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  1. Contact Mary's broker if Mary doesn't respond appropriately or gives you any trouble whatsoever. STBX always makes things fun, doesn't he?
  2. The Easter Bunny is DONE. Baskets: For the olders, I went with MLB tickets, exotic potato chips, dark chocolate bunnies, and a greatly reduced number of peeps. The caboose has a few tiny chocolate lambs, paint, brushes, bubbles, and sidewalk chalk. Egg Hunt Eggs: Jelly beans and Robin's Eggs for the olders(those are the candies they get excited about every year, so EB is simplifying to those) sponge stamps for painting and stickers for the caboose. The Easter Bunny feels great about her choices this year. 15 minutes in World Market, 15 in Target, 5 minutes online for MLB. The children also receive a spiritual gift from us each year. Instead of buying something, I'm going to write out a prayer of thankfulness for each child. I'll do them on pretty paper and tie up in scrolls.
  3. I'm sorry it didn't worked out, but I think you are very wise to walk away from this one!
  4. At some locations, Frontier is so understaffed that they do not have a person at the checkin desk until a time that is uncomfortably close to flight time. They also may not have a kiosk. Make sure that you either print a paper boarding pass or put their app on your phone for a mobile boarding pass. Otherwise you will be standing there with rising blood pressure, wondering if you'll make it through security in time. Frontier used to be so wonderful and we flew them all the time. I agree with all of the above remarks regarding discomfort, etc. I avoid flying with them unless the price difference is *enormous.* ETA: their there they're. Not the same. Whatevs, I'm on an iPad
  5. The Easter bunny is very tired, very behind schedule, and very uninspired this year. The Easter Bunny is also *very tired* of all the candy. So. Much. Candy. The Easter Bunny's brain cannot retrieve the information about what the Bunny gives to two year olds. I think the Easter Bunny is having a midlife crisis, actually. The Easter Bunny is giving very serious consideration to putting MLB tickets (and little else) in the baskets.
  6. I like to make Rosemary's Pink Diamond Fizz, but I use pink champagne. My grandmother Rosemary loved pink, loved diamonds, and loved champagne, so it's a family favorite for many reasons. http://www.finecooking.com/drink-recipes/rosemary-pink-diamond-fizz-cocktail.aspx If the weather is warm, I like to make a champagne punch like this one: http://www.beautyfrosting.com/tag/pink-champagne-cocktails Mimosas are expected. My other grandmother loves variations with pomegranate, and DH and I like elderflower.
  7. Happy Birthday!!!!! ETA I don't know why that double posted, but you are definitely worth ALL the Happy Birthday wishes.
  8. Thank you for sharing this wonderful update! I'm so happy to see it! Congratulations!!!!
  9. We enjoy mild, non harmful pranks. The gelatin milk and frozen cereal have been great successes here. I've done nothing so far today.
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