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  1. PT appointment bunny cage cleaning day cat's bathroom cleaning day go through some more mail
  2. I get dishes from a restaurant supply store. Easy to get more if one breaks. They are white but easy to "accessorize" on a table if I want to be fancy but just plain if I don't. I have to admit that I am one of those (apparently strange) people who don't like Corelle. I like something with more substance and heft to it.
  3. Not lately. But in the past, I drove 3 1/2 hours one-way each weekend (and then back at the end of the weekend.) I sang at the top of my lungs much of the way. I stopped at a truck stop once and a trucker stopped me and asked "Are you the lady who sings in her car?" I said yes. Those truck drivers really looked out for me. They would signal me if there were any accidents or speed traps etc. and got me through when there was snow and ice on the freeway.
  4. Plus, even if there isn't money there, sometimes if they work fast enough, the bank, debit/credit card company etc. shell out money before the checks bounce.
  5. Williams Sonoma says that they do not carry dishes that leach detectable lead. https://www.sfgate.com/realestate/article/ARE-YOUR-DISHES-LEACHING-TOO-MUCH-LEAD-3142728.php
  6. My latest question in the great kitchen remodel. I know that I want a Farmhouse sink. The general kitchen design will be white upper cabinets, wood lower cabinets with a lighter counter top. Appliances are stainless steel. Any suggestions on farmhouse sink material? I am thinking if I did go porcelain that I would get some kind of a sink protector mat to protect it and my dishware.
  7. If you scam enough people for even small amounts, it adds up.
  8. got a medical massage (aka medically sanctioned torture) 😉 chiropractor napped
  9. logged fasting bloodsugars fed Neko and Juliet fed myself medicated myself logged food, water, carbs updated Sparkpeople blog stretched prayed made bed Upper body PT exercises brushed teeth dressed
  10. I don't think so? If your glucose levels tend to be elevated in the morning then your liver probably has a "habit" of compensating for low bloodsugars by pumping out glycogen. If you are having an Hemoglobin A1C done then it looks at your sugars over the span of months and this morning won't matter.
  11. The only thing that could possibly be messed up would be your glucose test and that wouldn't be because you were awake and went back to bed. That would be if you had gotten too low and your liver pumped out glycogen to elevate your glucose levels (Dawn effect)
  12. Our little city now has a Food Truck Wednesday where they bring in a couple of food trucks with a variety of cuisines. It has been a really good thing that came out of creative thinking with regards to the pandemic. Obviously they could have done it without the pandemic but the pandemic made them start thinking through creative options.
  13. My opinion on how to deal with the pandemic has not changed. I believe that in order for the economy to recover then you have to deal with the actual virus directly. Letting the virus go unchecked in order to "protect the economy" does not actually protect the economy in my opinion. The reason is that an unchecked virus kills consumers and workers (including healthcare workers). Dealing with the virus directly means (again in my opinion which can be assumed to apply to everything I type here) wearing masks. If people won't mask without a mandate, then I believe that mandates are nece
  14. I am not insulting anyone and neither was the poster I was agreeing with. I was pointing out my opinion that a POLICY was foolish. I was agreeing with the poster who gave reasons for why she had her particular opinion. This is literally how public discourse is supposed to work. No calling names but freedom to have a diversity of opinions with reasons for those opinions.
  15. It’s my opinion (and the opinion of many others) which I am free to express and you are free to ignore.
  16. ?? They did treat the person. How do you think that they know about his cardiac enzymes? And since they are normal, there is no medical urgency.
  17. She’s not disputing what you reported . She’s disputing the wisdom of their approach. And pointing out the folly of following that approach.
  18. Yes. Since heart problems (from clotting etc) has been directly linked to Covid, this isn’t just some arbitrary rule or hoop that the hospital has set up. I think that some people (not you) see “Covid conspiracies” in hospitals where there really isn’t one.
  19. I have wondered if there is a cultural element. All of my friends who have grown up overseas (even when not the same country I grew up in) share the same reciprocal attitude that I do about friendship. Friends act more like family members overseas. But this is just a general observation of mine and I am sure that many could come up with exceptions to that.
  20. I was wondering about your heart. I hope that you can get some good help soon.
  21. was feeling overwhelmed - so I napped. 😉 washed, dried and put away dishes, knives and pans. I hate washing the dishes in the bathroom! complaining to Amazon about a undelivered package that they said was delivered.
  22. figured out dinner (chicken yam stew in the crockpot) made ingredients list went to the grocery store and shopped came home and got the stew in the crockpot ate a late lunch
  23. So I always said that once I wasn't actively parenting and homeschooling anymore that my house would be put together and clean. I lied.
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