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  1. DS11 has had three years of slow, gentle Latin with Little Latin Readers, from 3rd-5th grade. We took the first half of 6th grade off from Latin because I was teaching three courses online and just couldn't fit it in the day. So, we've just started Henle Latin after Christmas. I am using the Memoria Press teacher's book for scheduling and correcting answers. (He's doing the exercises orally, because writing would slow it way, way down.) When we worked before, it was simple enough that I learned the material just by sitting with him, helping him with the workbook, and listening to the aud
  2. Thanks, that was helpful to see how you have your son breakdown the directions. I'm confused with the given excerpts... Is he expected to incorporate language from those? Isn't that plagiarism? I'm not sure how to have him combine the lists and excerpts together into a description. I've had him reread the descriptions from week 13/day 3 to give him a model, but it doesn't seem to be helping. *sigh*
  3. DS11 has been working through WWS level 1, and has been doing well so far. His outlining ability is much improved, and his descriptions of narrative writing are getting better as well. However, we have reached week #14 and are having trouble with writing a scientific description. In week 14/day 4, he was given a list of facts about Mars and an excerpt description and told to write his own description. What he did was write down EVERY SINGLE FACT and try to form them into sentences. I don't know how to help him write this description. He did have trouble a couple of lessons ago doing the same t
  4. I got mine under control by losing weight, taking magnesium, and limiting caffeine later in the day. YMMV.
  5. I have this one: https://www.macys.com/shop/product/cuisinart-waf-150-waffle-maker?ID=1492946&CategoryID=7554 As a matter of fact, I just bought a second one. It makes large waffles that I cut into fourths to serve. I always make a double large batch and freeze the leftovers ,but it feels like it takes forever, so now I have two!
  6. Thank you for your comments! My FIL was over for dinner and I read them to him; he thought they were good points and will pass them on to his client.
  7. My FIL volunteers as a mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs to help them write/improve their business plans and get startup funding. He passed along a link to me for one of his clients, who has a Kickstarter campaign right now that includes a homeschool-specific component. I thought I would share it here in case anyone was interested in it. Career Launchpad If you had any feedback that I could share with him to give to his client, that would be awesome, too!
  8. I'll have to look into that. Tylenol does nothing for me. My brother mentioned that they had tylenol and aleve, so i figured I would throw in a small bottle of advil, just in case. (Aleve makes me puke. Ick.)
  9. Yes, I think so. I stocked up in February. We still have plenty of cough medicine, advil, tylenol, powdered pedialyte, paper products, sanitizer, and lysol wipes. I have an O2 meter, new thermometer, and we have a nebulizer and plenty of albuterol.
  10. *sigh* My brother woke up sick. Fever, chills, sore throat, cough. I am sending him a care package through Amazon - O2 sensor, advil, more tissues and cough medicine, etc. Damnit.
  11. My brother tested positive for covid yesterday (Wednesday), though asymptomatic. His MIL had fallen ill on Monday and tested positive on Tuesday; she shares babysitting duty of his daughter, my 1yr old niece, with me and my mother. My mother watched the baby Saturday for a few hours in their home, and I watched her most of Sunday & most of Tuesday in my house. My SIL tested negative on Tuesday, but she spends much more time with her own mother, so expect she will also be positive soon. Their doctor won't test anyone under 3, so we have no idea if my niece is positive or not. My mother
  12. We just refinanced through our local credit union - 20 years @ 2.875. We shortened our term by 5 years but will have the same monthly payment. I don't remember what the closing costs were.
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