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  1. Absolutely! I have been to the dentist several times, annual well visit, mammogram, kid well visits, blood draws etc. Wear a mask, wash hands.
  2. Pagosa Springs Colorado, Ruidoso New Mexico, Cloud Croft NM
  3. My youngest is dyslexic. He has made huge strides using Barton Reading program. We are just starting to tacking writing and it is slow going. The bulk of our homeschool day is invested in reading and writing, but I would like to add history back into our schedule. My older children used Sonlight, Notgrass, Ambleside etc., all literature heavy programs. While he really like audiobooks, I'd like to look at a more hands on type history for him. Something video based would be fine as all of our school in person right now. Any suggestions. Starting over with all new curriculum with the last kiddo has been challenging. 🙂
  4. I have a teen with chronic sinus issues. Her sinus are much too small per ENT, but surgery isn't an option. She has fluid in her sinuses and closed Eustachian tubes 95% of the time. I have been trying to find out if the intranasal red light actually words.
  5. Has anyone tried the red light therapy for sinus issues?
  6. 2 dogs, 5 cats. No problems at all. Older dog might need some training
  7. Adult or nearly adult children living in my house would have no input into what happens in the house and most particularly with my younger children. If a dog is best for a particular child, then we'd get a dog.
  8. Glad he is improving. if I need to get my cats to drink I open a can of tuna and drain the water onto a saucer and they'll usually drink it all
  9. Tuna water and baby food can help him eat. Your vet we'll have a special high calorie emergency food that you can syringe feed him as necessary. My cats really like this https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072F3ZT57/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_6S3MFbRTYAV46?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 you may have to really put in a good bit of time and effort to get him to eat rather than just waiting for him to feel like it.
  10. I've had the flu shot annually for 25 years. I haven't had the flu once in that time.
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