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  1. It is a tough class. He might need to work on the weekend to get it done since he started late. It can be done, but he will have to work.
  2. Go to the thrift store. If he doesn't want to dress up, then he doesn't need to come. Enjoy the celebration in a fantastic, new to you, dress. A simple black dress is a great addition to your wardrobe - I wear the same one to funerals as to wedding. Pick up a wrap or borrow one from a friend, and get a sparkly necklace for the wedding. Simple is elegant.
  3. EoE See if this makes sense with his symptoms.
  4. I have Raynauld's, too. I got a nifty pair of writer's gloves that are snug around the wrist to warm the blood up before it goes to the hands. My fingers would get so cold I had a hard time holding on white board markers at school. I have medication to take but it makes me so dizzy, I don't take it on a regular basis.
  5. We moved to a new house so not sure where stuff will go for Christmas. And I am working 40 + hours a week so I want to get started next weekend knowing it will take longer. But, if we get lights outside, they will not be turned on.
  6. I think you could easily go to DC on your budget and have some leftover. My dh and I love museums and reading, too, and DC is great. The monuents are so pretty at night. Maybe take in a show while you are there.
  7. Plan a trip - celebrate being in midlife and discover what this season has to offer.
  8. First go out and buy some fake birds - there are tons out right now for Halloween. Gather everyone around the tv to watch The Birds. Then go to the bathroom and put all the birds out. (be sure to serve everyone lots of lemonade or cider before)
  9. califia farms is the best! It is the only one I will buy anymore. I have tried a lot.
  10. I would do 1/2 days - can he go in after lunch? You could sleep in a bit and probably get all the K's school done before he leaves and then I bet just an hour for the 2nd grader in the afternoon. When our 3rd was born, I had wanted dh to take Tuesday and Thursdays off for a few weeks. It did not work out that, but he took Wednesdays off for a month and that helped so much. I scheduled all the well-checks on Wednesday for the baby. It was so nice to have to take the other kids to the doctor with me. Congratulations
  11. Love our bath towels from Costco. I ordered bedding from Amazon. I shopped at HomeGoods, Target, and Hobby Lobby for decor. Best of luck!
  12. My dd took an 8-week course - Art Appreciation and loved it. The teacher was quick with feedback so my dd could make adjustments and learn from her mistakes. So, just like so many things, I think it depends on the class and professor.
  13. Watched it last night, too. My response was "That was satisfactory." Not outstanding but really brought closure, and I am glad I watched it. Won't spoil anything for anyone else.
  14. I wear Asics but have gotten a nasty callous with this pair. I also wear Naot shoes - I have a very narrow foot (but size 10 1/2) so the Naots work for me. Birkenstocks are the worst for foot. Go to a good shoe store and talk to someone who actually knows shoes; it made a world of difference.
  15. You are absolutely correct. I hope your daughter feels empowered to do so. Unfortunately, my dd is way too timid and has trouble standing up for herself. Kudos to your daughter for being able to that.
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