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  1. Oh, if only I had the room! The person who built this house included several closets that are 5ft deep and 18 INCHES across. 🤬
  2. Considering that, with a new trumpet and a new box of origami paper in the house, I spent most of the day today *redirecting* this child, take the following with a grain of salt... My DS9 4th grader is doing the following *assigned work* this year: Greek, 15 min Grammar, 15 min Math, 45 min Spelling, 10-20 min Cursive, 10 min Typing, 10-15 min Logic, 10-20 min Writing, 20-60 min (this one is often a slog) Science (3 days) or History (2 days) 30 min (reading only) Literature, 30 min (reading only) He reads voraciously on his own time, anything he can get his hands on: nonfiction, DH's old college textbooks, instruction manuals, graphic novels, poetry. He has a fondness for calculus books. 🤷‍♀️ He's likely gifted, and probably on the spectrum. He's also teaching himself fairly sophisticated origami, is knitting a scarf, and plunks on the piano. He had a serious bicycle accident with a head injury last spring and has become very sedentary, preferring to work inside, though he loves to swim. He and I have started walking laps while DS12 practices with the cross country team. I spend a significant amount of time each day redirecting. He is who he is.
  3. I might need to clear a space in the basement for practicing, so they aren't right in the middle of everything (at least, until the get better?). It's a small house. I could put them in the garage, but I think the neighbors might complain. 🤣
  4. DS9 was so excited today I could barely get him to eat or do his school work. I'm going to have to hide the trumpet in my room until he's done his work each day! DS12 eats, sleeps, and breaths piano, so I'm interested how he'll manage two instruments.
  5. We have the same time constraints *theoretically*, but the younger boys all want to play/bang on the piano as well. The poor thing is in rough shape, even though it gets tuned regularly. We are going to have to start thinking about replacing it ...
  6. DS9 started trumpet lessons today. DS12, who plays the piano every free waking moment, starts saxophone lessons in the next few weeks. I am sensitive to sound and frequently overwhelmed by the level and duration of the NOISE in my home all.day.long. 🤦 I just ordered stronger ear plugs. Say a prayer for my mental health... I'm going to need it! 🤪
  7. We don't 'grade' math work; we work until mastery. (We also don't have homework, and DS12 has only taken one 'test' so far, after chapter 6 of AoPS Into to Algebra book, which we used as a midterm. I corrected it, he made corrections, and then we put it away and moved on.) Have you thought of using Alcumus for their homework, instead of grading their written work? They won't be able to move ahead until they get enough problems correct in a section, and that could motivate them to make fewer mistakes. (If they aren't being made to make corrections to their work, they might not have the motivation to do it correctly the first time. Grades don't always mean anything to kids.)
  8. It looks like you're homeschooling in Missouri? A quick Google search shows that school isn't compulsory in MO until age seven. https://fhe-mo.org/missourilaw (I'm not in MO. Find a local homeschool group and ask for help!) ETA: find a LOCAL group, and don't just take what hslda says for truth without looking into it. They aren't always correct.
  9. Oh. That was a first pregnancy sign for me, for sure. I would be scared if I were you! I'm not having (any more than usual) trouble with smells in perimenopause. I would gladly trade smelling troubles for the 25 pounds I put on in the last year. 😩
  10. This is a good point. DS12 is accelerated in several subjects, but I am not sure I would say that he he is 'gifted". He is able to move at his own pace because of being homeschooled. He would likely do very well in public school, I have no doubt about that, but he wouldn't likely be so far ahead. DS9, on the other hand, is more than likely gifted. (He is probably more than likely on the spectrum as well.) This kid just sees things differently - his brain is just wired that way. However, he has spent the last nine years surrounded by books and learning toys and materials. He has been privileged to be born into a family with two parents with advanced degrees who have the ability to support and nourish his interests and abilities. Where would he be if he had born into a different situation?
  11. Had the J&J - had symptoms like reported above that lasted for less than 24hrs. I am hoping that they approve the one-shot for children, because my 9 year old is extremely needle-phobic.
  12. Finished my 30 day challenge today! (It actually took me 31 days - I skipped one day due to a bad attitude and nerve pain in my left leg.) I really enjoyed the first three weeks of the challenge, but the last 7-10 days of workouts were just frustrating. I am planning on restarting the challenge tomorrow. I kept track of how I felt about/after each workout, so I am going to substitute other videos for the handful that I did not like/had the most trouble with. She also has an intermediate 30-day challenge, and I'm hoping to be able to work my way up to that in the next few months.
