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  1. For those of you using Wellbutrin seasonally - have you experienced significant discontinuation symptoms?
  2. Oh that is super cute!!!
  3. If your son decided to enroll in the insurance plan that his employer offers, it would be his primary plan (because he is the subscriber). If he also stayed on your family's plan, that plan would be secondary (because a person other than your son is the subscriber). You don't get to choose which plan is primary. You might check with your family's insurance to be sure he could still be covered under the policy, if he will be working full time for an employer that offers heath insurance. Sometimes there are exclusions.
  4. Lining up things, for example all the Playmobil people would get lined up by hair color in rows, instead of being typically played with. Lack of typical interaction with other kids. Sensory issues - textures, sounds, smells. Small motor and gross motor difficulties. Had to be explicitly taught social responses. Very literal. Years of pediatrician visits with the same doctor, who was very surprised by the diagnosis in mid-teens. I do wonder if it would have been caught sooner if we had not homeschooled -- maybe a teacher would have noticed?
  5. Your projects are lovely!
  6. Would love to see pictures!
  7. I have had several mercury fillings replaced over the years, one by one as they failed. It wasn't that expensive, $50-$150 per filling maybe? I didn't notice any health changes. The dentist didn't wear any special protective gear that I remember. ETA: price was after insurance.
  8. We have that same set. One of my kids cuts their own hair with it and also my dh's hair. Maybe they have improved it because it doesn't seem noisy to me.
  9. Yes it is a thing and in fact we just sent a domestic bird express mail cross country recently. We checked the temperatures along the route to ensure it wasn't forecast to be too hot, the bird was shipped in a special bird carrier (has to meet certain specifications), was shipped early in the week to eliminate any possibility of sitting in a postal facility over the weekend, and was in transit under 48 hours due to one end of the journey being rural - it would have been 24 hours otherwise. The bird arrived just fine. I'm sure it was stressful for the bird and I felt bad about that, but its
  10. If you are able to stay with the Cobra, before making a decision to change to short-term I would look at: deductible on Cobra (and how much has been satisfied) and copay amounts deductible on short-term policy and copay amounts premium cost for each plan are your doctors contracted with the short-term plan does the short-term plan cover all the medical care you typically need
  11. I disagree about the dentist - no matter what amount the dentist bills the insurance for a given visit, the insurance will only pay the contracted amount. If the insurance's contracted amount for an exam is $78.43, that's all they'll pay, even if the dentist submits a bill for $500 for the exam. Unless insurances start covering PPE as a separate line item, either the dentist has to eat the PPE expense as a cost of doing business, or charge the patient a separate time-of-service fee. A restaurant, on the other hand, can simply raise their prices or assess a surcharge to cover PPE or othe
  12. So sad. My kids loved Magic School Bus - books, TV show, PC games.
  13. I'm wondering what will be the first fiction book that I read that incorporates covid protocol.
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