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  1. Awesome update OP. Cool that the mechanic not only heard it, but that he was able to figure out what was causing the noise. At about 100K miles, things begin to happen. IMO, the things that matter most (for Safety reasons) are the Brakes, the Suspension and the Steering. Tires... Everything else is secondary. Enjoy your quiet car now!
  2. OP do the Real Estate regulations in your state specify whether or not this can be done? I understand that you are in a small town and that limits who is available to you. I do not see how one party can represent both parties to the best of their ability.
  3. I believe that will (frequently) depend upon the requirements of the school. In the case of my DD, she will be going to UNC and they have specific requirements for the Hardware and Software that are on a Windows Laptop or an Apple Laptop. If a student doesn't get a Laptop from them, they need to have what the school needs, with regard to WORD or OFFICE or whatever. The risk to that, IMO, would be if there is an issue with the Hardware and it is not a machine that the school will support and the student may be without their Laptop much longer, trying to get it fixed if they cannot do that themselves. . .
  4. The same agent cannot represent both parties and protect the interests of both parties. There is a conflict and someone is going to lose.
  5. There are 73 replies as I type this and I haven't read them. Each time I see the thread title, I wonder how Mississippi compares with other states in this. Is Mississippi at the bottom of the pile? How does Mississippi compare with, California or New York or Texas or Alabama?
  6. I use the Chromium web browser on this Laptop (FreeBSD, which is UNIX) 99% of the time. That's like Chrome. Yesterday, I was testing things on both of my Laptops (the Backup Laptop needs a new RTC/CMOS Battery for the Motherboard) with a "Live" Linux DVD. By default, it had the Firefox web browser and I saw what you described. I believe that tbog is correct with what that probably enables you to do. Since it is incredibly rare that I use Firefox, I do not have a Firefox account, but I have a Google account, and my Android phone syncs the email account that it uses in Gmail,etc. Each account that one signs up for might possibly be a Security issue. More importantly, it would probably increase the "overhead" of your devices trying to Sync to each other.
  7. No. I do not believe it is an obligation for a Landlord to accept pets. And, that can mean a lot of different things. If it is a dog, from a Toy Poodle to a St. Bernard. There is more potential for damage to the house. Especially if the house has wall to wall carpeting. People with pets should know, IMO, that their options are more limited, when they search for a house to rent.
  8. I googled to see which carrier Ting uses. If he has a phone that uses CDMA technology, it says they run on the Sprint network. If he has a phone that uses the GSM technology it says they run on the T-Mobile network. Note: Sprint and T-Mobile are trying to merge. If the U.S. Government doesn't approve the merger, Sprint has indicated they may not be able to continue. I am looking at an MVNO (Virtual operator) called Red Pocket for my DD to try when she goes to university in the USA in August. They can provide services on Verizon or Sprint for CDMA and on AT&T or T-Mobile for GSM. We have GSM phones. If we go with Red Pocket for her, they sell on eBay or on their web site. Possibly on Amazon also. There's another MVNO called Mint Mobile that runs on T-Mobile that might be a good way to go. My belief is that one will get more for less generally, with an MVNO that runs on T-Mobile than an MVNO that runs on AT&T but that AT&T has a network that is somewhat superior to that of T-Mobile.
  9. Those are the courses they must be the most suspicious of and if he is a STEM Major, they need to know that he was taught the way they want those courses taught. Great school. Congrats to him.
  10. When we went to the School Fair in Bogota (May 2018) there were reps from UPennsylvania, Duke, Georgetown and Harvard, who spoke to us. The information was coming at us "Fast and Furious". One of them made a comment, regarding students who take AP or DE courses. My impression was that AP courses are probably not going to be considered for Credit and do not impress them much, if at all. . With DE courses, I believe they are more impressed by them, when considering an applicant, but whether or not credits would transfer in, is another issue.
  11. Here's another warning from CDC about how to handle (or not handle) chickens.
  12. I read the specs. As I recall, that configuration has an HD display. I would *strongly* suggest paying more and getting an FHD Display. Also, I believe it has 4 GB of RAM. I would suggest paying more and getting 8 GB of RAM.
  13. Congrats to him for receiving the offers. Is his resume on a job board somewhere? If so, possibly he should indicate in his listing that he is only interested in something local to where you live.
  14. If you are in the USA, I think that would be cause for calling the local Police Department or Sheriffs Department and reporting the suspicious activity. They might or might not come out to check the people out. Hopefully they could send someone to check. Here in our large rural subdivision, our HOA has installed a network of video cameras and people who come here are (I believe) aware of that. The cameras are visible in the streets. I suspect that reduces the possibility of someone committing a crime here. I am glad that you and your DD are OK.
  15. OP what grade is your DD in? If she is currently in the Public School system, the first thing I suggest doing is to discuss the issue with a Counselor in her school and ask for suggestions, options, etc. If she is in High School, it is complicated to switch from one school to another. Not impossible, but you will need to find out whether or not the Units she already has will be accepted by another school. Good luck to her! They may have a way for her to study at home and/or to complete the courses she is behind in.
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