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  1. No, I'm sorry. It might be worth starting a new topic to find a good one!
  2. I wonder how it would be if you put algebra aside for a bit and did something like Basic College Math, then went to College Algebra. He may feel relieved to have something different to work on, something with "college" in the title to make him feel like he isn't treating water, and my understanding (I may be wrong) is that these books compress the math into just what is needed for a well-rounded education.
  3. Basically, good notes. And I basically dictated the notes to him and helped him format his pages. So one page was all about slope-intercept form of linear equations, how to graph them, what each part of y=mx+b means. The next page was all about standard form of linear equations Ax + By =C and how to use it, etc. For factoring, we had pages of strategies: - Can I factor out a constant or variable (or both) out of all terms? (examples) - Is this a DOTS (difference of two squares)?, with examples of how to recognize and solve. - Is this a S or D OTC (sum or difference of two cubes)?, with examples of how to recognize and solve - Is this a quadratic equation solved with the r and s method (find 2 numbers that add up to the constant term and multiply together to form the linear coefficient when the quadratic coefficient is 1)? Lots of examples - Same as above but when the quadratic term's coefficient is not 1 - Quadratic equation and how to use - Completing the Square and how to use .... Then pages for how to graph quadratics based on their equation, how to use completing the square to get the formula with the vertex in it (name of this is escaping me, maybe just standard form?). He ended up barely using it. I think the act of copying it all out helped him memorize it. BUT, I'm sure if we did a factoring test right now, after doing other things forever, he would find it handy. It's hard to keep things like how to factor DOTC in your head if you aren't using it regularly.
  4. When we got to the big factoring chapters for algebra, my son started getting lost on the various strategies and methods. This is where he started keeping a notebook of factoring. He could then refer to it as needed. I don't know anything about dyscalculia, so not sure how helpful it would be.
  5. I'm so glad nothing was seriously wrong. I'm even more excited to hear you are finding some local help/resources and making plans. Hang in there!
  6. Thank you! Thank you. I would love to go more in depth on the Vendee, so this is great.
  7. This is for middle school. Favorite chapter books, documentaries, etc?
  8. Add me to the list. Quit scouts!!!! Ugh!!!! I use a FlipBelt and love it. Spibelt is also highly regarded, but I haven't tried one. I went with the flipbelt because I liked that it was sized. I didn't want to have lots of extra buckles and doodads. The flip belt fits very smoothly under clothes and gives you the hip "layered look". 😎 I'm in sure spibelt is also great. My son uses my flipbelt when he goes to the skate park to carry a phone and some cash, I use it to run with a phone, keys, etc. You might get the model with a zipper if you are concerned about medication falling out Although nothing has ever fallen out of mine, sometimes even small risk is too great with small children and pets sniffing around the house for treats! ETA: Oooh, I never should have looked at the spibelt selection on amazon. They have options with two pockets, options that are buckle free like a flip belt... ooooohhhh.... If I spend money at amazon today, it will be your fault!!!
  9. If you want to pursue intermittent fasting, Dr. Gregor also has multiple videos on that topic. The big take-home is: Don't eat after the sun goes down. For weight loss, it doesn't matter if you push your eating window later in the day (say, a 12 hour window of 9am-9pm) or earlier in the day (say, 6am-6pm), but for health, IT DEFINITELY MATTERS. Read up on early time restricting eating, as this is the type that is most helpful for improving blood numbers. ETA: One additional video on chronobiology Note that he links related videos below the main video, so you can fully fall down the rabbit hole.
  10. OP, I hope you can give us an update! How is your ds doing?
  11. Neither did mine. I didn't realize it until I figured out they couldn't use a dictionary.
  12. I am praying for you and my heart goes out to you. If there is a risk he swallowed something, please take him in. Please. Even if you cannot go yourself and have to release him to the care of paramedics in an ambulance. As traumatizing as that would be for everyone, it is not life-threatening like a punctured intestine. The sooner you know for sure about the pencil, the easier it may be to remove it if necessary. No one on this message board can give you specific medical advice about his hand or the pros or cons of possible treatment. Get a medical opinion, then you can either accept or deny that treatment if you think more harm than good could come of it.
  13. I'm so sorry. The only words I can think of are four lettered, so I won't type them out. Please use your imagination.
  14. I recommend you take a look at the videos on - just type in the search term cholesterol. I find all of Dr. Gregor's stuff to be well done.
  15. Glad everyone is doing well. I'm one of those people who thinks all babies look about the same (except my own, of course), but WOW, your dd is breathtaking. Wow. Such a beautiful baby.
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