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  1. That is a differrent class entirely. That is like signing up for American History and it gets changed to Ancient History. Not ok! Now if the teacher gets a sudden inspiration in a painting class and changes the syllabus because the weather is lovely and the fall colors are just begging to be painted - then one should be fine with going off the syllabus.
  2. You all need to find someone he can talk to about his anxiety as well. If he is saying some "some kinda crazy impulsive things," you need to get him some help with those anxious feelings. So many kids are dealing with overwhelming anxiety - try yoga, meditation, spending more time in nature until you can get him an appointment. And you will all need to safe gaurd him from hearing too much about the pandemic and schools, etc.. - I have no idea how you can do that as it is everywhere. I am so sorry. Protein drink with a straw and a face shield while outside is a great way to stay safe. What is the rain plan?
  3. Spend two days on the Mall in DC and just enjoy the museums. I liked the Ford's Theater, the National Cathedral, and a bit further out Mt Vernon. The Library of Congress is stunning inside. Honestly, you can't go wrong in DC - just about everything is free so if you don't care for a museum, just go to the next one. Altanta - the aquarium for sure (you will be done with museums by then) MLK Jr.'s historical home and Ebenezer church are great to visit as well and a bit of a different vibe than a museum. You might get nice weather in Atlanta so you could take advantage of the fall festivals etc.. If you like greasy food - the Varsity is legendary (not my favorite) Have fun!
  4. So sorry. I know you must be so tired so get some rest and some sunshine this weekend. Take care❤️
  5. We are buying a home in the mountains!! I am over the moon excited! But it needs a lot of work - so lots of painting, sanding, and ripping stuff out for me. I will enjoy the views and some great hikes. Can't wait for the crisp air!
  6. The Morning Show already started but Ted Lasso is still dropping episodes this fall
  7. So sorry for your loss and all the others who have had such sadness. But thank you for the PSA and to everyone who is nervous- it is not that bad. It is not fun but not painful at all; just not fun. I have had way worse nights in my life. Just get it scheduled! 😀😀
  8. So sorry - hoping you can find peace and remember her in love❤️
  9. Sending you so much love! I also hate, hate, hate going to the dentist. Congratulations for getting through it! I hope you can get some rest❤️❤️
  10. It can be so frustrating when not everyone is working as hard as you are. Hang in there - it will be worth in the end!
  11. For the rug you could go with a washable rug. I know Ruggable makes them. I own one and will get more. If it is a large area, you can get two rugs. Are the Ikea sofas comfortable?
  12. I am not this year - I have 20 for an in person class with a wait list of 5 more - there is obviously a need!
  13. I had an amazing cat who was rather wild and we desperately tried to make an indoor cat. At least twice he needed to be bathed. He had to be bathed. I would not wish that on an enemy. Oh, but he was a great cat. I still miss him! It has been 19 years without him.
  14. Tacos! I prep it all ahead of time so it is fast and easy. Then a few days later - nachos for lunch with the leftovers.
  15. I tore my posterior tibial tendon and had to have two surgeries to repair it. Have you had an MRI? My advice, if yours is not torn, stay off it. I was put in a cast before they knew it was torn in order to get me to stay off it. Do not walk on it at all - go get crutches or use a walker. I was told that that tendon has some of the worst blood supply so healing is incredible slow. Sleep with your foot elevated by sleeping on the couch with pillows propped up. Try to keep it elevated as much as possible. Keep wearing your compression brace to help with swelling. I know advice has changed on ice and heating so seek guidance there. Good news - it took about 8 years but I am able to exercise without too much pain. I always wear comfortable shoes! Best of luck - stay off it!
  16. Marble run decks of cards visit the thrift store and have fun
  17. This was me a week ago. Not Covid - summer cold that turned into a sinus infection. Drink lots of fluids and take care of yourself; worrying about the past is not going to help you get better.
  18. My dad built me one for college. I just used rubber maid bins so I could use all the space to the wall - front bins were clothes I wore all the time, back bins were next season clothes or special occasion stuff. I made a duvet cover to hide the bins. Worked great.
  19. I had people pick blueberries from my bushes which was close to a cut through (all on private property) to the pool. Kids I knew well actually brought buckets to pick them. I had to explain to them it was wrong. They said, it wasn't and their mom told them to do it!
  20. My dd is interning with NBC this summer is on the Olympics ad team. If you have the NBC paid subscription channel, Peacock, you can watch more Olympics. I know my tv show many different options for Olympics. I have watched rowing, beach volleyball, water polo, as well as the prime time coverage. Sport added - ? seems like they are keeping with this - Sport taken away - shooting.
  21. cooler weather - fall is coming! but before that reading a book by the pool
  22. We cancelled our 10 day Grand Canyon trip. (not just Covid - but food allergy related; it is really hard for me to eat on the road so with Covid risks and food allergies - just not worth it) We are fully vaccinated. We went to Maine two weeks ago and both came home with colds. Mine turned into a sinus infection and double ear infection. We do have a short trip to DC planned for end of October. We will see...
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