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  1. yvonne: I am not going to respond to the issue of that one course or the transcript. I am going to respond to the fact that she is applying ED or EA and only to one school. I understand, completely, about overwhelmed. A lot of things happened, much faster than we had anticipated and DD was extremely busy. She did all of the applications and essays and other things that came up (Scholarship applications, applications to special programs, etc.). Understanding that your DD is, at this time, dedicated to that one school, and is perhaps applying ED, what if she isn't accepted there, or, for some other reason becomes interested in one or more additional schools? If she doesn't apply soon, there is less $ in the budget the schools have, for Financial and Merit Aid. I would prefer that she somehow improves her Time Management skills, which she is probably doing to the best of her ability, so this is easier for me to suggest than for her to implement, and Prioritize the tasks she needs to do. The Essays and all of the other things are very time consuming, but that's part of the process. Good luck to her on getting into her #1 choice! Take it one day at a time and one task at a time. Try to see that she fits time into her very busy schedule for Physical exercise, which helps a lot with the stress and mental health.
  2. My DD and her roommate are both from places with Tropical climates. They are just beginning to learn what "cold" weather is like. Yesterday, it looked like DD might see Snow Flurries, in the afternoon, but they got cold rain and no Snow. Eventually she will see Snow for the first time, that isn't in a movie... Everyone needs to remember to dress appropriately, to protect from Frostbite and Hypothermia. Stay warm!
  3. When we went to Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando I wore my Crocs. Lots of room if your feet swell, etc., but that was at the end of April, when it was warm. In cool/cold weather, I would look for some kind of Enclosed Sandals that would keep feet warmer, or Tennis Shoes with Support, and room for expansion. Standing or sitting or walking, feet will swell. The shoes ideally will have both Support (Arch Support) and room for expansion and be flexible.
  4. My understanding is that the low bands ~700 MHz for example, penetrate buildings much better than the higher frequency bands. So if you were on a tower at 1900, much less chance of you having a signal, than if it had been at 700.
  5. There may be situations where, if one has extremely strong WiFi, as we do in our house, where the Quality of the Voice Calls may be better on WiFi than going directly to the tower from the phone, if the signal from the tower is weak?
  6. That's cool, if the taxes and fees are included. The AT&T web page I looked at a few days ago showed the amount as $30 a month, but $25 a month if they billed you in advance, but it did show plus fees and taxes, which I think could add up. NOTE: I think this is true but you need to confirm it. This does not seem to apply if one, like my DD, is the customer of an MVNO (VIrtual Operator) running on the AT&T Network. Also, I believe the handset (Phone) must have capability for VoLTE to use VoLTE. I believe that if your phone has that capability, that as a direct customer of AT&T, you will be able to use VoLTE for your Voice Calls. If you were, for example, on Red Pocket Mobile, as my DD is, then you would be making Voice Calls on 3G. Probably the Audio Quality will be better, using VoLTE for Voice Calls, if you can do that. I believe you will have access to a network that is far better than Sprints, when you begin using AT&T. AT&T and Verizon have from what I have read, the most extensive networks in the USA. At this time, apparently AT&T has more coverage, especially in the West, where Verizon is apparently weaker. I have a very low-end (except for the 4000 mAh battery) Motorola Android phone. If I go into Settings and then "More" and then "Cellular Network Settings" there is a Slider for me to enable "Enhanced 4G LTE Mode". If your phone has that capability, after you are up and running on AT&T, be sure that is enabled so you can use VoLTE for your Voice calls.
  7. OP with Sprint, what will happen to their service, if they are allowed to merge with T-Mobile? My guess is that it will eventually change to GSM technology. What will happen to T-Mobile if the merger is allowed to happen? My guess is that their Network and their Customer Service will suffer. The alternative is that Sprint may go out of business, if the merger isn't allowed to happen. There's one more lawsuit, by a group of states, pending in the courts. The merger has been approved by the 2 U.S. Government agencies that are involved, so now it's up to the court to settle that lawsuit one way or another. I was curious how AT&T rates compared to those of Red Pocket Mobile (the MVNO my DD is using on the AT&T network) and I saw the Internet plan you refer to, yesterday. IMO that's a terrific deal. That is dependent upon you paying them up-front for 12 months, and there would be Taxes and Fees added to that. I am not sure what the amount of the Taxes and Fees would be. Possibly 5 or 10 dollars a month? Maybe less? ETA: Alternate to that would be to purchase a 360 day plan from the Red Pocket store on eBay. Especially when they offer discounts, such as this past week, and probably on Black Friday. From what I have read they have, in the past, offered some tremendous discounts (on the 10 GB plan for example) on Black Friday. However, nobody can predict what promotion will be available, until it's actually available, so that's all speculation. From what I have read, during the past few months, Verizon is very strong in the Northeast, but in general, AT&T has an excellent network, especially for people in the West. My DD has had her phone running on the AT&T network for 3 months now and where she is (NC) it has been fine. Good luck with whatever company and plan you decide to go with!
