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  1. [Speaking calmly and non-judgemental] When I mentioned reconsidering her lifestyle, I was referring to the many things we consider while planning our lives. Some things she might consider if she really wants to homeschool are moving to an area where she would have more family close by to help, or looking for another job that would allow her to either work less hours or even work from home. I have great compassion for single parents. I realize that often they must make sacrifices daily to just get by. I am not speaking at all to how she spends her resources, including time. I think it’s noble that you are trying to help a friend. However, I think your friend has limited choices. If she can not look for different employment, she could also consider moving to a nearby town in a different school district. It sounds like this thread has angered you. It is extremely difficult to communicate with “expression” in a forum. Often, we can feel defensive and interpret an individual’s advice as ridicule when that is usually not the case. I believe most are simply concerned and want to offer the best advice from their experience. I hope you have a good evening, and your friend finds a solution that will benefit both her son and herself.
  2. Honestly, I think the mother needs to reconsider her priorities. I understand that it can be difficult to manage things as a single parent, but I think she’ll have herself in a legal situation fast if she tries to leave a 9 yo special needs child at home by himself and technically teaching himself. Maybe it isn’t illegal there, but I’m guessing neighbors or concerned friends and family would be quick to contact child services. If the mother really wants him to be homeschooled, she’ll need to consider changes in her lifestyle, including her work schedule. If she’s dedicated to her child, I’m sure she can figure out a solution that will serve him well. Curriculum recommendations aren’t going to help a situation like this.
  3. I’m typically very excited for this sale, but it was so disappointing! Math Mammoth seemed like a good deal, but I don’t need it. That was the only thing I saw that I would even consider. I usually spend at least $40 on this sale, but I guess I’ll use that money on physical resources instead.
  4. I still use Rubber Cement often. Also, I looked everywhere online trying to find a trapper keeper for my 10 yo dd. The only ones I could find were either very old, extremely expensive, or the new bulky version... so I had to build my own. ..... I miss the Trapper Keeper.
  5. Teaching the Classics. See the Center for Lit website.
  6. I love these too! Our county had the annual library book sale last week. I got the full set of 2017 Commemorative Edition World Book encyclopedias for only $22! They are like new. You could tell some of them were never even used! (It was like Christmas morning for me!)
  7. Be prepared for BJu Math DLO to not be as independent as you hope. It works well for some kids, but many have a different experience. Often, the parent watches along with the child to get a feel for what the child is understanding and what they need extra focus on. I personally found it much easier to teach the lesson myself. The DLO videos can be quite lengthy. My children lose interest in the videos quickly Also, don’t forget that the child will learn so much from having hours of free play. I would choose to not do every subject every day, and shorten the “seat work” part of the day. That free time can be much more important than checking off another subject.
  8. I don't know how "old fashioned" this would be, but I love plain wooden pencils (preferably Ticonderoga), and a Pink Pearl eraser. I own many, many mechanical pencils, but there's nothing like a freshly sharpened wooden pencil.
  9. You might enjoy Elemental Science. It would work well for those ages.
  10. I have considered Rod & Staff. It just looks so dry and monotonous. I am trying to figure out now if I can find the BJU Teacher's Guides used and just buy the student books (consumables) new.
  11. Sure. I know she didn’t learn because she failed every test. When I would review with her, she acted like she had never been taught any of it. I know the videos taught the material because I was in the room listening while she was doing her lessons. I would work with younger dd while older dd did math. TBH, the teacher’s voice on the DLO was kind of whiny and monotone. I found her very annoying. It’s possible that was a problem for dd as well. I think she just tuned out the teacher. She does great when I’m teaching her, though. We have tried CLE. My dd did NOT like it. She didn’t like that they would stretch a lesson out for several pages sometimes. I am considering Saxon because it appears to be similar in format to BJU. I think the traditional math format works best with dd. I also like that there is an option for the video. I would like dd to transition to video lessons at some point.
  12. We have been using BJU Math for a few years. I tried their Distance Learning, but after a semester of Math 5, I realized my daughter hadn’t really learned anything. I had to start the year over again and teach her myself. We also have a younger daughter with LD’s. She is currently working through Math 2. I realize I will either need to use the Teachers Guide (very time consuming because it’s designed for a classroom) or depend on their distance learning option (which we haven’t had luck with.) I am considering switching to Saxon for 6th grade and up. I would possibly start with Saxon 6/5. I like that the Dive videos are available, if we decide we need them. My reason for considering the switch is : BJU is so expensive! Math 6 kit is $117, and if I want the videos it’s $249 total! Saxon 6/5 is less than $80 for the set, and an additional CD-Rom with lessons is $53. That is a LOT less! I need to try to limit our expenses. So, does anyone have experience using both? Are the Dive videos any better than BJU? Is the Teachers Guide written for homeschool parents? OR do you have a compelling argument for sticking with BJU?
  13. Sorry. I didn’t mean to post in this section.
  14. Thank you for the link to the Pathway. I will check that out. I didn't know that they would let us switch to a different level. That makes me feel much better about investing in this. Thank you for the suggestion.
  15. My 5th grade daughter hasn't had much writing instruction. Writing seems to be the thing that falls through the cracks. I want to make it a priority possibly starting some this spring and definitely in the fall for 6th grade. I have spent a lot of time looking at writing curriculum. I need a lot of hand holding in this subject. I'm a Math person, and writing was never my strength. I think I've decided on IEW. It seems to offer the best program that will guide us through middle and high school. I don't know where to start, though. I'm aware of the TWSS DVD seminar series. I am okay with going through this, but what do I buy for her? Would she need to start with SWI-A or should I start with B because of her age? I've also seen where people just use the "topic" books. I like the idea of the video lessons for her. I also have a younger special needs daughter and a chronically ill husband. Our lives can be quite crazy sometimes, and I need all the help I can get. I'd love to hear opinions of those who have been there, done that. I'm also open to hearing recommendations for other curriculum that you think would help. Thanks in advance.
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