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  1. I love how Sea Salt changes with the time of day and the decor. I find the color so calming and relaxing. I don't think I would paint an entire house that color though.
  2. Well according to my 8 year old, "No offense mom, you're really bad at decorating." Lol.
  3. I have four swimmers and while they don't care about their hair getting wet, I have observed some swimmers do. The ones that seem to have pretty dry hair by the end of practice wear their caps very low with no hair or gap showing. We use a swimmers shampoo after that gets all the chlorine out. If your hair is long, they do have good caps for longer thicker hair. For sports bras, I would check out Athleta.
  4. I don't know if $650 is a "great deal" from LAX, but I highly recommend the airline. Singapore Airlines is the best in the world and it shows. I've flown across the globe many times on many different airlines, but Singapore Airlines deserves the accolades. It might be worth spending a bit extra for such a special trip.
  5. I recommend Coppola's Claret. We had it with steak and the meal was delicious! FS.pdf
  6. We had this for years. It was very nice!
  7. It could have been sound frequencies. My dh is an engineer and we've had quite a few conversations about it. Fascinating.
  8. Every set of teeth, insurance, and costs varies. You'll need to do some research on your own for your own case.
  9. I've treated my small lawn when we had grubs. It worked, but did take a few applications.
  10. I say no all the time. lol. Once I became less of a people pleaser, it was easy for me. Everyone's reasons are different though.
  11. My dh and I have different views on this, but earrings on boys are not a big deal to me. It's not a tattoo or gauge that would be difficult to repair either. I would only request that they get it done professionally and pay for all of it themselves.
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