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  1. solascriptura

    joined a gym...a few fitness questions...

    I've noticed similar problems when I started exercising, so I think that it's normal. At first I gained a few pounds, then after about a month or six weeks, the extra weight plus a few additional pounds just quickly fell off. I'm not sure what the cause is, but it may be extra water weight.
  2. solascriptura

    Selling a questions

    A clean clean house will make a world of difference to a buyer. It gives a sense that a home was well cared for and maintained. Enlist everyone in your family to do the cleaning. I would focus on the kitchen and the bathrooms, but also clean the walls and baseboard all over the house. If you have pets, do what you can to remove the pet smells.
  3. solascriptura

    Should I paint my kitchen cabinets?

    Your cabinets look good so I wouldn't paint them. I have painted my cabinets in my previous home and it was a pain. They look great for a while, but you will probably need to do touch ups. it's hard to do good touch us with cabinets that have a few coats of paint.
  4. solascriptura

    New Phone Advice Needed--Samsung/iPhone

    It seems to me that teenagers prefer the iPhone. I had a Samsung years ago, switched to an iPhone two years ago, and just bought a Galaxy S9. Love it! I was so sick of the iPhone assuming that I wanted to do things that I didn't want to do. My dd was constantly receiving my texts and if the kids downloaded a game, it would pop up on my phone. I love the screen on my s9 too.
  5. solascriptura

    thanks for the discussions of parental caregiving

    It goes both ways for us. I can help my parents as they age and its not burdensome because I don't need to set aside a whole day to see them. They can also help me by watching my kids and helping me with my garden (they have green thumbs and my thumbs are black). It's a win win all around.
  6. solascriptura

    thanks for the discussions of parental caregiving

    That's wonderful! It's great that there were willing to see their own future and make plans accordingly. My parents moved closer to me and they have loved being able to see their grandkids whenever they want. They can drop by for a cup of coffee and to hang out. There is no need to plan long extended trips for either of us.
  7. solascriptura

    WWYD re: Elderly Parent

    That's terrible. I'm sorry.
  8. solascriptura

    WWYD re: Elderly Parent

  9. solascriptura

    WWYD re: Elderly Parent

    I think that I would call the police and ask what would have happened if she had been reported or pulled over at the time. This could have been enough for a steep fine or more. I would use that as leverage when speaking to mom about perhaps taking the driver license. I'm absolutely dreading doing this to my mom. It was pretty easy for my dad to give it up because my mom still drives. However, the day that my mom stops driving, I don't even want to think about it. She proudly tells my kids (repeatedly) about how she started driving.
  10. I'm sorry for everyone involved. Aging and cancer is an endless black hole. I can understand why you feel terribly about the situation, but if everything that you wrote is really how it is, you've done everything that you can.
  11. solascriptura

    Cell phone that just makes call and texts

    My dd's first phone was an older model iPhone. Through At&T I purchased a prepaid plan that would allow only talk and text. THrough the parental controls I removed everything (APP store, Safari, TV,etc) except for a few simple games. She was able to access Wifi.
  12. solascriptura

    S/O how to prepare for elder parents care

    I agree with this 100%. However, it's also good to review the points periodically. Recently after reading Being Mortal, I asked my mom about her wishes and she said that she absolutely wanted no intervention and said that she already had everything spelled out in a document typed up 15 years ago. I was relieved until I read the said document. It clearly stated that she wanted "any measure that the doctor deemed helpful." I considered the contradictions and realized that a person's wishes can change over the years (perhaps without remembering what was originally in them) and should be reviewed regularly to make sure that opinions and feelings are still lined up with what is in the documents. Sigh.
  13. solascriptura

    S/O Why is the heavy burden of parental caregiving so common?

    I can't even imagine. You must at the very minimum rehome all the pets and begin to get at least a few hours of help every day. If you don't, you can expect a nervous breakdown or some other medical crisis.
  14. solascriptura

    S/O how to prepare for elder parents care

    Planning the housing situation is so crucial in all of this. I recently convinced my parents to downsize to a home just a few minutes from mine. They were previously in a rural area located far from all of their children. Their recent move has allowed them to have more frequent visits from all of us, more time with their grandkids, less home to maintain, a more active social life (because their new church is just a few minutes from their home), much closer to all the shops (they can walk if necessary), and local hospitals. The benefits go far beyond those that I listed. Whether you or your parents are in that "I'll die before I'll move from my home" please reconsider this. It will make it far, far easier for everyone if the housing and location can accommodate an aging person. Personally, their move has allowed me to care (not too much yet) for them much more easily. I love my parent's dearly and want to do the best that I can do for them and I don't want to become bitter or sacrifice my own family to care for them. Their old home had me driving to them for over 1 hour one way just to help them with their bills or computer.
  15. solascriptura

    Is Amazon Prime worth it?

    Wow, I guess its unanimous. I get free cable and internet so I never considered Amazon video to be a perk of Prime. I think that is what would push me over the edge. Free shipping minimum has gone back down to $25 on Amazon. It's kinda scary. I'm pretty sure that Amazon is going to take over the world.
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