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  1. DD received her second acceptance: Texas A&M University.
  2. Lanny

    Life 360....driving me crazy!!!!

    There are several possibilities here. Possible issue with a radio in a phone, for one example. I would try another phone. One of our neighbors is an Electronic Engineer for a large provider here. He told me a few years ago that Samsungs and Motorolas connect best to their cells. Our family uses Motorola Android phones. Another possible issue could be with the provider and sketchy Data coverage, although with Verizon I would doubt that is the case in populated areas. The Location in the phone should be turned to the highest accuracy. And then, yes, it is possible the OP has an issue with the App and she should contact their Support and explain the issues and the phones that are involved (make and model) and the provider. And if the WiFi needs to be turned on, where there is no WiFi coverage, that may be a glitch in the App or it may be intentional, because Android phones will use WiFi and not Data, if WiFi is available, to reduce Data consumption.
  3. OP way down the road, before she takes the SAT exam, she needs to get (from the testing center) the answer sheet and hopefully a test booklet. She needs to "bubble in" her data. Before she does that, she needs to get an additional email address that she will only use for testing and school purposes. In 2018, there were approximately 2 million students who took the SAT in the USA and about 1.9 million who took the ACT. Prior to that, more students took the ACT, but now many schools are giving the SAT to all of their students in class.
  4. Deleted because of double post.
  5. OP I wonder if there are Free MOOC courses that you might take for Spanish, after you finish the course you have already paid for? You might Google for "Spanish+free+MOOC courses" (without the quote marks) and see what results you get.
  6. First, when my DD was very young, K4 or K5 or First Grade, we knew of a boy in the school she was in (we are in Colombia) who was offered Sports Scholarships (Golf) at several universities in the USA. So, that certainly does happen. Secondly, I am concerned, about the last sentence in the quotation above from the OP, which I have bolded. If someone is paying for services like that, that may indicate that this is less likely to happen for this student in NZ. I see that as a possible warning sign? The Recruiter is from an Agency she is paying? If the school was paying the Recruiter, I wouldn't be writing this post. If a university is paying someone to recruit athletes for them, that's fine. But if someone is paying, trying to get recruited, that seems less likely to happen. I hope I am wrong about that.
  7. I went to the Optometrist at the end of June 2018 and asked her for two (2) prescriptions. One for Distance lenses, which I had made as Prescription Sunglasses. The other pair for use with this 14" laptop. I have had Myopia and Astigmatism since I was a boy. I had LASIK surgeries in 1997. To my astonishment, for the pair for use with this laptop, she put one eye as near-sighted, which is normal for me, and the other eye as far-sighted. I had NEVER had an eye that is far sighted before. Possibly this involves the fact that one eye has a Cataract (I am on the list for surgery) but as I write this, I cannot remember which eye is nearsighted and which eye is farsighted.
  8. lewelma I have not read all of the replies and I need to leave in a few minutes, so I cannot read them at this time. In one of your posts, you mentioned (I believe) that the mother of this student was contemplating having you Tutor her DD for 2 hours a week and then paying you for maybe one hour of preparation? If that is correct, I think that is not going to be sufficient and that it will take many more hours of your time and especially of the students time, working on her own. Something like "Total Immersion" for learning a Foreign Language. I believe, but I am not positive about this since I have not used Khan Academy (my DD used it), is that it tracks the students weaknesses and strengths and directs them to the material that will help them the most. So, she needs to set up an account on if she doesn't already have one, that will work in tandem with her account on KhanAcademy. IMO the best use of your time that the Mother is paying you for will be assessment and guidance for the student. Constant evaluations of where she is weak and what she needs to study. What the Mother is looking for will take many more than 3 hours a week of your time, IMO. It is unusual that the school will not accept the ACT, so you are locked into the SAT and fortunately, KhanAcademy is there to help this girl with the SAT. Good luck to her!
  9. When you look at the stats for that school, on CollegeData, or some other web site, what do they show are the Average scores for Freshman, on the SAT Math and on the SAT Critical Reading examinations? Is that school going to look at the 2 scores separately or combined? If they look at them separately, that will be harder for her.
  10. That hits the nail on the head. The OP has been asked to do what may be impossible, in the time that she and the student have available before the SAT exam must be taken. ETA: Sad for the student that she got into this situation and may not be able to meet the required test minimums on the SAT or ACT.
  11. With regard to Graphics. nVidia or other GPU... The ones that are installed in "Enterprise" grade Laptops, eg: Dell Latitude, etc., are optimised for Engineering Applications. They are not the same kind of GPU that you would get in a "Consumer" grade machine. They are designed for more serious uses, such as the DS of the OP will be using.
  12. KhanAcademy has an official tie in with the College Board, for the PSAT/NMSQT and the SAT. My DD used that to study for those exams. It is free... However, the student you are helping may not be ready for that. I don't know if Khan teaches basic arithmetic, Pre Algebra, etc. If not, I am sure that other web sites can do that. Algebra 1 is THE most important course and all students must be SOLID in that. She has quite a lot of work to do before next November. From Basic arithmetic to Algebra and Geometry. I don't remember what Math the SAT covers. NOTE: She may also want to take the ACT. Many students do better on the SAT than on the ACT or v.v. They are very different examinations. Good luck to her!
  13. Lanny

    Cruise excursions--need advice!

