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  1. So should she even bother to retake the SAT, or just retake the ACT and hope for a couple more points on it.
  2. Here is the response I got from Winter Promise: That program still contains lots of additional reading and books inside of the program. There are a few of the books that we do not sell ourselves, but can be purchased by families. Here is a list of the components that are not ours. The Wright Brothers for Kids Galileo for Kids Exploring the Solar System: A History The New Ocean Book The New Weather Book The Kids' Book of Weather Forecasting There are also the following books/resources scheduled: Book of Flight Planet Earth Seabird Dragons of the Deep The Stars ACTIVITY: Solar System Planetarium (Model) Plus! Weekly Adventure Reading (Read-Alouds for the Family)
  3. DD completed both the ACT and SAT in the last 6 weeks. Her ACT total score was a 32, and her SAT was an 1170. When Iook at charts that compare the two tests, her SAT should have been in the 1300's. Just wondering if it is typical to score much higher on either the ACT or SAT.
  4. I have difficulty swallowing large pills, so I only take a multivitamin. My doctor has recommended taking fish oil to help my joints, but I just cannot get those huge pills down. Would chewable fish oil gummies work just as well? What about other types of chewable vitamins?
  5. Two of my children share a room and bed time is an issue. One has a hard time falling asleep and therefore needs to be in bed 1.5 hours before the other just to be able to settle down. I am considering one of those Privacy Pop bed tents and was wondering if anyone had one. I am concerned about it being hot if it is zipped up all the way.
  6. I am looking at Adventures in Sea and Sky for my rising 5th grader. I used WP a decade ago when it was similar to Sonlight. You got an IG and a bunch of literature books. Now it appears to be an IG and 4-6 Winter Promise original workbooks. So there is no longer a literature portion, no piles of good literature to read for the year?
  7. Thanks! I had been eyeing Adventures Sea and Sky. I wonder if WP has gotten better with their shipping. Thanks!
  8. My last child is a 4th grader. For 5th grade I'd like to do something fun/different. With my other kids, some memorable years included Winter Promise Animals and Five in a Row. DS has dyslexia and is reading and writing at a 1st grade level, so I read 100% of school to him. I am looking at half a hundred acre wood Mission:World Wonders as a possibility, but wanted to see if there were other ideas.
  9. I would drop her and the contractor and find someone new.
  10. What brands of soap and shampoo do you use? What about cleaning supplies? One of mine has severe dust mite allergies too.
  11. I would not do anything that would cause me to place a child in daycare. Ever. I would do something else for extra income such as tutor, babysit or clean houses on the weekends.
  12. This looks pretty awesome! I had not heard of Gunnison.
  13. I know there are companies that will do that at WDW. I thought maybe other places had it as well. No, we can drive it if needed. 🙂
  14. Thank you so much! I'd love to read your article
  15. Thanks! This one had not popped up on my searches.
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