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  1. We ran into the fake breeder a lot. Let them know you want to come meet the mom, any of the litter, and see where the puppy was living. It seems like a lot of work, but it will be worth it.
  2. So sorry for the pleurisy - it can really impact the amount of oxygen one gets. It can drain you fast. I slept in a recliner for two weeks when I had it. (also pregnant)
  3. Wish I had seen this thread earlier.. I did a serious 3 week purge. I am so tired, but my house looks amazing. We rented a storage room since we are thinking of moving, and we had some furniture from another house that was just making this one feel tight. I was able to store some books in there that should have been donated. I have dishes from the other house, too. Just not sure how much to hold on to as the kids will need stuff for their college apartments, etc.. I got rid of a lot! A LOT! but there is more to do. We still have toys; my youngest is 17. Too many raggedy towels that I hold on to for cleaning stuff; need to get rid of still. The best we did was clean out a strange closet in the garage that had been storing paint cans. We went through all of them (so very old) and added drying stuff to the paint we don't need to take to the dump. Decent paint will be donated. That closet is huge and is insulated. I got most of my Christmas stuff in there. That was the best discovery. Still hoping to find another secret huge closet that is under-used. Then I did a BIG clean - scrubbed everything, shined everything, washed windows, refreshed the yard. I am tired. BUT it is worth it. I love a clean house. I love opening my closet and have it organzied and uncluttered. I love my pantry filled with white baskets that make it look orderly.
  4. When he is home on break, can you make him appointment with his doctor? Sometimes depression is caused by some medical stuff. Just an idea.
  5. THIS!!! Review an old level. Have her play math games. She can make math games for her siblings. If you feel you must proceed with CLE, go at a much slower pace for a bit. Start making math fun by celebrating Pi day on Thursday. Visit the library and check out some math picture books to read. Look up math games with cards or with dice and enjoy it with your dd.
  6. lmrich

    Food poll

    My food allergies now control me. I am hesitant. I could have said afraid if I don't really know what is in it. Before the allergies, I was always so surprised when I tried an 'old' food prepared a different way. It is amazing how different some vegetables taste roasted.
  7. Go back and do another Algebra II with him. It will make your lives so much better. Work through the summer if needed.
  8. I have been using Paypal for years. No nightmare here. I think I will pay my daughter to start selling. We just have some big stuff - Molly's stage that is going to be hard to ship. I guess that would be the benefit of letting my daughter keep half - she has to deal with the post office!
  9. I have the exact same question! I can't beleive how much stuff was stored in closet!!
  10. You can do it. I use the guide with middle school students. Our favorite labs (can't recall if they are in that guide, but you can easily google these) Dragon baby lab (learning genetics), extrracting DNA, flower dissection, all dissections, Starburst energy lab, protist lab, spreading the virus lab (you order a starch for the water - this works best with lots of kids - I ask more students to join us), and the tissue lab.
  11. Defintely pick a theme for your class - scientists, artists, history-makers, etc.. and spring board off that. Great idea for a class!
  12. We are starting to look at homes as well. Go look at a lot of houses. It helps you articulate what you want and what is a deal breaker for you. For example - private backyard - big deal for me. Pantry - big deal for me. Giant master closet- don't care. But it is really a location issue for me. Get talking about the new builders; there is a lot information you can discover about who is good and who is great.
  13. My dh was gone most days M - Th or M - F when the kids were little (newborn, 2, 4 - until the youngest was 6 - so 6 years) . I have no idea how I did it! I know I just did. It is hard. I think this is when I started taking long showers! Better idea - hire a babysitter one evening just so you can go out. I never thought of doing that until a friend suggested it, but by then my dh had stopped traveling so much.
  14. Please look into tutoring online through Vipkid as mentioned above or other ones. Just chiming in that you are on a great path to be debt free in 5 years. If you are interested in tutoring to make money - become a math tutor. Most of my tutoring income is tutoring in math.
  15. Sounds like a perfect solution. I think part-time work is such a good idea to help us find life-work balance.
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