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  1. I don't have a circle, but occasionally with my bff if one of us is having issues (mental, physical, emotional, marital, etc.). I'm 45 exactly!
  2. DS10 has been using Little Latin Readers for the last two years (3rd & 4th), averaging 15 minutes/day, 4 days/week. We will continue with the last 3 books next year, and I expect we will spend closer to 20-30 minutes/day, 4 days/week as the books get harder. We will be adding Portuguese in the fall for 5th grade, using Bom Dia textbook and workbook with my SIL as our tutor (her parents are immigrants and she's fluent). The WTM (4th ed.) options for two languages are: [quickly] 1hr/day EACH, 3-4 days per week or [slowly] 1hr/day EACH, 2 days per week. If you have done two languages (modern + Latin or whatever), how much time did you spend on it and do you think it was enough/not enough to learn them both? Did you do both each day, alternate, or something else? Any other advice for learning two languages at once?
  3. Have you ever visited the public school? Before ruling it out completely, you should ask for a tour and check it out yourselves, rather than relying on other people's scary anecdotes. (I went to a private school that was extremely well-regarded, I could tell you stories that would make your hair curl.)
  4. I've also borrowed the book "Your Left-Handed Child" from the library a few times. It was helpful, as we don't have any other lefties in the family, besides DS7.
  5. My just-turned-5yr old still instinctively picks up his pencil with a first grip (though he's a righty). We have been working on how to hold a pencil correctly for writing and he can, when prompted, change his grip to tripod. I have had him working with small beads & pipe cleaners, lacing cards, and tweezers & cotton balls for developing hand/finger strength and pincher grip. I also bought him these pencils (I also bought a left-handed set for my lefty DS7). I bought this book, and will use it through his kindergarten year next year, until his grip is automatic.
  6. DS10 started Latin in 3rd with Little Latin Readers. There is a small reader, a workbook, and a pronunciation CD for each level. I like the readers very much. He will finish the books next year (5th) and then go on to Henle.
  7. DH has a 40V RYOBI cordless mower and weed whacker: He really likes them both.
  8. I saw it Friday morning, at 8AM. The guy sitting next to me WAS SNORING. The only time anyone made any noise was the gasping at "Hail Hydra." My oldest son saw it twice and, both times, said that people talked through important parts and he missed dialogue. He's planning on seeing it a third time, hoping for a quieter audience! I'm hoping to go again this weekend, myself. I can't wait to introduce DS10 to the MCU but he's got some anxiety issues and a few of the movies are still a bit too much. I'm hoping that we can start through the series next year (we will watch in this order). This year we are working through the Star Wars movies so that I can take him with me to see Episode IX in December!
  9. That makes sense. I haven't diagrammed anything since grade school! I'm looking forward to Grammar for the Well Trained Mind next year (DS10 not so much).
  10. We decided to try and diagram a sentence out of the Kilgallon book today. He's been diagramming in FLL4, but this sentence is a bit more complicated than what he's done yet. How did we do?
  11. After watching the previous movies multiple times, I honestly started thinking that Bucky was the love of Steve's life... I would have been okay if they had just walked off into the sunset together.
  12. I have one boy who will require that what we do be the *exact same* every game day. If I try to eat early one day and then eat at the game another he will fall apart. I may run to the store for containers/thermoses/bento boxes this afternoon. Having them eating during the game will at least cut down on the time I have to chase them around!
  13. You are all the best! My brain went completely blank when I got the message that we have to be there so early. I'm going to make a list of all these options and post it on my fridge.
  14. It was awesome, and I agree with lots of questions about time travel/alternate timelines/etc. I was desperate for MORE BUCKY! Cap wielding Mjolnir was amazing. Cap saying, "Hail Hydra" got gasps in the audience. Hearing Falcon say, "On your left" in Cap's ear and watching all those dusted superheores return made me bawl my eyes out. Of course, I was crying before the title credit on screen. I was very unhappy about Hulk. Ugh.
  15. Looks like three nights/week we will be leaving for baseball at 4:45pm and getting home at 8:00pm. My family usually eats dinner at 5pm. I am going to have to feed DS10 a snack before the game, and again when we get home. But, I also will have the three younger boys with me who need to eat dinner during the game time. What things can I make/buy/take with us for dinner to eat in the stands or on a blanket? (My kids are kinda picky and we have multiple food allergies.) Any ideas?
  16. You could also make a big batch of no-knead bread dough and use it to make loaves of bread all week. No kneading required! There are some good no-knead bread books that you can probably borrow from the library, and there are plenty of websites and recipes. One caveat is that you need space in the fridge to keep the bucket of dough...
  17. DH made dinner last night: grilled cheese and leftover-ham sandwiches. Yummy with mustard!
  18. No. There aren't any near me. 😒
  19. DH and I will be going to Portland, ME for a weekend getaway next month. I haven't been away from my children since my 2-night babymoon before DS10 was born. We will be staying in Old Port, driving in around 7pm Friday night and leaving after lunch on Sunday. Are there any restaurants, museums, shops, or experiences that you can recommend? We are hoping for maybe a museum, a show of some kind, a bookstore, a yarn store, a nice walk or two, and lots of good food. Any recommendations greatly appreciated!
  20. My kids like Because of Winn-Dixie, Odd and the Frost Giants, Fortunately, the Milk, The Ice Dragon, and The Jungle Book for car rides.
  21. DS10 will be finished with BA5 this June; the plan is to start AoPS Pre-A in September. I have requested Jacobs MHE from the library to check it out, thanks for mentioning it!
  22. Are you a member of AAA? When I got my letter telling me that I can renew my license, they said that I could do it through the AAA office instead of waiting at the RMV. I believe that you can also renew your registration, etc through the the AAA office.
  23. SWB has an excellent audio lecture (recorded from a conference) on teaching writing in the elementary years: . She also has a similar lecture on the middle school years. I try to listen to both of them every few months or so, just to remind myself of the big picture and the steps to get there.
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