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  1. And the free response part of AP exams have no names on them, only the AP number label so those are scored blind, too.
  2. My Apple Watch reminds me to breathe. I think when my heart rate remains elevated and it doesn’t think I’m working out, it reminds me to breathe. Or maybe it does it randomly? IDK. But every once in a while, it shakes my wrist a bit and says breathe.
  3. Georgia Tech has been mentioned a couple of times as having the right nerd vibe, but, as an alum and a yellow jacket mom, I thought I would mention... Georgia Tech has a huge football culture. HUGE! I sent my oldest there having attended two high school football games (he went to PS in the South where football is king) and got him back as a stark raving mad lunatic football fan. This child rushed the field after a huge win and FaceTimed me while doing it so I could join in the mania. THWG!! GT has a lot of southern football tradition. My shy uninvolved kid also joined a fraternity. Greek life is thriving on the GT campus. All that said, there is tons to do that doesn’t involve football. So while there is a nerd vibe, there are also all of those things that go along with a major university in the South. And I am so excited that my second kid is going to start his journey to being a Hell of an Engineer. And P.S. My GT grad son has a great job as a mechanical engineer. He travels all over the US and Europe designing and installing vision systems on manufacturing lines. However, I agree that it is not the school for the OP’s dd because they don’t have the classes she needs. Those would be more likely to be at UGA I would guess.
  4. You are not allowed to bring any outside timing device into an AP exam except a watch. It’s in the proctoring instructions.
  5. Kids have pulled out notes from the barrel of a mechanical pencil, too. That is why you can’t use mechanical pencils on the AP or SAT.
  6. I have been doing $25 Amazon gift cards because they have them at my grocery store. A lot of my son’s friends have been getting checks or cash or gift cards for $20.19.
  7. My dad has been wearing them forever. He uses them as slippers, too. (My dad is only barefoot in the shower and in bed. Really! If his feet are on the floor he has on shoes.) My sisters and nieces wear them, too.
  8. This is how Naviance works. Public and (probably) private schools use it. I don’t know how it would work for a homeschooled individual, as we subscribe to it as a school. I can upload a letter to send to all schools for a student, or I can write separate ones for each school and send them. All the forms I need to fill out are there. It works well, although I have heard they do data mine.
  9. My daughter likes Athleta suits. They aren’t inexpensive, though. However, if you can find a top there she likes, you can mix and match it with cheaper bottoms from Target.
  10. I think this makes the snooper a gossip, too.
  11. Don’t call the AP coordinator next week. He or she will he way too busy to take your call, and if she does, she will probably be short with you. Our AP coordinator is dealing with 2000+ exams for 700+ kids over two weeks time. Also, schools don’t have much information on how things are going to work next year. That is going to be rolled out in June.
  12. We got a cute on for my 14 year old at Francesca’s.
  13. I have the book Dinner in an Instant by a New York Times food editor, Melissa Clark. It has some great recipes with complex tastes.
  14. I’ve just ordered The Benefits of Being an Octopus because it looks really good.
  15. I let my rising sixth grader do his required summer reading using audible last summer. He had a copy of the book that he read along with, too, but letting him listen was a good thing for him. My plan is to let him do that again this summer.
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