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  1. My sons have lived in a dorm with two other roommates for freshman and now sophomore year. They were planning on living together again next year, in their very tiny 2 br apartment-style dorm, but one roommate backed out. The other three boys do not want to live with a random roommate in such a small space, and can't find anyone they know to take the spot, so they are considering moving off campus. They are asking for my advice... The apartment they are considering is a 20min bike ride, or 30 min bus ride to campus, and will cost at least $2500 more per year over the dorm. Ds1 would rather stay on campus (would like the ease of going back to the dorm during the day, and doesn't want to spend the extra $$), ds2 would like to move off campus. The apartments closer to campus are way out of our price range. Parking on campus is pretty much not an option for off-campus students. Would you consider the 30 min bus ride too much? Would you take the chance with a random roommate to stay in the dorms? Ds1 could get a single room in another apartment style dorm on campus but it would be with 3 random people, and would create some problems between his brother and other roommate...
  2. I used to use ebates/rakuten. But in the past year they became very unreliable as far as crediting my 'shopping trips', so I don't bother anymore.
  3. It's been years since I've found any good Christmas gifts/deals on Amazon. So much cheap junk to wade through. And I hate it when I search for something very specific and I get a lot of 'sponsored' off brands instead of just the brand I searched for.
  4. I wouldn't write anything to her. I don't think the main 'problem' is the t-shirt material... the problem is that you have ants in your house. And good luck with the ants!
  5. Ds received an invitation to join this in the mail- I was going to throw it away but I looked it up first, and it seems legitimate in the sense that it's not just a 'pay to be on some list' But is there any point in paying to join? He thinks it's probably just 'resume padding'.
  6. IMO you need to tell him to get help for his anger problem NOW, or he needs to go live with his parent for now. No discussion. Hitting your son? No more hitting should be tolerated. You're calling it 'spanking', but at his age I'd just consider that hitting. For me, that's a line not to be crossed. What'll he do as you son gets older and bigger?
  7. I have a 3.5 lb box that I want to ship to a friend in the UK. Looking at the USPS site, it looks like it'll be about $60? Does this sound correct? Is there a less costly way to ship it?
  8. I quit using subscribe and save because of that issue. Also, some of my items would be 'unavailable'.
  9. Is kindergarten even mandatory where you live? Or did you need to register in K in order to get the scholarship? I hope it gets worked out easily!
  10. NOOOOO. Where we live, many people have cameras, and judging by the comments on Nextdoor, there is the possibility of being shot :(
  11. Jen500

    USPS what?

    Yes, Informed Delivery. I've had it for a while and I like it.
  12. You should have gotten at least one email from PayPal about the change-I got my first back in Feb I think: As a result of a new regulation issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in Washington, D.C. coming into effect on April 1, 2019, we are making some changes that will affect consumers who want to hold and use balance with PayPal. Beginning March 29, 2019, if you want to hold and use balance, in addition to verifying your identity with PayPal, you will need a balance account which will be linked to your current PayPal account. Detailed information about balance accounts (known as PayPal Cash and PayPal Cash Plus) can be found in the PayPal Cash and PayPal Cash Plus Terms and Conditions.
  13. If he takes snacks on the airplane make sure some of them are peanut free. We've been told after boarding that because of a passenger w/allergies, to please not eat anything with peanuts.
  14. I wouldn't get that backpack that you linked--I ordered the same one last Dec for a similar use (carryon plane trip for teen) and returned it right away because it was super flimsy/cheap.
  15. Maybe Vertical Run?
  16. My boys participated in Science Olympiad for 2 years on their high school team. I think the prep time involved depends on how the team is run, the event(s) you are doing, and prior knowledge of the events. Mine spent winter break building things (so about 2 weeks--maybe 2 hours/day) and then another week or so rebuilding before the state completion, and I don't think they spent any time prepping for the other events they did. Their school team spent a fair amount of time testing students to place them in events they would be strong in, and for some events making a good 'team'. I know at certain other schools here the teams spend A LOT of time studying and prepping for events.
  17. Oh my, look at the size of those paws! Adorable.
  18. Have you gotten any information from the IB program about submitting volunteer hours? Mine did IB (from homeschooling previously), and had to fill out a specific form (with a signature from a supervisor) for volunteer hours, and could start counting the hours the summer before 9th grade. Also, as they got older, they focused volunteer hours on their areas of interest, so it helped lead into a CAS project was a good fit .
  19. bacon and Kodiak Cakes (either pancakes/waffles from a mix or frozen waffles)
  20. No, not in our experience. Though everything after the first and second seats can seem arbitrary. I'm sure every orchestra is not the same though.
  21. If she's a Finalist she would qualify for a full ride at Univ. of Central Florida (Benaquisto)
  22. Both of my ds college freshman received a scholarship that covers tuition specifically, and then room/board/expenses. So I understand that the room/board/expenses part is taxable. My understanding is that they both have to file their own tax return, and will check the box 'can be claimed as a dependent'. But who enters the 1098-T info? The student or the parent? Who actually pays the tax on the taxable portion of the scholarship? When I did a trial tax return for ds using Turbotax, I entered the above, and there was $0 tax due. (He has no other income). Am I (parent) supposed to enter his 1098-T and pay the tax? I thought that his own tax return using Turbotax would have him pay the tax. I am so confused and I seem to read conflicting statements (or most likely I just don't understand).
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