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  1. I had some lighting fixtures listed in October. They did not sell. Then last weekend, I had 40 people ask about them. 40! I did not re-list them or pay to have them featured, etc.. I have no idea what happened.
  2. I really like it, but I add creamer to my coffee.
  3. Charleston, SC, Asheville, NC, Big Canoe, GA, Savannah, GA are some of my favorite areas in the southeast (Love Greenville, SC -but you have ruled that out)
  4. Lial's is good for instruction written to the student. Try Open Stax as well - it is free so no risk. Have you tried Khan Academy? also free and has practice problems.
  5. wow - my son would like to move in with you. Not sure how a boy from GA loves skiing so much!
  6. You might try some lamps instead/addition to the overhead lighting. I think it is much softer. Battery operated candles are so very nice if you can not have the real kind. If you have a fireplace and a mantle, decorate it to be warm and cozy and use the fairy lights or Christmas lights to help it.
  7. What a dark day for democracy and all Americans. I can't even process all my emotions - anger, sadness, disbelief and because I live in GA - happy with my state! Too much to process. All I can do is pray.
  8. Something else... the schools won't stay in that model for long. Covid will surge and everyone will be home again so why go through the drama.
  9. This has been something my dh and I have been discussing a lot. No clue!
  10. I am thinking champagne and cold cereal... I am in the middle of a massive painting project so no cooking for me!
  11. My son tutors algebra online. PM if you want his contact information.
  12. My aunt and uncle gave me one leg warmer and my sister the other. And they were orange striped and made of polyester. Later we saw that they were part of an outfit... that our cousin had. (and no my aunt and uncle were not poor)
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