  13. It is a 30 day challenge, made up of 30 workouts (all beginner-level except for two or three) taken from her large library of workouts. They are listed in a regular order each week (strength, cardio, mobility, strength, core, cardio, mobility). I'm not sure if they've been getting harder as they go? I watch each video the night before (in double speed) just to have an idea of what moves it includes, and how much space and/or equipment (shoes? dumbells? etc) it needs. I have previously swapped out two workouts that were 'hip hop dance cardio' for something else - I don't 'hip hop'. I watched this morning's workout last night and thought I would be able to modify a few of the moves but it started out bad and then went downhill. I do plan on restarting the same 30 day program on the first of September and going through it again. Maybe the second time through there will be less profanity. 😉
  14. Today is day 27/30 in my challenge, and my workout this morning was *awful*. It wasn't a beginner workout (it is listed as intermediate) and I couldn't manage any of the moves. I'm now icing my knees and trying to fix my bad mood before my kids all wake up...
  15. Woke up at 4:15am and could not go back to sleep, my brain was working through so many things we have going on right now. Today was day 24/30 and was only a 12 minute mobility video, so I went to the track in the drizzling rain and walked/jogged for 25 minutes. Came home and iced my knees while enjoying a cuppa before the kids were awake.
  16. Day 19/30. Today was a ludicrously-not-beginner yoga core workout that included much swearing on my part. 🤪 Then, I went for a 20 minute brisk walk before it started to rain.
  17. We had this same problem, only I threw in the towel in the middle of Pre-Algebra. That's when I signed him up for the AoPS online course to finish the book, and had someone else be the bad guy for a while. I let the writing part slip as we worked through the alg1 part of the Intro book last year, so I will need to make a note to bring it back this year, as we move to alg2.
  18. I'm doing great, thanks! (I forgot all about posting here. Thanks for reminding me!) I'm on day 17 of 30, but haven't been able to get myself up earlier than 6am to start my workout. Today was a 15 minute mobility workout, and then I went to the high school track and ran the straights/ walked the curves for a mile, which was all I could do. I had nearly completed a couch-to-5k program when I found out that I was pregnant with DS7, and I would like to be able to at get to that level of cardio fitness again.
  19. We don't really do snacks here either. And I'm currently reading two of Satter's books!
  20. Oh! DS12 likes the frozen steak, bean, and cheese burritos from the store, but they are expensive! I can probably set up a container of ingredients so he can make these himself. Thanks!
  21. tl;dr - How can I support a very tall, active pre-teen, who is going through yet another growth spurt, to make sure that he's getting the nutrients/vitamins he needs for his body and his brain? DS12 has always been in the 90-95th percentile in height, but in the last 18 months he has literally been off the charts. He's grown an inch and a half in the last 3 months alone! What would you recommend, besides plenty of sleep and plenty of good foods, to make sure he has what he needs to grow and thrive? Any recommendations would be helpful! He takes a daily multivitamin, omega-3, and D. He goes up to bed at 8:30, but can stay up to read, so I would guess that he normally gets 10 hours of sleep each night. He plays soccer in the spring, summer is cross country training (running, strength training, stretching), fall is soccer, and winter is basketball. I'm going to put him in swim one day a week this fall/winter. He had PANDAS as a young child and is doing much, much better, but can still have issues with anxiety and OCD-type behaviors when sick and/or stressed physically. He's allergic to eggs (can have them in baked goods, but no hard boiled/scrambled/mayo/etc) and allergic to tree nuts (he eats peanut butter). He cannot tolerate poultry of any kind (it makes him vomit). DS25 was always at the opposite end of the growth chart - he was literally below the 5th percentile until he was a teenager. (DS12 is about to be taller than DS25!) So, I don't really have experience feeding a boy who is growing so much so fast...
  22. I know that I can say "no". I just really wanted them to have this time with someone else in charge of them for an hour. It's good for them. And for me! I'm just moody today. (this week? preimenopause and a heat wave do not go together. hurrumph.)
  23. Music is private, and swim will likely be semi-private (so, only them), because the classes are all filling up already.
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