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  1. It took less than a day, I think, so still time!
  2. I thought I would give an update to my original post, almost 4 years later, as I happened to see the old thread. Diagnoses were: dyspraxia/dysgraphia, dyslexia, ADHD (not yet diagnosed but present based on criteria, but he didn't meet criteria until the last 1-2 years), SPD (never diagnosed but treated) and vision discrepancies (not quite meeting diagnoses for proven treatment interventions). We did PT sports for years (gymnastics, karate, swimming), 2-3 times weekly. DS still does karate-type sports by choice now, a few times per week. I stopped "requiring" sports as PT about 1.5 year
  3. If anyone is interested in watching the 2e movie, it's free this week after signing up on e-mail. I started watching it to make sure the links work and I'm not spamming the hive, but I haven't seen more than a few minutes. You can only watch it this week (July 18 is the last day). The group supporting it, Bright and Quirky, seems to have other seminars and self-educational topics but I haven't spent much time with them yet either. Link to sign up: https://brightandquirky.com/2e-movie-signup/
  4. I looked online at the samples for LA 6 (G?), and I couldn’t find examples of literature concepts. The history IG seems to cover a ton of vocab, minimal comprehension, and LA covers vocab, one day of grammar, and some writing comprehension. I’m looking for literature topics too, like inference, settings, foreshadowing, etc. Is that covered?
  5. I gave you a trophy because recovery is hard work. I hope healing improves quickly!
  6. I need to wash those clothes separately in their own load. Usually that’s enough. But, heavy load. Vinegar if necessary (will not smell afterwards), and dry immediately.
  7. I hope you’re recovering well.
  8. Praying for you and your family. For best possible outcomes, ease of surgery and meds, peace during this long weekend before surgery, and recovery.
  9. IME with many standardized tests and neuropsychology tests, achievement tests, IQ tests, IOWA, Stanford, etc, I have come to think one thing- they’re all a gamble. Your kids can know X but the tests ask Y, you could be one week away from covering 25 % of the material tested as a random mishmash of trivia. Your kids could be paying attention well and miss questions you know they know. Your kids could ace it even though you never formally covered something. It’s a bare minimum sampling and only gives some basic insight over time. As someone mentioned, with younger kids I think it’s also mor
  10. While super funny to me, I’d probably feel dread if this occurred to me. I’d email the professor a quick note that it escaped your editing (even if it’s waaaay too late to change absolutely anything), to make sure they knew I knew that it was wrong. And if there’s any way to correct the mistake before the whole faculty sees it, I’d ask.
  11. Veg chili-https://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/2016/01/28/crock-pot-sweet-potato-chili/ Maybe a roasted squash with quinoa type filling?
  12. Maybe lactose intolerance, if you eat dairy products? The timing with the antibiotics could be a red herring. Frequent abdominal pain can be a variety, ranging from infection (like H pylori), allergies, celiac, etc. Idk about systemic antibiotics and abdominal pain causes. Girls at that age can sometimes develop ovarian cysts and such as well as they develop, but it would depend on location of pain and her development. Abdominal migraines are also a very painful disease. I will caution an urgent care diagnoses as they tend to just make sure it’s not an emergency. If this has b
  13. Claritin is usually first line, Zyrtec next level, and nasal sprays anytime. Those are all mostly non drowsy.
  14. I’d be concerned of spinal nerve things (slipped disc), temporary nerve concerns due to gaming and sleep patterns (she may not move around in her sleep enough), and definitely re consult a neurologist.
  15. Thanks. There’s so little I can do for them during this tragedy. I hope any bit of help for them is reassuring.
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