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  1. lmrich


    The new stuff is removable but sooo expensive. I think putting up wallpaper (the old horrible kind) and tent camping with a toddler in the rain should be required for couples who are thinking of getting married. If you can survive those horrors, your marriage is strong!
  2. We are moving in a few weeks, and I wish the new home had a storage room and an office for me. We looked at a lot of houses and this house requires the least amount of sacrifices.
  3. I have traveled a bit. Currently in LA (it is thunderstorming and 58 degrees - so much for the surfing vacation the kids wanted)... And our trip to Alaska is one of my favorites of all times. (another side note--- you know when you have to have a painful procedure done so you try really hard to think of something nice - I think of the wildflowers in Alaska) We rented the RV and drove around. GO to DENALI. So amazing! We flew in and out of Anchorage. I made every meal but two in the RV so it saved a lot of time and money. Just enjoy the journey. It is a spectacular state; I loved every minute.
  4. Hoping you get an offer. We are getting furniture with our new house purchase and leaving some for our buyers. It does make moving so much easier. Tell dh that you would most likely get new furniture anyways for the new house so it fits better.
  5. Another aspect to consider with a school that is far away... so you are 45 minutes in one direction - what if her best friend is 45 minutes in the other direction? (By the way this happened to us all. the. time. I finally told my dd before she made a friend to ask the potential friend what her zip code was! - kidding - kind of - we live in Atlanta so 45 minutes can be 2 hours in traffic)
  6. Price it out... buying a toddler bed at a thrift store could be about 10 bucks and a few toys another 15. Talk to your realtor about the value in adding a true bedroom there. Price it out and compare it to dropping the price of your house. When staging our home, I found beautiful, handmade toys that I had saved so I made my adult son's room look like it was an 8 year-old boy's room. No lie, we got an offer from a family with an 8 year-old boy.
  7. Instead of a curtain...look on Pinterest to see how people use Ikea bookcases to separate rooms. Just an idea. Another idea for staging - when or if you want to make a smaller room, you can buy a toddler bed or crib to put in there and stage it as a nursery.
  8. The quick shine makes it look wet still. We had fading from area rugs on our hardwoods - it did not hide that. But most people will throw an area rug down in the same spot. Quick Shine is pretty cheap (less than $10 a bottle) so it is worth a try.
  9. Disappointed here too. Not sure how my dh nor my kids can't get it. Just want something organized - like a meal. Next year I will plan the day myself for my mom and I, maybe invite my kids. But dh can't do it. He doesn't get it at all.
  10. Quick Shine is my favorite product to make my floors look great. Clean your floors really, really well. Pick up as much you can off the floor. I like to apply two to three coats so it lasts. The last time I applied it, I used a microfiber towel wrapped around a sponge mop. My floors looked amazing. My realator asked if we had them refinished and even the photographer asked how I got them so shiny. (I used Bona as well, not as shiny)
  11. This happened to us twice - a reverse offer. This is when the seller gives the potential buyer a contract with a great price and terms. It would mean that you do not have to lower price right now, only this potential buyer would see it. You could also list what furniture or stuff stays with the house. or You could also offer an incentive for the house to close by a certain date. Like, if the buyer can close by June 8, we will pay all closing costs. It just keeps the conversation going.
  12. Sorry. Be sure to have a good spot for the folks to dry their shoes off, or ask for them to take them off. Before our first showing, we had a ton of rain. We have two spots in our yard that just drain really slow. I went outside (in the rain) and a bucket to get the standing water out of those puddles. Then the next day it rained all day again and after the first showing there were so many footprints on my nice shiny floor - grr! I had to run in between showing to reshine everything. Have you used the product Quick Shine on your floors? I put two coats on and even our realtor and the photographer who took our home's photos could not believe how great our floors looked. It even made the slate floors look so good.
  13. Or anything monogrammed - even a welcome mat with their new initials on it could be sweet.
  14. Good luck! Are you going to have nice weather today? If so, maybe do a little something outside to draw the buyers outside more since that is what makes your home stand out. We just did this a few weeks ago - simple stuff - a pitcher of lemonade and a few glasses on a tray left on the table. If you have a fire pit, put out a smore's station. I have little garden bench and left a pair of gardening gloves and trowel there with a plant that was still in the pot. If it is chilly today, you can put a blanket over a chair in the backyard and leave a book open. If it is really sunny, maybe a towel and sunscreen, sunglasses, etc.. Hope it is not raining. Really just anything to make the buyers linger outside longer since that is something no other house can offer them.
  15. One thing I hear from parents who hold their kid back a year: BEST DECISION EVER! Without knowing your child, at all... if he is struggling now, he will most likely struggle later. If he is immature now, he will most likely mature differently than his peers. If he is not confident now, it is likely that his self-esteem will take a hit being an environment where he struggles both academically and socially. Kids, mostly boys, who have been held back seem to do much better in the lower grade. However, most of that applies to kids who are in school 5 days a week. A coop that meets once a week might not have enough impact to make a bit of difference. Think way ahead... he could start his freshmen year at college at 19 instead of 18. For a young man, that extra year of maturity can be significant.
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