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  1. great news, congratulations!
  2. Hi everyone - I'm doing well but this last 1/3 of the semester is kicking my butt. Between patho & pharmacology this old tired brain is getting a workout & I sadly don't have much time to visit on the boards. But when I saw a sentence diagramming dress I knew I had to tell you guys ... I'll finish clinical the 1st week of April & finals end on April 16 so in just a bit over a month I'll get a breather.
  3. Someone just shared this site with me. The clothes have *pockets*! There are some prints featuring books and this one on sentence diagramming but most of the collection is lots of cool stem prints and women scientists. Clothes for men, women & kids.
  4. I don't have input on the specifics of the gpa and implications as it seems quite insititution/region dependent (though if it is possible I would consider dropping the worst/most troublesome course while re-grouping to hopefully succeed in the others). But just want to let you know that you're not alone. Some kids just need a lot more supports/plans/hand holding. And fwiw, I'm in team "don't let go of the back of that bike seat until you're sure they can balance" so yeah, I think you're doing all the right things and being good parents. Our quirky kids might just wobble a lot more for a lot longer and need more from us.
  5. team smoothie! keep all the fiber & nutrition
  6. Hey, it's where I live! Capilano is a rip off. Lynn Canyon suspension bridge is free and imo, nicer 🙂 Transportation is great. Try to find some time to go on the Seabus to North Vancouver. The quay there is a public market with quaint restaurants and shops. If you want to transit up to the north shore suspension bridges, you'd do it from the bus loop on the North Van side of the harbour. Skytrain is fun to just ride around on. If you love shopping Metrotown is right on the Skytrain route. The downtown malls and Robson Street are the super fancy expensive stores. You can take the Canada Line skytrain from the airport right into downtown. The water taxis around the Granville Island side of Vancouver is fun too. Granville Island again has a public market, lots of interesting shops & and a theater. If you hop on the Granville Island ferries you can check out the Maritime Museum & Science World as well Science world is good for most ages - they pride themselves on setting up an interesting environment for young & old. You can rent bikes or roller blades to go around Stanley Park.There are also sightseeing hoho buses which IMO are worth it. Add Gastown to your downtown sightseeing - it's a nice little stroll. If you keep walking, the historic Chinatown is also interesting. Within blocks tho you hit the somewhat notorious downtown east side - ground zero of our city's substance abuse & poverty. We have I think one of the most startlingly close interfaces of affluent and struggling. It's generally very safe, just disconcerting. There are neighbourhoods where lots of filming happens (many famous tv shows & movies are filmed here), or streets where the uber rich live - some people like to check out those but pretty much need cars for that. Or if you want to check out some of the further parks & forest, then you'd need a car. hth!
  7. Good luck with the start of nursing school SC!  I would say knock'em dead except it turns out we nurses are supposed to knock'em healthy 😄 

