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  1. lmrich

    Egg incubator recommendations?

    Hatching eggs was one of the best things we did in my classroom and in our homeschool. We had the Brinsea. It worked great. We hatched ducks. So much fun!
  2. Can you get out of it? If you are moving that is a real reason. Do you have a long trenchcoat or raincoat? If so, pair that with layers underneath. Get a long sweater; those are in right now - just something you can take off easily so if you are in a museum, you can take it off. Wear a fleece as well since that helps trap body heat and again can be taken off easily. I hate having layers that I can't take off as the inside of buildings can be rather toasty. Grab some gloves, a scarf, and a hat. You can get hand warmers to slip inside them. I have even put them in my shoes. You can get away with some rainbows with great socks if needed. We were in DC in early March (10 years ago) it snowed at the start of our trip and was 65 degrees and sunny at the end of the week.
  3. lmrich

    s/o Kids Movies that are Great Films

    The movie Spirit was quite good, but the soundtrack was also great.
  4. I have Reynauds. BUT my hands looked like that once when I got new jeans and the blue dye rubbed off on my hands. My hands get ice cold so it is the fact that her hands were not cold is what is so surprising.
  5. lmrich

    I need prayers

    Prayers for your son and family. I am so sorry.
  6. lmrich

    Dr Hive, alcohol abuse, mental problems

    Will he go back to the doctor? I think it is time.
  7. lmrich

    Pre-cooked meal services

    Do her roommates have cars? Can they plan a trip to the store? Postmates is at that school; my dd delivers from them, and she goes to the grocery for people. All your dd would need to do is order it online for a pickup and then get Postmates to bring it to her. Of course Publix or Kroger might deliver. I saw that the Aldi near me delivers.
  8. lmrich

    Pre-cooked meal services

    A lady at our church does that. She delivers meals on Mondays that needed to be heated up. You can leave a cooler on your steps and take your chances if you are not home. I prepped a bunch of single serve meals for my son and put them in freezer bags. He just needs to take one out, put it in the fridge, and then heat it up after class. It took very little time for me to do this, and it would take less time if I did it with our leftovers more often. It takes up very little space in his freezer so that is not an issue. Doesn't your dd live close enough that she can come home for a weekend. Maybe you could do a cooking session with her?
  9. lmrich

    Not retaining SOTW 2nd grade

    Echoing the others - not a big deal. I also loved the CDs and would recommend purchasing them or audio files. We also got in the habit of listening to an old chapter in the car and then chatting about it. Great for memory and discussion. My dd also loved doing narration and pictures. We did two per week, and she enjoyed going back and re-reading them. We also made a timeline that was fun to review. For the really fun projects I would take a picture and add it to her narration or timeline. She enjoyed making costumes and dressing up like history characters. Honestly, I think creating a love for history is most important at this age.
  10. We did a runner's club. A few of the parents were runners and agreed to take a group of kids on the nearby trail to run a few times each week. The goal was to run in a 5K. Several of the kids did. My dd and two of her friends did one. Then dd broke her foot so the whole thing fell apart since I was the main organizer.
  11. lmrich

    Did you keep or get rid of your wedding dress?

    I have half of it! Fun story (kind of) I got married in September; my sister got engaged soon after. She picked out a wedding dress and had buyer's remorse. She loved the bodice but really wanted a train and fuller skirt. My mom was a professional seamstress, so she took the skirt off my dress, put it on my sister's bodice... and then asked if I minded. I did not, but it is still strange to have just the top to my wedding dress. My mom also loaned my veil to my sister and then loaned it my cousin, and I never got it back so I have nothing to hand down to my girls. Oh well, they are not sentimental.
  12. Per your example - it is perfectly ok. I have no problem with anyone returning something not used nor with returning something that is not satisfactory. (rips or tears after one use)
  13. lmrich

    When it's not really a mental illness.....

    Food allergies can really mess with your overall health. Your physical health and mental health are connected. Absolutely. I think part of problem is the - overall health - it seems like my specialists don't talk to each other or really even understand some of the information. There is not one doctor who really and truly is putting it all together.
  14. The sweets were all homemade. My MIL made the cake and froze the layers. My dh's cousin's new husband decorated the cake; his mother owned a bakery so he knew how to do it. (He did it so last minute that he missed the ceremony!) My mom and I made all the cookies and lot of the finger foods. Our bouquets were calla lillies - super easy. We did have wedding flowers at the church - two sprays. We drove off in dh's little car which was completely full as he was moving to our new apartment 5 hours away and starting grad school the following week - which we paid for on my teacher's salary. We had a two night honeymoon.
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