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  1. IMO your dad should spend more time reading about Current Events. Zero concern in Europe? That seems unrealistic, considering what is going on there now. Far reaching by then? It is far reaching now... And if your sons High School sent kids, very recently, to Vietnam, the School Administrators, like your dad, should follow Current Events. Many Foreign Trips and Programs have already been cancelled and many more will be cancelled in the near future. To add something to this very long thread: Last night on my Android phone in the Google Feed, or on there was a video of a segment with Marc Siegel, M.D., one of their consultants. He went to the International Departures Ticket Counter in Dulles International Airport, which is in Chantilly, VA, near Washington DC. There was space for one person working for Air China. The flight apparently originates at Dulles and then goes to NYC and then to China. Dr. Siegel asked one of the passengers, "How will you get back in". The response was something like, "Don't ask me that question". Very scary IMO...
  2. IMO they should not be traveling to foreign countries at this time. My DD will be in the same state (NC) where her university is for Spring Break. Hopefully, most universities will have strict rules in place, regarding travel to foreign countries. We live overseas (Colombia) and to the best of my knowledge and belief, there have not been reports of the virus in Latin America (South of the Rio Grande) but it is spreading rapidly around the world and is very dangerous.
  3. OP: Follow-on to what I wrote earlier. When she was cooking our Breakfast, I was telling DW about your thread and about how well prepared DD was in TTU K12 (formerly TTUISD) for writing Essays. My DW told me that now that our DD is in UNC, if she needs to write an Essay for a class, it's not an issue for her. She has had a lot of practice writing Essays. That rigor from English spills over to other subjects, where university students are required to write Essays.
  4. There will probably be huge numbers of them cancelled, beginning with Summer of 2020.
  5. UNC (and probably all universities?) in their dorm rooms have LONG TWINS or whatever they are called. We did this last year, so the details are a little fuzzy. DD was scheduled to fly from South America (where to my amazement my wife did find that size sheet in one store here, but no selection of colors, etc.) and arrive in her Dorm Room at night, with NO bedding on the bed in her room. So, I wanted her to have at least one set of bed sheets in her luggage, when she arrived there, and then the next day she could buy a Pillow, blankets, etc. eBay was the solution! We bought one pair of the bed sheets for that size bed from a very reputable eBay Seller in NY or NJ. They are for Hotels/Motels/Dorm rooms, etc. (We have a Receiver/Forwarder in Miami and they shipped there and then our Receiver/Forwarder sent the item to our house in Colombia). After DD had them, she found they were very good and we ordered a 2nd set for her, in a different color, from the same eBay Seller. (I remember the first set was approximately $12 including shipping to Miami and the 2nd set was approximately $20 including shipping to NC) NOTE: I remember that when the first set of bed sheets arrived here in Colombia, that they carefully opened the package, without removing anything, and that just from the "Feel" of the sheets, my wife thought they were of very high quality.
  6. IMO your DD is extremely lucky that you were able to arrange an appointment with a Psychiatrist for her. The appointment will be very short. I would NOT try to tell the Psychiatrist what to do, with regard to testing/examinations of any kind, medications, etc.. She can order any examinations she believes might be helpful. As others have suggested, I would have some notes so I don't forget the most critical issues of concern. Good luck to your DD!
  7. My DD began writing Essays when she began in 6th grade in TTUISD Middle School. At that time, she could barely read or write in U.S. English, because the school she was attending was incredibly weak in English, although she could speak/understand U.S. English without any issues. Your DS will benefit, enormously, the more Essays he writes, before he gets into 9th grade (High School) and before he begins writing Essays for university applications, scholarships, overseas programs, etc. There was a mention here on WTM some years ago, about an English web site, I believe at Indiana University but am not sure about that. I remember visiting it when my DD was in TTUISD Middle School, to check it out. Pretty sure it was in the state of Indiana in a Public University there, if not at IU. Practice makes it easier, but I cannot tell you how much stress there is on the students when they are in High School and taking the SAT and the ACT and applying for all kinds of things, at the same time, with deadlines... Again, your DS will benefit tremendously, starting to improve his Essay writing skills now. Good luck to him! As the years go by, he will hopefully become somewhat proficient with MS WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT and/or their Google Drive equivalents. All of those things take time to learn ("a learning curve") and there is no need to him to become an "Expert", but there is a need for him to know how to do BASIC things and how to find help, within the Application and by Googling for How to Do it and for using YouTube.
  8. Depending upon the Coronavirus situation, the possibility of your DD being able to do that next year will depend upon, among other things, #1 priority, the Coronavirus situation.
