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  1. Anyone here have to have a liver healthy diet? I had ICP with my 4th pregnancy and I have lately had slightly elevated ALT levels. I’m working on a healthier diet for liver health. I know what to eat and what not too. I just like to hear meal ideas and things like that. What do you like to eat?
  2. Always chokes me up! I can’t imagine from a momma perspective.
  3. Ok. Wow. I just got up at 2 am with a crying baby (3 year old) and I saw a text on my phone that my results were in. It has been sent 4 minutes before I saw it. lol I am negative as I expected thank God!! I feel better knowing.
  4. They said 2-4 days. So I had it on Sunday, so one day this week. lol The latest on me is I’m feeling much better and no one know else is getting sick. I’m like 95% sure its allergies, BUT I had to know.
  5. Yes I’m so happy! She’s so happy when she learns something new too.
  6. Kind of what I was thinking, but I had no idea.
  7. I’m so done with covid. Good luck to you!
  8. Got my test this morning! Does anyone know about mucus with covid? My mucous is clear which makes me think it may be allergies. Any ideas about covid mucous?
  9. Oh dear. Ok lol. I have 4 kids and a dog (black fur). Thanks for the warning.
  10. Awesome! I’m actually not that put off by it either. I’m also one to not really care too much about styles either. I’ve just considered new flooring (also currently orange oak) and I love darker floors and I’m just not sure how they’d look.
  11. No one has tested yet. All the details have just unfolded today. I’m not 💯 on the timeframe with sil either right now. I’m setting up an appointment at cvs tomorrow.
  12. I’m just waiting until it’s trendy again. It’s bound to happen, right! 🤣
  13. So glad it was just allergies for you!!! I’m going to call around in a few minutes and see where I need to go.
  14. A face mask? lol Would be a good representation of the times.
  15. Just looking for a place to vent. Kind words only please, I’m a wreck: Ok guys, so I was being super cautious about COVID in the beginning. We really loosened up this summer and started doing things. My parents too. I have had allergies going on for a few weeks now. Visited with my parents on Thursday and didn’t really think much about it, now I feel I have a bit of sore throat and my head hurts a bit. I’m losing my mind right now. Just cried to dh and he just kept playing a game on his phone. I talked to my mom and she’s not worried as she has had allergies lately too. I feel so dumb for letting my guard down. So dumb. If I have COVID and exposed my dad to it, I could never forgive myself. I haven’t got a test yet as it all just became a concern today. To top it off, my sil just tested positive. My parents briefly met with her and my niece and her 2 kids last week, but it wasn’t long and they were outside. I’m the only vaccinated person in my house and my dh and all 4 kids don’t seem to have any kind of symptoms. Gahhh. Time to lock back down. 😩I hate this awful virus. My parents are vaccinated, but I’m still pretty worried.
  16. Forgot to update, BUT she’s really getting the hang of it now!
  17. It’s unreal. My bil is back in the hospital after COVID, pneumonia, blood clots. He has been in there for days and he can’t get in a room, still in the er.
  18. Laundry sanitizer gets out the smell of towels that have cleaned up pee puddles. Lysol is the brand we like.
  19. No. I seem like a depressed pile of depression on here. I’m barely ever down and out. Just when I’m upset I needed someone not close to talk to. My people always just take my side and offer no real advice.
  20. Holy cow!! Like, my dh won’t get vaccinated and our insurance is through his work! I’m gonna be pissed if this happens to us!
  21. Vent away! I hear ya. I’m terrified. My dh is anti mask, anti vaccine, overweight, out of shape, smoker. I feel livid he doesn’t care enough to take care of himself and think of his family. My bil was hospitalized for a while with the delta variant. He is home now and ok. My sister got the vaccine and the virus. A local man was just on the local news showing Facebook videos he is putting out. He didn’t get the vaccine and he is begging people to get vaccinated. It’s getting very scary again.
  22. Ok. I’m not super worried, I just wanted to make the right move of either pressing on or not. I think I’ll go a little further in the lessons and see if it clicks and if not, maybe give a rest for a while. I used abeka with my boys and I don’t recall them struggling, so I just wasn’t sure if I needed something else to help her or if it was normal.
  23. She is about to turn 6. She doesn’t know the r or t sound yet. We are using abeka and they do the 5 short vowel sounds first. No, she can’t figure that short a is the vowel sound she hears, she just guesses one of the vowels. She seems to do on on hearing short I compared to the others. We are only on lesson 15 or so, so this is all brand new to her.
  24. We just started phonics with my daughter. She can say and remember the sound each vowel makes, but if I ask her what vowel she hears in a word m, she just can’t hear it. Should we just keep practicing or should I move on and maybe she will catch on? Any tips for helping her out?
  25. I love this, I'm writing it down.
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