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  1. Ok, I can see how it would be rewarding if your kids struggle and then succeeded. I could see this happening with my 3rd or 4th kids, but with my first son I had ZERO confidence in my ability to teach him. I was so stressed out. If he struggled, I would have been sure it was all my fault and he would have been on the big yellow bus so quick. lol I'm so blessed he caught on or I would have panicked. I see exactly what you are saying, but definitely would not have been my experience with my first guys.
  2. Thanks guys. My personal feelings is that it is no big deal at all. I just like feedback from others. I think I will take the advice with just going with our program and not worry if it is slanted. After he masters the letter, maybe he can work on the slant? I just keep reminding myself that I had 20 some kids in my classes in school taught by 1 teacher and there were probably 20 different looking handwritings SO really I mean all you can do is show them the correct way, right?
  3. Phonics! Nothing has been as magical as watching my boys learn to read! Luckily no one struggled or I might feel differently, but it has been the most rewarding subject. When I first started homeschool, I couldn't believe I'd be able to teach my kids to read. I had no memory of learning to read?? I am particularly blown away by my second son. We are doing abeka phonics and he is just learning the special sounds all on his own before we even come to them in a lesson. LOVE IT.
  4. My almost 8 year old has started cursive this year. His handwriting isn't great. My handwriting isn't great. I remember it being a very frustrating thing in school for me and it is for him too. . Anyway, I just keep encouraging him. His print gets better each year, it's legible. I'm sure cursive will be the same. We are using Zaner-Bloser for cursive and he CANNOT make his letters slant. No matter what I say or what he tries to do, they are straight up and down. I was signing a check to pay a bill the other day and noticed that my signature was straight up and down too. I never write in cursive and haven't since I was in school, so it didn't occur to me I can't make my letters slant either. Anything I can do to help him out, or do I just let it go?
  5. Thank you, thank you!!! I will not lose it again!
  6. I haven't had the time to read and reply. I look forward to it, thanks for all the replies ladies!
  7. Someone posted a complete list sorted by categories a year or so back and now I can't find it. Can anyone help me out?
  8. My oldest (3rd grader) is currently using vp self paced history and that is working well for us, but I have been thinking I'd prefer to be a bit more hands on with the fun subjects like science and history. I'm not 100% sure I would switch what is working for him, but I am considering a different path for the rest of my kids as they get older. I LOVE the idea of doing history chronologically, but I was never quite sure how that worked when the family did history all together. I have never looked at the The Good and the Beautiful at all, but I saw a youtube video today describing their history course and I thought the approach was genius. I then learned that some Christians are apposed to using it? I honestly know nothing about what Mormons believe. So, if you are Christian, if you have used The Good and the Beautiful, what are you thoughts on this? Any other pros and cons with The Good and the Beautiful history curriculum. Thanks
  9. I just struggle with good enough when it comes to my kids. I feel guilty knowing he is so much more capable than good enough. I'm not sure I expect math majors, I don't expect anything of him really. I just don't want to fail my kids. I don't want them to be in college one day struggling with something because I made bad homeschooling choices.
  10. I am using FLL level 3 this year. First time we have used FLL. It has clicked SO we'll with my son and me. It is short, effective, enjoyable and I can do it even with the baby climbing all over. With this said, if FLL is your style what other curriculum is set up like this?
  11. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I always feel uncomfortable with my curriculum choices at the beginning of the year. I always feel better as the year goes on and we get used to everything. Right now I feel panicky. We really do like BJU, just somewhere in the back of my mind I'm worried I'm failing them because I won't torture myself with something rigorous like Singapore. I worry BJU is just good enough. Bleh. I am starting up my fourth year of homeschool and I still can't find the confidence I need.
  12. We tried Singapore, the boys did I fine and I hated it. I crave scripted and handholding and Singapore left me feeling at a loss knowing what to say to my boys. I also dislike the many supplemental books. We are now trying BJU math. The boys are doing great. They love the fun characters. I like the scripted lessons. It feels good to be, BUT I feel the lessons are a bit overkill. Like, the boys are giving the final answer as I'm sitting there talking through each VERY detailed step of the lesson. I feel the lesson are just overkill for them. I can and do cut out what we don't need. I'm just looking for something that might suit me better. My 3rd grader is doing distance learning online and we are both happy, BUT I just feel neither Singapore or BJU is perfect for us. Any suggestions?