  9. The requirements you listed are a minimum. The NSLI-Y required an extensive application, pages of Medical/Health information, probably at least one Essay, at least one online interview. When it came time for my DD to do the Medical/Health information for her university, that paperwork, especially the Medical and Health information, gave her a huge head start. I remember her going to an M.D. for the NSLI-Y application, There is probably huge disruption in all of those programs at this time, because travel to/from so many countries (especially in Asia) at this time is prohibited or very restricted, especially to/from China. I remember the NSLI-Y said they could change/cancel depending on current events and this year they will be doing a lot of changing and cancelling unfortunately.
  10. Heather you are IMO very late to be thinking about switching horses for the High School education of your DD. Your DD began High School in 9th grade. It is frequently (extremely) problematic to change schools during high school, for example, moving from one state to another state, or even to a nearby school district. In your case, you Home Schooling your DD seems to be the goal, but you wrote that you want her to get a Regents Diploma and as Lori and others have pointed out, NY is known for rigid laws and that may not be possible. It does not seem like the Distance Learning school my daughter attended (Texas Tech University High School) would be an option for your DD because of the fact that she has already completed 9th grade or will finish 9th grade in May 2020, and because you want her to have a NY Regents Diploma. The same would apply to the Distance Learning High School of Stanford University (far far more expensive) and to other similar Distance Learning High Schools. We are overseas so TTU K-12 (formerly TTUISD) was a blessing for my DD and she is at Carolina now, which is a very difficult school for OOS students to get into. As Lori pointed out, that is Asynchronous schooling and requires HUGE amounts of self-discipline and time management from the students. My DD began with Texas Tech in 6th grade (Middle School) so by the time she was in the 9th grade she had a lot of experience with their teaching and testing methods and they began to switch from Hard Cover textbooks to ebooks. Now, she is in university and those experiences have served her well, IMO. I am not trying to play "Devils Advocate" regarding where your DD might continue her High School education and get a NY Regents Diploma, but my guess is that is going to prove extremely difficult to do and that you and your DD need to Google around, varying the search terms, to see if there might possibly be one or more providers who can offer that to you in NY. Much good luck to your DD.
  11. DawnM the Update of 2/20 is a blessing in disguise. He must not live alone and that includes living in your friends house. He must be somewhere where there is at least one person who can help him.
  12. And to be able to produce the Vaccines when there is a Pandemic. I read an article about Israel. They had been studying, for some years, after a previous Pandemic, whether it would be better for them to have a "guaranteed" agreement to pay a producer to reserve part of their production for Israel (guarantees like that seem to have a lot of possible issues IMO) or to build a factory. Several days ago, they decided to go ahead with the factory. In the end, it will be less expensive, and, IMO, will guarantee them that they will have the Vaccine they produce and not need to depend on a company in another country. Look at what has happened to the "Supply Chain" for things produced in China, during the past 4 to 6 weeks. The Face Masks probably don't offer much protections, more of a sense that one is doing something to try to lower their risk.
  13. I read that the Mormon Church is going to pull out their 400K Scouts. Very sad what has gone on in both BSA and in the Catholic Church.
  14. Bumping this for you and a possible idea. My DD applied for a very short (Summer only) session with NSLI-Y. As I recall, the U.S. Government pays the expenses and I believe they pay a company to be the Administrator. My DD was a Semi-Finalist or Finalist, but didn't end up being selected, and if she had been chosen, I am not sure how we would have gotten everything done that needed to be done before she went to the USA to the university. There's a lot of paperwork, a lot of it about medical/health, probably she had to write at least one Essay, and I know that she did an interview on Skype or another Video service. Your questions are extremely important, whether you are paying for it, out of your own bank account, or the government or some other organization is paying for it. Here's a link to the Home Page of NSLI-Y
  15. Thank you for posting this. I would be REALLY mad. IMO Southwest is one of the best of the large U.S. carriers, but their not having specific seat assignments available when making a reservation, would probably push me to another carrier. I understand the reasons why SPIRIT Airlines, for example, has seats that are "Pre Reclined". It speeds up Boarding and Deplaning and prevents a lot of arguments. And, I understand that Southwest knows that in general, it speeds up their Boarding and Deplaning of the typical flight, to board passengers by section. I have no issue with that. The issue you have described is something that Southwest should not permit. I hope you will contact their Customer Service, on Twitter or on Facebook, and file a complaint. If one pays extra for something, one should receive that, without needing to get into an argument with another passenger, which could at worst become a fatal experience. We paid extra for DD to have a "Big Front Seat" on each of her flights from CLO to RDU when we made the reservation for her. Had we wanted to, for less $ we could have selected her seats, among the regular seats, for less $, but we chose to pay to have her in the Big Front Seats. And we paid for a Carry-On Bag (which during the check-in we requested be sent in the belly as a 2nd Checked Bag) and the first Checked Bag. Had she not received any of the extra cost options we paid for, I would not plan for her (or us) to fly on SPIRIT again. If you pay extra, for something you need and/or want, then you should receive it, without risking a fight with another passenger.
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