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  1. I didn't want to deal with comment moderation and spam but I kwym. my email is mistressofthehounds and it is at the very very very large search engine company if anyone would like to write privately. If there are questions I could answer those in later posts on the blog (i'll try to add this to the update post too so it's easier to find) I'm in the phase where I can kind of only do 1 thing per day and reading your comments and writing this might be the one thing. I'm going to go back to trying to level up in candy crush. Thank you everyone. I feel your love. xoxo
  2. So, deep breath........ my cancer is back and it has spread almost exactly 26 months after my surgery after which I was supposedly 'cancer free' and the 5 months of chemo and all the radiation which was just to sweep up any stray cells, it's back. We know it's in my lung and a lymph node. Still waiting to find out if it's spread to any other places. Biopsy of the lung mass on Tuesday. I'm on 'reading break' this week but will have to make decisions about school. I'm 1/2 way through my BSN I've been mostly sleeping, crying and watching bad tv for a week. I have literally barely moved. I'm not sure how much I'll be online here; I will try to update the blog. I took the password off. It's nevertellmetheodds2017.tumblr.com (eta: my email is mistressofthehounds and it is at the very very very large search engine company if anyone would like to write privately. If there are questions I could answer those in later posts on the blog ) xoxo
  3. It is exciting! I did regular braces for about 24 months. I got them off about 16 months ago & now have bonded lingual retainers and overnight retainers. I'm glad I did it though I still technically have some cosmetic work left to do. When they straightened my teeth one of the front ones ended being shorter than its neighbour (due to previous positioning and grinding) and I was originally planning to have it built up to match but now I can't decide whether to do it or just let it be wonky.
  4. You'll recognize one of mine. Reconnected and reexamined my feminism and ended up on the radical exclusionary side. The other big one is around race and how we frame race discussions in North America/the West. They're not a secret but I didn't put them in right from the start because you can't really talk about them without opening a can of worms. More broadly, my shift is partly a result of my dismay with postmodernism which underpins so much of today's social justice movement. I like to think my evolution on these and other topics is a part of seeing more nuance and grey but who knows, maybe I'm deluding myself and I've just gone old and crotchety. Another one I'm sitting with and still mulling is abortion. Our clinical instructor in the first semester had us think about what procedures we would and would not participate in (nurses can excuse themselves from procedures so long as another nurse is found to take our place. We cannot abandon a patient). Canada has legal medically assisted dying here so that was on the list, plus abortion, male circumcisions and some other procedures. The medical assistance in dying is the only thing I ticked yes, I can be there.
  5. I was mulling some culture wars type topics and reading a different message board & I realized I've read essentially some of those same exact posts here, over the years. So that's not surprising, we've hashed out pretty much everything here over the years. But what did make me chuckle is that I've flipped sides. I'm reading posts which I could have written years ago & now I'm muttering "oh no, so much no" I know people say there's a general tendency to grow more conservative but when I take political compass tests I still tend to score pretty far left. However, there are a couple issues which I've done a total 180 on & they align me with what is often called 'conservative' values. And you know what, I strongly suspect someone, (or more probably a group of someones) on this board was responsible for changing my mind. So never wonder if you're just wasting your time here lol. Sometimes, somebody will read your posts and argue about it till they get temporarily banned for snark and will roll their eyes at you and lecture you and then.... a few years later, they might say 'You were right all along. You were so RIGHT. Also? I was so obnoxious.' What about you - have you done a 180 on any subjects? How has it been finding that you're suddenly boxed into a different 'tribe' than where you think you belong?
  6. I don't know that you need to reciprocate with a gift. Honestly, I'd hate if i I gave someone something and they felt they had to give me something back. Could you maybe invite her over for a coffee during the holidays and just have a nice visit?
  7. I think this doesn't have to do with money or relative wealth but with a worldview about what the fundamental unit of society is. US culture pushes individual independence. Other cultures push the family unit. It would never occur to some people to not pay for many of their adult children's things etc. I guess it's sort of an obligation.... but that doesn't seem quite right. It's more of a sense of us being a unit. I think in your strict definition, I'm not independent of my FOO. I don't think there's a right or wrong way about this. It's just different approaches to life and family and finances.