  13. If you use MP Literature Guides (for 3rd grade specifically) how do YOU do them? My 7 year old (turning 8 at the very end of September) just started his 3rd grade year. We read and did our first chapter for Farmer Boy today. We took turns reading pages. We enjoyed reading together, the reading was easy for him, the answers in the literature guide for him was easy for him to answer and enjoyable, but the writing was exhausting. I wish I had timed him, he worked diligently, but it was a slow process for him. He never complained, but I could tell he was worn out when he was done. It took up quite a bit of our afternoon. I originally intended to do them orally, but thought I would see if he was able to do them. I just wonder if I should do 3rd grade ALL orally or have him write some of the answers. I just wonder if I "let him off the hook" for 3rd if he will be able to do the work when he is older. Should I slowly increase his amount of writing this year. For example have him do Farmer Boy orally, the 2nd book 1/4 of the writing, 3rd book 1/2 of the writing or something like that to build it up. I seriously struggle to know what to expect out of my oldest. I know he is not ready to do all of it, but I'm just not sure how to modify it and have him still benefit and grow and learn.
  14. My soon to be 8 year old and his brother love using my video camera or phone to make videos of the things they are playing or doing. They like to do unboxing videos of new toys they get like people on youtube. They have been doing this pretty solid for a while now and he really enjoys doing this. DH and I discussed getting him a GoPro for his birthday. He loves gadgets and so far has done well taking care of his Nintendo ds, tablet and digital camera. I saw there is kid one, but I don't want really crappy quality because he really does notice for instance my camera takes better pictures than his. So, I don't want one for a kid, but on the other hand we don't need top of the line either. I am clueless when it comes to any sort of technology and dh is unsure too. I was hoping for it to be around $100 give or take. Does anyone have any recommendations? Also, I know there are brands of these cameras that are not GoPro and I guess that's would be more of the budget I am looking for. I just wasn't sure what they are called. Any suggestions appreciated.
  15. I was going to suggest MP Enrichment too. I am only doing the preschool right now, but if JR K is anything like preschool, it will be awesome. We are in love with MP over here!
  16. We just took our car seats out to clean them and discovered my oldest son's expired 2 months ago. We have a Graco My Ride 65. The height limit for it is 50 inches and the weight limit is 65 lbs. My 7 year old is 48 inches and 43 lbs. He was about to outgrow it on the height anyway. WWYD? Buy a car seat until he completely outgrows car seats or is it just time to get him in a booster? DH is leaning toward getting booster. I am thinking if he can still be in a car seat then he should still be in one. My baby is still in her infant seat, so it wouldn't be a waste if he outgrew it soon, we would just pass it on to her. WWYD?
  17. Hits Abeka Phonics K5 (Each year I do it, I streamline it a bit more. I know what to include and what to leave out) Zaner Bloser Handwriting- My boys prefer this to anything we try. You can scan a QR code to see a short video of how to form the letter and this tiny detail has made my boys not mind handwriting. BJU Math Grade 2 (Singapore math just stressed me out completely. I am so glad to have found something that feels right to me. DS loves it too. He loves the stories for each chapter. I worry he is missing out not having Singapore math, but my sanity is more important. sorry. Veritas Press Self Paced History Old Testament & Ancient Egypt - DS LOVE this, looking back I may for the future save this for 3rd grade for my kids rather than 2nd, but still, we enjoyed it. I HATE history, so not teaching it is a plus. PLUS I'm learning things with him I never did. Don't remember a thing about history from my education. MIsses Abeka Grade 2 Phonics - It wasn't bad or anything, but to us it seems completely a review from first and it was not needed for ds. We did the lesson for a while, then we went to just the seat work, then we dropped.
  18. Judging myself too harshly is just what I have always done. About everything. It's not that I have a problem with my relationship food, but I just struggle with balance in all areas of my life. If I am doing something I want it to be 100% or I feel like a failure. Sometimes when I feel stressed about something like this, I just post about it to see how other people live and to remind me normal people don't get things 100% perfect. I don't stress about food daily or often, just one day I will feel worried I am not cooking healthy enough and I just feel really bad and that I am failing my kids. I have these mini panic episodes about nearly everything. You should have seen me when I started homeschooling my oldest. I have calm down a lot. I spent his whole kindergarten year in a panic that I was ruining his life. I only have this thought occasionally now. My mental health, I don't know what to say about it. I have a lot of issues, but I am surprisingly happy and content with life. I'm just a worrier. If I'm not overthinking something, well..I just wouldn't know what to do with myself.
