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  1. I'm still a bit concerned over what was snarling and making the fisher cat scream. 😲 Going to have to remember to put the trash out before dark from now on!
  2. I looked quickly this morning and didn't see anything. The neighbor's property that has some trees is currently also covered with piles of branches/leaves from cutting a tree down elsewhere in the property, so there's lots of ground I can't see.
  3. It's 1am here and I'm wide awake. Around midnight there was suddenly the most amazing noise in my backyard. Literal caterwauling. Something was screaming behind my house. I got up when it started, to listen at the window (my glasses were downstairs and it was pitch black, so I knew I wouldn't be able to see anything). Underneath the screaming was a handful of little 'yip, yip' noises, so I'm guessing mama and babies. But, the thing that was truly scary was that next to the caterwauling was a low, angry, snarling. I came downstairs and turned on the backyard floodlight; by the time I found my glasses in the dark, the noises were gone. I am going to have trouble letting my kids play in the backyard from now on. We don't live in the country, either. My property backs up to two other properties; the one on the left is a house with a yard, the one on the right is a three family building with a fence and then a thin section of trees before it meets my backyard. My yard is not fenced. There is only one dog that lives on my street, a giant St. Bernard, and they have an electric fence. I don't think anyone on the next street has a dog, as we never hear barking. We've heard cat fights before, with meowing and hissing; this was not cats. I have no idea what kind of animal was snarling like that, but I hope it never comes back! I'm never going to be able to sleep again....
  4. I need to buy a microscope for the fall. Mainly will be used by DS10, but I'm sure DS7 and DS5 will insist on using it as well. Please help me find a good, sturdy microscope that will last through four kids but also won't be too complicated. Thanks!
  5. We went to the small local-ish zoo for several years before I realized that they had placed the roadrunner exhibit right next to the coyote exhibit.... Well played, zoo!
  6. It's a girl. I have five boys - my mother is delighted to finally be getting a granddaughter!
  7. BABY!!! I'm an auntie! Woot! (I have two nieces and a nephew on my husband's side, but this is the first child of my only sibling. I'm excited!!!)
  8. They are prepping her for surgery. Fingers crossed and all the prayers!
  9. If she doesn't have her baby in the next 45 minutes, she's going to have a C-section. C'mon, baby!
  10. My younger four boys are tall and have huge heads. They stay in harnessed car seats until they completely outgrow them, usually around 8. Then, they stay in boosters until they are over the legal height requirement. I vote for a harnessed seat that you can pass down.
  11. I have always had a few sensory issues (certain fabrics and noises), but they do seem to be getting worse as I get older. Also, I have developed an issue with noise (I used to go to lots of concerts and work in a warehouse with huge refrigeration fans - I would go mad there now!) and touch. It is definitely age-related, but also probably because I have VERY LOUD CHILDREN WHO TOUCH ME ALL THE TIME. My anxiety levels have increased as well. I should look into the retained reflexes info. I also keep telling myself that I'll start meditation/mindfulness, but it never happens. *sigh*
  12. I was able to borrow Jacobs MHE through my library, if that's any help. What about having her use Alcumus for reinforcement? We haven't used it yet (still finishing BA5), but I hear great things.
  13. I found Farrar's book here:
  14. This I did not know! I may ask Santa for a blu-ray player for Christmas this year...
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