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  1. Shellydon

    Best books on audio

    The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Franweiler
  2. I am having him do the copy work sentences in WWE2. Probably roughly half of each sentence so 4-7 words. I am not having him do any thing that is actually composing yet. Thanks!
  3. My 4th grade son was diagnosed with dyslexia last fall. We are soon to start on the 3rd level of Barton. He really balks at any type of writing and completely quits if it is more than 3 words. He handwriting is good and he doesn't have any letter reversals. I feel like he just needs to up his stamina. Do you have any suggestions for copy work for someone with dyslexia?
  4. If someone in your household has asthma, have you found switching to different types of cleaners to be helpful?
  5. Thanks for the ideas. I'll print out multiplication tables and see if that helps. Dad has a Ph.D in engineering, so math is a big topic in our house. I haven't allowed her to be sloppy nor am I a poor teacher.
  6. She can do the 79.97 X 7 without too much difficulty and yes she understands that concepts behind the math.
  7. She has all of her math facts memorized completely. I have her use graph paper, which definitely helps, but doesn't completely solve the problem. It would probably help some if she were neater, but it would help even more if she had a better attention span.
  8. Yes, it does help if I scribe. However with 4 kids to homeschool, it isn't practical.
  9. Shellydon

    Derek Owens for Calculus

    Yes, that would be the plan.
  10. Our homeschool group has 3 students that want to take Calculus as a group. Would Derek Owens Calculus work well for a small group to meet together two to three times a week and watch the video lectures and complete the work?
  11. Shellydon

    Aggressive men

    I have known or currently know lots of boys and men who do this. To me it's just a guy thing.
  12. Shellydon

    Nature abhors a vacuum (pet grief warning)

    He is fantastic. I ❤️ cats
  13. Shellydon

    Dr Hive, this is reasonable, yes ?

    That seems so odd. Anytime anyone in my family been in the hospital it has been a private room and a family member always stays. The last time I stayed with my grandmother, the room had a fantastic extra bed. Best wishes to you.
  14. My 6th grade DD struggles with multi-digit multiplication and long division and it is causing issues with moving forward in math. Right now she is doing decimals and fractions. She is needing to multiply things like 79.97 x .37 then subtract that answer to get a percentage off of sale. This problem took her more than an hour because she kept making mistakes in the multiplying. She understands how to do it, and given a LONG time she can get it right. However, we are two hours into our school day and she had done 2 problems. Do you feel like letting her use a calculator now is going to cause problems in when she starts high school math? If we don't, she will not complete more than 10 lessons in her math book this year because she is so very slow and constantly makes small mistakes and has to redo each problem at least 5 times. Up until now, I have not allowed her to use a calculator, but school is now taking 8 or more hours each day because math takes 2-4 hours. She absolutely has trouble focusing, but there isn't any fixing that piece.
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