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  1. If it helps 3 of my 4 went through Calculus with Saxon. The youngest is a college junior majoring in math. The oldest majored in EE, the middle did IT. All did well with their math classes at college. If you feel hesitant about her going to the CC, you can feel confident about continuing the Saxon.
  2. Our fireplace was warming our house somewhat also. It would have been nice to have the heat on every 3 hours. We were out 9, on 5, out 18, on 1, then out for 30. No water, no heat, just misery. We had a freezer full of food and a stocked pantry. We ate from the pantry. We also have an outdoor grill, but the winds were blowing at about 20mph and the temp was about 3 -- no way were we standing outside cooking. And yes we had saved water before the power outage, but it only goes so far.
  3. Well I'm back. It has been crazy. Monday the power went out about 5 am (after a few hour rolls earlier), came back on at 2 pm for 5 hours. Went off for 18, then back for 1 hour (I almost cried at that point) and then was off for 32 hours. We made it out to my daughter's house 45 minutes north at the beginning of that 32 hour stretch. It was already down to 43 inside the house and we were running out of firewood. And since we are on well we had no water beyond the containers we had filled. Plenty of food, but of course nothing hot. My daughter was on a boil water notice since the treatment
  4. And as someone who has been without power for the last 9 hours in Texas, if the rolling blackouts will keep the power mostly on I am all for it. I am so cold. Just now got electricity back( and since we are on a well that means just now got water back also)
  5. So very sorry Scarlett. ((Hugs))
  6. That a beautiful article and a wonderful verse. Thanks @Steve Nesbitt for sharing. It actually had me reliving the pain of losing my son, my oldest. We got the unexpected news of his death in another city just 19 days before my daughter gave birth to my first grandchild. The pain, the sorrow, the joy all mixed at the same time. I am so sorry for your loss.
  7. I just went through this with my Mom. She had a stroke early Sept, a mild one. She just lost the desire to eat. I do think it is the natural progression to death. The stroke was a mild one and she could talk to us and use her walker. She just did not feel hungry and ate less and less. Hospice does help with many things. Mom went on hospice December 29 and she passed just this past Sunday.
  8. My Mom passed away this morning. It has been a hard several months. She had a stroke September 4 and just never recovered.
  9. Praying for all concerned. Hugs.
  10. It is. My husband called from work to tell me about it. I was really busy with my brand new baby; he was only 11 days old and my first.
  11. Well, my reply will not be popular, Once I knew the child could do the computations accurately with confidence, I required them to check their work before giving it to me. And if there were more than 2-3 careless errors, I just handed the work back without telling them where the error was. I was trying to develop good work habits. My youngest did not like math at all; she is currently in the middle of her junior year at college as a math major with a 4.0 gpa. It did not kill her love for math or hurt her at all.
  12. Today is my son's 35th birthday. My oldest and only boy. He died 3 1/2 years ago, suddenly. I could not imagine excluding family members from any event because they made me uncomfortable and brought up memories. And believe me there was quite a bit happening the first year after his death. My daughter had our first grandchild just 19 days later. I was in the delivery room even though it hit hard that my first had just died and I sobbed as I held that baby, not with joy, but with grief. My oldest got married 10 months later. Stephen's picture was displayed on the seat next to me
  13. Yes it does. My math major daughter used Saxon from 2nd grade through Calculus. Several of her professors say she is one of the best taught math students they have had. She did every problem in every book. Saxon works. Maybe not for every person, but it does work.
  14. Thank you for the hugs everyone. I made it through yesterday. Today is already better.
  15. The day is gray and very rainy. I said goodbye to my daughter and family (my only grandbabies, ages 18 months and 3 1/2) and I just signed the papers to put my mom on hospice. The gray day is very fitting.
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