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  1. WOW! Congratulations!! and thank you for sharing - I love happy news!!
  2. Everything said here already try to sleep sitting up - maybe in a recliner Do the swishing and cleaning as directed our youngest dd had a terrible time with hers. She neglected to tell me that she had run out of salt so she just did not do it...
  3. My cousins have lived in Beavercreek since the 70's. Nice town. My uncle worked at Wright Pat for 40 years and my aunt at Wright Pat University! Always loved visiting them!
  4. I agree with others for sheath dresses. You could pick up a grey, black, and navy - pair them with different colored cardigans or blazers. Add in scarves and interesting necklaces. Keep it simple.
  5. DC is a must for your homeschool days. I think it is important to visit state and national parks and just soak in whatever is there. Budget buster - Rome Visit art museums, zoos, aquariums, etc.. many cities off city passes or if you purchase a zoo pass to your zoo it is often transferable to other zoos. Getting a membership is a great way to go often and notice the changes.
  6. Tacos - I put the meat in the crockpot so it is ready when we get home. No turning on the stove or the oven.
  7. My son's best friend was 1 1/2 years older and a girl. They did EVERYTHING together from when he was 4 - 9. Then it was over. It was heartbreaking. She went on vacations with us. She had a stocking at our house and he had one at hers. I felt like I lost my fourth child. We stayed close with the family and now that young lady is my physical therapist. I had always wished the two of them would reconnect later in life, but it was not in the cards. They did dance together at her sister's wedding, and we are invited to her wedding. Try to treasure the good stuff. This stinky part
  8. Just FYI - Animal Farm was voted as #1 in my middle school lit class
  9. Audible would be a great gift! I would second or third a great thermos or cooler bag. Maybe some fun sunglasses.
  10. My son moved using the UHaul pod service - It worked really well for him. He hired two guys to help him move stuff out of his apartment. We helped him move in. Good luck.
  11. Sorority rush (recruitment) moves the timeline up even more. I think it was August 6th.
  12. YES! A nearby library has fluorescent lights and a heavily patterned carpet. I could not go in there without feeling so dizzy and bumping into things.
  13. hugs and prayers I would watch some historical movies together or work through the movies as literature collection. Do some read alouds. Bake in the kitchen - maybe use Guest Hollow's curriculum, if you feel like you must. Math, slow and steady, and together. Journaling and writing can have some therapeutical benefits for many. I would include more art and more PE - yoga and walking to start.
  14. Maybe, just maybe, and really hoping it was an allergy attack.... really hoping (sounds like how I get with allergy attacks - my nose will not stop running)
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