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  1. Any students older than 19 that are actually enrolled in high school would be allowed to attend, but mostly these are students that are dating young adults and want those young adults to attend. Venues and chaperones do not, so there has been an issue.
  2. Too add-- prom is held either in a country club or hotel ballroom venue. Both venues have bars in the lobby. I think this is part of the issue, however if they held the prom in the gym then only seniors could attend due to size
  3. I strapped my kids after the oldest choked because she was running with food in her mouth. I think it's perfectly reasonable to expect a 3-year-old to not grab food and run. I'd try a belt buckled around the entire chair.
  4. Here one school has a rule of must be a junior and age 16, the other has a cut off of sophomore and age 15
  5. Locally, the high school as instituted a prom age range of 16-19 causing a huge uproar as apparently many girls have boyfriends that are aged 20-24. The local venues where formal dances are held say their insurance requires a high school dance to only have high school aged participants. Our homeschool group insurance says this as well, so I am not surprised. Basically, an adult that is age 22 is not allowed to attend a youth event unless they are a chaperone and employed by the school. This makes total sense to me but people are freaking out. What is the rule for age of prom attendees in your area?
  6. My 13 yo has started to sew a lot. She has found some fabric she really likes on, but at $10 a yard plus shipping it is pretty pricey for a beginner. Is there any place online to find better deals on fabric?
  7. I don't like pumpkin pie, but these are beautiful.
  8. Absolutely they gripe, scoff, complain, throw their hands in the air. I've been chewed out in Chinese a few times. They crowd the sidewalks in such a way that is impossible to move around them causing people to be late to work. But it's perfectly fine. Travel is stressful even if it's fun and it is hard to adjust to a completely different culture. I would never ever call a group of people from another country ugly. Ever. I never fuss and complain of them or go on message boards and be little a group from another country. I never hear anyone doing the same. We have been considering an international trip with another group of homeschoolers but I have now nixed the idea.
  9. This thread makes me never, ever want to travel out of the U.S. I live in the largest touristy destination in my state and see people from countries across the world. I have never once thought poorly of them regardless of how they behaved because I assume that their culture is different than ours. I'm sad to see that citizens of other countries can't accept that the American culture is different from theirs and instead are so easily offended by the difference. Last week I ran into a group of German tourists. This was their third trip to the United States. They said the US was their favorite place to travel because, generally speaking, the people were so nice.
  10. Yes. My father who is 75 in my husband who is 45 have worn under shirts underneath their business shirts always. So 50 years for my father and 25 years for my husband. Neither one rewear the button down shirt. It is very rare that I see a man without an undershirt on underneath a button down.
  11. I tried a pillow that was shredded memory foam and found it lumpy. I wonder If I should try some more brands. I move a lot at night. Fitbit says I am restless 6 hours per night, so I wonder if a contour pillow would work. I am going to need to order pillows that can be returned.
  12. I have to get a bookshelf at IKEA next week. I'll pick one up
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