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  1. Unfortunately, this is no longer true. They used to have wonderful books scheduled. The only literature now is the ‘adventure reading” recommendation. That is just a chapter book to supplement the lessons. If you look at the samples, you’ll see that they’ve changed the teacher’s guides. They only schedule Winter Promise resources. The still schedule Bible resources (ex. Gospel Story Bible). They used to have awesome book lists. We had American Story 1 a few years ago. I used their schedule loosely as I didn’t feel it always made sense. We did love the book lists though!
  2. Wow. I have always loved the look of their sets. Considered Children Around the World for future, but not anymore. It seems you use all of their materials. You have the option of adding “Adventure Reading”, which is supplemental literature. I would also love to hear anyone’s current experience with these materials.
  3. Our family will be traveling through the Panama Canal next March. I’m looking for any unit studies or resources that focus on the history of the Canal. I want my kids to understand and appreciate what they’re experiencing when we’re there. Our girls will be 11 and 10 when we sail. Any suggestions? I just started reading “The Path Between the Seas” by David McCullough. It’s a bit much for the kids, though. (698 pages). My oldest is reading the Kingdom Keepers book about it, but that’s obviously fiction. Also, if you have done this cruise, do you have any advice for learning opportunities? We will be sailing on the Disney Wonder.
  4. I think I’ve decided to go back to the BJU math, but not use the distance learning. I will do the teaching myself. I’ve spent some time looking through the resources we have on the shelf, and BJU does teach conceptually as well. I think we’ll make this work. Thank you for your responses.
  5. I believe she has a good understanding of place value. We have used manipulatives to explain addition, subtraction, and multiplication. I think she understands why those work. She does not like puzzles. I try to get her to do mind benders, or activities like that and she gets annoyed. I did try Math U See with her about a year ago. She liked it because there wasn’t much work each day, but I think that’s the only reason. I have Alpha and Gamma on my shelves. We didn’t stick with it because I felt she needed to be doing more. That’s when we went with BJU. (Big mistake).
  6. I have used a variety of math curriculum over the years to teach my now 10 yo daughter. She doesn’t really like math, but says she wants to be a scientist. She loves Science! All of the curriculum we’ve used is mainly a procedural approach. I am thinking she would benefit from understanding “why” math works, not just the steps. She might even enjoy math more. She was doing BJU DLO 5 until I realized she wasn’t actually retaining anything! She knows multiplication facts and can do division. She doesn’t really have much knowledge around fractions. I recently started CLE 4 just to backtrack and see what we need to work on. I am trying to figure out which conceptual math curriculum to use moving forward. Her younger sister (8 with LD’s and legally blind but can see text in books well enough) is working through R&S1. I would like to consider conceptual math for her too. Any recommendations on switching approach in 5th grade? Would one curriculum work better than others at this age? Which programs should I look into?
  7. I was thinking the same thing. Maybe everyone could visit last years planning threads and update with what worked/what didn’t and what you’ve actually had success with.
  8. Bible - Long Story Short & Missionary Stories with little sister History / Geography- History Odyssey Middle Ages Level 2 Science - Elemental Science : Earth Science Logic Stage Math - CLE Spelling - AAS Grammar - probably Rod & Staff Writing - CAP Writing & Rhetoric Latin - CAP Latin forChildren A (we never got started on Latin studies this year, so we’ll just start in the fall). Continue piano lessons and American Heritage Girls.
  9. Thank you for this recommendation. We will work through that this spring. We are working through the Note Taking workbook as well.
  10. Debating using History Odyssey or not. Looking for alternatives and advice. I'm jumping in to the Logic Stage with my soon to be 6th grade daughter. We will be studying Medieval - Early Renaissance (400-1600). I've noticed that a lot of people use History Odyssey. I've looked at the samples, and it looks awesome. However, my daughter doesn't have any experience with outlines and note taking. She will be learning those skills soon. I've read that you should start History Odyssey Level 2 with Ancients so they can learn the skills. Is this true? or will it be okay to use the "Middle Ages" book and let her learn as she goes? She will not want another year of Ancients. I like the idea of having a guide to tell me what she needs to read and study every day. I'm afraid if I just use the Kingfisher History Encyclopedia, I won't know what to do each day. I've also read that the HO guides can be overwhelming. They require too much work from the child. Just curious from folks who have been there, done that. What has your experience been like? Did you stick with HO, use an alternate guide, or just follow the guidance in "The Well Trained Mind?"
  11. Thank you. I probably do need to ask in each group about experience. Several do not allow you to see the booklist until you "buy in". I will try as you've suggested. Thanks again!
  12. I am trying to decide which CM Curriculum to use. I have spent a lot of time researching Ambleside Online, A Gentle Feast, The Alveary, Simply Charlotte Mason, and A Modern Charlotte Mason. I would love to hear some opinions and comparisons from experienced users. I have 2 daughters - Grade Levels 2 and 6. I have been reading and studying CM's philosophy for a few years now, and I would like to go "all in" - except for Math... I prefer a schedule with some "hand-holding", but I would also like it to be flexible. I also prefer to have physical books and plans rather than having to rely on my computer or tablet. If you do have experience with one or more of these, could you please share your opinion on how easy it is to manage a schedule with 2 different forms/years, what are the average costs for the year?, and basically what you liked and did not like. I appreciate your feedback. I haven't been able to find many real reviews.
  13. I have been homeschooling my girls for 5 years now. I can not seem to find a routine that works for us that also allows us to get it all done. I know we’ll never get it “all” done, so I’m not expecting miracles. Are there any books or resources out there that have helped you nail down a workable schedule/routine? My 10 yo is fairly independent, but she still wants me to spend time working with her, and I think there’s value in that. My 8 yo has LD’s. She is working at a 1st/2nd grade level. I’m looking for a new read anyway, so I would love to find a book to give me some guidance and encouragement.
  14. The Staples Better Binders are durable, and I think they’ll even replace them if damaged. I have a lot of them, but they feel so bulky. I prefer the AVERY Heavy Duty binders. They open with one hand, and they’re pretty tough.
  15. I haven’t used Project Passport, but I have looked into it. My 10 yo is using Notgrass Uncle Sam & You this year. They are completely different approaches to learning. How does your child learn best? If your child learn easier by using their hands, doing activities, and you have the time to invest, then Project Passport might be for you. Also, it sounds like this only focuses on Ancient Egypt. If your child wants to be more independent, and learns well by reading and completing one or more activities, then go with Notgrass. This will teach a wider range of world history.
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