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  1. Thank you so much for all the info! I am going to do the PP SAL.
  2. Your projects are beautiful! I'm picking up curbside orders so I can get started in the next couple of days. One question for you and anyone else who stitches: what do you use for hoop/frame while working? I think I have some stretcher bars in the basement somewhere but not sure if they're the right size.
  3. I didn't think about that -- it does seem that it would be a lot faster than regular cross-stitch. Do you mean that you are using a different color for each block and its outline (meaning, one block/outline is yellow, and the next is purple, and so on)? If this is what you're doing, how did you decide on the colors?
  4. I just googled that SAL - it looks REALLY fun! Part of me really wants to join, and the other part says who am I kidding, where would I find the time for that. But, if I did the SAL instead of reading covid news online obsessively, I would have PLENTY of time for the SAL... I'll think about it while I sew some masks today.
  5. If no family member is allowed to be physically present with the patient, I would insist on Duo or Facetime while the staff is explaining aftercare or anything of importance. After one surgery, dh was given aftercare instructions shortly after he came out of recovery and while I was not present -- he had no memory of what the staff member told him. Never again.
  6. This is a wonderful idea! My dad passed away a few years ago, and left dozens of carousels of slides going back 60+ years. My sibs, my mom, and I got together and looked at many of the slides -- and couldn't identify numerous people and places. Wish we'd thought to either go through the slides with Dad, or ask him to label them. Same thing happened to dh. Some of the slides he and his sibs inherited are marked with year, but nothing else.
  7. All day long. Every day. It got better for a few months, and then started back up again. Most nights too, but not every night - or else sometimes I'm just too tired to wake up to notice.
  8. Dh goes to the Starbucks drive thru regularly. I do in store mobile pick up usually, but occasionally drive thru. Employees are ALWAYS masked. They hand over the drinks in a container; you take the drink from the container (they used to use a large mug, now it's a plastic box thing) so the person who gives you your drink never touches any part of your cup. IDK if the container thing is nationwide? Touchless pay with the app. An acquaintance is a Starbucks barista and she told me the routine she has to go through before/during each shift. After hearing that, and from my personal experience, I have no worries about getting my iced drink via drive thru/mobile pick up.
  9. Marine Boy 😄 although my cousin claims Speed Racer would be the correct answer. So maybe both 😍
  10. I wish Farrell's was still around. I work with someone who used to work there.
  11. Paper route starting at age 11. My parents had to sign an approval for me to get the route because the minimum age was 12. Then babysitting starting a couple years later. Full-time nannying in the summer at 15 (for a 6 month old and a 4 year old... I cannot imagine that happening nowadays). First 18+ job was dishwasher.
  12. Do they own or rent? If they rent, you could complain to the landlord.
  13. At the doctor's office, I got screened at the entrance to the building. Then they gave me a mask and a paper that said I'd been screened for COVID-19, and I was allowed to enter the building and proceed to the reception desk. Also I was told to present myself for screening a certain number of minutes prior to my appointment so there was minimal waiting after I was inside the building.
  14. We don't have a cheese shelf or drawer. I try to corral the bags of shredded cheese in a plastic box. The rest of the cheese is scattered in various locations in the fridge. Cream cheese, cottage cheese, string cheese, sharp cheddar block, colby jack block or slices (or havarti slices - I alternate), parmesan block, shredded parm, can of grated parm, shredded mozz, shredded Italian blend, shredded Mexican blend, tub of feta - generally we have all these on hand. Then if I stop at Trader Joe's or the cheese counter, I'll pick up a couple small pieces of specialty cheese - there's an espresso one I'm partial to at the moment.
  15. We are still under stay-at-home and there are very significantly fewer people who would normally be working/shopping/etc in the business/shopping districts. There are the same number of people hanging out &/or living in public spaces in those areas. I am very cautious about where I go when I'm alone.
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