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  1. Thanks, all. This have given me some great ideas 🙂
  2. Thanks for the ideas and suggestions. I know it will be highly personal and variable, and I’m trying to model good general daily things for the kids. I know some things may not need to be daily, but I do want to highlight good mind/body/spirit things so as to not have glaring deficiencies 🙂. I will probably use an 8 hour work day and divide up that time to homeschooling and housework, but we also are balancing therapies, extracurriculars, etc. I don’t want to focus so much on one thing to the exclusion of others, as long as there’s balance in our lives most days. We tend to have a super over-busy workweek, then have too much leisure time for days (like too much electronics) on weekends or extended weekends. I’d prefer probably to be a bit more spread out in all aspects. 🙂. Plus I try to pretend there are more hours in the day than there are.
  3. I’m looking for general recommendations for a daily or weekly schedule/checklist/flow chart for optimal personal balance and growth. Something like: X minutes daily meditation/prayer, X hours of work, X minutes of productive leisure activity, X time of family time, X time social activities, X exercise minutes, X hours sleep, X time outside, X time chores, X time errands, X time finances, etc. A book, blog, or personal schedule would be beneficial. I’m finding imbalance in my life and I want to be more productive and have more personal growth but I do not want to overdo it. It’s easy for me to say I want to do finances this weekend but then spend all weekend doing errands, or miss exercising daily for weeks. I need to have a more realistic expectation of daily time needed to be productive and have growth. I also want to adapt something similar for the kids, so kid specific advice would be helpful. Thanks for any ideas! 🙂
  4. The conversation discussion reminded me of this illustration of ADHD storytelling-
  5. I was going to write in the other thread that some of us have family with disabilities, and the division of mental load labor is a lot different than in a NT family, but I didn’t have the energy leftover that day 😄
  6. Besides ADHD, which may need to be addressed, it can be disrespectful. If I ask DH to not do something, and he does it, it can range from a minor annoyance to very hurtful. Mostly it’s good intentions but with negative consequences. Causes can range from poor attention, poor short and long term memory, misinterpretation of desires, and disregard. It makes life harder for a person living with someone with ADHD who isn’t being respectful of requests. There are many things I have requested to not be done, and most of the time that request is not honored, and my life is made more difficult because of it. A simple rule for all spouses and possibly most people living together is to ask the other person first before doing things. Want to help tidy? Please don’t misplace everything. Want to help do laundry? Please don’t put things away where I cannot find them again. Want to help with groceries? Please get what is on the list. I think I may know why you’re in charge of packing. Good intentions that create extra work, are not good IMO. Decades of extra work is hard for the spouse. I don’t know if most people who don’t live with someone with ADHD understand the constant fixes, weariness, work, and seeming lack of care that many years of daily things can cause to a relationship. Anyway... hugs! 🙂 eta - is it seeming or seemingly? My brain is broken! I think it’s seeming.
  7. I found Harvard’s published data from the law graduates- I couldn’t find disbarred numbers. And I’m uncertain how their numbers compare to other schools.
  8. I’m sure you know, if you’re vegan, and for some vegetarians, that is the main protein group (with some additional from whole grains mostly). Though, vegetarians may have eggs/dairy. “Beans” includes hummus, soy products (like tofu), as well as beans. Each serving is only 1/2 cup. For each meal, as someone else mentioned, an average of a protein serving, 2 veg, a grain, and fruit makes a balanced diet. I usually have 2 servings of fruit, nuts/seeds, and a grain for breakfast, then a serving and a half of beans for lunch and dinner, with vegetables and grains. It’s quite easy to add some beans to salads, or have tofu stir fry instead of chicken, or have vegetarian chili instead of beef. Some people need to add beans over time to allow their microbiome to adjust, but a whole foods plant based diet is probably the healthiest way to eat. My go to quick lunch is a black bean bowl, with black beans, corn, salsa, avocado, and baked corn chips (or a whole wheat tortilla). Tofu stir fry is also easy. 🙂 Beans on (whole wheat) toast is healthy, and I bet two slices is easily 1/2 cup serving.
  9. I recommend a nutritional tracking app (like chronometer) to see how your nutrition is for a week or two. It helps me know exactly how much iron and B12 I’m getting, plus I also know my potassium isn’t awesome and sometimes my protein is too low. The daily dozen checklist (by Dr. Greger) is a great starter idea of well rounded nutrition based on a vegan diet (but a good nutritional guideline for even omnivores).
  10. Thanks for linking an IP lentil tikka masala. I’ve been looking for one! I always add a bunch more veg though, like carrots and cauliflower, so I may need to up the spices. 🙂
  11. My favorite vegetarian chili, it’s sweet but super flavorful, not too spicy, hearty, dairy free, customizable to beans or vegetables you prefer- My favorite lentil coconut curry- non dairy -
  12. I answered vegan, because it was closest to the choice that is proven to reverse heart disease: whole foods plant based. is a great non profit nutritional resource by a physician based on research and diet. Studies have proven whole food plant based is the best diet.
  13. Besides ginger, probably nothing to help. It’s likely all the pain meds or the antibiotic. A lot of antibiotics cause nausea and vomiting and you may need to switch to an alternate medicine. (Hugs)
  14. Praying for you to have a great experience and feel awesome and at peace there!
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