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  1. I've ordered and tried on Chico, Lee, Wrangler, Levi, Talbot, NYDJ and Lands End. The Lands End fit almost right-- they are about 1 inch shorter than I like and I have to wear a belt (common issue, I like pants looser in the thighs which means they are too big in the waist). The NYDJ fit perfectly and I kept them, all the rest had fit issues and were returned.
  2. I ordered a pair of Chicos which arrived today. They are a size too big and 4 inches too long. I've never had a pair of "talls" that were too long, so that is a first. I returned them. I may try to size down and see how that goes.
  3. Here state universities won't accept physical science as a science credit.
  4. I would charge a lot for the service. Locally tutors charge between 50 and $60 an hour.
  5. Exhausted. I run a big co-op (200 families) and I am completely worn out.
  6. Thank you! I had not heard of ALEKS. She is enrolled in pre cal at our homeschool group this year, but I can have her do several weeks of review prior to the October test.
  7. Ok, just placed a huge order to Amazon. I'll update as to what works. 😁
  8. Most of their jeans are not long enough, but I do own one pair. they are snug in the morning but by lunch I'm constantly yanking them up, so I rarely wear them.
  9. Our co-op has been very successful in accommodating children with disabilities. I ask the parents to sit in class for the first few weeks so they can help train the teacher how to get the best out of the student. The only students that have not been successful are those who outbursts include hitting or running.
  10. This is what our group does. however many local groups will not accept any students with learning disabilities so you will need to check with your specific group. ADA generally refers to building specifications such as ramps, elevators etc. Public schools follow IDEA laws. Private schools are not legally bound to follow IDEA as they do not receive any federal funding.
  11. I need to get a new pair or two of jeans this fall. What are you current favorites.
  12. It would be hard to go back to school.
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