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  1. Art and Science of Low Carb Living The FAQ on the reddit keto page Another fasted runner here. My ideal running time is first thing in the morning, after about 10 hours of fasting. Second best is 6pm, after eating lunch at noon. I hate, hate, hate running with any food in my system! I'm also keto and I think that's what helps. I switch to body fat-burning pretty easily once the food is gone. Now that it's hot, I do take salt and Mg with a glass of water about 30 minutes before I run.
  2. Monica_in_Switzerland

    Functional Movement that Strengthens your core?

    Most any functional movement should engage the core. You can work to be more conscious of this engagement, which can help keep those muscles turned on. Other core strengtheners are things that require you to resist torque- carrying one bag of groceries on one side, pulling a wagon behind you with one arm, etc. Those are two things that get worked into my day all the time. Sprinting is also a great core strengthener, so if you have a dog or kids who liked to be chased or raced, it's a good option. 🙂
  3. Monica_in_Switzerland

    Well-Trained Bodies- June Edition

    Hello all! @soror Great job on the cert! @lmrich Great job on the weight loss!!! Those are fantastic results and I'm glad you got to treat yourself to some new clothes! ...... As for me, I'm trying to save a bad running week. I ran Monday, then skipped T, W, Th. Ran Friday. If I run both days this weekend, I'll scrape out my 4x a week goal. While my mom was in town, I also lost my early morning wake-up habit, and binge-watching a netflix series this week has not helped. A few more episodes, then it will be out of my system. 😂 I also hope one of my weekend runs will about around 5 miles... that will put me on track for where I want to be in September. I think at this point I could do a 7 miler again, but I don't think it would be wise, so I'd like to have a few weeks to build back up, then plan my half marathon training form there, with whatever amount of time remains. I'm good at running on guts alone, but I'm beginning to understand I'm not as young as I used to be and injury is a real possibility if I start taking risks.
  4. Monica_in_Switzerland

    How much writing daily/weekly?

    My 11yo writes about a paragraph a day, usually a summary from history or science reading, occasionally creative writing. About 1-2x a semester, we spend a week and do a research report of some kind.
  5. Monica_in_Switzerland

    Well-Trained Bodies- June Edition

    I have had this happen before! My last pair were some kind of Merrell minimalist shoe. When I went to get new shoes, they guy looked at me like I was crazy. "Merrell doesn't make running shoes!" 🤷‍♂️ I dunno...
  6. Monica_in_Switzerland

    Well-Trained Bodies- June Edition

    @SarahCB And while I have you on the line, do you use a training program for halfs, and if so, what do you recommend. I'm torn between programming my own or using something ready-made. I know that no matter how good my intentions are, I will not do any speed repeats because I'd rather rip my nails out with pliers. So no matter what I choose, I'll be subbing hill repeats for speed work. 🤣
  7. Monica_in_Switzerland

    Well-Trained Bodies- June Edition

    @SarahCB I found a potential half, it's Sept 8th! 91 days... I think I can do it! It'll be my first one in nearly 20 years!
  8. Monica_in_Switzerland

    What would you do?

    Yep, I think it would be pretty cruel to do otherwise.
  9. Monica_in_Switzerland

    Well-Trained Bodies- June Edition

    Hello everyone! Sorry for my long absence. My mom came to visit for three weeks, and by the third week, I was totally off my exercise and keto. I got my eating fixed back up as soon as she left, and today I hope to go for a run @SarahCB Have a good move! @soror Your consistency is inspiring!!! This is really my weak point and I love seeing your good, consistent updates and results. @lynn Core de Force looks really cool! I put the DVDs in my wishlist. I think I need to set a half marathon as a goal in October, because I feel like I'm just running around right now without a clear goal. Maybe having a clearer goal would help me settle down and do the work! 🙂
  10. Monica_in_Switzerland

    Well-Trained Bodies- May Edition

    Great list! I have read about half of those and the rest are now in my wishlist. 😄 For the runners out there, if you'd like a great narrative read, try Once A Runner and its sequel, Again to Carthage. They are both great novels.
  11. Monica_in_Switzerland

    Dealing with very literal people...

