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  1. NO! I know my mom was allotted money for the month for household expenses, etc.. No idea how much. My dad was an engineer so he had to be making good money. But I always felt guilty for wanting/needing new clothes. I grew 5 inches in a few months and remember that I hated to ask to go buy another pair of shoes because I had already outgrown the pair we bought last month.
  2. Did it not know about it! Watched the first one with m parents when I was engaged and the second one when I was pregnant.
  3. Yes - we had been in the same house for 23 years and wanted an upgrade. Dh did not want yard work anymore. Our old house was dark; the new one is light and bright. The old house was perfect for raising kids (location in the neighborhood, shady yard, playroom, etc..); the new house is better for young adults - close to Coffee shops, a bike trail, and the freeway.
  4. I would agree with Susan that people like stories so telling history through stories and people is enjoyable and often memorable. Now, if you are really studying history, you would need to take a more mixed approach.
  5. Stress is a huge contributing factor. See if she can learn to meditate or begin a yoga practice. Even regular walking outside would be a great way to relieve stress.
  6. You are correct the program grades it, but most teachers grade those themselves.
  7. The teacher has to grade the write in answers. I am guessing she does not know how the program works. Your son should speak up; most teachers would want to make it right.
  8. I just bought my daughter a folding drying rack that attaches to the back of the door. It was purchased at TJ Maxx, but I am sure you can find one... the cashier checking me out said she was going to buy one on her break. I have a drying rack set up in my laundry room. At my older house, I set one in the hallway.
  9. Would it be better to get a new used car? 9,000 is a lot to pour into it. sorry that you have had so much lately! When it rains, it pours!
  10. No - I see them on Facebook. And I loved high school. Still best friends with my college friends; we talk frequently and vacation together once a year. I am blessed!
  11. Got to most of my goals this week. Eating healthy is still something I need to work on... Felt great after a 3 mile run - outside! I don't run fast or long, but after years of not being able to run, so glad I can do a bit. It is empowering! Did my strength training for lower body today and got in a 40 minute walk even while it rained a bit. Did not sleep well last night so very tired now.. Happy Saturday everyone!!
  12. If I did not have food allergies. I am tired of thinking about what I can eat. I tried rice on Saturday night (yeah - rice - one of many) and have been ill feeling since. Ugg!
  13. You need to spend more time with them. Meet 1/2 way and go for a hike or something with no distractions so there will be time talk and get to know him. Boys/men tend to mature less quickly than girls/women so remember that as well.
  14. I woke up to temps in the lower 60's! What a delight. Still struggling with allergies (an irritating cough - not Covid) which is making tired, but I am powering through it all and getting my exercise in - just a little slower than normal. I have enjoyed a good dose of Vitamin D sitting outside reading a book I picked up at a free little library on one of my walks. Lots of fruit - some veggies (need more) and plenty of water. Enjoy your day ladies!
  15. Born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1970 - I was featured in a film about newborns for doctors and nurses to watch. They put a big glittery star on my bassinet in the nursery. The other moms gots jealous... Our first house I lived in until I was five. I have some blurry memories - there was a large landing on the stairs where I liked to play with my toys. I am sure my parents were glad I did not have legos. We had a big backyard with grapevines, and I could never understand why the grapes in the backyard were so yucky compared to grapes inside the house (they were not ripe). We moved one town ove
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