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  1. I'd ask them what it's like on the current model since they said they've redesigned it so just to make sure it's the same (but fwiw mine looks exacty like this picture and has the same controller) Mine is a couple years old but my plug in thingy is on one of the corners - on this picture from the website if you imagine sitting and putting your feet in the pocket without crossing and then spreading each of your feet to outer edges, the plug on mine is under the right foot, near the ball of the foot. The control cord & the plug in cord are super long which is convenient in bed but I get tangled in it when I bring it out for under my desk lol
  2. also I'd make sure her thyroid has been checked recently ...
  3. I have this one - am sitting here with my feet in it literally right now. I also use it at night. That shop has lots of things you might like for your dd. I've bought heated pet beds from that site as well.
  4. hornblower

    A question for the dog people here

    hahahahahahahaha no even though my sigline for years was 'why yes, vacuuming IS my hobby" & it seems like I'm vacuuming all the time.... no. I stopped making efforts for guests. I would offer to lintroller your butt when you're leaving if you're bothered by the amount of hair you've picked up from the couches and chairs, if that helps?
  5. hornblower

    Dog Euthanasia Q - Was this Normal?

    One of mine was a bit like what you described (in the clinic, complete with a missed vein, shaving etc ), and after that I vowed to have it different. Our most recent was what I'd call a very excellent peaceful euth. There is a vet here who does palliative and hospice care - that's his entire practice. He works with the primary vet but focuses on end of life comfort and pain. He changed up her meds for the months beforehand, helped us make quality of life decisions etc. When it was time, he came to our house, administered an injectible sedation - which I don't think she noticed), then got iv access (slowly and gently and I swear she didn't notice it at all either), then when we were ready, he pushed the final meds, again slowly, gently. When it was over, he went to sit in his car and when we were ready, he came back with a special dog basket with big cushions and blankets to take her to the crematorium and laid her out all comfy. It was more expensive than the clinic but was so much more peaceful. He'll do them outside, inside, wherever the animal is happy and content as his whole goal is to make it a gentle slipping away. I think he was at our house for well over an hour, probably closer to 2. I know a vet tech who works at a higher end clinic where they also do very peaceful euths. They have a beautiful quiet room for it, it's done slowly and quietly and gently so it's possible to do them in a clinic as well but most clinics just kind of do a quick one on the exam table or in the back and that's not what many people want anymore. One of our rats was done one point I was in a room by myself for some reason and they sent in someone to sit with me to talk to me & keep me company and that was nice. It's these things that make clinics good imo... Hugs to you. It's never long enough.
  6. hornblower

    S/O Place names that are pronounced differently

    one of the municipalities in Greater Vancouver is New Westminster BC & while people pronounce it correctly, many struggle with spelling it & put in the extra i. I think it's because people don't know the word 'minster' (which is a type of church) so they default to minister.... Our New West was BC's capital for a short bit.
  7. There, there. You posted on the boards ✓ And then do this : 🙂
  8. Sending you love, Greta.
  9. hornblower

    New Recipe-Winner!

    I think their ad revenue is based on how long you stay on the page and when you scroll you keep getting ads and ads etc so it's a calculated move. They're making money off our eyeballs with each scroll down.... I agree it's super annoying. My wall oven slow cook feature went wonky. About an hour after I turned it on, it suddenly turned on the exhaust fan up high and started making a weird noise and gave me an error code. I've showed the pot into the other oven & we'll see if the other one works. I've had these ovens for 10 years and never used the slow cook setting before. Either way this is definitely making me feel like it won't be an option to turn on and leave the house because it just doesn't feel safe. I might just have to break down and buy a real crockpot and maybe plug it in in the garage when we're all gone.
  10. hornblower

    Digital Voice Recorder Recommendations

    my kids have on & off used a smartpen during college lectures It syncs the recording to what you're writing so later you can just tap on a section (even if all you did is put an asterisk or arrow on a page to mark something important) and it will automatically play you the audio from that time.
  11. hornblower

    New Recipe-Winner!

    In my ongoing saga of procrastinating instead of studying for finals (evidence #1 - returning to WTM boards right now lol) I decided to make this for tonight. I'm trying my oven's slow cook feature. Also discovered my dutch oven is a 4qt and not a 6 so I'm using a big stainless steel pot instead but I figure it will probably turn out just fine... I hope. p.s. I agree the sodium count must vary based on broth variety and whether the salt is added to canned tomatoes and beans. If you use no sodium added products, it should be way lower...
  12. hornblower

    Because of Quill

    Just adding to the breast self exam thing - I found my cancer about 3 months after a clean mammogram. It was aggressive and grew that fast. Waiting for a year or 2 for the next mammo to catch it would have been literally deadly for me. Also, if you have dense breasts, consider tomography or a breast MRI in addition or in lieu of regular mammos. Have a look at Your mammogram report should indicate whether your breasts are dense or not. I believe some jurisdictions are requiring radiologists to note it in their report so try to get the written report and see what it says. Or just ask the technicians doing it - on some of the new digital machines they can see the image and mine told me that my tissue was dense.
  13. Hey - I didn't have cording after surgery but I got it several weeks after rads. It's almost gone now. Cording is different than lymphedema & much less serious so you don't need a lymphedema trained pt. A good registered massage therapist can handle it. Mine actually snapped when I leaned on a table to look over ds's school books (you know how you do, with your wrist turned out). It just went snap.... not really painful, just weird. The RMT is just cleaning up the last bits of tension from it now.
  14. you must have telepathic powers or something because literally I was thinking of this thread & my word earlier today & here you were mentioning me! I haven't decided on a 2019 word yet but breathe has been good to me in 2018.
  15. hornblower

    Has anyone heard from Hornblower

    girl, I'm not happy to hear that at all 😞 I will have to go back & read through archives & catch up on the details. Hang in there my new booby c sister. I was dx'd on Dec 5 2017 so I'm just coming up on a year on this crazy rollercoaster.
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