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  1. I've heard Alzheimer's referred to as type 3 diabetes. Don't know if there is any truth to that, but yep.
  2. Yes, which is the biggest sham with organic labeling. Drives me bonkers.
  3. I do focus on low carb mostly because there are so many in my family with diabetes. Otherwise, I probably would not. I don't think it's an absolute must for everyone.
  4. No clue. I'll just say whenever I have some health complaint many people suggest I cut out grains. Thing is, I don't eat grains. So of course they figure there is something else I should cut out. At that rate I guess I should stop eating because apparently food is killing me no matter what it is. LOL I'm done worrying about it.
  5. Our water is very hard and has lots of chemicals. Still no issues.
  6. No secret that I can tell. I do wear stuff more than once usually. I wash and dry in a dryer (I never hang stuff outside). I doubt that makes a difference though.
  7. I've had Walmart shirts last me so long they went way out of style and I didn't want them anymore. LOL
  8. Sorry I've been MIA lately. I've been kicking butt at the gym though. Started with some weight stuff too. Hope everyone is doing well.
  9. I guess, but since she is younger she might actually WANT trendy and not necessarily an item that will last forever. I dunno though. I've spent good money on stuff and it did not last any longer than the Walmart stuff. I'm not convinced price always matches quality. And at that age, $1000 bucks even for an entire wardrobe would have been WAY out of the question.
  10. Well I guess, but this is instead of a wedding shower and bachelor party. It's not an additional party.
  11. Actually yeah Kohl's isn't too bad either. Our thrift stores are lousy.
  12. I've heard of it except here it is called a Jack and Jill. It is basically a gender neutral alternative to a shower and bachelor party and yes often tickets are sold. Which, I don't see the big deal because people bring gifts to showers and spend money at bachelor parties (often in the form of stuff like raffles). It's not super super common, but yep I've heard of it.
  13. Don't know about specific shoes, but wearing lighter colored socks is better for controlling stink. Wearing no socks is the worst. Dark socks cause problems too.
  14. Compliance. I know you said you didn't want to hear that, but it's really a big one. Even gifted programming seems to cater more to the diligent child than necessarily a child who is bright, but maybe not a compliant student. Plenty of smart kids hate school and aren't good students. Nothing wrong with rewarding compliance. I understand that.
  15. Both of mine had it and there were no issues.
  16. They don't bother me. Especially if it involves traveling because really knowing ASAP is better for me.
  17. Hm. Well since that cut needs to be cooked long, it is ideal for stuff like stew/chili/soup. Maybe cook in the slow cooker and shred for tacos?
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