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  1. I'm so jealous! I practically have plans on how I'm converting the kids' rooms to exercise areas the second they move out. 😂 How is the noise level? My recollection from the gym is that rowers are pretty loud.
  2. The biggest question for a "behind" kid (1 of my 4 is this) is this: Is progress still being made? If the answer is yes, then I wouldn't really worry about it. If the answer is no or not sure, I'd consider taking her to someone who can evaluate for any learning disabilities. There isn't a finish line to learning. I don't mean to be trite or cliche. It took me a lone time to understand this myself. Let's say your child is a full year behind across the board, but continues to progress, always staying approximately one year behind grade level. Then what? She can start college, juni
  3. What an interesting topic to dive into! I hope you get some good resource ideas.
  4. If you mean The Illiad and the Odyssey, the best adaptations are: Black Ships Before Troy and The Wanderings of Odysseus. We used audiobooks for both of these to aid in name pronunciation. I was blown away by the quality. They are gruesome for sure, but not *graphic* in my view. We also read the graphic novel versions of both.
  5. Commenting in my own thread to say I've just checked the table of contents for Humankind: A Hopeful History and it actually goes over the Stanford Prison Study and its flaws as well. It's sounding more and more interesting as a book. I'll be pre-reading and then possibly assigning. It would be good to find a hopeful way to end modern history!
  6. Thank you for the references. I will look further into it. I'm also thinking of a book study comparing Lord of the Flies with the more recent book Humankind: A Hopeful History which includes the real-life story about Tongan boys who are shipwrecked on an island.
  7. I'm sorry, i missed in your sig that you were dealing with various SN. How about doing something like a mind-map about a topic. Those things that look like blobs connected by lines. You can model it, then ask for independent mind-mapping. Then perhaps colored highlighters to group things that might be able to be combined into a single sentence. Then, you might be able to say, "Write out the green sentence." Green things highlighted might have been Paris, 19xx, and considered ugly. How can ds turn those into one sentence about the Eiffel Tower? Just some ideas. I hope
  8. So far, I've given no thought to style or revision for kids under 11. This has worked fine so far. My 11 year old has dramatically improved her paragraph writing this year with instruction, and my 13 year old is gently moving into essays. For the 11 year old, I am having her outline a short chapter form A Little History of Archaeology. There are other books in this series. My older is doing a paragraph from Little History of Philosophy and a paragraph from Little History of Economics each week. Great series. Anyway... - After she writes her outline, I have her read through he
  9. Before anyone freaks out, this is not a political thread. 🤐 We are just wrapping up WWI and the Russian Revolution. We just finished Breaking Stalin's Nose and Between Shades of Gray (Soviet's hidden genocide in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.... incredible book, btw) in addition to corresponding SOTW4 chapters and books from Collier's American history series. Oldest also read Animal Farm and then we listened to a reading of Orwell's "What is Fascism" essay on youtube that we found. Next up is the rise of fascism, and we'll be reading The Wave as a discussion book. This brought to mi
  10. Echoing everyone above. Adding: - Bean burritos (you can make and freeze your own instead of buying the frozen ones at the store) - On the weekend, make a big batch of some kind of filling salad- lentil, quinoa, pasta, tuna... salads for example. These are great fillers, and a slice or two of cheese, some chopped fruit or veggies, a hunk of bread... and you have meal. - An omelet with some preprepared filling options, like pre-grated cheese, chopped meat from leftovers, sautéed mushrooms/peppers/onions... whatever the kids like. - Various soups, which can be fr
  11. I'm also going to question definitions a bit. Things that are typically defined as (physical) "play" are not things I particularly enjoy, though I will occasionally humor my kids. Things that are typically defined as exercise (with all of the negative connotations)- running, walking, hiking, climbing, yoga, weight lifting... are things that truly bring me a lot of happiness and even relaxation. Having good workout buddies can be an AMAZING add-on, though I don't need it. I enjoy the banter between two people who are not competing with each other but only with themselves. The sense o
  12. Mind sharing the video title? My DR is much improved, but most of that is due to a hernia repair surgery, so that's cheating 😂 Anyway, my hernia repair didn't go quite as the dr intended, so I need to keep working on maintaining the reduced DR myself.
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