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  1. I fixed the dishwasher! I needed to replace the part that connected the upper spray arm mechanism to the water at the back wall (the seal was broken, so water wasn't getting to the upper spray arm, which is why my glasses kept coming out dirty.) Cost less than $50!
  2. *update 10/19* The good news is that the boiler has been replaced. We have heat! The bad news is that we likely need several thousand dollars worth of chimney repair. 🤮 Seriously, you can't make this stuff up... Homeownership! It's the gift that keeps giving.... 😭😭😭😭😭
  3. I am so sorry for your family's loss. May his memory be a blessing.
  4. Thank you, @Pen! DS11 enjoys jumping rope - I had forgotten all about that!
  5. This is hilarious. In a previous life, I think I saw him wrestle in person... Thanks!
  6. We decided that DS11 will not be playing basketball this winter (it is indoors, and our community covid numbers are rising) and there was no fall cross country team at the middle school level this season. He NEEDS to have regular physical activity, and soccer will be ending in two weeks. He won't go run on his own, and DH and I don't have the time in our schedule to regularly take him to the track. We do have a rowing machine and a stationary bike (best road-side find ever!), but he is also looking for a workout video that he can watch and follow along, preferably using body weight exercises a
  7. I miss @Nan in Mass and @Kinsa, though both have checked in recently. I miss @Ester Maria, though I think she was gone before I joined; I've followed her threads down rabbit trails for days at a time! I miss @quark, and could not ever thank her enough for her thread on non-traditional math topics which has come in so handy with DS8.
  8. DO MULTIPLE ORDERS! If you order 6 books, it will mark off the two cheapest. Order in batches, 3 at a time, all approximately the same price. That way, you get the benefit of more expensive books off in each batch. I ordered books for Christmas gifts, and sent my mother a list for her to buy for some of my boys.
  9. I spend a lot of time reading older posts, following old 'best of' links and going down the rabbit hole of old posters who aren't here any more. There is so much good stuff in here already, you just have to dig for it! Honestly, I'm just too tired most days to engage my brain in more than I'm already doing. I'm barely getting school done at home each day. (Did I forget to read history again today? Yup. Have I figured out how to fit Latin back into my 6th grader's days and start Greek with the 3rd grader? Nope. Am I prepared for my college students on Wednesday - maybe?)
  10. I have DS8 working in BA3 this year during 'math time', but he unschools math aaalllll day long on his own, reading from upper-level books that we have around the house, algebra, geometry, calculus, logic, whatever. I think it works better this way for him, as he's very abstract random and loves to follow his own rabbit trails off into who-knows-where, but he will still sit down every day and work for 30 solid minutes in a logical progression of the 'easier' stuff. We reevaluate as we go.
  11. DS11 has just started using WWS1, so I don't have a lot to offer. But, we do have the 'ripped holes' issue with loose leaf, so we've bought reinforced pages, like these: https://www.amazon.com/Five-Star-Punched-Reinforced-15000/dp/B01BLVAP0G/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=lined+colored+reinforced+loose+leaf&qid=1602026644&sr=8-2 For organization, could you get three different packs of paper (I know, that's spendy), break them into two piles each (for six total), and highlight across the top of each pile a different color? That way, he can start each exercise by determining what
  12. I spend that time reheating my cold cuppa tea (again) and yelling at whatever kids is supposed to be working but has run away...
  13. They just did a segment on NPR about this. You aren't actually voting for president, you are voting for electors. Those electors can vote for someone else that the parties put forward (except for states where they have laws that say different).
  14. May it be mild and pass quickly, and avoid your family and students as well.
  15. I ordered a copy because it isn't available from any library in our consortium. It won't be here for a week, though. Boo!
  16. Thanks everyone! I will freely admit to being raised in a house where the only seasonings were salt, pepper, and celery salt. Onions and garlic weren't ever an option. I didn't start learning to cook until my early/mid-thirties. I'm also one of those people who find cilantro tastes and smells like soap. Ugh. I roasted everything (minus cilantro) with some onion and garlic, blitzed it in the blender with tomatoes, lime, salt, and the cilantro, and have put it aside for Thursday night's grilled chicken dinner. My husband will love it. My SIL said my house smelled like tacos, so that i
  17. Yes! I do this, too. Bananas, frozen berries, cut apples, whole fat greek yogurt, whole milk. I've been known to throw in some shredded kale, if no one is looking... Yup. This makes it so much worse. OP, I could have written your post about my own DS11. From getting pickier, to wanting more junk, to behavior issues when he's hungry. I also *hate* it when he makes his own, because he makes such a mess! But, I have to remember that it is good for him. We have set aside days where we make individual pizzas (homemade dough or french breads from the market), sauce and cheese. We
  18. I'm going through a version of this right now. About 75% of the freshmen class at my uni is required to take a basic algebra class (problem solving, linear equations, functions, basic stats, etc). Because there are so many sections (and so many instructors) of the course, we use a an online content & homework management system to standardize the material as much as possible, and we start using it in week #4 in my class. They were told in our zoom meetings in weeks #1, 2, &3, and reminded again by email blast yesterday, that they need to sign up for the system. I will see my two se
  19. Correction: the farmer's website says aji dulce peppers and husk cherry tomatoes.
  20. I think the green stuff is cilantro, the red things are peppers, the husked things are tomatillos, maybe?
  21. I came to recommend everything that Ktgrok did. I had an ear infection when I was pregnant with DS3 and I couldn't take anything good and I honestly wished for death for a few days. It was horrible. I ended up with drops that went directly into my ears (so the meds weren't systemic). I wouldn't wish that pain on anyone! (FWIW, I had temporary hearing loss in that ear for +/-6 weeks, which was really disorienting because I have extraordinarily acute hearing normally.)
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