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  1. Dd just called me. She had just gotten the call that her summer internship got cancelled. It is in an "essential" business so we thought it may still go on. The thing that is most upsetting is that this was an internship that she was going to be doing along with her final two senior courses. Assuming all went well with the internship, she was too be hired full time as soon as it was over. She'd been in close contact with this company for months about future plans. Dd is just crushed. (And I am also). She had a new apartment lined up and everything. Not sure what's going to happen now.
  2. I just looked online at one of our local Mexican restaurants, and even their menu says, "cheese dip" so I guess most people do say cheese... Must be more common than I thought 😀.
  3. I'm in the deep south.... I'd say about half the time I hear "queso" and the other half of the time "cheese dip". Everyone knows what is being talked about with either term. I am trying to think about it and I think I personally call it queso most of the time, but I am sure I've also said cheese dip.
  4. My kids attend a small private school. I doubt their plan would be feasible with a larger school, and I very much acknowledge the privilege involved. But the plan is in motion to have school as close to normal as possible. Teachers will do live online classes at the same times as their normal schedules. So the will go through their normal daily schedule, just online at home instead of at the school. This will be the case for all core classes. Electives, other than required ones like foreign language, are being "put on hold" for the time being. This is supposed to all start on Thursday, so it's yet to be seen how it will play out in practise. We shall see.
  5. Thanks all! She's definitely a woman in terms of body/development. I ordered the ones that @Pen linked above. She's low in iron and there's other issues going on as well that will be monitored with blood work so we'll hopefully be able to keep up with it.
  6. This makes sense and low iron is one of the reasons we need to start them.
  7. I need to get a multivitamin for my 16yo dd. I think I've decided on the Thorne brand (but could still be talked into something else). But it doesn't look like they have formula specifically for teens. All I'm seeing is children's, women's, and men's. For all of you with vitamin expertise, would it be better to go with women's (what I'm inclined to do), or would she still need children's?
  8. I've been thinking about you and that precious baby all day. I am heartbroken to hear of his passing. I'm so very sorry for your loss.
  9. Thinking of you and Grant and hoping you got some rest last night.
  10. I had chicken pox as a child (no vax). I haven't had shingles. I'll turn 50 in a little less than two years and plan to get the shingles vax then. Dh also had cp but no shingles. He'll get shingles vax in a couple of months All of my kids had the chicken pox vax. None have gotten chicken pox. But my son got shingles when he was 9. It was awful. I just remember I was so mad at the pediatrician because he just acted like it was great because he got to see this case as he had been hearing of chicken pox vaxed kids getting shingles but had not seen it yet. Here was my son in terrible pain and he was acting all giddy. But anyway, this was about 8 years ago. Ds was always healthy before shingles and has been healthy ever since, but that was an awful 3 weeks.
  11. I am so sorry. This is traumatizing for both of you. I do think with what you've shared, I'd file to get the forensics (assuming it's not too late--I don't know how all that works). At least then you'd know. I hope they can get your mom (and you!) back to a place of peace soon.
  12. We are planning to do this soon. Our current will is for my parents, with contingency being by brother and his (now ex-) wife. My parents are getting much too old and not in great health to deal with teenagers, and my brother's situation is no longer healthy. My oldest is 21 and still in school, but it's really the only option we've got. Dh's parents passed away long ago, and he was an only child. Dd is on board with it though. It would be a lot to handle. We do have plenty of life insurance, so at least that part wouldn't be a problem. But it would still be very tough.
  13. Oh how scary! I'm glad he was ok. I hope y'all are able to get answers soon and that it's something easily repaired or at least easy to control with treatment.
  14. When I was in 6th or 7th grade, Michael Jackson was in his prime. There was a Thriller themed Halloween party and several different (white) people dressed as Michael Jackson, complete with the glove and jacket. They wore blackface and had their hair in the MJ curl, etc. In that context, no one (myself included) thought anything of it. We laughed and were impressed with how good the costumes were. But fast forward a few years later to highschool homecoming festivities. A group of seniors wore blackface on the float for the parade. Most everyone, myself included again, were horrified. I don't know if it was the difference in context, or the difference in maturity/learning more about the world, or maybe a combination of both that led to the vastly different reactions. I've never seen anyone in blackface besides those two incidents. If it matters, I grew up in the deep south.
  15. Ah. Ok. I have never realized that, even though office 365 is what I use every day on my desk top, lol. This is why I shouldn't be commenting in threads related to computers of any sort 😃.
  16. I guess it depends on the model or brand, but just to throw this out dc's have Asus chromebooks (not sure what model) from their high school and they have office 365 installed on them. So for those that are writing off the chromebook because of that, you may want to look at the specs for the particular model your researching.
  17. So sorry to read your update. Wishing you a speedy and successful treatment.
  18. I think pride, mainly because my dd has a rainbow heart shaped pop socket and that's what it means to her. So since she got that, that is what I'll always first think. Before she had that, I think it would just depend on where/what it was and any other context clues surrounding it.
  19. No anniversary gifts here.... or birthday or Christmas either for that matter. We both basically get ourselves whatever we are needing/wanting throughout the year. So no need to spend extra money just to buy a gift. And neither of us really likes picking out gifts for others or even like receiving gifts. We do go out to eat usually, and occasionally take a short trip to a bed and breakfast or some thing like that, but it's not a big deal if there's a lot going on during that time and we do nothing. I was trying to remember if we ever did gifts, earlier in our marriage (23 years), but I can't remember for sure.
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