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  1. One of my kids gets super soft fleece throw blankets from the local discount store. They are cheap, around $5-6 if you don't mind seasonal patterns. Then pins them around their neck like a cape. If you wash cold gentle cycle and tumble dry low, they stay soft for a long time. ETA: like what Arcadia's son does.
  2. Regarding the hospital claim - if this happened: * the hospital billed Wrong Insurance Company within that insurance company's timely filing window * the claim was denied for no coverage * you then provided the correct insurance information the hospital should be able to bill your 2019 insurance, even though it is outside the 180 day window - they must provide proof of timely filing with Wrong Insurance Company together with the claim, and they may need to write an appeal - and your insurance company would then process the claim. Regarding the collections account: Did your ds ask the collection agency what doctor or facility the account is for? Also, the collection agency should be able to provide the original account number. The dollar amount on the collections account may not match an EOB from earlier in 2019; late fees may be added to an unpaid medical account for some period of time before the account is sent to a collections agency.
  3. Do you have a link for the bolded?
  4. I think there are many more ill than the number of cases quoted in the press. I have read on several sites that China is stating there is a shortage of test kits. So... I think there is really no way to track how many people have coronavirus there.
  5. Yes, that's it
  6. I saw the same figure (1000 in critical condition) earlier today but now can't find it. Either the number has been altered, or I'm getting different search results on laptop vs phone. I was thinking NY Times, CNN, CBS - those are the sites I've read most frequently today. Possibly Washington Post or LA Times. ETA: Could be The Guardian - forgot I was looking at it earlier.
  7. Just saw a report that the man in Germany who is confirmed to have coronavirus got it from a co-worker who was in town from China to do a presentation; co-worker became ill on the flight home to China. The German man became ill several days later. The German man did not travel to China - indicating person-to-person transmission.
  8. I think if Dr. Whoever at the clinic sends orders to the lab, you don't have to sign a release to have the results given to the doctor. Because it's understood that you are a patient of Dr. Whoever at the clinic, and you've therefore given your consent for Dr. Whoever to order labs and view the results.
  9. Another vote for the IKEA tea light lanterns.
  10. Some employers allow retired employees to buy family insurance coverage through the employer at group rates, but not subsidized. The employee could be included as part of the family coverage depending on age.
  11. Yes I will join! My entire house needs to be purged but it is so overwhelming that I haven't been able to make myself get started. Thank you for setting up this challenge and giving me the motivation to get going. Today 1/11/20 the plan is to tackle the storage chest in my bedroom - both what's inside and what's piled on the top. The intention of this storage chest is for out-of-season clothes, and the lid is supposed to be for my bedside lamp, alarm clock, and nothing else. ETA: coming back to report, I did it. And I purged a dresser drawer too. The dresser drawer now holds my current season workout clothes that used to be piled on top of the storage chest. One big black bag ready to go to Goodwill. And I discovered there is WAY too much dust in my bedroom, yuck.
  12. Did you know there is an ABBA museum in Stockholm? The woman in front of us at IKEA today was wearing a shirt from the museum. She said it's a little cheesy but very worth a visit.
  13. Muskrat Love - it was on the radio every day when my best friend and I spent one summer making Barbie houses out of cardboard boxes.
  14. I agree with you. Also I think many grocery stores will end up being warehouses -- entirely online ordering with either home delivery or parking lot pick-up options, same as Amazon. This will combat the shoplifting losses. The store security guards don't seem to be much of a deterrent.
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