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  1. Lots of parents work full time and can't stay home with their kids.
  2. I read many Texas Schools are requiring masks for all. Just saw one in Houston and one in San Antonio on the news saying they would require masks when they started back. They were both big districts if I recall correctly.
  3. My kids are 100% homeschooled, so this doesn't affect them, but every school district within an hour radius of us is going to require masks for every single student all day. Parents have the option of using virtual school rather than in person, but something like 80% of parents want to return to in-person school. We live in a hot spot area. Is anyone else living in area where the schools will require 100% mass compliance to attend?
  4. Perhaps the families have been quarantining specifically to allow their kids to have a fun party. I know 4 families doing this now. Or perhaps the families feel that the risk to their kids mental health is higher than the risk of becoming seriously ill with COVID. I recently saw a number that said the suicide rate has more than doubled in my area in the last 2 months. For some it makes more sense to take the risk and be social to help with depression.
  5. I've read in multiple places that a face shield is equally as effective as a cloth mask.
  6. Can anyone share what their local school districts guidelines are for returning to classes and or quarantining following and exposure. Specifically if a student attends class on Tuesday and tests positive on Wednesday. Clearly the infected student will be out until they are well, but what about the rest of the class? Assume universal mask wearing, hand washing, and general disinfecting. Social distancing is iffy but attempted. Some of my local school districts are suggesting that everybody who is in contact with the student for more than 15 minutes isolate for 3 days, others are saying return the next day unless there are symptoms. Our local hospitals are having exposed staff work until they actually have symptoms as well. Any information about what your schools are doing? At first I was surprised they were not doing a 10-day isolation, but then I realized it that would mean huge numbers of students would be missing school constantly.
  7. I added the Writing Revolution to my amazon cart! Thanks!
  8. I agree. I am taking a look at what she is doing for our co-op and what we are doing at home and seeing how I can incorporate additional writing without putting her over the edge.
  9. She does both, summarizing and hear/write I've added quite a few rhetoric and comp books to my Amazon cart to see what I can find to help us along.
  10. I have Writing with Skill, I'll look at it again.
  11. I agree, she will not do the writing portion of the SAT. None of the schools she is interested in require it.
  12. I'll take a look at They Say/I Say, thanks! I agree, it would be so much easier if she were a natural 'thinker', but she is not. All of my other children are, so that makes the writing generally easier with exception of my dyslexic child. But, you can't make someone want to ponder the universe if they have no desire to do so. I've tried, but it doesn't work unfortunately, so we'll do the best we can with what we have.
  13. This is enormously helpful. Thank you so much! So as an update, I've removed her from the summer writing class she was taking, it wasn't helping at all. I have dropped her dual credit class for fall as I think it will be too much writing. She is taking Physics, Precal, Worldview and some electives through our co-op this coming year, so I will work on adding writing to the mix
  14. Good idea about the thinking important and interesting questions. She really doesn't care to ponder/think about things, she is more of a rote do the next thing kind of person. Her younger siblings do enough thinking/questions for the whole family I think :). I do actually have copies of books for freshman comp since my eldest has already taken the class. Thanks!
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