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  1. Birks absolutely kill my feet and caused a severe case of plantar fasciitis. I like Taos brand much better. Just an FYI-- Birkenstocks are often built as a miracle shoe but I know lots of people who've had nothing but problems with them. Definitely try on before you buy.
  2. Cheap shoes = blisters for me
  3. I need smart watch for my 13 year old with alarms and timers that we can set through a phone. A fitbit seems overkill for what we need. Any suggestions?
  4. My 13 yo has had chronic sinus problems for several years. A visit to the ENT 2 years ago resulted in a CAT scan which shows she has much smaller than normal sinus passages, so her sinuses throughout her head do not drain. She is plagued by constant headaches, ear infections and generally not feeling well. The only way we keep things under control is using doing the following twice a day-- nasal rinses, Mucinex, Sudafed, Flonase. Even with this, she needs steroid and antibiotics 3 times a year for an infection. Recently, she is reacting poorly to the Sudafed. It is causing her heart to race and miss beats. This is a common side effect, but means she can no longer take it. We tried Sudafed PE with the same results. She is now on week 2 with no Sudafed and is totally sick and miserable. The ENT said she need to be 18-20 yo before surgery was an option. I think I will eventually take her to another ENT, but in the meantime, can anyone recommend anything that might help her drain her sinuses?
  5. This is weird, but does anyone else have trouble making break because the dough sticks to them. Seriously sticks like a magnet. I have tried for years to bake bread, but if I have to touch it, I ruin it because it sticks terribly. A couple of months ago I was helping a friend in the kitchen. She was transferring dough from the bowl to a dutch oven. She transferred one round. I tried the next, but as soon as I touched it, it collapsed and stuck all over my hands. I used the same amount of flour as my friend, same recipe, same type of bowl. She could touch the dough but I could not. Anyone else? There has to be something weird with the skin on my hands. So-- with this in mind, is there a kind of bread that can be mixed in a stand mixer, transferred to a dutch over or something else to rise, then baked in that same container. No kneading or shaping by hand?
  6. We got this during the sale. Several are great. Many have lots of cursing, so I would not repurchase.
  7. All of my anti-vax friends fall in the first category
  8. I'm sorry. Our local grocery stores are stocked without a problem. I can send some to you.
  9. I hope so. The death rate for paralytic polio was 2-5% (death to cases ratio).
  10. Will anti-vaxxers now understand why vaccines are important and work?
  11. My almost graduated senior had her college orientation and advising today (virtual). She will be a molecular biology major. Her advisor is recommending to take basic chemistry as a prerequisite to the general chemistry class. The advisor said that the general chemistry is much harder and has a fail/drop rate of 50%. Has anyone had something similar recommended for their student-- take the easy class first, then the harder one you need? Should we just try to find a non-graded college course online to act as a refresher? This is new territory for me. At my college there was one chemistry course available 🙂
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