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  1. I am planning to reread/skim through several books: Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics (Ma) Teaching from Rest (Mackenzie) Mere Motherhood & A Handbook to Morning Time (Rollins) TWTM 4th Ed (the sections for K, 2nd, and 5th specifically) I am planning to read for the first time: differently wired: raising an exceptional child in a conventional world (Reber) Rethinking School (SWB) Teaching Students to Read Nonfiction (Boynton & Blevins) Tweens, Tough Times, & Triumphs: Homeschooling in the Middle Grades (Farrar!) I will probably listen to all of the SWB audio lectures that I have. I don't usually listen to podcasts but I might poke around a few that I know of to see if any titles catch my interest. That's it for homeschool stuff. I also would like to renew my teaching license this fall, so I am going to study for the Sheltered English Immersion (SEI) MTEL exam and look into what else I need to do to renew.
  2. This is phenomenal, thank you! I'm making rough long-term plans for DS10, who will start 5th in the fall. I am going to make up a life-skills list to round out the academic stuff. Thanks!
  3. Yes! We are going to follow this order: . I know DS10 is itching to see them (and I'm thankful that we homeschool because he has had a few instances being teased by peers because he hasn't yet.) However, I'm waiting until he's a *wee* older to tackle the complete mess that is 'early' Tony Stark, may he RIP. 😭
  4. Oh. That would be catastrophic here. 😲 I think my husband owns >50 Great Courses on Audible, nevermind our kids' book collection!
  5. I've just started working my way through the Star Wars movies with DS10. We are doing one per month until Episode IX comes out in December, which we will see in the theatre. Next year, I'm planning on watching the Marvel Movies with him. I want to buy the movies, so that he can rewatch them with his brothers as they get older. What do you think, given current technology and thoughts about the future, is the best format to buy the movies?
  6. I need to find an electrician to do upgrades in my bathroom, as well as someone to replace the (rotten, broken) bathroom window. I just *loathe* calling and trying to arrange this stuff. But, if I don't take care of it before the end of June, DH will attempt to do it himself and that... can't happen. Nope. When those things are finished, I'll need to paint, as well as replace the bathroom floor tile and refinish/replace the vanity. I'm pretty sure I can handle those myself. Let's not mention the overgrown garden beds...
  7. Gah! Sorry. Pencils: STABILO Easygraph Handwriting Pencils - HB - Left Handed - Light Blue Barrel - Pack of 2 Book: Activities for Fine Motor Skills Development Grades PreK-1
  8. I bought Farrar's book last night; should be here tomorrow! FWIW, I skimmed The Brave Learner a few weeks back and it was a bit too un-school-y for me but I did appreciate the talk about not having nice furniture in the early years (my boys have already broken one couch!). It also spurred me to put out all the art supplies where the kids could access them any time the desire struck- this has been great for them.
  9. I don't have a circle, but occasionally with my bff if one of us is having issues (mental, physical, emotional, marital, etc.). I'm 45 exactly!
  10. DS10 has been using Little Latin Readers for the last two years (3rd & 4th), averaging 15 minutes/day, 4 days/week. We will continue with the last 3 books next year, and I expect we will spend closer to 20-30 minutes/day, 4 days/week as the books get harder. We will be adding Portuguese in the fall for 5th grade, using Bom Dia textbook and workbook with my SIL as our tutor (her parents are immigrants and she's fluent). The WTM (4th ed.) options for two languages are: [quickly] 1hr/day EACH, 3-4 days per week or [slowly] 1hr/day EACH, 2 days per week. If you have done two languages (modern + Latin or whatever), how much time did you spend on it and do you think it was enough/not enough to learn them both? Did you do both each day, alternate, or something else? Any other advice for learning two languages at once?
  11. Have you ever visited the public school? Before ruling it out completely, you should ask for a tour and check it out yourselves, rather than relying on other people's scary anecdotes. (I went to a private school that was extremely well-regarded, I could tell you stories that would make your hair curl.)
  12. I've also borrowed the book "Your Left-Handed Child" from the library a few times. It was helpful, as we don't have any other lefties in the family, besides DS7.
  13. My just-turned-5yr old still instinctively picks up his pencil with a first grip (though he's a righty). We have been working on how to hold a pencil correctly for writing and he can, when prompted, change his grip to tripod. I have had him working with small beads & pipe cleaners, lacing cards, and tweezers & cotton balls for developing hand/finger strength and pincher grip. I also bought him these pencils (I also bought a left-handed set for my lefty DS7). I bought this book, and will use it through his kindergarten year next year, until his grip is automatic.
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