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  1. I'm a ruthless purger. I confess. lol. So far, I've not once regretted anything that I've tossed. Baby and kid stuff is the worst. Just a few years after you bought a new exersaucer or stroller a brand new snazzy model comes out. You may have held onto yours thinking that someone might want it. Nope. No one wanted my baby stroller or baby clothes.
  2. This is what I pretty much do. However, when I think about it a little, I just can't help feeling disappointed. It's not just anger or frustration; disappointment is worse I think.
  3. solascriptura

    Christmas food...give me your favorite DIP recipe

    A hot bubbly spinach artichoke dip. Served with a crusty baguette.
  4. solascriptura

    another question about Life 360 app

    It runs constantly unless you turn it off. It does not use a lot of data at all.
  5. haha. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's what she's thinking. Personally, If I was the wife and I saw my dh doing that, I would have trouble not thinking my dh was a "turd." After seeing this dynamic in generation after generation, I sometimes wonder which one of my kids will be the "turd." It seems like most families have at least one. lol.
  6. It's likely that if his wife volunteered a second round, he knows that he should go. Unless his schedule is completely filled up, isn't it that he just doesn't want to go for whatever reason?
  7. I'm in a similar situation and it's maddening. Even when confronted, the sibling makes excuses. Even my kids have asked why I do everything for the grandparents while the other siblings don't do anything. I just try my best to do what I feel is right and not think about the actions of my siblings too much.
  8. I actually saw single serve packets of coconut oil at Trader Joe's. FYI
  9. solascriptura

    Can you recommend a chapstick that really works?

    It's best to avoid anything that says "medicated." All those things that make it feel nice and tingly are actually very drying. My family and I all use Paula's Choice lip and body balm. Trust me. I've tried every balm under the drugstore sun. Paula's Choice heals and prevents chapped lips.
  10. solascriptura

    phone tracking 360..or similar

    All of use have Life360 and we like it. It is free for a basic subscription.
  11. I removed Safari from my kids phones. It's done quite easily. You can also remove the app store.
  12. solascriptura

    City living: NYC, Philly, Chicago

    You could get a lot of "house" for $5500 in Philly. I'm not sure about the other cities. Probably not NYC.
  13. solascriptura

    What are you go-to everyday shoes?

    Van's slip ons.
  14. solascriptura

    What do you think of the remodeled Target stores?

    I can't find anything. There must be some reasoning to it, but I can't figure it out. I
  15. solascriptura

    Should I give in?

    Yes, they do. However, either discuss it with your dd and see how she really feels about the cat. Maybe she won't even really want one after all. Yes, an older kid will understand (maybe). I do have a friend and her parent's bought her older sister a used small car when she entered medical school. A few years later, they bought their second daughter (my friend) a new car while we were in college. Wow, the parents were not ready for the ramifications of that. True, they could afford more, but there were some seriously hurt feelings and a lot of repair that needed to be done. Interestingly, these kinds of situations (personal ones too) have made a lot of impact on me. In every way I have in my control, I plan to support (and give) as equally to my kids as possible.
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