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  1. I loved that Bucky was honestly smiling through the entire episode. 😍
  2. I would love this. Just thinking about doing it makes me feel extremely guilty! *sigh* I've never been away by myself. I've never lived by myself.... I moved, 20yrs old and pregnant, from my parents' house into an appt with DS25's father, then it was just DS25 & me, and then I married DH and had four more boys. Alone for a weekend sounds delightful.
  3. It sounds to me like she's trying to talk about it in a way that makes it sound like she doesn't want/need the house from him. Like she *knows* that this is probably a sore spot for you, but she might not know how to deal with it with you, so if she shows you that she is willing to just give it away, that you won't be mad at her for it? (I'm spitballing here.)
  4. This. I see this every time he has his mask on!
  5. I was in camp "snap" until FatWS; Bucky called it the "blip", so I guess I'm camp blip now! 😆
  6. I'm enjoying it tremendously, as I have a thing for Bucky Barnes. 😉
  7. Because I just finished episode four and HOLY CRAP.
  8. Overall, he's just been much slower. It comes and goes, though. He just flew right through the chapter on optimization problems. Other chapters were just a long slog. At a finer level, some things don't feel as .... I don't quite have the words to explain it. For example, he always solves equations so that the X is on the left-hand side, even if it would be easier mathematically to have it on the RHS. I don't know if that is his tendency toward OCD/rigid thinking, or if he just doesn't yet have enough practice to see the easier way. Does that make sense?
  9. Thank you for your response! I had forgotten that I could tweak the difficulty on Alcumus. That is an option - to add in Alcumus review parallel to whatever book we do next. (He's currently working it at the 'regular' setting, turning everything blue.)
  10. DS12 (just turned 12 last week) is in 6th grade and is finishing up chapter 9 of AoPS Intro to Algebra book. I'm guessing that he will be done with the "algebra 1" part of the book (chapters 1-13) sometime in August/September. This is the first time that he's ever really had to *work* at math. I'm fairly sure that it has to do with growing/sleeping/hormones, as he suddenly has a man-sized body. He's done a really good job with the book, on his own with help from me as needed, but I don't feel like it is as solid as it could be before we move on (to either the NT, C&P, or geometry books, we
  11. The requirement in my state is "equivalent" to 180 days/900 hours (990 for high school). At the beginning of the year, I set out my basic schedule of days, weeks, breaks (that coincide with the public school where DH teaches), etc. I look at how many days per week and minutes per day I will schedule for my kids to do each subject (not how long it actually takes, but how long I have planned for it to take). I do some rough math, make sure that it is approximately 900 hours, pat myself on the back, and then..... never, ever think about it again until the next year. I don't count or mark do
  12. No, he had intense pain Tuesday night, into Wednesday. He spent Wednesday in bed. He felt better Thursday morning, and was going to go into work, but decided to go to urgent care instead. He's home now. Pale, tired, and sore but in good spirits.
  13. So, I got the call at 8:30 that he was on his way to his room from recovery. I was there in 5 minutes (the hospital is just up the hill) and I guess they forgot I was there, because I stayed until he started getting sleepy, a little over an hour. He's in good spirits, and he should come home tomorrow. What a stressful day!
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