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  1. I do not do that and I strongly suggest that anyone who leaves their Phone Charger plugged in all the time stop by their local Fire Department and ask them about this habit. Probably small Kitchen appliances should also be disconnected from the AC Wall sockets, but we don't do that. I plug in the Charger for my phone when I need to charge the battery and when I am done I carefully remove the Charger from the Wall Socket and put it back into the drawer where I keep it.. This applies to OEM Chargers as well as aftermarket Chargers.
  2. I didn't know that BookFinder had been purchased by Amazon, but when looking at their SERPs for a book this morning, it does seem to be very top heavy with listings for Amazon. I had moved away from buying books and other things on Amazon a few years ago and am most interested in the eBay listings. Probably the major reason for that was the lack of Transparency on Amazon. I remember that after DD went to UNC in August 2019 that we did buy some things for her on Amazon, including a Room Divider to block light when DD was trying to sleep and her roommate was up studying. DW and I probably looke
  3. The 12 USD price differential was for the same textbook (Used) from the same Seller (BetterWorldBooks). I would not be surprised by a difference as much as 1 or 2 dollars, but the 12 dollar differential if one bought that book directly from BetterWorldBooks surprised me. In the past, I have purchased some books directly on the web sites of Better World Books and also on the web site of Thrift Books.
  4. Yes. I use Bookfinder.com constantly. ETA: The comparison I did this morning was done manually so it is not an issue of BookFinder.com having inaccurate information. I showed the 2 web pages to my DD before I bought the 2 books for her on eBay this morning.
  5. DD needs to set up accounts with PayPal and eBay which at this time is not convenient, since she has no access to her U.S. cell phone service. This morning I bought the last 2 physical books she will need for the Spring 2021 semester and she will reimburse us for those and also buy 3 eTextbooks. Two from the web site of her school and one from Amazon. Some years ago, I also set up accounts on BetterWorldBooks web site and that of Thrift Books. Before I bought the book on eBay that was listed by BetterWorldBooks this morning, , I remembered that I had an account on Better World Books and w
  6. One reason that we went with what was then called TTUISD was that they had K though 12. DD began in Middle School, with 2 sixth grade courses as a Supplamental Student. With younger children (K and up) they will need much more assistance, but IMO it will be much easier than what you have experienced home schooling. Now, my DD is about to begin her 4th semester at UNC. 😀 TTUISD is now called TTU-K12. This is a link to their Home Page: https://www.depts.ttu.edu/k12/
  7. This morning (31 December 2020) I read an article on the web site of the largest newspaper here in Cali. Colombia about one of the COVID-19 vaccines the Colombian government is going to buy. It is made and/or sold by Jannsen, which is apparently an affiliate or subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson. I think I had read a few months ago they were doing part of the testing here in Cali. The most interesting thing to me is that it only requires one (1) injection. I have no idea how effective it is or is not within the general population or elderly population. The government here is
  8. OP HERE: Special thanks to everyone who replied! I googled for something like "cannot log into my Amazon account. How can I contact Amazon?" and on the page with the Google SERPs I found this interesting web page which includes info that makes it much easier and much faster, if you have an emergency, secondary email (?) address on file with them if you lose access to your Amazon account. I am praying DD set that up when she set up her Amazon account. If not she can try the other way to regain access but they say that takes 1 or 2 days. If she cannot get that going in a day or 2 sh
  9. I have seen questions like this answered here in the "Chat" before and am hoping a kind person will help my DD out with this. Of the dozens (or hundreds) of things she needed to do, before she left the USA in late November, this didn't make the list... She needs to buy at least one eTextbook from Amazon and they are using "2FA" for the log in Authentication and she has no access to her U.S. Cell phone service because we are in South America (No Roaming). She does have a magicJack and they have a magicApp https://www.magicjack.com/magicApp.html which she has on her phone and she can call
  10. I have changed my mind, completely, over the past few months about the idea of getting the vaccination(s) for the COVID-19 coronavirus. I went from enthusiastic about the idea. to where I am now, which is that I am not planning to get it. I am elderly and there is much more risk of getting COVID-19. The possibility of having a reaction after getting the shots is real, but the real downer for me is that I read a month or 2 ago that Moderna (the company I had the most interest in because they discovered in early trials it is extremely effective in elderly people) said that it is only good for
  11. Not Xmas gifts, but shipped just before Xmas within the USA (and then one to Colombia). (1) DD sponsored, on KickStarter,Com I think on June 4th, 3 Jig Saw Puzzles. Each has 1000 pieces. The original idea was they would ship to her during October 2020, but they were overwhellmed with Sponsors. Her 3 puzzles were shipped to our Receiver/Forwarder in Miami, FL, USA early in December by FedEx Smart Post. As I recall, FedEx did not "Tender" the package to USPS. FedEx took it all the way to our Receiver/Forwarder in Miami and delivered it to them. DD also sponsored an Art Book (I'm not sure i
  12. I have probably lost my interest in getting the vaccination for COVID-19. Until a few weeks ago I was very interested. My primary interest was in the Moderna vaccine, because I'd read months ago that they found in the early testing that it is also very effective among elderly people and I am elderly. Now, I am thankful that I am in Colombia and that the government here is watching what is happening in other countries where vaccinations have begun. Here in Colombia, they are planning to begin giving vaccinations in February 2021. I believe there are 5 or 6 different vaccines they are loo
  13. Follow-on (AND UPDATE TO FOLLOW ON) from the OP: Waiting for carton with 2 items, from our Receiver/Forwarder in Miami. The highway from Bogota to Cali goes over a route called "La Linea". Many years ago, I went unexpectedly with my DW by bus, from the city she is from to Bogota and back. Returning in the bus, she told me that sometimes the clouds are so low (remembering the Andes Mountains here) that there is Fog and the 2nd driver gets out of the bus with a flashlight, to show the driver where the edge of the road is. Not something I would like to experience. When I went into the Kitc
  14. It is not painless and it is not 1 minute per day, but the College Board has a tie-in with KhanAcademy. It is FREE. Your DS should have an account on CollegeBoard and also on KhanAcademy and they should be linked together. My DD used those almost exclusively for the PSAT/NMSQT and then the SAT. Good luck to your DS
  15. The Trash/Garbage truck comes to our house 3X each week. Next week, before Xmas, we will give them $ for a "tip" or Xmas gift. I tip delivery drivers from local stores each time they deliver something. This morning I will order Pet Food and when it comes I will do that. Mail is almost never delivered to our house (we live in Colombia) and I hadn't thought about the employees from the Shipping Carriers. If we have an Apple or something we will offer that to them.
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