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  1. Congratulations. Job well done!
  2. We have done D.C. several times because of relatives in the area, but right now this has to be planned far in advance. My daughter is in the area for the summer for an internship. You must have tickets for everything. And there are none available for the rest of the summer.
  3. My middle daughter went to the emergency room and then was hospitalized for 3 days. The hospital had the dates wrong for the insurance. And insurance would not pay with the wrong dates. I was on the phone so many times over this. And several times it was a three-way call. I was willing to pay the co-pay we owed but not the whole thing over a wrong date. I never paid anything for this bill. It was was 8 to 9 years ago.
  4. Don't you wish our younger selves knew what we know now. What wisdom we would have. Of course no one would listen to our great wisdom.😂
  5. I always tell them to hold their plans in an open hand. Make plans, work to a goal, but don't be surprised if things change and they actually want something else.
  6. No they really are not. But I did have one who said she wanted to be a nurse from a young age. She is a nurse. but she also said she did not want to be married and no kids. She is married and the mother of 2.
  7. Thank you. And her deciding on majoring in math was such a shock. She is an excellent writer and has very good logic skills, so we were thinking lawyer, editor, or something else.
  8. My daughter is featured on the college of science page for her school and made their newsletter this month. So proud of her.
  9. I haven't seen Weaver mentioned in years! I started homeschooling in 1990 and this is what I used, or rather used as a springboard. I loved the pre-K /K material. After that I had the volumes but just loosely followed them. I did not like Abeka or Bob Jones. There were so few choices at the beginning.
  10. I can tell you this student was not a motivated math student. She hated it until her junior year of high school, in Calculus. Every math program requires a teacher. Very few children will learn by themselves. I have seen Saxon disasters, mainly when the child was handed both the book and the answer key.
  11. @Lecka And the funny thing is that my daughter who is a junior math major and is praised for her understanding of math was raised on Saxon. She did Saxon 2 through Calculus. It really is not just procedural. It does teach more than that but you have to actually use the entire program and not eliminate some of the problems.
  12. Started homeschooling when my oldest had just turned 4, in 1990. Finished when I graduated the fourth one in 2018. (So I did it for 27 years). My youngest turned 21 today! She is finishing her junior year of college so graduates next May.
  13. Well I have the Intermediate book beside me and I have a note on it to do 2nd half of 9th grade. (I have to look at the book since my youngest is now finishing her junior year of college). I think it will be fine if you do Introductory the first half of the year and then Intermediate. Rainbow Resources says this book is for 7-12th grade. I think I have done the Introductory one in the ninth grade for some of mine. It should be fine.
  14. @TamaraG I think the Introductory and Traditional Logic both cover the about the same material. BUT if he is going into engineering I would do both Introductory and Intermediate Logic. The Intermediate Logic covers what I remember in my college Logic class for Computer Science and what my husband taught just recently in his college classes. A knowledge of this before college would be good.
  15. My thought: it is a volunteer position. This is not something you agreed to do, nor volunteered to do. It is perfectly fine to say to say I am not comfortable doing this and neither is my child. Even if it is one phone call you should not be strong-armed into it because someone in a paid position decided it needs to be done. Pray about it though. Sometimes God is asking we step out of our comfort zone.
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