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  1. I often have complete strangers remark about how I have "two separate families". It takes everything I have to not respond with ALL THE PROFANITIES. 🤬🤬🤬
  2. I have five boys, and I refer to them (here) by their ages: DS24, DS11, DS8, DS6, and DS3. In other places, they are the Manchild and the Noisemakers. 😆
  3. I am going to spend next year focusing on copywork/narration/dictation/outlining/writing skills. We've been very math-, science-, and reading- focused here so far, and I would like to spend some time really working on those writing skills.
  4. The Vanderbeekers! There are three books, with a fourth to come out in the fall.
  5. He's not concerned about grades, as far as I can tell. I think, mainly, he was frustrated because other people were quicker than he was and he's got a perfectionist streak in him. I certainly don't care about whatever grade he gets! I was just hoping that this class would shake things up a bit, while also having someone else give him direction and feedback about how he writes out solutions to his work.
  6. Thank you for sharing your daughter's experience. We agreed that he would try the first two sessions, and then we would decide if he should stay or drop.
  7. Well, he's survived the first meeting. He was nervous, but it started out well enough. He knew the material (he's already worked that chapter in the book), and wasn't too slow in getting answers in at the beginning However, at about the 50 minute mark (out of 75), he started to unravel. He felt like he wasn't able to think fast enough or type fast enough and that the class was moving too fast. His frustration started to snowball from there. This is my kid who I am struggling with to get him to write his calculations down, which will help speed up his work. I was in the room with him making dinner, but wasn't sitting with him. I answered his questions and spent the last 15 minutes trying to talk him through his frustration and calm him down. (I was making dinner - poor planning on my part.) For next week, I will make sure that he has a break at around the 45 minute mark. Walking to get a drink of water and stretching might help him regroup. I can also help him with the typing if he gets frustrated. He will work on typing skills during the week. He's actually looking forward to his homework, so that's a positive.
  8. Patient, wise, and strong. Currently failing at all three. 😔
  9. You could find any monologue by the character Mrs. Landingham from the West Wing. She was spot on NH! (older Mrs. L) (older Mrs. L) (younger Mrs. L)
  10. Emily McCullough is the instructor. It's an early class - meets @ 4pm. Fingers crossed.
  11. So, he's signed up for the class, but he's wary. I'll sit with him through the first two to see how it goes. I've told him that there is no problem if we decide to drop in the first two weeks, that this is just to try something new. The class starts with chapter 8, and he's already working in chapter 9 this week in the book, so that will give him the first few weeks to focus more on the class format and less worry on the material. Thanks for all your input.
  12. My paper came yesterday - under 24 hours!
  13. Thanks, everyone! I would love for it to be a blackberry or a raspberry. There aren't any other on the neighboring property, so I have no idea where it came from. I'll let it grow and see what happens!
  14. Thanks, I was hoping you would respond. I have no doubt that the math will not be a problem. He and I just need to shake things up a bit, and having someone else assigning & evaluating his work for a while seems like it might just do the trick. Like @EmilyGF mentioned above, we can give it the first two weeks and see how it goes, typing-wise.
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