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Can I have a "hug"? (Jawm)

happi duck

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I literally have no one to talk to irl. I don't need advice I just need to know I exist or something.


My kids, young adults, just said some hard to hear but true things to me.


The world and the election already upset me.


The current leaked video news story is triggering.


I have anxiety and I know I'm hard to live with but I didn't know the extent.


My kids will be the ones getting sympathy on a message board some day.


I should just buy them the boundary book now.


*tears roll down face*


Please don't quote.


Thanks for "listening".

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:grouphug:   Just a thought.  Since you agree with your kids (at least to some extent), can you find a type of counselor who can help you change?  Humans can change, but sometimes we need tips on exactly how to do so.


No matter what.   :grouphug:   


And remember that none of us are perfect parents (or people).  We all have made mistakes of some sort that we regret and wish we could change.

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I know Creekland already wrote this but...there are no perfect parents no matter how well we are prepared, educated or how well our intentions are. All of us have to live with humanness - even our kids.

If you can see areas to change, you are already miles ahead of most people. 

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:grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:


None of us are perfect.  Sometimes we say that instead of a college fund, we should just have a therapy fund.


It's a tough time right now.  You've survived 100% of all the tough times prior to this.  I know you can get through this one.



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Just remember you did the best you could at the moment. I have messed up so many times. I have told my adult children that I know I made mistakes and in hindsight I would have done some things differently. BUT I cannot go back and redo those times. I did what I though was best for everyone at that moment. All i can do is be the best mom to my adult children I can from this moment forward. And apologize for the mistakes of the past. But let them go; don't let them hurt the relationship from this point forward.


:grouphug:  :grouphug:  :grouphug:  :grouphug:


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A suggestion slightly off topic, happi duck, but maybe a break from world and political news for a while ? So that your cognitive and emotional energy can go where it matters - to you and your family - instead of being consumed by the horribleness out there ?


I love politics and I've had to severely restrict my time thinking about it, listening to it, talking about it.


More hugs. We all get it wrong with our kids at times. We're all there with you. People with anxiety (me too) can be hard to live with, but we are still good people trying our best. Don't be too hard on yourself. You are awesome for listening to your adult kids. There is a lot of the relationship yet to play out in positive ways.

I agree. Today I decided it was best for me to remove myself from Facebook, at least until the election is over. I was feeling quite uncharitable toward many of my "friends." It was a great relief to remove the facebook icon from my iPad. Some of that bitterness can color the other parts of life too.


About grown kids, in recent years I have found myself apologizing to individual children for specific past mothering mistakes. A sincere apology has never been regretted.

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