  19. Thanks everyone for the encouraging words. I guess I am ok. I pretty much serve a lot of fruits and veggies with whatever else we have and hope for the best. lol I just feel so lost sometimes. For instance, my 5 year old asked me if spaghetti was healthy. Well, some people don't think ground beef is healthy. Some people don't think pasta is healthy. My jarred pasta sauce isn't as healthy as pasta sauce could be. Sooooo...I mean what do you say? No spaghetti isn't 100% healthy, but it's what's for dinner. lol I struggle big time with perfection. I don't know what else to say.. You are so right, my kids eat better than I did, I am healthy, they are healthy. Perfect eating is overrated and my kids metabolism is amazing and they get good exercise, so I guess we will survive!
  20. I would love to be a healthy cook, but I have a lot of little kids and I just really don't enjoy cooking and my family is picky and other excuses. lol. I feel guilty about not serving 100% healthy meals. Not to mention, how do you even decide what is healthy? Some people are vegan, some gluten free and so on. I mean, what is healthy? I feel I always have some bottled or packed sauce or whatever that isn't pure and healthy. Ugh. I get overwhelmed looking for and trying new recipes. What are your tastiest and easiest healthy dinner. Also, lunches? It's sandwiches and junk. Ugh. I am bad at lunch.
  21. Ok ladies, with all your advice, I reworked the schedule a bit. WDYT? Devotion Handwriting Math Outside if it is nice, the boys will alternate working with me and playing Reading Son 2 Reading Son 1 Phonics/Language Lesson Son 2 FLL 3 Son 1 Educational Show/Rock the baby/Nap Preschool Memoria Press Enrichment while the boys work on spelling & xtra math. They tend to want to participate in the preschool enrichment though so we will see. 😁 I will work on the extras by rotating through them weekly. History, Science, Geography, Latin, 1st Grade Enrcichment So, we will only work on 1 extra each day. History takes no effort on my part, but the week we are working on history, I would have no work to do, so yay! Composition is dh's subject, so I'm not sure how or when he will schedule it.
  22. Thanks for weighing in! The reason we start with handwriting is I give them a quick instruction and I take this time to clean up after breakfast while the baby in the high chair and I wipe up her breakfast mess, change her diaper and that sort of thing. My 1st son is slow at handwriting and hates it, so I make sure we do it first with him or we end up skipping if we save it for later. It's just the dreaded chore for him. So, I like to knock that out quick. I do have the audio book for astronomy. I usually fold laundry or put away dishes/load the dishwasher while we listen. My oldest son definitely needs a break between work. My second son likes to get it all done quickly and then go play. I just am much happier outside and so are the little girls so that's why we go out. We have a fenced in yard with tons of things to keep them happy AND they aren't making a mess inside lol. It just feels happy to be reading and doing school outside. Also, if we work inside until nap, the baby might not have as much outside time as I like. I call her a baby, but she is over 1, so she will sit will her sister in the sand box and play forever or play on the baby slide or one of her siblings will push her in the baby swing. Thanks for helping me think this all through!
  23. I feel like we have a lot of language arts too. I just wasn't really sure what to do about it. I will keep in mind we might put composition off another year. I'm not sure if he and Dad will enjoy, but we will see. As far as xtra math, we don't ALWAYS do it every day, but we do it often. So, yes, on busy days, we skip it.
  24. Yeah, I'm prepared that it might not work out and that's ok too. He is pretty good at math so I'm not super worried about it. I just chose math for my distance class because even though I am good at math, I find it hard for me to teach for some reason. I don't always explain it well.
  25. Thanks. I truly know deep down I got this. I just kind of panic with the thought of each new year. (I'm not good with change) My first year was omg I'm educating my baby and I have a baby to take care of, how will I get it all done?! What am I doing? The next year panic was, this is first grade, this is getting real AND I have a toddler and I'm pregnant! This year was I am teaching TWO kids and have a baby and a crazy preschooler. Next year it is third grade is just a whole new level and first grade, it's getting real for 2 of my kids now. It just seems like there is more work each year, but each year I manage somehow. I just kind of panic before/when I start out each new year.
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