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  1. Long pause here. Youngest dd finished school last year and I still have adult kids at home; It is supposed to cool off this week a little bit. It better. It was over 100 the past couple of days. I haven't been swimming yet, bought new swimsuit, and gained 5 pounds after that. 😞 I need a vacation but hard pressed to get one in. Earlier found a folder from a school year with the schedule and plans for the first 6 weeks of the youngest's school year. Can you believe I miss the planning and organizing, the studying for the upcoming school year or semester with my well-worn Well Trained Mind book in hand, spiral bound notebooks, pens, pencils, and off to the library. Wasn't a question really. And now it is time for me to figure out what degree or certificate I'm going to pursue.
  2. @DawnM you made me laugh. The $75 per hour part. Seriously, that is messed up and she should be reported and blocked.
  3. Oh, you mean the one where I'm a famous artist and author and make millions of dollars and go wherever I want, whenever I want? Yes? That one? Or the one where I have a home-based business and my children work for me and it ends up being very successful and I sell it and become independently wealthy?
  4. this sounds like verbal abuse and I recommend you look online for pointers on how to handle it from here on out. If it makes you uncomfortable then it is wrong and maybe illegal. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful than that and will try to find information for you about abuse in the workplace and what your rights are. You should not have to be defending yourself, feeling embarassed or humuliated, teased, or feeling like you are ready to quit. You would be surprised at what is illegal. Documentation, I don't know if recording his behavior without his knowledge is illegal or not, but I would be considering it if it is legal. Having someone who will witness for you would be another route to take. Obviously other people see or hear this too, right? How rooted do they seem to be in their relationship to that business? Enough to sever ties if asked to witness for you? I'm sick of people being taken advantage of and strongly encourage you to research what your rights are as an employee.
  5. Thank you for the warning. We buy water from wal mart regularly, but usually only in the gallon jugs and not those labels.
  6. I picked up two tops and one bottom at kohl's last week. Haven't used them yet. I don't really consider myself overweight but I'm not svelte. LOL My old top and bottom is 3 sizes too big, yay me, lost weight in the last 3 years, so it was time for me too. Kohl's has a large selection, the swimsuit industry is finally being kind to us and realizing we might go swimming if there was something that fit us. I can't find a photo of what I bought online but the one top has a zipper down the front about 4", it is quite sporty looking. The other top reveals more than what I am used to but I do like a little sun. I got loose swim shorts that also have a liner, like a regular swimsuit bottom. All comfortable fits. Maybe you are much younger than I am, but when we were young adults, early 20s, we swam in cut offs and bikini tops. LOL Okay, so none of that now.
  7. That's awful for anyone who has had to deal with dry socket. We didn't have any problems like that with any of ours, 5 kids so far. Some had them removed all at once, some went back months later for round two. Garga, I want you to know that I was always a little bit of a mess leading up to the kids having this done, but it was always okay. We didn't do it as matter of routine "time to pull the wisdom teeth," it was really necessary from problems they were each having with either recurring pain, sideways or tilted incoming teeth, etc. The next kid has been having pain, not too bad, off and on for 2 years and I keep forgetting to get her to the oral surgeon for a consult. It's kind of strange...she has a small mouth but is the only one who has been told the wisdom teeth were coming in straight.
  8. Keep an eye on the NOAA website. Check the usjobs dot gov website for positions that may pique her interest. I realize she's only 12, but with your resources and eyes you can open up the world to her. Just ideas. Like someone else mentioned, look into Texas A&M. They have a campus in Corpus Christi she may be interested in. It is a hard university to get in to and pricey. My daughter-in-law is graduating from the main campus this summer. Woohoo!
  9. So far, 5 out of 7 have had theirs removed and it was a drag for them all for a couple of days, but they heal up and move on. It really is better to get it done before it begins causing too much pain and inflammation. I've seen fun youtube videos of kids right after wisdom teeth extraction. They can get quite loopy from the drugs. Being aware of the blood clot and dry socket are the big concerns. A couple of mine had nausea, one threw up. Mostly they just sleep it off.
  10. Did not get the job. Went to the bank for me and a daughter, she got her own account. Laundry. (I wasn't laundering money, folks). Talked to neighbor about her son mowing my yard. Cleaned up the twigs and bark. Got some yard waste to the curb. Worked my half shift. Shower. No hair cut yet.
  11. I'm sorry for you, @Mom0012 because I lost my mom to cancer more than 20 years ago. That was so much different than my husband's case, but I wasn't her primary caregiver, although I was involved somewhat. I had a new baby at that time too. We will get through it, sometimes just one second at a time. I try to have a sense of humor. Just ask @Kareni I used to be more spiritual minded but now, not so much. It is different. I still pray and do the things I had done, but there is not much wind in my sails, or at times it is like a hurricane, If you know what I mean. I'm sorry for your sister too. I try to remember that my children have experienced a great loss as well. I can't say to you, "Hang in there!" It is not a matter of hanging in there, as you know all too well.
  12. I will, I will! I don't even know what I'm doing Tuesday. Bank, financial stuff, laundry, work later in the day, maybe get my long hair cut. Ask neighbor kid to mow my yard since my mower is broken. hmmm. This sounds awful busy. Maybe I'll try to take a nap.
  13. I wish I could tell you it was normal. Or if I tell you it's not normal what you should do. To me it seems like normal grieving for you because of what I was told for myself...that everything is my new normal for the next 3 months, 6 months, maybe even the next year. Of course I think i have to be different and move on quickly. I feel I don't have many choices. I can't sleep in but I stay up too late. My job has hours that involve morning or evening. I can't sleep in because i wake up too early for no reason. Tired. Yes, I'm tired. I'm lucky if I get 6 hours a night. I have an acquaintance who recently lost her mother, she is the same as I am with her sleep. My life situation feels desperate and I have to step up, but I don't want to. I want to not go to work. I want to go to the beach. I want to do many things but redefining myself without him in my painting was not what I had planned. We all handle it differently. I may want to get over my grieving, I may be tired of grieving, but it is still my buddy, hangs out with me frequently, or sometimes not at all. Here's what I am grieving: My husband passed away recently and I have not mentioned it here for privacy reasons. After his diagnosis he did get better for a few months, but then things started going downhill again. All that time, secretly (and openly) I grieved. I kept looking beyond and could see nothing, but I was looking. I knew I would come out on the other side without him. And that was a scary thing to "look forward to." Here I am, on the other side. I'm a little scared sometimes but I am trying to move forward. A friend told me I should be embracing this new part of my life, instead of looking at it like it is encumbering me. I am trying. It is okay for me to be, feel, do, whatever. So, are you depressed? I don't know. If I were you, I would see a counselor. I think I'm okay, but who knows how I'll feel next week? And that will be okay too, and here is where I argue and say, "no, it will not be okay." If you want to p.m. me, feel free. I haven't been around much lately, well, actually the past year or more because of life changes before this even started. I don't like giving advice but I think sharing with others and feeling a kinship helps. Peace to you, my friend.
  14. I hope to get word tomorrow or Wednesday of the next step interview. So good luck to all of us who are looking!
  15. As always, @Kareni, an enjoyable read through on this page alone! Always a good laugh here. Maybe you can do better with these two: This one caught my eye: Any turtle people here? Did you check the specific group forums? elderberry recommendations please I highly recommend elderberries
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