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  1. My semester started off with a bang - or a whimper, I guess? I failed a small quiz 😕. Only worth 2.5% but still, I was choked. 5 questions, including 3 that were multiple select. No part marks. Passing grade is 65% so you can only get 1 question out of 5 wrong. Last semester we had a similar set up in one of the classes but the quizzes were 10 questions and they were easy - meant to just test basically if you'd done the readings; these were tough questions, more like what you'd see on a midterm or final. Sheesh. The instructor is new to the course so we're all scrambling to figure her out. I got 100's on two other quizzes in other classes the following week so I redeemed myself a bit but man, this program is fast and intense. First midterm on June 6 & 2 more right after...
  2. Hi Amanda, congratulations on your acceptance to the program and starting your courses!
  3. um, nope nope nope & that's all I'm gonna say cause I'm an IBCLC since 2002 and I'm kind of tired of still having this talk
  4. so, it's possible that many years ago, I used to be a Canadian Immigration Officer The computer system back then was such that once you had a violation, it always came up on the computer & required a secondary interview. I don't know what their computers are doing now but if anything, it seems that records go back further and are more durable. I'd suggest contacting Canadian consulate in the nearest US city for advice but I'd not be surprised if it's an annoying thing that will follow the person forever. FWIW, my dad was in the US border computer system for years (due to his work and being from Eastern Europe - he got put on some list during the cold war). He vacationed in the US a lot and always had extra interviews until the mid 90's when someone did some magic thing on the computer and he can finally fly to Hawaii without being asked about whether he's a communist...
  5. oh your courses sound fun! I'll cheer you on I have 2nd year Health, Nursing Knowledge, Pathophysiology, Skills, + 2 days of clinical (which is taking care of patients while being orally examined on diseases, meds, lab values, and procedures all day)
  6. I got not quite 3 weeks off. Last final exam was on April 16. I spent the rest of that week helping ds study for his exams so I had 2 solid weeks off. I did manage to go on lots of hikes and did lots of things with my dog but it went by so fast! And I cleaned out one closet LOL. I had all these plans that I would prep for the following term and get a jump start on my reading & memorizing medications ... um, nope, did not happen. The nursing program tries to push the final exams close to the end of the term so we get at least 2 weeks off in between semesters. Many of our colleges have 3 short semesters (13 weeks + exam period) rather than 2 long ones and a compressed summer. The courses go by so fast. It seems you just start and then there's a midterm and suddenly you're finishing; hence my desire to try to get ahead a bit but oh well.
  7. -- What led you to homeschool? it was a natural continuation of attachment parenting. I met people at LLL who homeschooled and was hooked right away on the idea. My kids have never attended school. -- How was your child homeschooled in the high school years? (Did you use WTM as a guide? Did your child take out of the home, online classes, or college classes?) We did use the WTM as a guide but adapted heavily as both kids had LDs & anxiety so needed some additional time and supports. We didn't do online classes but did things like Derek Owens science, Thinkwell, Chalkdust etc. -- What did your child do after graduating? What is your child doing now? Dd went to a local CC, took a bunch of sort of random courses while deciding what to do and eventually started doing all the pre-req's to apply to BSN programs. She got accepted to a great school & will be graduating from a 3 year accelerated BSN this Dec. Ds is at a local CC, taking science and slowly working towards an ASc to then transfer to the local uni and finish a BSc. He volunteers at a local wildlife rehab place and plays lots of board and computer games in his spare time.
  8. Next semester starts on Monday and it's snuck up on me so quickly! So I'm just whining about it 😀 I already have homework due this week (which I've known about for 2 weeks but didn't do!) This semester I'm hoping to take Sundays off from schoolwork but I'm going to have to start the semester by cramming in a bunch of work tomorrow (in between Zumba and agility training with Olive).
  9. Wow, that is a great read. Thanks for posting. I've read it twice already and want to go through again and make everyone in my family read it lol
  10. prairiewindmomma- thank you for that info! So much for me to sort out. I've had some pelvic issues as a side effect of my chemo and menopause so this is excellent to know. Maybe I should find a pelvic floor person to work with first.
  11. Those of you who do this - esp the middle aged crowd - um, just how do you do this? How do you know what to do and how many repetitions and what weight? How long do you do it for? Do you have a personal trainer? How do I get started? I've only ever gone to gyms to do aerobic workouts and the weight room is always super intimidating, even in low key rec center gyms. There's always some guy who has to go through doors sideways cause he's so wide and I kind of stand there for a minute looking around and run away to Zumba and yoga.
  12. ^^this I have two adult kids living at home. I only know what they do online if they happen to tell me or if we cross paths on social media (one of my kids & I follow some of the same people on instagram for example). You can't police what your adult children do on their phones and computers or even who they meet with IRL. And I agree with StellaM that you think you know your kids but the reality is we're biased and protective of them and also protective of ourselves, so I can easily see denial being a huge aspect of this.
  13. Bujold is a queeen. Love her books.
  14. Rejoicing with you, Susan! ✨ (that's apparently the sparkles emoji so I'm just remembering the times the glitter was all over the homeschool table)
  15. for contemporary, you might like some of Jill Shalvis' books. I think at least several of the ones in the Lucky Harbor series have older heroines. My One and Only by Kristan Higgins for a historical, try Again the Magic by Lisa Kleypas
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