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  1. bacon and Kodiak Cakes (either pancakes/waffles from a mix or frozen waffles)
  2. No, not in our experience. Though everything after the first and second seats can seem arbitrary. I'm sure every orchestra is not the same though.
  3. If she's a Finalist she would qualify for a full ride at Univ. of Central Florida (Benaquisto)
  4. Both of my ds college freshman received a scholarship that covers tuition specifically, and then room/board/expenses. So I understand that the room/board/expenses part is taxable. My understanding is that they both have to file their own tax return, and will check the box 'can be claimed as a dependent'. But who enters the 1098-T info? The student or the parent? Who actually pays the tax on the taxable portion of the scholarship? When I did a trial tax return for ds using Turbotax, I entered the above, and there was $0 tax due. (He has no other income). Am I (parent) supposed to enter his 1098-T and pay the tax? I thought that his own tax return using Turbotax would have him pay the tax. I am so confused and I seem to read conflicting statements (or most likely I just don't understand).
  5. thank you, the vet called earlier to check on him and I am going to go pick up another pain killer. And I found a long sleeve shirt that works!
  6. I'm looking around the house now to see if we have a long sleeve shirt that will fit...I tried one and it was too small. His chest is bigger than I though lol. I'm kind of tired because he was waking me up throughout the night and I'm spending my time watching him because he's acting weird ...maybe the sedation hasn't fully worn off? Definitely getting more normal than yesterday though. I gave him a rimayl because maybe he's in pain?
  7. Do you know of a dog cone alternative that is effective? My poor boy has staples in his front elbow and his cone is so big. He's bumping into everything and can't seem to maneuver around very well. He's large with a long snout. Maybe he'll get better as he gets used to the cone? He's just using one of those big plastic ones from the vet.
  8. Yay! So nice to hear that you're doing well.
  9. Aw, she is adorable! What kinds of things will she do? Years ago we watched a series on Netflix called 'Working Dogs'. It was so fascinating to learn about all of the different skills and talents some dogs have, or can be trained to do.
  10. He's just soooo cute!
  11. Well, the concerns about where the student should change, and teachers 'observing' are valid.... All this talk about showering is most likely not that relevant. The middle schoolers are NOT showering. They won't even be given enough time to shower if they wanted to. And this in Florida (lol) and it's likely that most of the boys aren't changing clothes anyways. Athletic shorts worn year round.
  12. We were selected for verification last year and had to do it for all of the college applied to....the colleges didn't all ask for exactly the same documents though. I have no idea what is 'normal'. One college asked for a transcript and then shortly after said they didn't need it.
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