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  1. What great natural light you have! I think a rug to tie together the sitting area would help define that space. You won't have to get a super high quality rug since it is going on top of another rug. You will want to add some art on the wall above the couch. If you have a Hobby Lobby nearby, they have pretty large art pieces for a decent price - in fact - I would get two panels instead of one large piece. Throw a blanket on the couch to make it more cozy and buy some potted plants or trees to put next to the couch. Home Depot has some for less than $30 and with all your light, it will live. And if the kids knock it over, they can clean up the dirt - just dirt not glass. Another great designer trick is to move the furniture away from the wall. It gives the idea of more space. Have you tried swapping the couch and loveseat? Just wondering if that would help you define your play space from the living space.
  2. Look into voice overs. My dd is working with a client who want to start a talent agency for just voice over talent. Look around and see what is out there..
  3. Just a weekend? We just got back from Greenville, SC. Really outstanding downtown area, great river walk, variety of restaurants, fun shopping, and the theater is on the Main Street. I don't think it would be great for more that a weekend, but a Friday night, full day Saturday, and 1/2 day Sunday would be lovely and so relaxed. j
  4. Naot are one of the best fitting shoes for my narrow foot. They might even run a tad small which is great for me since I am more like a 10 1/2. They have a nice arch support too. Alegria were great but too wide for my foot once the swelling went down after my surgeries.
  5. If he wants to transfer, you will need to help him navigate that process. Every school has different requirements and then some majors have unique requirements. Some require 24 hours most 30. The GPA is all over the place. I vote save money and do the community college thing, unless you can transfer sooner. Transfer deadlines, for some schools, extend into the summer so you have time.
  6. My daughter, a senior, still remembers SOTW, and we have her completed timeline. In one of her college essays, she even stated that she learned to love school in our history class when she pretended to be a cave painter. That was her first lesson in first grade! Enjoy those years and know they are impactful!!
  7. For folks with allergies, a mini poodle is ideal. I have been around dogs that are mixed with a poodle and some tend to cause my allergies to start. Plus mini poodles are very sweet, smart, and loyal.
  8. When your student starts outlining, it is helpful to have a text that is organized. The texts that are rather narrative can be challenging. I like to use the Kingfisher Encyclopedia or the Usborne Encyclopedia. Could you just pull the American history chapters and work from there? Or go to the library and look through what they have on their shelf.
  9. Around here, everyone does a drop in. I honestly do not know how many attended but my guess is 50 - 75 throughout the afternoon. For this year's graduate we are going in with two other friends and renting a place (we have moved and the new house has terrible parking issues for that type of crowd) and expect about 100 throughout the evening. We will self-cater with reliance on Costco!
  10. I am so sorry and also, so right there with you. I will join your rant/ whine: It is so hard to navigate when someone tells you "no you can eat that!" - it makes worse because, really I can't. Gluten-free usually means it is made with rice flour - allergic to both. Cauliflower pizza crust - guess what allergic to cauliflower and that has cheese in it. I hope you feel better and glad you have a positive attitude about watching something on tv.
  11. I am another fan of TPT. But just like others said, you still have to be a qualified judge of the work and assignments. Quite frankly, a lot of textbooks are pretty bad, too. Back in the day, I found teacher magazines like Mailbox and Copycat, etc to supplement the curriculum so in one sense not much has changed except for who gets the money. (and it is so much easier to search!) I think the bigger problem is that teachers are constantly paying for materials for their classroom with their own money.
  12. Thanks for sharing and so glad he is doing well. I have trouble swallowing and will ask my dr about this next time I go in...
  13. Try, really try to stay off it for a week or two. Ice it and wrap it and keep it above your heart as much as possible. I have had numerous ankle injuries. Sleeping with it above your heart helps with the swelling. I sleep on the couch with pillows piled high. If I seep in the bed with the same pillow arrangement, I tend to take my foot off the pillow so I can sleep in my usual position. I once had it so bad the dr threatened to cast me so I would stay off it. I ended up with a terrible case of the flu that ended up with a sinus infection, ear infection, and bronchitis. As a result, I could hardly move - my ankle improved greatly! Now, I am not advocating getting the flu, but stay off it and give it the rest it needs. It needs more than you think.
  14. So very sorry to hear this. Praying that you can find peace in the days, weeks, and months ahead. Sending much love and supporting thoughts to your family as they mourn baby Grant.
  15. Congratulations and continued prayers in the days ahead.
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