 🙂 We got to our local airport (Cali, Colombia) about 2 A.M. or before that and found the Snack Bars and had something to eat and drink, before we went to the SPIRIT AIRLINES Ticket Counter, which hadn't opened at that time. 3 hour check-in for International flights. I think the flight was scheduled to "Push Back" from the Gate just before 6 A.M. but frequently SPIRIT flights leave early... We waited until the SPIRIT AIRLINES ticket counter staff opened up the counter and began processing passengers for the flight to the USA and I helped DD check in when it was her turn. We made one change (Carry-On became a 2nd Checked Bag) and we paid $28.30 USD for overweight baggage and she had her boarding passes to FLL and then to her destination, RDU, and her Passports. And then we stood around for awhile... And then, DD went through the door into the Secure area for the departing International passengers and there were so many things that I wished I had told her, and it happened so fast... She told us (by phone) the exit process took 2 or 3 minutes (outgoing Immigration and Security) and we had told her to buy drinks and something to eat on the airplane, after she finished "Migracion" (immigration) and Security, because SPIRIT charges for everything. DW and I both had several very difficult hours that morning, on the way home and after we got home, but everything was fine after that... 🙂 DD and DW talked on the phone for a few minutes after DD was finished with outgoing "MIgracion" and Security, and DD was fine and she did not see any reason why we should stay at the airport until her flight left, so we went to the car and drove home. Without her... We are extremely thankful for WhatsApp and I suggest that you and your DS both have that installed on your phones. It's free and a Godsend. DD sometimes calls DW for cooking instruction when she is fixing Lunch (she is SIP in Carolina because there are no airline flights permitted here because of Covid-19 and her roommate cannot go home either) and occasionally things about clothes, etc., and with WhatsApp, it's almost like she's here... They have a Suite like arrangement in the dorm and a makeshift kitchen in their Suite. They also have access to a Kitchen in the dorm. There is really no reason for your DH to go with him and probably the normal activities for new students and their families will be more subdued, if not virtual, because of Covid-19. NOTE: Your DS (and his roommate) may want to buy a tiny refrigerator for their room and a Coffee Maker, etc. DD and her roommate did that and possibly a Microwave Oven too. I'm not sure about the Microwave. He must have one set of bed sheets of the proper size, for his first night in the dorm room. After that first night, he can buy anything he needs, locally. NOTE #2: Your DS should carefully read about all of the Dorms where Freshmen can stay. Very carefully. And then submit a list, in priority order, of his preferences. And then the Roommate thing. DD wrote to the girl who is her roommate and there was no response for a long long time. DD thought she was being rejected. It turned out that the other girl has very limited access to the Internet Good luck to your DS!
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