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  1. I love All Things Algebra as well. She does a beautiful job breaking concepts into smaller steps. Lots of games to purchase to reinforce concepts - gets $$ but so does a private tutor.
  2. A quality blender will make all the difference. I have a vitamix and make smoothies all the time, but before I had a great blender it just did not work well.
  3. Ask the mom what modifications can be made that will lead to the child achieving his best. ie.. more time on tests, having a calculator, access to another student's notes, etc...
  4. Amazing - check out the Amoeba Sisters videos - they fit great with CPO Life science
  5. Something even better is waiting for you. Imagine how thrilled you will be in a few years with the most perfect house you never imagined!
  6. My son did a semester gap program at YMCA of the Rockies - great program.
  7. We only took the algebra 2 class and found this to be true. My daughter was not ready for precalc.
  8. AND... since your daughter is in 7th grade now, everything can change by the time she is ready to start college. Keep your eye on a few of the colleges she has an interest in attending.
  9. soccer, flag football, basketball... try another sport. It sounds like your town's baseball league has some issues. Who knows.. your boys might like it better.
  10. lmrich

    Envy, yours?

    I envy people without food allergies. I really want to eat without being scared. Also envious of good sleepers. I would fail a sleep study.
  11. That is so wrong! However, keep your eye on your goal. Your goal was to help combat his loneliness. If you cannot find somewhere else for him to attend, it is not the end of the world. You know the administration has ethical issues, so keep looking for a better place for your son.
  12. Not that you asked... does your son have access to public transportation? I had a friend whose son had to take the bus twice to work, and that changed his abitlity to comply to communicating better. The other.. uggh.
  13. I am sorry. But it will be worth it. We just moved, and it seems everytime you turn around there is another expense.
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