  8. I think it might be a combination of relief at finally being really seen and understood, and anger that it took this to see it, instead of believing you when you first said it. I don't think it would be easy to get past it. I would be bitter. It would take a lot of talking. I think also, I listen together to The Vinyl Cafe episode called Dave Cooks the Turkey because there's an epic speech there from Morley about her life as a train.... I think if couples listen to it together it might be a helpful conversation opener
  9. I was going to mention the same thing - abdominal migraines. I know several female friends and myself who were prone to this & yes, it tends to present as headache migraines in adulthood. Is there diarrhea or constipation or just pain? Poor girl and poor you. It's so very hard when your child is in pain. ((hugs))
  10. sorry - i read the title and thought you were considering taking some pale kids to the beach or water slides and risking sunburns......😁
  11. I like how you think. I've been agitating for doing this with indian takeout for the days after xmas but my family has always balked. We also don't have tons of fridge space...but it's only about +4C outside, and camping coolers with icepacks in the garage might work just fine.
  12. Oh how scary. I'll be thinking of you. I hope your physician is full of wisdom and compassion, listens to you, sees what needs to be seen and knows what to do next.
  13. to make anyone else who is still in denial - I have done nothing 😧 dh did put up the outdoor lights last weekend but other than that, Christmas hasn't arrived here yet. We have no presents, my living room is a huge disaster (including a couch with a hole in the arm - thank you dog, lol). Atm, I'm looking at sofa covers on amazon, plus replacement cushions for our poang chairs at Ikea online (because the dog also chewed one of those plus they're dirty and not the washable kind). I would just go buy a couch but I really don't have the time or energy to couch shop so I think just one of those stretchy Chun-Yi covers from amazon will have to do. I have to clean out the wall of bookcases that dominates the living room because right now it's filled with stacks of erratically piled school papers, broken binders, dust and random crap that we move up higher to get away from the dog (the labrador chewing genes are strong in that mutt lol). Floor needs cleaning, carpet needs shampooing, dog beds all need washing. We are hosting the 24th and supposedly also the 25th though I'm pushing for SIL to take the 25th. I ordered 2 things for my kids last week but they will not arrive in time so they're getting a sheet of paper with a picture of their item. I would like to get them more things so I guess I'll go to a mall and just wander around and just buy some small things. We haven't started any food prep or meal planning or anything. And all I really want to do is sit around watching Hallmark movies and catching up on Netflix and reading 😁Oh well, it will all come together somehow. Leaving thing to the last week people, we've got this ☺️
  14. to me it looks like definitely B's fault. I'm glad there's cam footage and I hope an appeal is successful.
  15. As a nursing student, if i were doing patient education this is what I'd cover. glomerular filtration rate is an estimate of your kidney function. Yours is decreased for a person of your sex & age (the only way to measure it non invasively is through taking creatinine measurements and running them through various formulas which include age and sex). Your results indicate kidney damage. The key take away you need to know from these results are: -You are on a path which leads to more health problems but you can change your path! -kidney damage is a common result of diabetes but may also be caused by other factors. Diabetes wreaks havoc on your whole system, on many organs, and kidneys are often very severely affected. ("kidney nephropathy" would be your keyword search if you want to read up). It can be the thing that kills a pt with diabetes. The renal ward is pretty much mostly patients with diabetes. -Prediabetes is often reversible! Often with only lifestyle and nutrition changes -if you cannot control your prediabetes with lifestyle and nutrition changes, your physician may want to start you on oral antidiabetic medications -your lipid panel is also something that may be changeable with lifestyle and nutrition changes. If not, your physician may want to start you on a statin medication to control your cholesterol levels. Uncontrolled high cholesterol puts you at elevated risk of heart attack, stroke, peripheral artery disease and other circulatory problems. It also affects you diabetes! -people think about diabetes as a sugar disease but diabetes is a disease of sugar and fat metabolism -given your lab results I'd strongly suspect you have hypertension - ie high blood pressure. Again, it may change with lifestyle and nutrition but if not you may need oral antihypertensive medications. Sustained high blood pressure damages your blood vessels which again increases your risk of heart attack, stroke, clots and more problems with your circulation. It is also extremely damaging to the organs and since your kidneys are already showing some decreased function, reducing hypertension would be important. -you need vitamin D supplementation. Depending on your age, you might want to have a dexa bone scan just to make sure you don't have osteopenia or osteoporosis. If you do, in early stages there are some injectible once a year or every 6 months treatments to try to build your bone back up. Weight bearing exercises are also helpful. Anything but swimming really.... If you were my patient and I was doing discharge teaching you'd get a referral to the diabetes education clinic and the heart health clinic. They teach very low fat, mostly plant based, beans and legumes, whole grains, very little processed food, sodium controlled + regular exercise. Protect and heal your kidneys. Reduce or eliminate alcohol, reduce or avoid NSAIDs and any other nephrotoxic medications. I'd be encouraging you to exercise daily and we'd explore your level of activity and what you should be working up to. If you expressed any interest at all in plant based diets, I'd recommend Forks Over Knives.