    When my DH goes shopping for me, I write down exact number of eggs, acceptable weight range for block of cheese or cut of meat, etc. I once sent him for salmon filets with a specific gram amount I wanted. The store only had one package of salmon left, which was not enough. So he just bought some other random white fish to make up the weight difference. When he came home, I tried to explain I'd have to make two completely separate dishes because I couldn't prepare the two fishes the same way. He was totally befuddled... because he does not cook AT ALL and it did not occur to him that one cannot just sub one fish for another. lol.
  12. Monica_in_Switzerland

    Well-Trained Bodies- May Edition

    Another question for you all: I'm thinking of picking up Primal Endurance (book by Sissom). Any other book recommendations that inspired you? I guess it's been a year since I read Spark! and that was one of the most influential books to me getting back in shape. I also read Go Wild by the same author. What else have you been reading lately for health/fitness inspiration?
  13. Monica_in_Switzerland

    gluten intolerance/celiac ??

    I second the Milton's crackers. Crispy Sea Salt are delicious!!!
  14. Monica_in_Switzerland

    gluten intolerance/celiac ??

    The barilla gluten free pasta is excellent. My son will eat most any gluten free product, but the Schar ones are particularly good. I use the Schar baking mix any time I need a flour sub. I do not recommend falling into the black hole of making your own flour mixes and trying insanely complicated recipes from food bloggers. Not worth the investment IMO, just use a general purpose baking mix and go with it. Two good cookbooks are the America's Test Kitchen Can't Believe It's Gluten Free I and II. I do not make their flour, I just use the Schar mix, but I'm sure any of the mixes mentioned above would also do. We particularly love the chewy sugar cookies and the lemon tart, both found in book 1. Both of those will stand up to the taste test for gluten-eating people as well. As time goes, we simply have moved away from the need for as much processed food and we rely more heavily on eggs for breakfast, leftovers for lunch, meat-veg-starch type dinner. In the freezer I do keep GF chicken nuggets and fish sticks for when the leftovers won't stretch. GF crackers are also a great bread alternative and the texture is MUCH more satisfying than GF bread texture. Use them to scoop tuna salad or for cheese and lunch meat and similar. When making substitutes, remember a strong flavor really helps to cover the weird GF flour taste. Think chocolate cakes/muffins, crustless cheesecakes, lemon flavored things, etc. I love recipes using almond flour for desserts as well. Your DD is old enough to start working on her own research for college (I say this because- if she's not personally invested, she'll lose motivation to keep to the diet). I really suggest she look into paleo and primal eating styles, as these are much more about what you CAN eat and how it's going to make you feel awesome, rather than about trying to reconfigure a diet through the restriction lens. You can help her to stock up on GF shelf stable items such as canned soups, crackers, granolas, beef jerky (check labels carefully here), tuna packets, etc. You'll have to call the school dining hall to see what kinds of things are available for allergies, but I'm guessing they have options considering the prevalence of allergies these days. My Uni had a salad bar open every single day which is a good base to build from. Gluten Free is surprisingly do-able IMO. Even if she occasionally has to order a bun-less burger and McDonald's or ask for her sandwich without the bread at Panera because she's out with friends and they choose a place without many options. My son eats bun-less burgers probably 80% of the times we go to a restaurant because no matter the restaurant, there's almost always a burger on the menu somewhere. Being assertive in a restaurant is by far the hardest aspect for me, but we eat from home the grand majority of the time so it's not a big deal overall. I'm so glad she is improving, it must be a relief for her to see symptom improvement. My mom has had plaguing health issues for her whole life and recently went GF/DF and now feels like a whole new person, so it's never too late!
  15. Monica_in_Switzerland

    Well-Trained Bodies- May Edition

    @SarahCB Haha! I've been that person lost on long runs! 🙂 Where I struggle is that I was once a decently fast runner. Nothing special, but a 20:30 5k and a 3:43 marathon to my name. BUT... that was 20 years ago, or just about. I've been pretty good at resetting my PRs to mPRs (mom personal records) and being ok with starting from zero again, but another part of me knows I have potential to move a little faster and mid-30s is not so old that I can't bring my times down quite a bit still, whether or not I get to my high school cross country days or not. I'm trying very, very hard to trust the process of running SLOW now in order to run fast and injury-free later. Aerobic base and all that. ....... So... I've spent a bit of time today reading about muscle gain in women, and I'm shocked to see that reasonable noob gains are around .5lbs muscle per WEEK. This blows my mind. Knowing the metabolic advantages of muscle mass, I'm ready to finally get started. I'm a bit stuck- gym membership is not feasible, but I do have my kettle bell and I do have the You Are Your Own Gym stuff to work with. I have a few resistance bands as well. So I hope to report back tomorrow that I've done some muscle work. Also: Sprinting. Apparently that's a Thing I Should Be Doing. So... put that on the list as well. If only I didn't hate sprinting... lol.
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