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  1. Can you set up the sets your youngest plays with on a bookshelf in the living area. It would be a sort of display that your youngest can still touch and use, but would be off limits to visitors? Healing takes time and I think your youngest needs this connection to his brother right now.
  2. And my daughter has tested positive for Covid. She says her symptoms are very mild. Just tired and a sore throat. Her husband is trying to get tested. He actually feels worse, but his insurance makes it harder to get the test.
  3. The first holidays post loss are hard. We just did the same as always through the tears. The first one after Stephen's death was 4th of July for us. We live in the country and shoot our own fireworks. Stephen loved this. We got a few of his favorites, said this is for you son, cried, and lit it. And cried some more.
  4. I would say that being busy helps. Just being busy. When my son died I felt numb. My only one schooling was older than yours. But she had a job that summer which kept her busy. (He died the end of May so we had just finished school for the year.) My daughter had her baby just 19 days later. I spent so much time with her, helping her adjust, grieve, and just keeping busy. I'm not certain that helps much. Just know my prayers are with you. I'm so sorry for your loss.
  5. I also think it is the parent's understanding that matters most. And giving the child time to struggle with the problem. And what I mean by that comes from the time I worked at a fine arts school. The children of the teachers would often work math homework in our lunch room. One day a child was struggling with the problems and the mom would just jump in and tell them how to solve it. One day I spoke up and just asked questions. Things like what is the problem asking? What do you already know to do. Will that work here? The child soon knew how to approach the problem herself. And if
  6. Thanks everyone for all the concern and interest with the topic. Dd finally got her results. He did curve and her grade came in above 100, at the top of the class. I think her problem is that he is so vague about what he wants in the solutions and how he wants the material presented, she is never certain she is answering his questions the way he wants. I think this is the class where he took took off full points for a problem because he wanted her to contact him about how to write it out. He fully intended to give her full credit, so she is always a little gun shy.
  7. Once again, thank you for the reply. I emailed it to her and she said it made her feel better about things, like she is not the crazy unreasonable one.
  8. Well that is my first thought. There is no solution manual for this book, and no answers provided in the back. All the homework he assigns are from the book and are the easier problems. She has gotten 100 on all the assigned homework. She works other problems from the book that are similar to the ones assigned, but some of them are way harder. She went over his notes several times before this test. On one of his worked examples, he stated that if you move the equilibrium from ... (I did not exactly understand what she said) you need to use much more advanced equations. He never explained
  9. So the professor went over the test. She understood everything he did and thinks she did it the same way, but is not certain she explained it the way he wants. That is the problem she has been having all along -- not certain exactly what he is looking for. But the most surprising thing is he will not post the grades. He wants them to email him about what they think they had problems with on the test so he can decide how much to curve. It looks like most the people did not do well on the test and he is surprised. And when she said if I email you will you let me know my current grade. The
  10. Her first exam was last night. 4 problems. Two of them included more advanced problems that he never covered in class. And she was talking to the other students before class. (On line class, but in person exams). They have no idea what they are doing. They have just been chegging the homework. So it seems that no one is really understanding.
  11. I am not really certain. I know there is quite a bit of physics application and it uses diff eq somewhat. I did pure math in college also, but I graduated so long ago that I don't remember much past calculus., sigh.
  12. I understand your answer. My husband is a professor and he is careful with who has his answers. She is getting the homework 100 percent correct but still does not feel she understands what she is doing. There is only one section of this class. He is just very vague in all his explanations and does not really answer questions.
  13. And the latest for this prof. The first exam is Monday. The last class before this exam was last night. In class the students are saying they do not understand the homework, would he please post solutions so they can see how to do the problems and how to study for the exam. This is for homework that has already been turn in. His answer is no. So they are never able to see correct solutions. She has actually made a 100 on every homework and is still uncertain of her approach for each new problem. This test has her extremely concerned. I can't imagine how the students without the 100 grade
  14. It is not the fact that the book is from 1995. It is that it has terrible reviews. And she works well with Socratic type questioning. That is how I taught her math. But no response is the frustrating part. The study groups are happening through zoom.
  15. She was just asking if her approach to a homework problem was correct. And as to meeting with others, because of covid this class is all online. I think she would do better if it was in class. She has a few study groups in some of her other classes, but no one seems to be talking in this class.
  16. Thank you for responding. I value your opinion, knowing your are a professor yourself. I will pass on your information/advice. She is such a hard worker. It is hard to hear the frustration and panic in her voice. She doesn't connect with other students well. I will try to advise that again.
  17. Most professors at least try. My junior level math major is really struggling with her mathematical models class. She tells me she must be stupid. This kid has managed to get this far with a minimum of a 95 average in any class. She made a perfect score on her Calc 3 departmental test after her prof said I am running out of time, you have to teach yourself the remainder of the topics. But the prof in this class has absolutely terrible ratings. And he is using a book from 1995 with terrible ratings. When she went to him for help he said that he could not answer her question because it wou
  18. He sounds like my granddaughter. She was barely crawling before she was getting into all the cabinets her mom had childproofed. And she walked at 10 months so this was early! The HOA lady probably had calm quiet children. I was never blessed with such. (I tell my daughter all the time I am soory I prayed she would have one just like her because that is what she got.😂)
  19. Thank you. Mom is in rehab now and doing fine. They did not get her money but the bank changed her account and I am having to deal with all the direct deposits and paying the bills. And having a power of attorney is not helping. I have spent hours on the phone. Hours. And everyone is sorry but since I cannot see her or really explain the problem to her and she cannot call them I can do nothing. I am beyond frustrated.
  20. Do not have a family member have a stroke at the same time someone is trying to wipe out their checking account. The nightmares of trying to sort it all out are a nightmare. Now I will go try another phone call.
  21. They do not need a graphing calculator for the PSAT nor for calculus. The only child I had who needed a graphing calculator was my son, his junior year in college for some EE classes. My math major daughter has never touched one. My mantra: it takes just as much time to teach the math as how to use the graphing calculator. I would rather they know the math.🙂
  22. It is interesting that this is a Latin class. My daughter wanted to take Latin for her foreign language her freshman year in college. It was her first semester so we did not want a huge hour load. She registered for Latin 1 ( a four hour class) at orientation the first weekend in June. Two weeks before class started in August she was told that she also needed to resister for Latin 2 since this was only taught as an accelerated version! So she would have had 8 hours of Latin that semester on top of Physics and Calculus and some other required classes. Why they waited that long to tell her and w
  23. I have taught it four times now without the DVD. I have never even seen the DVD. All four of mine have now graduated and 3 have graduated college. They did fine in college. In fact my youngest is a math major, so definitely knows her math.
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