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  1. solascriptura

    aging skin help

    It's not necessarily hopeless, but it needs to be prevented. The primary cause of sagging skin is UV exposure. Sunblock needs to be applied generously from the scalp down the neck and on the chest area if these areas are exposed.
  2. solascriptura

    Paula's Choice newbie--what's your favorite product?

    There are a lot of factors to consider, but an fyi. The BHA 2% liquid has a cult following. I suggest you look at the Resist line for normal/oily skin. They also have one for dry skin.
  3. solascriptura

    A minor splurge you would do again? And one you regret?

    Have you seen the episode of Conan O'Brien and Steve Yun at the Korean spa? I was dying. It is so funny and so relatable (because I'm Korean, not because I go to the spas). Korean Spas are actually a real part of the culture and a major social activity in Korea.
  4. solascriptura

    Help me price this refrigerator

    I would be glad to get $500 for it. My friend recently bought a relatively newish large Samsung fridge from the Habitat Restore store for $375.
  5. solascriptura

    A minor splurge you would do again? And one you regret?

    A nice North Face coat. I resisted forever because I thought that the extra money wouldn't make a difference from a cheaper coat. No way. It blocks the wind unlike any of the other cheaper coats that I've ever had. Not worth it? I bought a huge bottle of Avalon Organics shampoo from Costco. As soon as I try to wash my hair, it balls up into a rats nest in the shower! Ugh. I hate waste and I know that Costco will take the return but just throw it out. So I keep using the rats nest shampoo.
  6. solascriptura

    A minor splurge you would do again? And one you regret?

    Lol. I'm Korean and I can't even imagine going to a Korean spa. I've had many many opportunities, but the thought of stripping down all the way is just not appealing to me at all.
  7. I definitely love more bitter things than I used to. I grew up eating a lot of processed foods, but the thought of eating a ding dong or grocery store cupcake makes me cringe.
  8. I'm all about the capsule wardrobe. If I worked in an office setting, I'd get 5 tops, 5 bottoms and a few jackets and cardigans. They'd all be interchangeable and would go with 2 pairs of shoes. On the other hand, why is that guy complaining about the employee's wardrobe unless she is not being hygienic?
  9. solascriptura

    Abducted in Plain Sight

    That is horrible and so scary for your sister. I'm sorry.
  10. solascriptura

    Kitchen reno vs. family vacation

    I said both, but here is my thinking on it. My family and I spend a lot A LOT of time in our kitchen. I have wanderlust and will take great efforts to travel, but when I'm home, I'm home. I spend 80 percent of my waking hours in our kitchen. That said, kitchens can vary a lot in price. If you are fine with the layout consider getting just cabinets and counters. And if appliances can be reused, a bundle can be saved there. There is no need to get everything at once.
  11. solascriptura

    Kitchen reno vs. family vacation

    I would try to do both. You could scale back on the vacation to two weeks (still very nice) and get creative on how to save a little money on the reno.
  12. solascriptura

    New Tax Law Impact

    Realistically this would never work. Most people cannot or will not save thousands of dollars each year in a bank account for the purpose of paying federal taxes at the end of each year. Way too many people live paycheck to paycheck for this to ever work.
  13. solascriptura

    New Tax Law Impact

    Because of the rumblings on this site about the new tax laws, I decided to go early to my CPA. He said that there were a lot of angry clients so far. lol. His advice was to change our withholdings to "Married plus 2" since we have 4 kids still at home.
  14. solascriptura

    SAD light?

    I've been using the Happy Light on Amazon. I paid 40 dollars and it does help. I use it for about 30 minutes a day.
  15. solascriptura

    My blueberry muffins were too moist. Why?

    I make a lot of quick breads too. Off the bat, I can tell that there is too much milk. I understand why you probably picked that recipe. Is it because it's low sugar? That's one reason why the muffins were bland. I know that it defeats the purpose of a healthy recipe, but for good blueberry muffins you will need a recipe with more sugar. As you probably already know, sugar is a flavor enhancer. Lemon zest will also help immensely.