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  1. Hey Dawn. Glue jewelry pieces to a frame, spray paint it all the same color. Put a photo of your mom in it. >>Or how about taking a lamp or a large glass jug or something similar and glue pieces of the jewelry to that, spray paint it. A friend of mine had something odd she bought at an auction that went perfect for some TV show that was set back in the 70s or 80s (was it That 70's Show? I don't know). She was contacted by them and they bought it from her. I don't know if she sold it through Etsy, Ebay, or Craigslist but that kind of stuff is popular, vintage.
  2. They do not self-clean if they have diarrhea, long hair, and can't reach the area. Twice we've had to take lovely Ms. Longhairs (looks like a Maine Coon) to the vet for a trim and a bath. They said she behaved perfectly. I didn't get to see what their set-up was but they said she allowed them to bathe her with no problems, and then they dried her. I first tried bathing her when she was only about 4 months old so I can relate to the shredded arms. She had gotten a bit of boat trailer grease on her spine that I didn't want her to lick off. I don't think she could reach that either.
  3. Homeless shelters are full, I don't think it matters where you look. Until she burns all of her bridges, she will continue to rely on family. Gently, what you might do is drive yourself crazy trying to figure out a solution for her and it will not matter because she will probably not like your answers. You said she gets upset if you mention being evaluated. She needs a confrontation. It is usually used on drug addicts and alcoholics and includes family, employer, etc. Most of the time it includes a therapist, psychiatrist, case worker, etc. I understand your wanting to help her. It will end up
  4. Definitely take before and after photos, Dawn! I can't wait to see what you do with it. I'm interested in painting furniture and haven't finished 2, or is it 3, chairs. Random dining chairs that have long since lost their family of chairs. I've been using acrylic craft paints. Not sure how I would have found the colors I fell in love with otherwise.
  5. My piano is in the living room. In three other homes we've lived it was in the dining room. My daughters play it and eventually one of them will take it. One of them plays a grand piano at church and they all sing too and need it for rehearsing. LOL I can't believe we've come that far. It was mine when I was a teenager. Our most recent piano tuner said it was an "okay" piano and would suffice for a beginner. We also have an electric keyboard and no one ever plays it. Good luck to anyone trying to sell a piano. You can't give them away either. My MIL had a nice organ and she couldn't sell
  6. Check with Mountain Rose Herbs. https://mountainroseherbs.com/catalog/herbs-spices/organic-sprouting-seeds
  7. Some of us think we're still cooking for a small army, leftovers will be plentiful. Tonight my girls made chicken soup with leftover chicken thighs and legs from Monday night's crock pot dinner. About a half a package of egg noodles was used, one regular sized (not 32 oz) chicken broth, 2 cups water, 2 or 3 sliced carrots, quarter cup of peas. Pretty quick (30 minutes), very easy.
  8. Our big girl weighs 14 pounds, she looks like a mix of Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat. A couple of weeks ago she was vomiting, a week before that didn't jump on any furniture. She vomited probably 8 or 9 times that one day and I finally decided to take her to the ER since what I read about cats and vomiting alarmed me (hello 10:45 p.m.). I was concerned she was dehydrated. A sonogram showed enlarged lymph glands in the abdomen (2) and possible infection. They gave her a steroids shot and antibiotic. We brought her home and she is basically back to normal and no vomiting. Appetite is back,
  9. How precious!!! Congratulations to your family!!!
  10. Scarlett, how shocking for everyone. I join with everyone else in prayers and sending healing thoughts and love. So good your sister can help take care of them too. Your poor mom got the worst of it. Just awful. They'll get better with their loving daughters taking care of them. ❤️
  11. Our school district has just started free breakfast and lunch for everyone enrolled.
  12. honestly, haven't even thought about it because I was blindly assuming things would be "back to normal" and of course they aren't "back to normal." We've got one in medical field, one in college, two in on-line college, one in military, one in front line grocery store. Plus 8 others, give or take. That's just my kids and their spouses and a few grandchildren. I'm guessing at this point military will not be traveling and who knows what will happen with the medical field. I don't really want to share my family with other families (in-laws) this year (so much contact!). Whatever we dec
  13. We had fireworks tonight. It's a Texas thing. Must have been because of April 1.
  14. CONGRATULATIONS to your family!!!!! That is so exciting. I celebrate with you! 😇 It's April and she's due in July...TWINS!!! I'm happy for your family. We all need good news!
  15. @popmommy personal opinion of UofMD College Park...party town. Campus population of 50k I think. It is fun for some, I suppose, as mentioned above, but for some others, not right for them. I don't think it is safe, but that is my opinion after knowing several kids who have attended and either left because they were overwhelmed or did see it through and graduated. I think it is expensive and I'm sorry I don't have any numbers or areas that I would even recommend. Hyattsville I don't think has gotten any safer and I definitely wouldn't suggest living there. Maryland is not the friendliest
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