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  1. I would ask the sleep doctor for the correct answer. Since I knew my problem was I don't fall asleep, I did not take my sleeping pill. That night, it was 3 hours before my apnea showed up.
  2. Amazing job well done! Congratulations!
  3. Not quite the same, but when I had my sleep study done, the options were for CPAP, a dental appliance, or surgery. I chose the dental appliance. It really didn't help because my main problem is insomnia, not sleep apnea.
  4. Maybe this will work for you: Haverty's Room Planner - https://www.havertys.com/furniture/room-planner-app
  5. You can also send an announcement/invitation the President. When I did that (many years ago) I received a signed congratulations card.
  6. What movie is it based on?
  7. I've had both shingle vax - with no reaction at all.
  8. I still use paper registers for 3 accounts - my personal account, my mother's account, and our household account.
  9. I received 4 x 1 liter bottles of Purell hand sanitizer today. I've been looking for Purell since March and could not find it at a reasonable price. This was $6.59 a bottle.
  10. I would like a PM, also. So sorry about what(ever) happened.
  11. 8 moves: 1st home 2nd home 1st apartment 1st home 2nd apartment 1st home 3rd apartment 1st home 3rd home
  12. Thank you, Margaret, for posting this. Your daughter is such a treasure!
  13. Thank you , saraha! Sounds yummy to me!
  14. What, may I ask, are black and white themed snacks? Please tell us!!
  15. I had my appendix removed when I had my gall bladder (I did have gall stones) removed, back in the 80s. I was not having the problems you are describing, the surgeon just routinely removed the appendix along with gall bladder. It is nice to know that I will not ever have to have an emergency appendectomy.
  16. I've loved my Taylor brand scales. I got mine from Target. When I was going to Weight Watchers, the weights from WW always matched my Taylor scale. https://www.taylorusa.com/shop/bath/body-composition-scales/ Best wishes.
  17. Thanks for posting! Which exact product is this special for? The link is bringing up all the paper!
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