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  1. Thank you. I probably do need to ask in each group about experience. Several do not allow you to see the booklist until you "buy in". I will try as you've suggested. Thanks again!
  2. I am trying to decide which CM Curriculum to use. I have spent a lot of time researching Ambleside Online, A Gentle Feast, The Alveary, Simply Charlotte Mason, and A Modern Charlotte Mason. I would love to hear some opinions and comparisons from experienced users. I have 2 daughters - Grade Levels 2 and 6. I have been reading and studying CM's philosophy for a few years now, and I would like to go "all in" - except for Math... I prefer a schedule with some "hand-holding", but I would also like it to be flexible. I also prefer to have physical books and plans rather than having to rely on my computer or tablet. If you do have experience with one or more of these, could you please share your opinion on how easy it is to manage a schedule with 2 different forms/years, what are the average costs for the year?, and basically what you liked and did not like. I appreciate your feedback. I haven't been able to find many real reviews.
  3. I have been homeschooling my girls for 5 years now. I can not seem to find a routine that works for us that also allows us to get it all done. I know we’ll never get it “all” done, so I’m not expecting miracles. Are there any books or resources out there that have helped you nail down a workable schedule/routine? My 10 yo is fairly independent, but she still wants me to spend time working with her, and I think there’s value in that. My 8 yo has LD’s. She is working at a 1st/2nd grade level. I’m looking for a new read anyway, so I would love to find a book to give me some guidance and encouragement.
  4. Bay Lake Mom

    3 Ring Binders

    The Staples Better Binders are durable, and I think they’ll even replace them if damaged. I have a lot of them, but they feel so bulky. I prefer the AVERY Heavy Duty binders. They open with one hand, and they’re pretty tough.
  5. Bay Lake Mom

    Help! Project Passport or Notgrass history?

    I haven’t used Project Passport, but I have looked into it. My 10 yo is using Notgrass Uncle Sam & You this year. They are completely different approaches to learning. How does your child learn best? If your child learn easier by using their hands, doing activities, and you have the time to invest, then Project Passport might be for you. Also, it sounds like this only focuses on Ancient Egypt. If your child wants to be more independent, and learns well by reading and completing one or more activities, then go with Notgrass. This will teach a wider range of world history.
  6. Bay Lake Mom

    <sigh> VENT My kids hate everything I try.

    Do you think your kids really learn best with lots of read aloud books and notebook pages? For several years I pushed this method on my kids - because I liked it. I recently discovered that my 10 yo dd just wants to “get it done”. She chose Notgrass Uncle Sam & You this year, and she’s doing it mostly on her own. She’s learning a lot, and she’s happy. I think some kids struggle with sitting on the couch and listening to Mom read. They simply learn easier by reading on their own. Your 10 & 12 yo are probably ready for that. Im not advocating a curriculum switch, but you might consider if your choices meet their learning styles.
  7. Bay Lake Mom

    Notgrass-too much reading solution

    My 10yo dd is doing Uncle Sam & You. I agree. The lessons include a lot of reading. I’m actually shocked that my daughter hasn’t complained. She says it’s her favorite subject! I assign the lesson reading, the workbook assignment, and one other activity. If he is a thorough reader, then he might not need the additional literature or activities. You could also pre-read the weeks lessons, and choose sections that you don’t think are necessary. Also, Because the main lessons are only 4 days, you could use Friday as a catch up day or just a day off.
  8. Bay Lake Mom

    week 2 and second guessing already - help!

    I have been forcing us to use literature based curriculum for the past few years. We have failed every year with this approach. I realized it was for me - I love the literature. They just want to get it done. So, this year I bought Notgrass Uncle Sam & You for my 5th grader. She LOVES it, and She’s learning! I am, however, using BF Around the World through Picture Books with my youngest. She has LD’s, and she is enjoying it. I’m learning that sometimes textbooks are the answer. I think most textbooks created for homeschool are better than what we had in PS. Ex. Apologia Science is a textbook, and they are IMO excellent. We are more of a textbook family than I ever imagined. I felt guilty using textbooks for a while because I bought into the homeschool lie. I thought the only way to provide a quality education for my kids was to offer them a Charlotte Mason or Classical education. I tried to force us into these models. I had to accept that we don’t fit in that mold. It’s okay. #hugatextbook. ?
  9. Have you looked at Nutrition 101? This could be a great starting point. Beautiful book for all school ages.
  10. Bay Lake Mom

    Chemistry for 2nd and 4th grade?

