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  1. honestly, haven't even thought about it because I was blindly assuming things would be "back to normal" and of course they aren't "back to normal." We've got one in medical field, one in college, two in on-line college, one in military, one in front line grocery store. Plus 8 others, give or take. That's just my kids and their spouses and a few grandchildren. I'm guessing at this point military will not be traveling and who knows what will happen with the medical field. I don't really want to share my family with other families (in-laws) this year (so much contact!). Whatever we dec
  2. Yes, Plum, I heard that too about releasing water at night while the citizens are sleeping, they can't even try to evacuate. Thank you for posting. I have not been able to find much that is current, newsworthy, or informative. CNN actually has a rather long informative article giving the history of the dams along the rivers in China.
  3. When the dam collapses it is predicted to most likely be the worst disaster that has ever happened to human life, as in numbers of lost lives. I read several articles in the past week about why it would collapse or burst besides the water, rain, flooding, but of course I can't find the articles now. It was poorly built and never should have been built. The foundation was not the best, but the build up was not secure either. They used to brag that it would last 10,000 years, then 1,000 years and then there's now. There is a seismic fault it was supposedly built near or on. The landsl
  4. We had fireworks tonight. It's a Texas thing. Must have been because of April 1.
  5. CONGRATULATIONS to your family!!!!! That is so exciting. I celebrate with you! 😇 It's April and she's due in July...TWINS!!! I'm happy for your family. We all need good news!
  6. @popmommy personal opinion of UofMD College Park...party town. Campus population of 50k I think. It is fun for some, I suppose, as mentioned above, but for some others, not right for them. I don't think it is safe, but that is my opinion after knowing several kids who have attended and either left because they were overwhelmed or did see it through and graduated. I think it is expensive and I'm sorry I don't have any numbers or areas that I would even recommend. Hyattsville I don't think has gotten any safer and I definitely wouldn't suggest living there. Maryland is not the friendliest
  7. @mom2scouts It is slow and not steady, but I still have been eliminating items, garbage bags even if they are not full, boxes of stuff that I couldn't stand to see any longer, etc. Going through craft supplies, I realized that I have had some of this stuff far too long!!! Fortunately able to use a lot of it up at a craft night for girls at church. Yay. I like mentally saying this, "GIrl, you don't NEEEEEEED that thing!" And that helps. Salvation Army is not near me. Goodwill throws away stuff that people might buy, kind of surprises me. I haven't seen much in the way of other seco
  8. Basically he was saying that the sick and not sick were not clearly separated, it was chaotic and he was getting a lot of run around while on board, he was eventually asked to leave. He also said that the possibility for contamination was frequent and those on board were doing nothing to stop contamination. I read somewhere that even a doctor was not wearing anything to keep her safe, no mask, no gloves. She said she probably had it already anyway. And now they are losing the medical professionals in hospitals in China. I'm alarmed and have been for weeks. But I don't know anyone p
  9. I hope that it isn't seen as an across the board child sex abuse organization. My kids were in it for years and the leaders were always good people and they always did lots of good stuff. The leadership was always "two deep", meaning there were always at least two adults teaching the boys and on campouts there were more and dads went too. @Margaret in COwhat are your thoughts on this? @mom2scoutsare you still in scouting? My kids are finished with it so it doesn't affect us now.
  10. I'm sorry too. There are no words I can come up with anymore when someone says these things they are going through. Having been in the mire with it with my husband last year I know how I felt ...We love you and we care about you deeply. Be thinking about you today and sending positive vibes your way. 🐶
  11. My superpowers have not remained strong. I used to be able to tell what country someone was from by the accent. I used to know when I was being lied to by anyone. I used to be a raging maniac when thunderstorms were approaching (but I didn't know the weather forecast) and later when I'd start hearing the thunder I'd realize it was probably the barometric pressure working on me. I think we discussed this in a thread years ago here. Is that a superpower or a super inconvenience? I don't think I have this here where I live now. If a driver got us lost, I could get us out of it. I never
  12. How is everyone doing on their de-cluttering? I hit a wall and haven't felt like moving forward. Hopefully tomorrow I can get it rolling again because I have made a big mess in two rooms. It is too cold to work in the garage lately, but will get back to that when it warms up. It is hard getting rid of stuff that was his, that I have no use for and the kids don't want. We are not going to discuss yard sales, nope. @Arctic Mama I found a box of little girl church dresses too, different sizes. I thought I had gotten rid of it more than 10 years ago but that must have been the OTHER box of c
  13. It doesn't matter if the student wasn't identified. Your daughter knew it was her work that was being critiqued. I can't imagine how that would help anyone to learn and grow, but especially when so young. It seems rather damaging to her psyche, IMO. I want to say that the teacher will most likely be backed up by the administration or that the teacher will not back down. I cannot envision the teacher even admitting it was wrong, or apologizing.
  14. Congratulations! And it looks great! Nice beach day. Does he look anything like you? I love family resemblances. My youngest boy and youngest girl both look a lot like me and each other.
  15. About shredding documents, etc: some cities or police departments offer it once a year, check your local government's web pages. Some libraries have shredders for public use. "Old" towels, baby blankets, etc. as mentioned above, can be donated to animal shelters. Call them to see if they accept donations. I get frustrated with this house because when I get a set of sheets or blanket out to use, it smells kind of funky and I end up washing it before using it, even with storing some open bars of soap or dryer sheets in the closets, tucked between stacks of items. Started on my closet,
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