  16. Nooooo 😞 Mine's 36 months including the last semester's unpaid full time preceptorship. I will graduate Aug 21. By end of next Feb I'll be past the half way point though so that will be exciting! yours will go by so fast!!
  17. end is in sight! last weekend of school is the *perfect* time to catch up on the boards, right? 😁 My procrastination side is kicking in hard lol I'm just so done... except I'm not really done.... this term's clinical is already finished (surgical rotation this semester) & I passed with flying colors & a great write up from the instructor. Two As in theory classes already, two more final exams to go next week & then Term 4 out of 9 really will be done! Jenny, sorry to hear about your health problems and the resultant fallout der - your program sounds tough!!! I'm sure it will all come together. Glad to hear you have a nice break to look forward to and there's been contact with K.
  18. My semester started off with a bang - or a whimper, I guess? I failed a small quiz 😕. Only worth 2.5% but still, I was choked. 5 questions, including 3 that were multiple select. No part marks. Passing grade is 65% so you can only get 1 question out of 5 wrong. Last semester we had a similar set up in one of the classes but the quizzes were 10 questions and they were easy - meant to just test basically if you'd done the readings; these were tough questions, more like what you'd see on a midterm or final. Sheesh. The instructor is new to the course so we're all scrambling to figure her out. I got 100's on two other quizzes in other classes the following week so I redeemed myself a bit but man, this program is fast and intense. First midterm on June 6 & 2 more right after...
  19. Hi Amanda, congratulations on your acceptance to the program and starting your courses!
  20. um, nope nope nope & that's all I'm gonna say cause I'm an IBCLC since 2002 and I'm kind of tired of still having this talk
  21. so, it's possible that many years ago, I used to be a Canadian Immigration Officer The computer system back then was such that once you had a violation, it always came up on the computer & required a secondary interview. I don't know what their computers are doing now but if anything, it seems that records go back further and are more durable. I'd suggest contacting Canadian consulate in the nearest US city for advice but I'd not be surprised if it's an annoying thing that will follow the person forever. FWIW, my dad was in the US border computer system for years (due to his work and being from Eastern Europe - he got put on some list during the cold war). He vacationed in the US a lot and always had extra interviews until the mid 90's when someone did some magic thing on the computer and he can finally fly to Hawaii without being asked about whether he's a communist...
  22. oh your courses sound fun! I'll cheer you on I have 2nd year Health, Nursing Knowledge, Pathophysiology, Skills, + 2 days of clinical (which is taking care of patients while being orally examined on diseases, meds, lab values, and procedures all day)
  23. I got not quite 3 weeks off. Last final exam was on April 16. I spent the rest of that week helping ds study for his exams so I had 2 solid weeks off. I did manage to go on lots of hikes and did lots of things with my dog but it went by so fast! And I cleaned out one closet LOL. I had all these plans that I would prep for the following term and get a jump start on my reading & memorizing medications ... um, nope, did not happen. The nursing program tries to push the final exams close to the end of the term so we get at least 2 weeks off in between semesters. Many of our colleges have 3 short semesters (13 weeks + exam period) rather than 2 long ones and a compressed summer. The courses go by so fast. It seems you just start and then there's a midterm and suddenly you're finishing; hence my desire to try to get ahead a bit but oh well.
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