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  1. I am considering a trip to WDW in February or March 2020. The WDW website will not let me pick dates past December 2019? Any ideas?
  2. Yes, they are. 4 in my house that use them. The priciest ones work way better than cheaper brands too.
  3. Any use or try one of those pricey shampoos that are supposed to be fantastic for damaged hair? Any reviews?
  4. I am in my late 40s and having 10 day heavy periods. Ablation isn't a great option because I have pelvic organ prolapse. At some point, I need to have surgery-- a hysterectomy and bladder prolapse repair, however, I don't have time to be confined to bed/the house for 2 months at this point in my life. I am wondering if pursuing progesterone only birth control would be an effect way to manage the heavy periods for a year or so. Any asked their doctor about this?
  5. Not new, she has always been far more distractable than my other children.
  6. I have a highly distractible 12 year old. She is a very pleasant, happy child, that is genuinely nice and easy to get along with. She is also super distractible and I frequently have to repeat things 3 or 4 times when I'm talking to all of my children to make sure she gets information. Up until this year we've been able get her school done each day with lots of redirection. However it's now 2:30 in the afternoon and she has completed half of a math problem. She said she cannot make herself focus long enough to even write down numbers. This has been a constant issue all year and I'm often sitting with her until 10 at night to get school completed. She's doing the minimal amount of school work and we've dropped two subjects this year attempt to make some headway. I've tried fish oil but have not seen any difference. Is there anything else we can try before I take her to the pediatrician for prescription medication?
  7. Reading this with interest, we want to go back once Star Wars opens. We always stay on-site, but those condos Peter Pan linked look great.
  8. So should she even bother to retake the SAT, or just retake the ACT and hope for a couple more points on it.
  9. Here is the response I got from Winter Promise: That program still contains lots of additional reading and books inside of the program. There are a few of the books that we do not sell ourselves, but can be purchased by families. Here is a list of the components that are not ours. The Wright Brothers for Kids Galileo for Kids Exploring the Solar System: A History The New Ocean Book The New Weather Book The Kids' Book of Weather Forecasting There are also the following books/resources scheduled: Book of Flight Planet Earth Seabird Dragons of the Deep The Stars ACTIVITY: Solar System Planetarium (Model) Plus! Weekly Adventure Reading (Read-Alouds for the Family)
  10. DD completed both the ACT and SAT in the last 6 weeks. Her ACT total score was a 32, and her SAT was an 1170. When Iook at charts that compare the two tests, her SAT should have been in the 1300's. Just wondering if it is typical to score much higher on either the ACT or SAT.
  11. I have difficulty swallowing large pills, so I only take a multivitamin. My doctor has recommended taking fish oil to help my joints, but I just cannot get those huge pills down. Would chewable fish oil gummies work just as well? What about other types of chewable vitamins?
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