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  1. Cute!! I usually like to keep my shoulders out of the sun, but I might need to get a couple of these. Thanks!
  2. Thanks! I’ll give lands end a try. How about graphic tees?
  3. YYou all have been so helpful in the past, and I just ordered several more linen blend shorts from Old Navy. But now I’m needing some new t-shirts and I’d love some recommendations. I’m an XL usually, and don’t really love shirts that are super fitted. It’s much easier when someone points me in the right direction. Thanks!
  4. We recently watched Akeelah and the Bee and really enjoyed it.
  5. Ok, thanks! I don’t mind spending the money if there isn’t going to be an easy replacement. I borrowed Saxon from our lending library but it just looks overwhelming to me without white space to work problems. We may give it a try for a month or so since DD is almost finished with CLE 500s but I’ll expect to buy 600s soon.
  6. We’ve been loving CLE math for several years, but I’m looking into other maths that our charter school would pay for. So I’m looking for something secular. What DD likes about CLE is that it’s written to the student and has room to work the problems. Also, the spiral approach works well for her. Any ideas? Thanks!
  7. My friend and I are going to teach a co-op class next year based on picture book biographies for grades 4-6. We were inspired by a recent Read Aloud Revival podcast about how these type of books can be great for upper elementary age kids. However, I'm having a hard time coming up with a fun name for the class. Any ideas? The plan is that we'll read a picture book biography and then do some related activities. Also, if you have specific suggestions for the class we'd love some input! Thanks!
  8. This is the second year we’ve used it, and have used or are using levels 1-5. Is it perfect? No, not for us. But for our family it’s the one the kids enjoy and the one that’s getting done. My 8 year old needed a different spelling program, so we skip the spelling in his book and instead use Spelling You See. We really make the curriculum work for us, not using it as something we need to do exactly as it’s written. Thankfully, you can view levels 1-5 in PDF and print what you want to give it a try. But in general we’ve been very happy and continue to purchase the hard copies. We’ve also done some of their science and are almost finished with their history (which we’ve had to modify a bit, but the kids really enjoy it). Regarding spelling, they teach different spelling rules and then offer practice through dictation. There are also sometimes worksheets to practice spelling. For example today we learned when to drop a y and add ies when making a noun ending in s plural. Then there was a page of 20 or so words to practice with.
  9. Several months ago we splurged on HexClad pans at Costco and have really liked them. But recently I noticed that the largest frying pan is no longer perfectly flat on the bottom, so it wobbles it bit while I’m using it. Not a huge problem, but I imagine it will only get worse. For the price we paid I expected them to stay flat. I’m thinking I’ll return them, but I need something to replace them with. Anyone have suggestions for pans that won’t warp and wobble? I have one cast iron and it’s not my favorite, but I do use it occasionally. Looking some something non-stick preferably.
  10. My daughter keeps going back to the Mr. Lemoncello books between the Harry Potter books.
  11. Not sure what style he likes, but Duluth Trading also runs big and seems to be cut for the body shape you’ve described.
  12. I would check for strep. My kids often have a sick tummy with strep.
  13. We like to go just south of Children’s Pool in La Jolla. Also if you park at La Jolla shores and walk north past the pier.
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