  8. When my DD was preparing for the ACT she had access to a Kaplan online course that was $99 or $100 for I think a few months. It was primarily recorded videos, but also had some sessions where the students could ask questions of the instructors. My DD found those live, online sessions with Instructors to be very helpful. The reason I begin with this is that Kaplan had a tie-in with ACT and probably still has a tie-in with ACT, so I think you did well to go with Kaplan. However, there are other possibilities and sometimes, I think this applies to both Science and Math, but also possibly to a lot of other subjects, one person can explain something in a way that is much easier to understand than the explanation of another person. Before spending $ with a different company, I would look on KhanAcademy. That's free. It has a tie-in for the SAT and my DD used that, primarily, for the SAT, but they may have what you are looking for, at a lower level than what Kaplan is offering to her now. IMO students should take both the ACT and the SAT exams. They are very different animals and many students do much better on one of them than on the other. Has your DD taken the Pre ACT? The PSAT? That helps. And, here's the key question: Do you believe that her understanding of the subject matter in the courses she took is solid? If not, then she needs to go back to the textbooks and do more studying. Good luck to her!
  9. If you live in NC, investigate this: Recently (2 or 3 months ago?) the NC legislature approved a law for AP course acceptance in the UNC system schools. Before this went into practice, or until it does, different schools, especial UNC CH, had different policies. Now, they have (or will soon have) a uniform policy, regarding the acceptance of AP courses. Now, the acceptance or non acceptance of courses from a CC, would depend upon whether or not the CC has an agreement with the university. If there is no agreement, my guess is that it would be a crap shoot. The university ultimately is the one that makes the decisions. My belief is that there are excellent AP courses and horrible AP courses and I suspect that's also true of CC courses.
  10. The title includes 2 religion based schools and one huge Public university. Comparing Apples to Apples is better IMO. They are all good schools, but offer very different things. Priorities need to be established and then you can go from there and investigate each school on your list.
  11. I had friends in Texas who had a "Mom and Pop" HVAC business. I cannot imagine that they accepted credit cards. I suggest that you get at least two (2) bids and see how they compare. What their warranty is. Etc. Reputation...
  12. Many years ago, the daughter of one of my friends and colleagues went to Baylor for her undergraduate years. She then became a Doctor. I think an Osteopath and not an M.D.. I think an Osteopath is a Doctor but am not positive about what they do.
  13. My DD is very happy at UNC. I believe that one should not lump all large schools into seeing all the students as a number, or that all small schools are going to hold the students hand all the time. Universities with a large student body can also provide wonderful help and opportunities to their students. One thing that came as a surprise to me was that DD signed up for Swimming 2, which was a mistake, because she hadn't been swimming for a long time. Hopefully she will take Swimming 1 and not be in "over her head" next semester. She dropped Swimming 2 and joined a Martial Arts club. Well, in addition to learning the Martial Art, the club works as volunteers occasionally and is hosting a regional get together for people from Martial Arts clubs in other schools in that region. So, she is getting in some Volunteer work and providing hospitality, along with the Martial Arts classes. She is working part-time in a university job. Her roommate is wonderful, which is truly a blessing. We are not sure if a human or a computer selected her roommate, but truly wonderful for our DD and for her roommate. Both of them are from Tropical areas and new to the USA. Her roommate is an International student and DD is an Overseas American, so they have a lot in common and are going to learn what Cold weather is like, together.
  14. @gardenmom5 Thanks for the clarification. That is certainly not the norm here, but in a situation like that, I guess it could happen. Especially some years ago.
  15. Regarding U.S. Dollars. Those should never be used unless one is in a country where they are the legal local currency. Colombia is not one of those countries. If one uses U.S. Dollars where they are not normally used, one will receive a horrible exchange rate. His family was targeted? Why? If he doesn't look like a Foreigner (Alien) he might not be spotted as one, but we (Foreigners/Aliens) can be spotted one block away and it doesn't require speaking English or even speaking. Here there are a lot of Foreigners, not as many as in the cities of Cartagena and Medellin, but the ones I have met over the years are very happy to be here.
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