    OP: Heads up! You MUST buy Travel Insurance. Last night on my Android phone, in the Google feed with news stories, there was an article about the RCCL (Royal Caribbean) ship that eliminated the last 2 port calls and returned to port one day early. I wish I had a link that I could include in this post, but I don't have a clue as to where that article was. Basically about 500 people got sick. Last year, they said 11 cruises had major outbreaks like that and 5 of them were the narovirus or something close to that. Not sure of the spelling... URGENT NOTE: RCCL had ZERO legal obligation to compensate the passengers as they did in this case. That's where the Travel Insurance would cover ones rear, if one needs to pay an airline a huge penalty for changing their reservation, stay in a hotel, get medical care, etc. We always purchase Travel Insurance when we fly to the USA. On 2 occasions, about 20 years ago, I had minor issues (one Dental and the other was I got really sick (virus/fever) in Miami. Those were trivial examples of what might happen to someone on a trip. Accidents, etc. BUY TRAVEL INSURANCE AND ENJOY YOUR CRUISE!
  14. OP I do not have any knowledge of recent hardware. The laptop I am using to write this is my newest laptop (Dell Latitude E6410). I think it was assembled in 2010? NOTE to your DS: My E6410 is running "TrueOS" which is what I would possibly call a "Front-End" to FreeBSD, which is based on Berkeley UNIX, which I believe was based on AT&T UNIX. This is THE most solid/stable OS I have ever used on a Desktop/Laptop. I installed it 2 weeks ago today. It is a little harder to install than Linux distros, because the WiFi and Sound didn't come up "out of the box", so I need to spend some time to get the drivers for those configured correctly. I know the WiFi and Sound are detected, and that the WiFi is supported, so it is just a matter of me devoting some time and patience to getting those configured properly. If he does not want to run "TrueOS" or FreeBSD on his machine, then I would suggest that he run Fedora Linux or CentOS Linux (a free version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux) or Ubuntu Linux. My older Laptop is a Dell Latitude E6400, which was probably assembled in 2008 or 2009? There are major technology differences on the Motherboards between those 2 models. This E6410 has 8 GB of RAM and the E6400 has 4 GB. Those are maximums for their Motherboards. 16 GB would be nice. Mine have 500 GB hard disk drives, which were "in" several years ago when we bought them. I can't imagine that a 1 TB drive would be hard to find or expensive in 2019. NOTE: I suggest to your DS that he ask the Engineering school for their recommendation. It may also be a Requirement, not just a recommendation. There are "Mobile Workstations" which are like our Enterprise Laptops, but on Steroids. I won one of those from the same eBay Seller we won the E6410s from,, which is like a Dell Latitude E6410 but on Steroids. 15" monitor and some other things that make it more powerful than this one. Like the nVidia card has more memory. Also it is heavier. That one was mine at first, but my wife is a "Gamer" and she has had it for a long time. It is an M4500 but I can't remember the model name. It is not a Latitude. NOTE: All of the above machines have "Matte" non-glare screens. I believe that is crucial and when I look at a "Consumer" grade machine their screens are very bothersome. What your DS interacts with are the Display, the Keyboard and the Mouse or Touchpad. Those are THE most important things, for his comfort. Again, I have no clue where you should look for a machine like that and I would have him check with his school. I would probably limit my interest to Dell Enterprise class machines and to Lenovo Enterprise class machines. I would NOT buy a Consumer class machine. Good luck to him in Engineering school! ETA: Correction: Regarding the Sound on TrueOS on this Dell Latitude E6410. It does have sound. When I logged out of the Desktop a few minutes go, I heard some tones. What it does not have is persistent sound and most importantly it doesn't have Sound for the Videos. I am sure that is a matter of getting one or more things configured properly. That would work out of the box in Linux. When I did the installation 2 weeks ago, I was connected to Ethernet and so the WiFi was not operating. Possibly if the WiFi was on when I did the installation it would have installed and configured the WiFi for me. I'm not sure if that would have come up "out of the box" when I did the installation or not.
  15. What seem like disappointments today, may, in the future, prove to have been blessings in disguise. That happened to us, with a lot that we almost bought. It was around Christmas and I didn't want to begin the transaction at that time. Wait until January. Well, another family bought it. In retrospect, that was God looking out for us. In February (?) we found this lot which is in a much better and quieter location, far less traffic, and other advantages. We won. Same subdivision, same HOA, but we are in a much much much better location. I wish you luck with your house hunting. There is ALWAYS another "bargain" waiting for you to find it.
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