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  1. Monica_in_Switzerland

    Netflix child porn controversy - Desire

    Wow. This will be something I really consider and may cancel Netflix over. The excuse that the child actor was unaware of the meaning of the scene is irrelevant. Many children who are exploited in child porn are unaware of their own exploitation. That DOESN'T MAKE IT OK!!! WTF??? Sick creeps are still going to be getting off on that scene. Seriously, how can the parents live with themselves? Anything for a dollar... It's sickening.
  2. Monica_in_Switzerland

    Why Teach Literature?

    Overheard at lunch today: DS to DD: Where are you in Percy Jackson? DD: I'm at the part where xyz, I only have about two chapters to go. DS: Oh ok, it's mostly just denouement from there on, you're past the climax. DD: That's what I thought. --------------- Teaching literature gives: - a vocabulary to discuss stories. Similar to how discussing grammar gives us the specific vocabulary we need to discuss language - A way to compare different stories and a way to discuss stories that don't fit the standard story arc - A way to improve writing - A way to discuss different styles - Recognizing context: when was this story written, what was happening in the world at the time? Was this social commentary? You don't necessarily need to break out with a text book, we certainly don't, but give them the vocabulary they ned to discuss literature. I googled a list of literary devices and just try to point them out when I see them in our reading. I really like the workshop from Teaching the Classics... if you the parent have a good basis in understanding the workings of literature, it's easier to teach them more organically. --------------- There's no need to do a deep analysis of everything we read. But so far, no one in my family has found literary discussions to be painful or "school-y" because it's just how we talk about books. And we talk about books A LOT! And movies, for that matter. It is so, so, so much more interesting to discuss if Javert (policeman in Les Miserables, my kids just read a comic adaptation so it's on our minds) is a villain or why not, why he commits suicide, etc, then to simply discuss "Did ya like the book?" or "Who was your favorite character?" Obviously those questions have their place, but they are just so superficial.
  3. Monica_in_Switzerland

    Wasted hors d'oeuvres from a "shower"

    We're twins!!! 😂
  4. Monica_in_Switzerland

    Wasted hors d'oeuvres from a "shower"

    This happened to me, also wedding-related. I went out with my best friend and the rest of the bridal party many years ago. I didn't really pay any attention to what anyone had ordered until the waiter brought salad after salad after salad... and my burger and fries. LOL I do this for airplane flights. Chips, lollipops, lots of special treats. I think previous posters may have gotten the idea that your kid gets donut holes every single day or something. LOL
  5. Monica_in_Switzerland

    Wasted hors d'oeuvres from a "shower"

    Had I been to that party, I would have cleaned out your donut skewers, but I would have also needed to eat a pound or two of bacon or I'd have felt sick from these sugar rush. I eat low carb in general, but I indulge at social gatherings. In fact, I eat low carb because my ability to eat "everything in moderation" is so poor. So I don't ever fix it at home, but when it's served, I tend to go crazy. 🙂 I have great admiration for people who can have just one sweet and then stop.
  6. Monica_in_Switzerland

    Am I being too sensitive? (Update down thread)

    If she does bring it up again, I suggest you handle it positively. Mention that you know the store runs on a tight budget and that you don't like being "on the clock" if the work has run out. Ask if she might have a list of housekeeping work that she'd like you to get to once your department is in order. Things like deep cleaning an area, website updates, phone calls that need to be made, etc.
  7. Monica_in_Switzerland

    Am I being too sensitive? (Update down thread)

    Since she emailed you a second time, she may have realized her first note came across a bit short. It sounds to me like everything will blow over with no worries!
  8. Monica_in_Switzerland

    Suggest hilarious Netflix shows? I need to laugh.

    Another vote for IT Crowd and Arrested Development (first 3 seasons). Another one I like is How I Met Your Mother.
  9. Monica_in_Switzerland

    Expats and picture books

    I'd consider winnowing them down to a favorite... I dunno.... 40? How many are we talking about here? I don't think we need quite as many books as we think we need. I like the lists from Five in a Row, and we got our picture books basically by buying the book bundles for FIAR. I don't actually do FIAR though. For chapter books, as a family, we're making a strong shift towards kindle. I still have about 4 shelves worth of upper elementary/middle school fiction paperbacks, but probably an equivalent number on kindle. I just realized that we have at least 20 Let's Read and Find Out science books... if those count as picture books then I can see where the dilemma starts to arise... Good luck. Winnowing books is NO FUN!
  10. Monica_in_Switzerland

    Question for those who have lost their hair in cancer treatments

    I think it would be an odd thing to have someone do for another adult. I can, however, absolutely imagine supporting a child with cancer in this way, as children certainly are not going to be able to have the same emotional distance or objectivity as an adult, and may find comfort in having a supportive adult who also has a bald head.
  11. Monica_in_Switzerland

    Well-Trained Bodies- August Edition

    @lmrich So sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis!!! I hope you and your doc get a management plan in place that takes care of your symptoms. Big hugs As for me, I've fallen and fallen hard off the wagon. The heat has been KILLER here- today is the first reasonable day in two weeks!!! Result: Runs not ran, ice creams consumed. Here's to a better report next time, as the weather is supposed to be cooler for the next few days.
  12. Monica_in_Switzerland

    What will future generations find weird or bad about us?

    Reading through this thread, I find myself agreeing with just about everyone- including opposing ideas, because of the cyclical nature of history. People will- in the future- be very aware of natural resources and living simpler lives. But people in the future may also reach a level of extravagance to make Hunger Game Capital residents jealous. We're already seeing the middle class disappear... but it will probably come back with a bloody vengeance at some point in the future. Cue Les Miserables soundtrack... Life saving medical procedures will advance, bionic devices will become commonplace... and yet human euthanasia will probably also flourish, as well as society taking over individual rights to choose their own end-of-life path... and then people will reclaim that right. Religion will never die, but it will shrink and grow with the times and the trends. As more and more information comes out about faulty/fraudulent science research, science will probably take a nose-dive. And probably come back again years later. Family life as we know it (nuclear) will probably disappear... then come back. Always a pendulum swing!
  13. Monica_in_Switzerland

    What will future generations find weird or bad about us?

    - Our germophobia - Sugar consumption levels - Globalism - High heel shoes
  14. Monica_in_Switzerland

    simplicity parenting - meditation vs play

    You might also try using the search term "flow"... maybe get some hits that way.
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