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  1. Thank you, @MercyA! I'll check those links out!
  2. I took my kids to the Museum of Science on Monday. While I was reading the descriptions of several displays to my younger two boys, a woman approached us and said, "Wow. I thought that was a recording! Was that you reading? It sounded so professional!" I muttered something about reading lots of books so I've had lots of practice. She pushed her stroller away while repeating, "That sounded so professional. I thought it was a recording!" Can I get a part-time gig somewhere reading the display captions in a museum? Or audiobooks? Or something? How does one even try to find out if this is a possibility? I will eventually go back to teaching and send the kids back to school, but in the meantime I wouldn't mind bringing in some extra cash!
  3. Up until this school year, DH has taught 9th grade physics using this textbook. It was the first class in the science sequence for all 9th graders; those that wanted to could also take a higher-level algebra-based physics class in 11th/12th grade. (DH is teaching the upper level course this year, as well as AP phyics.) To account for the different levels of math abilities in the class, the second half of the book (heat, sound, etc) was taught before the mechanics section, which would allow the students to have more algebra practice under their belts. It worked out well that way. If your student can solve simple one- and two-step equations, they won't have any trouble with the math in the book.
  4. Oh, this is one of my favorite books, and I give it as a gift as often as I can. Thank you for saying this, as I never would have thought about it being an issue for sensitive children. Will have to keep that in mind...
  5. I have nothing really to add, except that I had both DS7 and DS10 take the CogAT and the Iowa last week, and have been going over the results this morning. They seem fairly reliable to me. (I wish I had actually tested them with a higher-level of the exam, to see what the actual ceiling would have been for each. That might have been more helpful, in our case.)
  6. We've always done the usual of giving up candy, or alcohol, or soda, or whatever. This year, DH is seriously considering giving up meat. I've been trying the last few years to add something in, instead of just giving something up. This year, I think that I'll add in an extra daily read-aloud to my kids after dinner, which will have the added benefit of limiting their nightly screentime. We will also try to do a decade of the rosary during our after lunch basket time on school days. I also need to give up swearing. Again. 😔
  7. DS3 will be 4 in October. I'm not planning on doing anything with him besides learning to stay in quiet time, playing by himself without bothering me, since he's in process of giving up his afternoon nap. I need that quiet in the afternoon! He will continue to listen along to history and literature read-alouds with his older brothers. We have lots of puzzles, random 'academic'-type manipulatives, and plenty of art supplies for him to play with.
  8. I can't remember the values for 6x7, 6x8, or 7x8, without starting at 6x6 or 7x7 and then adding up. I have *never* been able to memorize those three math facts. ..... I have a degree in math. 🤷 It's a hole that makes no sense! I work around it, obviously. 🤣
  9. With DS7 (2nd grade), we alternate choosing- I pick the first subject and then give him options for him to pick the next subject, depending on if he needs me or can work independently, and repeat as we go. He tends to march to his own drummer, and definitely needs plenty of time during the day to work on his own projects, follow his own rabbit trails, and read. With DS10 (5th grade), he will very rigidly work straight down the list, so I have organized it in a way that makes best use of hard/easy/hard/easy tasks for him, so that I can also give him breaks/snacks/physical activity during the day to keep him going. He is advanced in a couple of subjects, but also has anxiety and other issues.
  10. I'm not sure what 8's planners look like, but I'll show you what my planners for DD10 and DS7 look like for this week. I do have a beautiful schedule all worked out for when each kid (10, 7, 5, & 3) is doing what activity, trying to balance out who needs help and who can work by themselves. Of course, no one follows it except DS10, who has a rigidity when it comes to schedules. Everyone else just kind of goes with the flow...
  11. That makes sense. I rarely take my kids to the store with me unless it's a special trip with just one kid, so they can take their money with them because we know ahead of time and they have an idea of what they want to spend it on. Also, my DH always has cash (I rarely do!), and is almost always able to immediately pay out allowances or chore payments, so I never have to think about that part! If that weren't the case, an app/debit card might make it much easier.
  12. I just took my 10, 7, & 5 year olds to the credit union to deposit their allowance money and exchange coins for paper money (they like the machine counter). I think it's beneficial for kids to handle cash, like counting, splitting between save/spend/donate, pre-planning to have enough money for outings, etc. Though, my credit union would issue a debit card for each kid's account if I wanted. Is there a specific reason you prefer kids to have a debit card? Asking honestly...
  13. I am with you, this week (or longer 😔) has been rough. Ugh.
  14. First, I am so sorry that this has happened to your daughter, and also that she had to go back to work so quickly after giving birth. My oldest has had seizures since childhood, but is male, so no clue about preeclampsia-related seizures. However, if she does get prescribed Keppra *specifically*, please make sure she also gets prescribed vitamin B6 to take concurrently. Keppra can have an adjustment period that includes rage, anger, depression, and/or anxiety. Vitamin B6 can help mitigate these side effects. (We have lived this experience.) Good luck to your daughter. May she recovery quickly.
  15. When I Google a book using Chrome (on my Android phone or my Chromebook), about halfway down the results pages it gives me options for borrowing from local libraries. I didn't have to add an extension? It just showed up a while back.
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