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  1. This is really pretty. Can you adjust font size and/or are there zoom options? I have bad vision...
  2. For a modern fantasy with a fairy tale feel, Daughter of the Forest and sequels. There is a non-graphic rape scene near the beginning of book 1, fyi.
  3. I have a very small waist compared to hip/thigh, and since the skinny jean became popular ten years ago, I have been miserable. This summer, I found Lucky Brand in the High Rise 90s Loose fit, and I am in love. They have a button fly, they are loose in the thighs, and so, so comfortable. They are not super flattering. They aren't ugly, they are just there in a neutral way on my legs, IYKWIM, but I love them.
  4. To the new poster having twins, I pray for their health, but I know also that life with a disability can be a happy and beautiful life.
  5. Yes, this is a super old thread of mine and the child in question will celebrate his 7th birthday soon!
  6. Yeah... that's going to vary by person.... wildly. I'm with @ktgrok. I DO epilate my pits every 2 weeks and have for over 2 years, I love the result, but it hurts like a badword each and every time. My legs have adapted much better, pain wise.
  7. I'm seconding NO EPILATOR unless it's for a teen who is super motivated and willing to deal with pain. I love my epilator, but NO WAY would I let my girls use one unless they had already been shaving for a while, knew they liked the look, and had spot tested with an epilator to know what they were getting into... For a girl on the fence, I would actually get a women's electric shaver. No chance of nicks or ingrowns, no shaving cream, easy to quickly shave without a shower if, in the moment, she decides she'd like to. Yes, the hair grows back a tiny bit faster than a razor, but that makes it even less of a long-term commitment.
  8. I was an innocent bystander for this one... One friend says to another, I saw a squid at the wharf that someone caught. It was this long. (demonstrates with hands) Other friend responds, "Whoa, that's really long! Was that with or without the testicles?" I fell over laughing. We were all about 13 at the time.
  9. I'd see if an osteopath or chiropractor could take a look.
  10. Sorry, just saw your kids won't do beans. Eeeek! Many of the recipes above can be batch made and frozen in individual portions, so DH can have a nice bowl of chili while everyone else is eating mac and cheese for example.
  11. I'm so sorry to hear about your DH's health problems. I have gone through the major diet change process and I know it's really overwhelming at first. Two of my kids have Celiac, and my DH has severe food allergies, and I'm trying to eat Whole Food Plant Based, though I give myself a lot of wiggle room, just like you. Here are some of our standard, regular meals: GF spaghetti or other noodles with a lentil-mushroom Bolognese sauce. I finely chop a bunch of mushrooms and sauté them in a very scant bit of olive oil until they have reduced significantly in volume, the more, the better IMO. I add a can of drained, rinsed lentils (I prefer the flavor/texture of beluga lentils, also called black lentils. You can also start from dry and cook them separately). Add to your favorite jarred sauce. You can make this even healthier by adding vegetables and/or using GF pasta that is bean or chickpea based, or whole wheat. Vegan Chili. I use this recipe more-or-less, and I add a can of corn because yummy corn and about 1/4-1/2 cup red quinoa, which helps to absorb some of the juice and adds a meaty texture to compliment the beans. This became my favorite chili recipe instantly, the flavor is so good. You do NOT need an instant pot, the recipe is made from canned beans, I have no idea why you'd drag out the instant pot rather than simmering another 4-10 minutes on the stove. Indian Red Lentil Dahl. I use this recipe. Beyond Burgers or other vegan burgers- a once a week staple for us. Yes, they are very salty. I think if they are your only indulgence, there are not too bad! Mexican Black Bean Bowls. These are a huge hit. I cook black beans from soaked in the IP, then drain and add stock (chicken or veg), sautéed onion, a chopped chipotle pepper or two from a can, and juice of 2 limes. Serve with rice and corn, plus any toppings you might like. I use sour cream, but you can get a vegan substitute easily in the USA! Red bean tacos- Prepare everything as you would for normal tacos, but instead of meat, drain and rinse as many cans of red beans as your family needs and add a packet of taco seasoning and some water and simmer them a few mninutes until the water is mostly cooked off. Black beans are also fine for this. As are lentils. It's also really easy to make meat for kids and beans for adults. Refried bean burritos. Open can, heat beans, put in tortillas, add salsa! PBJ on toast or crackers, gf as necessary. Falafel wraps or pitas. I buy store-bought falafels and heat in oven, then spread (store bought) hummus onto a pita or tortilla, add salad leaves, red onion slices, cucumber slices, falafel balls, and a good squirt of sriracha. A bit of soy sour cream or plain yogurt is also excellent. Every week, I make a couple of big salads that we eat at lunch or to fill in the cracks around a meal of leftovers. These include: - Lentil-Mango-Pomegranate Salad - Quinoa salad with cucumbers and raisins, lemon vinaigrette - Chickpea Waldorf Salad - Green salad with all the fixings you might like. For me that means having sliced red onion on hand, raisins or an apple to chop up, and a half can of lentils (drained/rinsed). I make homemade dressing and always have some ready, so this is a quick lunch. A seeds and nut mix for salads adds a good crunch on the top. ----------- This is personal, but I disagree with the advice to transition slowly. A quick change gives you some momentum to work with and leads to feeling better and seeing better lab numbers rapidly, which is motivating, creating a good cycle. I would suggest looking at what you already eat, and seeing how easy it is to veganize it. Using vegan "meat" can help while you are trying to get the kids on board.
  12. Yes, me. I snored, had a sleep study at home, did not have apnea. Turns out I had a severely deviated septum. Getting that repaired was a huge game changer for me across the board. Better sleep, no longer a mouth breather, seasonal allergies dropped from maybe a 5-6 in severity to a 0-1. And sinus infections dropped from 2-3 a year requiring abx to 0 since surgery a few years ago.
  13. Have you tried the brand Altra for running shoes? They have a super wide natural toe box. I could walk all day in Keen sandals. If you want some more extreme options, you can look into Skinners or Xero sandals. Both are essentially a minimal protection in order to go bare footed. I've run in both, but you need to start very gradually or you'll end up injured.
  14. 😆 Well, I think cocaine is derived from a plant, so I guess all cocaine is vegan? 🤣
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