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  1. Noreen Claire

    Is BA Online enough without the workbooks?

    My son works for 45-60 minutes a day in BA. He did it this way when he worked in the books (3A through 4B) and now that he works online (starting with 4C, he's now finishing up 5B). He does every problem, in order. He is supposed to work for time (45 min) but he always finishes a problem set before stopping. He prefers doing it online (he's a bit of a perfectionist with math, and *needs* to know that he's getting them correct), but he reads the physical guidebooks. I have occasionally sent him to look up a solution in the workbook to help him solve a trophy problem. Working in the workbook and also the textbook seems like a bit of overkill, as they are usually very similar problem sets, and one set is enough, unless they could use some more practice. Even then, your can go back and redo the problem set online with different numbers.
  2. DS6 insists on learning Spanish. He doesn't want me to teach him, but he wants to learn. He just started using DuoLingo, but he's still learning to read so it's not ideal. Can anyone recommend any other apps, videos, books, audiobooks, or websites that he could use to learn Spanish, with very little parental involvement?
  3. Noreen Claire

    finished zaner-bloser 4. now what?

    So, I had him start writing his spelling work/words in cursive and, within a week, he was writing all of his work in cursive of his own free will. I did not expect that! His cursive has become much, much neater and more automatic almost overnight. Thanks again for your comments!
  4. Noreen Claire

    Best item you bought and ♥♥♥ lately?

    I bought myself a TRX before Christmas, and I love it. Sadly, I don't use it as much as I should, but I always feel like a badass when I'm finished a workout!
  5. Noreen Claire

    2019-2020 Kindergarten planning

    We will do The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading, Zaner-Bloser K, and Singapore Essential Math. He may listen in to SOTW1 with DS6, and he'll definitely listen to all our read-alouds. Other than that, he'll just do his own thing.
  6. Noreen Claire

    storage question

    Where do you store your curriculum/books/supplies that you aren't currently using? The items that you are holding on to for next year/next child? I just bought almost all of our books/workbooks for next year and between that stuff, the stuff we are currently using, and the stuff that is waiting for the next kid to use, I have completely run out of shelf space in my 'homeschool' bookshelf. What's your storage solution?
  7. Noreen Claire

    2019-2020 5th Grade Planning

    Thank you!
  8. Noreen Claire

    2019-2020 5th Grade Planning

    I found the textbook & workbook here: , though you can also find it on Amazon. I challed and they gave me the educators discount, which was very nice! I'm waiting for it to come in the mail.
  9. Noreen Claire

    The Big Grade Planning Link List

    Can we get this stickyed? This is awesome! Thanks!
  10. Noreen Claire

    2019-2020 5th Grade Planning

    Math: AoPS pre-algebra Logic: Blast Off w/Logic series plus some Mind Benders books. Science: CPO Life Science History: WTM ancients, using Kingfisher History Encyclopedia as our spine , reading lists from LIving Math U1; {I'm still looking for a good wall map/almanac and a globe - any recommendations?} Latin: continue with Little Latin Readers, levels 2-4 Portuguese: We will start this at half-speed, using Bom Dia! text and workbook, with my Portuguese SIL as our tutor Spelling: Spelling Workout E Grammar: Grammar for the Well Trained Mind, purple book Cursive: still needs more practice, so Zaner-Bloser 5, unless he makes great strides over the rest of this year. Writing: Killgallon Sentence Composing & Paragraph Composing w/the obligatory narrations/summaries/outlines across the curriculum Reading: assigned books from the WTM reading list plus whatever else he wants to read, he usually has several non-school books going at once Art/music/tech: He wants piano lessons, plus DS23 has promised to teach him saxophone. I would like to find an online art course that DS9 & DS6 can do together. He would like a formal coding class, and needs a typing course. Anyone have a any good recommendations? Sports: He plays fall soccer, winter basketball, and spring baseball. I would like to do a more structured "gym class" with the boys, but don't know how or what that would look like just yet. That is a lot of stuff. Oh, my. Do I have to schedule and teach all that? Yikes!
  11. Noreen Claire

    Dr Hive: 24hrs of hives of unknown origin?

    We ended up with five of the seven of us with norovirus. The internet says that could possibly cause hives. Lucky us!
  12. Noreen Claire

    2nd grade planning 2019-2020

    phonics: will probably need to finish up the OPGTR, if it doesn't get done over the summer handwriting: Zaner-Bloser 2C grammar: FLL2 writing: WWE2 math: will offer both SM 2 and BA 2 and see which one he likes better; picture books from LivingMath U1 history: SOTW1 / read alouds from LivingMath U1 literature: read-alouds from the WTM recommendations (to go along with SOTW1), plenty of read alouds, and audiobooks science: life science (WTM recommendations) (He's off a year in the science/history schedule because he's following along with DS9, who will be in 5th.) misc: hopefully piano lessons; looking for an online art course to do along w/DS9; maybe gymnastics or a swim class?; coding?
  13. Noreen Claire

    Fighting the Februaries:

    For the first weekend of February, five of the seven of us were down with the norovirus. We all just lay around the house today, recuperating. It was not a good way to start the month. I've been buying lovely, squishy yarn and planning all the things I'm going to knit after finishing the one project I have going. My brother and his wife are expecting a baby girl in early June after four years of struggle and heartbreak. I am going to knit *all* the cute baby girl things! (I only learned how to knit after my youngest was born.)
  14. Time Left: 12 days and 19 hours

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    I am looking for a copy of the Skills & Practice Worksheets CD for CPO Life Science (or Focus on Life Science). Thanks!