    1. SeaConquest


      Thank you so much! ❤️

  8. Thanks for mentioning this one. I have been listening to it on my commute for the past several days. I knew nothing about his case. Quite riveting - in part because so many of the people kept journals, including audio journals. Really adds to it to hear their own voices
  9. congrats on ringing the bell! We don't have bells at our treatment center because it also deals with palliative patients so that would be awkward kwim... But I ran out of my last chemo and rad pretty quickly!
  10. so sorry to read your news that you're joining us in this sucky club I don't know of a wtm support group though we could start one. I'm active on forums & I know some other people from this board are there too. PM me for my board name there if you want to join and connect there. (((Hugs))) OP & others - btw, 80-85% of women diagnosed with bc have no family history.
  11. There's an excellent online class starting in two days which you could take: This is the foundational management course. Then take Dealing with the Bogeyman to actually address and counter condition the underlying fears. I'm gonna disagree with Stephanie's point #1 you did nothing wrong You can't reward fear & fear is what's happening here. She's unsocialized, fearful and unsure how to react. I agree with the book Feisty Fido posted above. Most of all, you need an excellent positive reinforcement feisty fido class (probably after you do a few private sessions to get baseline behaviors - like a good automatic sit and eye contact) where you can work at your dog's comfort distance and gradually bring the distance down. I agree you had her offleash too early. If you have any friends with solid well socialized dogs, I'd consider doing some parallel walking with them (walk in same direction, dogs on leash, at whatever distance required to keep your dog calm; gradually reduce the distance. Sometimes after 10-20 minutes of parallel walking, the dog is ready to appropriately greet. If it goes well and they're getting along, you can let them play offleash but only if everyone is calm and happy, not manic and stressed.) Other books that might help you (but the thing is, you need to practice with dogs at a distance so that's why an excellent class is required): Control Unleashed (McDevitt); Click to Calm (Parsons); Behavior Adjustment Training ( Grisha Stewart)
  12. I remembered it while walking the dogs - it's simply called LeVar Burton Reads! He hand picks the stories. I listened to a sci fi one and a more literary one. I found it a bit more 'heavy' rather than an easy diversion tho, kwim? It doesn't make it on my playlist on the days I want fluffier stuff - which honestly is all the time now
  13. How loud are they? When do your run it? Can it do regular plush carpet? That's what I have in bedrooms but the living area is a combination of laminate + endless strips of runners because I have an old dog that slips on the laminate. So my house looks like a bunch of airport runways with strategic lines of carpeting to get him from place to place. It's a total pita to clean. I might want one but I think my dog will attack it if I'm not home so that means running it when I'm here. If I had headphones on would I still hate it?
  14. Ditto West Cork & Serial I'll add: Accused - the unsolved murder of Elizabeth Andes. Investigative journalism long piece from Cincinnati Enquirer Murder We Wrote - it's kind of silly at times but kept my attn (Framed otoh - I finished it but just barely. I was interested in the story but the execution was a bit meh) Deadly Manners otoh was great. It's more like an old style radio play. 10 episodes I think... LeVar Burton is one of the actors in it. Speaking of LeVar (edit - oh lol that's not the name of the podcast,. I can't remember what he calls it) - his podcast of him reading short stories for adults
  15. It doesn't show on the website for me. But if you install the microsoft fitbit app on your computer or use an app on the phone it shows up on both of those for me.
  16. There's a tab where you can compare your stats to the benchmark for people of your age & sex. For my group deep is 8-16%, light 40-60, REM 15-25, awake 12-24
  17. hugs you're doing the right thing. It's not being a bitch to assertively lay out the parameters of the problem & outline the tasks that need to be done. You're not even being the bad guy. You're being the smart, caring and logical person in the room. but illness sucks 😞
  18. Ick, no. I have this same issue with pullapart rolls. I mean unless the whole plate of rolls is for me - then I'm good with it 😄
  19. I went to a new Zumba class aaaaaaand probably won't go to that one again.... Turns out I'm super picky about where and how I get my Zumba groove on lol. So now I'm revising my fitness goals because that class will not work & my schedule is so tight that there aren't many good options. Congrats on your toastmasters visit! yay you, starting the year strong. Mom look is good. Nothing wrong with it. Own it. Poncy business attire is over rated imo....
  20. I thought one sows one's oats, not feels them ?
  21. I think it's a dominance / power thing If you fake die right away it takes all the fun out of it btw. A couple of those might extinguish the bhvr for good.
  22. I've had my fitbit for over a year and I still wonder where to set my targets. To get a fitbit 8h of sleep I need to be in bed and thinking I'm sleeping for at least 9h. I'm finding that hard to do now that I'm back in school. For the wakefulness stuff, I've found the Sleep with Me podcast works for me. I set up a playlist of my favourites of his episodes on my ipad, skip the introduction stuff on the first episode, have it all queued up and if I wake up, I just turn it on. If I use his podcasts I consistently log way more time asleep. Melatonin sometimes also helps me. L-theanine too. My only issue with the podcasts is that I worry I'll sleep through my alarm - which is not on my ipad. I guess I need to figure out how to set up a second alarm on the ipad in case i'm wearing headphones & figure out how to make it much louder than the podcast volume.
  23. Just popping in to say I'm thinking of you Stella. Hope things are ok - or as ok as they can be in the circumstances.
  24. tangent but - Last month I listened to a large chunk of Season 3 of Serial (podcast) which was all about courts & investigations in one city (Cleveland). I thought of this when I heard about the case because one or two episodes of the show dealt with a drive by shooting of totally innocent people in a car & a child died; the investigation was totally botched. Wrong person arrested & held for months, then the case stalled completely. That entire season of Serial is excellent btw. It was very eye opening.
  25. I wear a fitbit so it tracks all my steps for me, including the puttering around the house & errands. I walk with the dogs 2-3 times a day. Usually 2 longer ones and 1 shorter, sometimes we do 1 very long one and then the second is just a short one... I have arthritis in my toe, a sore hip (possibly bursitis?) and occasionally a wonky knee (if I'm not careful in Zumba about how I turn on it). I kind of ignore the pain & just walk. Honestly, even if it's sore at the beginning, usually by 10-15 mins in, it's better. It's the beginning that's the worst. For really bad flares, I have an NSAID ointment that I apply to my toe before walking. (Voltaren is otc in Canada & it's a weaker version of diclofenac ointment. I know some folks in the US who stock up on Voltaren when they travel here... ) I usually wear fabric light trail runners - Saucony or Asics work well on my feet. I replace them when I get holes in them - which is usually about once a year because I have one uppity big toe that always makes a hole in the tops of my shoes.
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