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  1. solascriptura

    Sleep questions...

    Blackout curtains, a cool room, our memory foam mattress and pillows (with a cool side), high quality silky smooth cotton sheets. Our kids are great sleepers so our sleep is uninterrupted 99% of the time.
  2. solascriptura

    Sleep questions...

    What makes them feel so magical? Maybe someone can suggest something.
  3. solascriptura

    Are you a wine drinker?

    We drink a beer or a few glasses of wine a few times a week. I have a friend who's a sommelier and they drink quite a bit. They have a wine fridge that covers the wall and is larger than two or three of my regular refrigerator and judging by their collection, I would be surprised if they didn't spend 5 figures worth of wine each year.
  4. solascriptura

    Hard News: Our Beloved Boardie, Greta

    My prayers are with you dear Greta.
  5. Science credits do expire after five years, but I don't believe that other credits do. If you do go back to school, I suggest figuring a way to do it without taking any debt on.
  6. solascriptura

    Do men shake your hand?

    Hmm.. I never really noticed because I find myself sticking my hand out first. I will usually look men straight in the eye, smile, and stick my hand out. I don't give them a chance to overlook me. haha.
  7. solascriptura

    help us downsize

    I would start with things that you know you will never "need" again. This might include baby clothes, toys, homeschool books or maybe books in general, old magazines, your clothes and maybe your husband's clothes. It's important to be patient and know that it's not going to be done overnight. It will take some time and you may even find yourself going over the same things over and over again. One important thing to remember that while you are culling your stuff, don't bring more stuff in!
  8. solascriptura

    under sink water filters

    Locally, concerns about the public water has been in the news. While my local water company insists that our water is still safe, I've been feeling uneasy. I know that Berkey water filters are known to be one of the best and I was looking at them, but they take up so much space and I don't want to bother to clean the cistern. Are there any under the sink water filters that have the reputation of Berkey?
  9. solascriptura

    Just for fun- baby names you loved but never got to use

    Hudson. After Hudson Taylor.
  10. solascriptura

    Cheating with coworker? What do you say?

    I would start probing a little more, but I would not dismiss or play down her concerns. A very dear friend of mine called me of a similar problem and once it was out in the open, it was Jerry Springer style stuff. I kid you not. And this was with her pillar of the church ELDER husband. I never liked the guy and even told my friend to call off her wedding. Well, she didn't and to this day she tells me that she should have listened to me. All I can say is her husband never liked me either and I'm pretty sure that it was because I could see right through him. Sorry, that became venty. My dear dear friend is still going through this and it's horribly painful for her and it's painful for me to watch. Once piece of advice that I got for her from the various divorce threads at WTM was to start quietly socking away money. I gave my friend that advice and she has been able to put away several months of expenses.
  11. solascriptura

    Why am I a rice cooking failure?

    Do you have an electric or flat top stove? That would explain to me why it's scorching on the bottom. If it makes you feel any better, I'm asian and every single asian person I know uses a rice cooker. It cooks it perfectly every time with no fussing. I've also been using my Instant Pot lately with great results. So I would suggest that if you are interested, just buy an inexpensive $20 cooker. Some more expensive rice cookers also make brown rice and porridge. I've seen them for $400+ in the store!
  12. solascriptura

    Question About Melaleuca Company (Do I dare ask?)

    Since my friend has an account and she's given me a lot of products to try, I'll tell you what I've liked. I can't speak to it being natural though. Again like I mentioned before, I'm skeptical of the term and upon reading the labels there were still a lot of words I couldn't figure out. Laundry detergent (it's super concentrated so you will need to buy the pump separately), dishwasher detergent, shampoos are nice ( but I'm not picky), I like their liquid hand soap. I just tried their Tub and Tile a few hours ago and I had the redo some mildew areas with bleach. So the Tub and Tile won't work with mildew. I like their glass cleaner. I believe most of their cleaners are concentrates so you'll need to get the empty refillable bottles.
  13. solascriptura

    Question About Melaleuca Company (Do I dare ask?)

    They have some decent products, but so do a lot of other regular companies. I believe that if you buy into their company, you're required to purchase a minimum every month. I have a close friend that does Meleluca, but because I only want a few things very occasionally allows me to use her account to buy them. Their detergent is very good. I know that people rave about their Renew line, but my kids dislike the fragrance. It also uses petroleum which I thought goes against their idea of "natural" products. Their sales people usually insist that their products are "natural" but what does that mean anyway? I guess petroleum is natural if you think about it.
  14. solascriptura

    joined a gym...a few fitness questions...

    I've noticed similar problems when I started exercising, so I think that it's normal. At first I gained a few pounds, then after about a month or six weeks, the extra weight plus a few additional pounds just quickly fell off. I'm not sure what the cause is, but it may be extra water weight.
  15. solascriptura

    Selling a questions

    A clean clean house will make a world of difference to a buyer. It gives a sense that a home was well cared for and maintained. Enlist everyone in your family to do the cleaning. I would focus on the kitchen and the bathrooms, but also clean the walls and baseboard all over the house. If you have pets, do what you can to remove the pet smells.
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