    I have been eyeing up Guest Hollow’s elementary Chemistry plans. It’s called “Knowledge of Nature”, and it is literature based. It uses Apologia as the spine. It might be worth checking out. I’m considering using next year.
  11. I know a lot of you keep 2 math programs going at the same time. I'm at the point where I'd like to do this for my 9 yo. She's just started her 5th grade year. She's working through a few final chapters of BJU 4 (DLO), then she'll move into BJU 5. We're doing BJU for a few reasons : 1) It's a solid program, 2) she doesn't "hate it", and 3) Daddy wants her to have a "normal" looking math curriculum for his own comfort. (He's good with all of the other choices we've made, but he wants a good foundation in Math and things like MUS, Singapore, Right Start... make him nervous. He does not have time to invest in understanding these either. I respect his opinion/decision.) So, last year I purchased MUS Gamma because I considered adding it to her BJU studies. I let her do a week of MUS and then a week of BJU. Well, all she wanted to do was MUS. She called it her Fun Math! We still had to keep the BJU going though, so we didn't get to fit in MUS as much as we'd like. For those of you who keep 2 maths going at the same time, how do you schedule it? Alternating weeks didn't work well for us because the BJU chapters are longer than a week and it would take forever to get through the year of BJU. I'd like to hear how everyone is fitting 2 maths into their weekly schedule. Dad would be fine with adding MUS to BJU, but not giving up on BJU yet. Suggestions? (I also own MUS Alpha, and if I can figure out the scheduling I would love to add that for my youngest who is also doing BJU Math.)
  12. Bay Lake Mom

    Updated in 1: I impulse bought BJU math 1 and I don't like it! :(

    I have a BJU Math story. I started out trying every math out there for my oldest. (Horizons, Singapore, Right Start...). In 3rd grade we used CLE. I loved it! She “liked” it, but then decided she didn’t like it. We would have done fine to stick with it. It’s a solid program, and it’s fairly easy to teach. We switched mid-year to 3rd grade BJU Math (not distance learning/DLO). I liked the Scope & Sequence, she liked the activities and the workbook, and she seemed to be progressing well. The TM overwhelmed me a LOT! We bought 4th grade, and half way through the year I added the DLO. My husband and I decided she could benefit from another teacher experience. I no longer needed the TM. (Yeah!). She did awesome! We had originally purchased CLE 1 for our youngest. I hated it. It was not what I was looking for. I bought the BJU Math 1 with TM (not DLO) since she’s young and has LD’s. We’re working through it (WITHOUT the TM). The TM is designed for classroom teaching. The reps are encouraged to sell it because it’s where the money is. As you progress it would become more valuable. At convention this year, I purchased BJU Math 2 and 5 - both with DLO! So, if the TM bothers you, set it aside. It will be there if you need it. If you finish Grade 1 and still don’t like it, switch to CLE 2. You can sell the BJU sets online or at a consignment store (if one is available). I’m not ruling out switching my 2nd grader to CLE mid year if she doesn’t respond well to the videos. (She has visual issues). So, they are both awesome programs. Make it yours, and teach it the way that works best for both of you. Good Luck!
  13. Bay Lake Mom

    Please help me evaluate my plans/schedule!

    I agree with others that each subject probably won’t take as long as you have scheduled. For 1st - I would not do keyboarding. Let her learn to read first. I would also not do RSO Science. It’s a great curriculum, but it’s going to take a lot of time. I would choose reading through “Let’s Read and Find Out” science series, watch the Magic School Bus series, and possibly sign up for the MSB Experiment subscription (or something simpler and not so time consuming). I would also not do Science every day - even though that’s what she asks for. Have her watch a Science video on the “off” days. Go on nature walks in the evening or on weekends. If you’re not combining kids, it’s best to choose easier to implement resources and alternate subjects/days. Otherwise, you will find yourself sinking. I have a 5th and 2nd grader this fall. I encourage my 5th grader to do most work on her own. I can review her work in the evenings and discuss if necessary. Also, don’t be afraid to assign a half hour for science or history, and whatever isn’t completed could be finished on her own after dinner. (Like actual homework) We are implementing that with our 5th grader this year. And... you can also start the year with a smaller schedule and add things when you’re ready.
  14. Bay Lake Mom

    Uncle Sam and You - 2 years?

    I would love to hear more about how that worked. Do you know how they scheduled this? We have US&Y planned for our 5th grader this fall. I've spent some time reading through the material. It is a LOT to read every day. I like the idea of spreading it out alongside US History. I have always liked Sonlight D and E as well!!
  15. Bay Lake Mom

    Homeschool fails

    Oh Kickball. Last year our girls were at an overnight camp with our local troop. They announced that kickball was next on the agenda. I sunk deep in my chair and had a slight panic attack. We are NOT a sports family. We don’t watch sports. We don’t do sports. I’m not sure any of us are coordinated enough for sports. I was forced to play the game in public school growing up. I knew my girls had no idea what their friends were talking about. They kicked the ball, and they had no idea what to do or where to run. It was bad. Since then, we’ve gone to a few Durham Bulls baseball games so I can start teaching them basics and terminology. We’ve also started bowling. (It has been an eye opener!) Try not to worry about the gaps. Think of all the gaps public school kids have. They have to get used to a new teacher every single year, and most will never read a full classic novel - EVER!
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