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  1. gaillardia

    How often do you get a totally new hairstyle?

    My style change is usually every 2-3 years but now that I have lost a little weight, I am thinking I will let it grow long. I had been thinking of a bob which I have never had because I hate the word ("bob"), but I'll just wait and see how this goes. I've gotten a few really nice compliments in the past couple of months and that works for me!
  2. gaillardia

    Do you answer your door to strangers?

    @gardenmom5 that's a pretty sweet deal ya got going there. Even when we lived out in the country, I did answer the door. Usually to tell them I wasn't interested, sometimes I'd listen, but usually not. The biggest deterent, according to police, is a dog, hopefully one that sounds fierce. Apparently black dogs also strike the fear zone too. I love black dogs.
  3. gaillardia

    Do you answer your door to strangers?

    I do answer the door to strangers, while someone else in the family tries to wrangle our dog who is usually barking the whole time and sounding vicious. Then I remind people at the door that we are on the "Do not knock" list with our city and they need to remind their employer to look out for that. Goodbye.
  4. gaillardia

    Liver Health

    Be careful of what might be going on with your gall bladder too. You can do this! Be careful of salad dressings, dairy products, and the simple carbs. No expert advice or experience here, just chiming in and cheering you on.
  5. We've used Weightless by Marconi Union and the various Tibetan Bowls recordings. I found that my Weightless nights would stop playing part way through and I was none the wiser because I fell asleep. It helped for a short time, but I had to switch it up. I wasn't doing caffeine past a certain time of day but was still experiencing an intense wakefulness at times late at night.
  6. gaillardia

    Putting my brave hat on

    That's very encouraging news!!! I hope you get it and if not, it was great experience for the interview and the waiting...
  7. Will be thinking of your brother, sending prayers for you all. Hopefully it is nothing, just absolutely nothing.
  8. gaillardia

    Help! Depressed and in need of a life.

    After many years of not working outside of the home I landed a part time position and even though it is sometimes a difficult job, I enjoy it. The people I work with are all intelligent. Be nice to yourself.
  9. gaillardia

    I went on a real 6 mile hike today

    It feels so good to get outside when you know you really need it. Wishing many more hikes to you and your kids and peace and healing to your lives.
  10. gaillardia

    Head what do we do??

    After lots of kids and never any problems, not even when I was a kid, our two young teens had lice. It was very upsetting, so if you feel that way, you are not alone. We did use over the counter lice shampoo but I don't remember what it was called. I laboriously nit picked over their hair every day. It took two hours for the one because she has such thick hair. The other one had long hair so she got a hair cut, sadly, by me. ? We got through it without anyone else in the household getting lice. It didn't take forever but it seemed like it. Good luck.
  11. More than 25 years ago (just to reassure you that people have always been doowhop about math) I asked to have 2/3 of a yard of fabric at a craft store. The clerk looked at me in disbelief and said she could not sell it in thirds, or cut it in thirds. I asked why not, it would only be TWO THIRDS cut in one solid piece. The price is yadda yah, so it would be thus (price). To me it was very simple math. She looked SO confused. My dad was with me, I turned and looked at him. We were both shocked but amused. Fortunately the supervisor knew how to do math and cut the 2/3 of a yard for me.
  12. gaillardia

    Introducing our granddaughter, Emma Claire

    So dear. Congratulations to everyone!
  13. gaillardia

    Just for fun- baby names you loved but never got to use

    Josephine, Louise, Shiloh, Bethany, Jessie, Lula, Melanie, Tabitha. Basil and Nigel. Liam, (now it's a grandson's name). French pronunciation of Jean Luc, Jean Eric. I'm sure there are many more.
  14. gaillardia

    I am raising a bat

    That must be hard. Nobody better be thinking you're a slacker about her vision. Maybe eventually you will find the right specialist to help her so she doesn't have to use sonar. Wouldn't you think that would be a a specialty for some wonderful high-paying job? lol Bachelor's degree in science with echolation capabilities. Lifetime of experience needed.
  15. gaillardia

    I am raising a bat

    I was looking forward to seeing photos of your new pet bat.
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