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  1. Tuna water and baby food can help him eat. Your vet we'll have a special high calorie emergency food that you can syringe feed him as necessary. My cats really like this https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072F3ZT57/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_6S3MFbRTYAV46?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 you may have to really put in a good bit of time and effort to get him to eat rather than just waiting for him to feel like it.
  2. I've had the flu shot annually for 25 years. I haven't had the flu once in that time.
  3. My 11 DS has the symptoms of IBS. We have a referral to a GI specialist that will take about a month to get in. does anyone have any suggestions of websites to visit or books to read to start understanding what we can do to help him right now.
  4. Yes. Acne isn't actually caused by oily skin. Differin is retnoid that turns the skin cells over faster. It takes 4-6 weeks to be effective.
  5. I would first try having him wash his face with a benzoyl peroxide based face wash in the morning and CeraVe foaming face wash at night. Apply Differin at night. Use strides salicylic face pads in the morning. You may have to start off with alternating Differin every other night if it is irritating his face.
  6. You could order 8 pairs from Amazon wardrobe and see if you can find any that you like.
  7. Influenza infection rate was at an all-time low in South Africa during their flu season. They contribute it to masks and hand washing.
  8. Our schools have been in person for 9 weeks with very low numbers. 30 cases out of 11000 staff/students and no in classroom spread. Masks are required
  9. Well I'll take my PhD and ignorant self and go home then. 😂
  10. Did a little poll of friends with this-- all TX, LA, and some OK friends use the term "pot plant" and never potted plant. They all never consider pot as being a marijuana plant. Other states all used potted plant. Definitely regional. I love learning about regional sayings.
  11. The biggest drawback is driving. I live between a small town and huge city. I'm 15 minutes from all the shopping that I personally need. My friends who live out in the country drive 45 minutes to an hour to get to co-op twice a week, grocery stores are an hour away, doctors visits, therapy services, etc are all a drive of at least an hour. For families with kids who want to have any sort of social life, play sports etc OR If you have kids that have special needs and need to visit therapists, then living in the country means driving A LOT. I grew up in the country, and really loved it, howeve
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