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  1. At your daughter's job, is she working with clients on the phone or face-to-face? And is she doing data entry, or answering questions for existing clients? Data entry: If she is working with them on the phone, she can ask them to spell out their name/street name, etc. In my job, I do this all the time - both with my clients, and as a client of other organizations. It's very common. As a PP has said, names often have multiple spelling options. If she is working with clients face-to-face, could she have them fill out a form which she enters into the computer at a later time? If that's not feasible, could she copy their name/address from their driver's license? Or she could ask them to spell out their name/address as needed. Existing clients: If on the phone, does her office have a script for identifying clients? If not, is it possible for her to develop one whereby she asks for the easiest info (for her) first? Such as account number? Then look up the account and ask the client to confirm their name & DOB? If face to face, the office should have some kind of protocol. For example, does the client need to present ID? She could look up the account from that. Or the post-it note idea that a PP suggested. I have never had anyone push back when I ask them to spell their name/address. IME most people want their info to be accurate.
  2. Ultimate shorts? One of my kids has a pair of the Hydro shorts, and they are long, lightweight, and flowing. ETA: they are athletic/athleisure though - not sure if your dd is looking for something dressier.
  3. My mom made chipped beef on toast. The meat was a stack of slices rolled up in a jar; she cut it into strips with kitchen shears. The gravy... no idea what it was made of. I liked chipped beef on toast. Probably because it was already cooked and thus couldn't be overcooked into dryness.
  4. Liver Canned spinach Butter on sandwiches Pot roast - I would guess there is some way to prepare it that doesn't end up with a very dry texture. My mom didn't use a meat thermometer; instead she cooked the meat extra long to be sure it was done. She did that for all types of meat, but I remember pot roast being the driest.
  5. It sounds like your kid and my kid had pretty much the same Spanish 3 experience. Awful. And that Spanish 3 experience shows why a 504 is needed. Just wanted to add - you can get accommodations from the CC without having a 504 in high school. The evaluation should say what accommodations are needed. My older kid had no problem getting accommodations from the CC based on what the evaluation recommended - didn't have a 504 in high school. The disability services office was super helpful.
  6. Can she take math online, using a provider that is approved by your state? One of my kids has taken several academic classes online (some due to schedule conflicts). I had to pay for the classes, but the school accepts the credits. Fine arts is what keeps my kid in school right now. There is no way I would agree to drop a class that keeps my kid attending. Push on the 504. Their reasoning is wrong.
  7. What are the new screening questions? Just curious - my kids are now teen/young adult.
  8. Another vote for Olukai O'hana.
  9. I think Luna protein bars are vegan.
  10. I think pulls=runs. Towels nowadays seem to develop runs/pulls easily. I don't know if they're woven more loosely, or have yarn breaks woven in, or what.
  11. Whether I would attempt to do it myself depends on the vintage of the toilet (the last few decades? 1950's or before?) and whether the toilet is installed into a concrete slab. A relative replaced two vintage toilets recently. One was installed into a concrete slab. A plumber was a very good idea. The original installations were... interesting.
  12. Your signature references a child at a Colorado university. If that is the child in question, here is information from Colorado workers compensation:
  13. If by any chance your child has seen a therapist whose specialty is working with clients with ASD, that person might be able to refer you to a tutor who has experience working with kids with ASD.
  14. Oh, maybe what I saw was specific sets. I just looked on Amazon and each doll is about $10 there. My mom wants to ship the dolls so Amazon is probably the best bet.
  15. I think the Fisher Price Loving Family dolls have been discontinued. My mom would like to buy some similar dolls for a preschool aged grandchild. Are there similar dolls that will stand up to be played with by a 2 or 3 year old?
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