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  1. Thanks so much, y’all!! That makes me feel better about Science in the Beginning. I agree with Dr. Wile — once it becomes dogmatic, they lose me. I guess I’ll call about Abeka and ask how they use it regarding this subject. We’d been (sort of) using R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey, but I’m having to outsource now. Science is already my major weak point, and I have more demands on my time than I used to.
  2. I'm looking at an online school to outsource some subjects, and this is what they offer for science. I am Christian, but not YEC. Is anyone familiar with either of these and can you tell me how overt the YEC perspective is in them? Is the science still science? I'm digging around for samples, but until I find them, and in case I don't, I thought I'd ask here. 🙂
  3. I'm hoping to use a geography course from Guest Hollow (I can link it in another post if that's allowed; I can't remember). It's a literature-based course, and two of the series are "Children of All Lands" by Madeline Brandeis and "Peeps at Many Lands" by James Baikie. Is anyone familiar with these? Are they accurate enough? My other option is to just use the Enchantment of the World series.
  4. EMS83

    Blood sugar

    I didn't have gestational diabetes. If anything, the number was low after the test.
  5. EMS83

    Blood sugar

    I only have two strips left; I'll order some more and do this. It's not something I've ever thought could be a problem. I thought I ate pretty decently and I have literally no risk factors for diabetes/pre-diabetes. 😞
  6. Holy cow, y'all. I can't do math. Make that 15, 13, and 11. Good grief.
  7. Oh I see! I'm always on a computer; I didn't know sigs don't show on phones!
  8. Ya'll have given me a lot of good ideas and things to look into and consider. I want to say thanks!! But please do keep it coming, if anything strikes anyone. I didn't think of AirBnB, but I'd love a kitchen. That would help cut food costs for sure.
  9. My sig contains my kids' birth years. They'll be 14, 12, and 10 at the time of this trip (if I can pull it off, anyway). So 4 people, all of them at least half-grown. No one will want to be carried halfway up the Statue of Liberty, lol. They might stage a sit-in protest, however. Like I said, that one's definitely still up in the air. Someone mentioned sticking with NYC-specific sites... so Times Square, Central Park. What else? Technically natural history and art museums are in every big city, like zoos and aquariums. I was thinking those specific ones would be bigger and better. I'll look into some of these travel combinations...the D.C. idea, and staying in NJ. Staying in the city would be super convenient, but I'm always considering cost. I'm the "I'd rather camp on the beach than not go at all" lady. Sometimes all you can afford is something less than convenient. I do want clean and safe, though.
  10. It's just me and them. Could I fly into a suburb and take a train into the city and the subway around the city? If I could do that, then I can have 5 days. A week and a half would be amazing, but right now, I'm not sure that would be possible. Things may change, though. How expensive is food up there? Is $10/person for lunch and $20 for dinner realistic? Too low? I wish it were too high, but I have a feeling it's not. I figured we'd do the memorial and shrine together since they're in the same area. It's the Bronx zoo; that's the only one I've run across so far. I'll google for others. The Wildlife refuge is negotiable, and the Statue of Liberty is up in the air. That's one of those where we all have to climb or none of us do. Maybe they'll magically come to a consensus in the next year or so. I can dream. 😄
  11. EMS83

    Blood sugar

    I asked my doctor about this, drew blood, and said my blood test was in the normal range. I have a strip tester. I have had times where if I didn't eat enough (esp. of the right thing), frequently enough, I'd have a near-fainting spell. Vision going black, feeling "far away," shaky, etc. I've never passed out, but I HAVE to sit down, put my head down, and eat something. My doctor gave me the test kit, but I never used it until this weekend. I didn't get that bad, but was feeling weak and wobbly, so I finally decided to test and see, and my sugar read 73. That's supposedly normal? 1 1/2 hours after eating that day, it read 160. When I was pregnant with my third, the glucose test apparently read low. Whatever it was, the midwife was startled and said, "You need to eat more!" I was like, you told me not to! So that would indicate hypoglycemia, right? But then I don't understand the spike.
  12. They want to see the zoo and aquarium. I want to see the wildlife refuge (or at least a tiny part of it). Natural History Museum. Youngest wants to climb the Statue of Liberty but middle doesn't. lol. I didn't know if there was anything MUST SEE that I was missing. We'll need built-in down time, too. We're not a go-go-go family. Is staying in the city worth the higher hotel rates? Versus cheaper hotel rate in the suburbs and taking a train in? Yes, I'm assuming the pandemic will be over.
  13. Would my van be safe at the Amtrak station for several days?
  14. Calling Dr. Hive. So the internet says a fasting of blood sugar is normal if it's above a) 70, b) 80, or c) 90. Which is correct? Second, normal blood sugar two hours after eating should be 140? What if it's higher, but not crazy high?
  15. To prevent families from getting any crazy ideas while they're forced into home learning, of course. 🙂
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