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  1. Look, I never said anything about him deserving anything. When an offense deals with race it can become racist. Just as I consider it offensive to be called Oriental (Jap or chink) it is rude to call a Native American an "Indian" or a black person a negro. Why should it be okay that a elderly person call someone whatever he wants to because he used those words when he was a young child? All of these words used to describe a person of color come from times when non-white people were treated as inferior.
  2. I am a person of color and what that man said is not ok. Is the man a racist? I don't think anyone can say that or not, but what he said is racist. I'm bowing out of this thread, but I'm politely asking all who are reading this and from the majority culture of the USA to reconsider if you can be the one to decide what is a racist comment or not. As I state earlier, I equate it with the example of the 90 year old man that continues to insist that the word negro isn't wrong since he didn't mean it in a bad way.
  3. Well yes, I've felt this way for much of my life actually. The difference in the example given by SKL is that you can't take your skin color off like a pair of jeans.
  4. Yeah, I know that a lot of people in the majority culture here in the USA say things like this. What do you think of a 90 year old man that still calls African Americans by the old offensive word negro? It's very offensive but some will argue that the old man doesn't mean any ill. So? It's still offensive. If the chiropractor made a remark like, "oh, I noticed the demographics of the area have changed quite a bit. It's interesting how much it's changed." This is quite different from saying, " wow! I felt like I'm in Jamaica!"
  5. If that person had said his comment out loud on the beach, believe me, he would have gotten some glares or worse.
  6. As a person of color, I would be offended. I had a very similar situation happen to me and it offended me. I was walking down the boardwalk with basically 10 of my family members and I heard someone murmur, "I feel like we are in China or something." As an Asian person (not Chinese), I know what that women meant and it wasn't an innocent comment. So yes, that person was being offensive/racist. Lumping a whole group of people as being from one island is stupid and offensive.
  7. I bought a sectional from Costco (I think it's in most warehouses now) that we love. It's so comfortable.
  8. What an interesting question... I "envy" people that can learn and retain languages easily. My parents immigrated when I was a baby, and I no longer use the language of my birth. It makes me sad. I've also learned more than a few languages over the years and .... have forgotten them all. I stink at languages.
  9. I don't have the 800 series, but I find that the Finish tablets are perfect for the dishwasher. I also use the additional Finish rinse aid when the light goes on. That helps with the drying and spots. The tines are close together, but I use Corelle dishes so its perfect for me. I can get a ton of dishes and bowls into the machine.
  10. I was in your shoes a few years ago down to the four young kids. We decided to go to Hawaii (I'm actually not a beach person) and the vacation was amazing. We still talk about it. We ate amazing food, took amazing car rides along the coast, went hiking, ziplined and took a beautiful helicopter ride above the waterfalls. It was all awesome. I don't recommend the helicopter ride unless you have a strong stomach. My dh and I don't and we barely kept it in. The ziplining through the mountains and waterfalls was so amazing.
  11. What about wallpaper over wallpaper over UNPRIMED walls? In our first home when we steamed and tried to remove the layers, the drywall came off in chunks because it was unprimed. Lord have mercy. We were so poor after the down payment, it wasn't an option to pay someone to rip out the drywall and put up new stuff.
  12. I don't know how "authentic" it is,but we like the Irish Breakfast and British tea from Trader Joes.
  13. I tried dry shampoo years ago and didn't like it at all. I really can't understand what the fuss is all about. For me, I guess my hair is naturally pretty shiny and the dry shampoo made it look really dull. So while it didn't look oily or stringy, it still looked dirty. For your daughter, I suggest pinning her bangs back.
  14. If you have the time, try to purge before moving. It'll stink if you move all your stuff just to give a lot of it away once you settle in!
  15. I've experienced exactly what you described. I did two things to stop it, but it will require some money. I started using exercise clothing from Athleta marked UNSTINKABLE. It absolutely works. For my non-Athleta clothing, I started to soak the clothing in a vinegar wash. It did the trick, but it requires retreatment every few washes. Athleta is expensive, but there are frequent sales and the quality is awesome.
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