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  1. We haul 6 daily, 8 several times a week. We completely fill the back of the Expedition with stuff most days and use it to haul heavy things like metal targets. We also pull a 5000lb trailer with a special tow package.
  2. Some friends have one of these and it has been a mechanical nightmare. It is constantly breaking down and being towed. They must have a lemon. It doesn't have enough cargo space for us we need to be able to load big things in the back unless we take out several rows of seats.
  3. Hi. I was hit recently and my '11 Ford Expedition EL was totaled. I have no idea what to get to replace it. Another Expedition EL is certainly on the list. I know I don't want a Suburban. Any other vehicles with lots of cargo space that you love?
  4. I don't know if you have already pulled her out, but there are tons and tons of chemistry videos out there that explain the concepts really well. At our co-op, the students only meet once a week as well. They need to watch 5 ish videos, read 1/2 a chapter while taking notes. In class they will review math and some concepts then do the lab. It simply isn't possible to cover more once a week. The videos really help, and it is easy to pair them up with the chapter.
  5. DD completed all of her applications in July. 2 schools use a state application and the others are all private and use their own application. she has heard back from all and been accepted into all. Now to choose.
  6. Lots of good ideas here, thank you. I'll go buy some mini Eminem's and tic tacs and we can work on it! I am not opposed to crushing the medicine as well.
  7. I've hit the end of my rope that my house with teens and pre-teens who refuse to learn how to swallow pills. As we are entering sick season, it is just not feasible for a 15 year old to get liquid antibiotics. My 10, 13 and 15 year all cannot swallow pills and buying a bottle of chewable ibuprofen is cost prohibitive as you only get 3 doses for a teen. Any suggestions?
  8. He is being referred to a bladder oncologist.
  9. Update- the tumor was so large that the surgeon wasn't able to remove all of it.
  10. My father is going for a biopsy of a bladder tumor next week. Cancer is the most likely diagnosis. Anyone have a friend/relative that has been treated for bladder cancer?
  11. If you're taking a supplement for adrenal function, which one is it?
  12. Thank you both. I am still looking for it. I'll update when I figure out if it's even available. And yes I'm looking for the solutions manual
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