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  1. Dh just left for a business trip for the first time since 2019, dd is back to college, and I am sitting here BY MYSELF practically paralyzed by the thrill of having the house to myself. So far my big plans are to make a frozen pizza for breakfast and watch season 5 of The Expanse. Woohoo!
  2. My neighbor is Christian Scientist, and I know that denomination sort of trends that direction at times. I'm pretty sure my neighbor has been vaccinated, btw, but it does keep me on my toes about the diversity of belief. Insofar as churches talking about health and healing, that's a long tradition. John Wesley wrote a book of natural cures due to his concern that the poor of his day had little access to healthcare, for example. Here's an article that talks a bit about the history of the church's role in health services https://www.sdpb.org/blogs/margins/a-changing-perspective-a-churchs-role-in-healthcare/
  3. We did 2 staircases with Home Depot carpet in Feb 2020, so pre-pandemic. It was exactly what we expected basis the sample. The process was very straight forward. The price was fantastic. Also, the samples come in a box with an orange piece of elastic around them and THAT ORANGE STRING IS THE BEST CAT TOY EVER. We ended up getting 2 boxes of samples (I forget why) so I gave one of the strings to dd, whose cat also loved it. I'm thinking about ordering more samples just to get more orange-stretchy-string.
  4. Our library provides Consumer Reports online as part of their EBSCO offerings. Maybe you have access to something similar?
  5. Our state is a Covid hot spot, has a relatively low vaccination rate, has the Delta variant, and I'd guess about a third of people wear a mask in stores/other public places right now. Some reasons I still mask: Doesn't bother me, may help someone else, shows solidarity with those who haven't been able to vax yet, messes with people's conception about whether I should be wearing a mask, messes with facial recognition, don't have to smell things like annoying perfume.** **Last weekend we were clearing out a house for a deceased relative whose 3 cats apparently had carte blanche to use the entire house as a litter box, plus bonus lack of vacuuming for years on end. Dh and I wore our KN95 masks (plus long sleeves, long pants, long rubber gloves) and it made SUCH A DIFFERENCE -- I went out to get a drink of water and forgot to put my mask on before re-entering, and WOW! that thick air hit me full force in the nostrils. Ugh ugh ugh. OTOH, SILs showed up wearing tank top and shorts, and refused to wear masks -- even though asthmatic and allergic to cats. One was the same SIL who was anti-mask all through Covid (and used to refuse to wear a shoulder seat belt back in the 90s). She's very dedicated to her freedom to make herself sick.
  6. This isn't everybody's reason for wanting a lab leak, but one possibility is: If it's a lab leak it happened because humans are running the show and have control over nature. We have agency. It would probably not have happened if it weren't for bad humans. If it's just a random act of nature, then it's just random stuff that happens in the universe that humans don't control. Which is scary to some people because it's a reminder that we could all suffer and drop dead any moment willy-nilly regardless of what we do or don't do.
  7. Wow, I'd been looking for that article because someone mentioned it in passing, and I couldn't find it. Yay for you linking it! I love stuff like this because I like to drop a big ol' "ON THE OTHER HAND" into conversations.
  8. I think she was using that as an example of actions in one place having an effect elsewhere. But, not being the person who said it, I could be totally on the wrong track here. I'm just spouting off about some of the stuff I've read that sort of sounds similar.
  9. Nature is a lot weirder than most of us give it credit for. So God being bound by nature (or not) isn't that big of a deal, if you ask me. In the meantime, I do intercessory prayer by way of tonglen and metta (I'm not Buddhist, but these are things that make more sense to me than standard Christian forms). Welp, I just accidentally deleted everything else I wrote, including that story about the guy on the roof during a flood with the two boats and a helicopter. Plus some other undoubtably pithy insight that I've already forgotten. Probably an answer to prayer right there ("Dear Lord don't let me stick my foot in my mouth today"; and/or, "Oh God is someone going to natter on with that one story about the flood and the 2 boats and the helicopter? I am so DONE with that")
  10. Many older cats tend to wander around yelling. If you google it or talk to a vet you'll see a lot of recognition of this. Our 19yo (my avatar) does it from a combo of losing his hearing and dementia. I think the 14yo does it because she likes to hear herself. For example, when we ripped up the carpet in the bedrooms and installed wood floors, before we got all the soft furnishings in, she liked to go into those rooms and listen to the echo she could make. As we got the beds and all back in she stopped. Sometimes I wonder if the kids' voice lessons gave her the idea of going off by herself and making big vocalizations. Another of our cats did the random loud meows as she aged, too. She was around 15 or 16.
  11. I was going to try this last year but never got around to it. Now that you mention it, maybe I should try it this year. One tip I recall was putting weight on the seeds to start out, such as putting another tray on top of the soil. Someone did a side-by-side comparison of various growing conditions. Hmm, let's see ... it wasn't this website, but this one seems to be discussing the same issues: https://totalgardener.com/which-microgreens-need-weight/#:~:text=Using weights for microgreens is,moisture and hold the weight. Edited to add: Aha, here's the website I was looking at last year https://homemicrogreens.com/cover-microgreen-seeds/ (Also, I adore reading websites about experiments like this -- almost as fun as reading curriculum reviews)
  12. Ok, now I sorta want to make several dozen of these and do an entire tree in them. Y'all are a bad influence!
  13. Speaking of ancillary stuff, older dd's favorite part of it was dressing in white linen to perform the salt-changing, pretending she was an Egyptian priest. Someone had given us several yards of plain white linen which we used for the wrapping strips plus a tunic for her. Our chicken lasted for years, and was even packed and moved by a professional moving company at one point.
  14. The story I'm writing in my head has all the parents in the homeschool group vowing to never again have a balloon release because they don't want all the kids to start screaming, "SPERM! SPERM! Thar she blows, lads!" every time. This makes your dd an environmental hero.😄
  15. OK, not the person you said this too, but always looking for new sci fi, I rushed right over to the library online app. I just got to Chapter 3 of The Sparrow, and I remember these hands. Whoa. I have no memory of this book at all, but I remember these hands. Maybe I read Children of God as a stand alone and it's mentioned there? Someone else used this idea? Who knows. This is why I started using Goodreads to keep track of what I read and purchase. Anyway, thanks for the suggestions!
  16. Hmm, Borg are the original Hive Mind. They're probably worried we're taking over their brand, and we're infinitely cooler while doing it.
  17. I'm pretty sure the neighbor kids gave me the candy cigarettes. It isn't something my parents would've bought. Not just the "cigarette" issue, but they didn't have money to spend on random candy. Dd said yesterday that we should all be wearing tie-dye. This was during the cargo pant discussion. BTW, if you missed that, per artsy 21yo college student, cargos are quite the thing and skinny jeans went out of style a while back. Also, long jean shorts are cool, like, practically-down-to-your-knees (I told her I'd just keep wearing my capris and eventually the world will catch up with me).
  18. Forward by Ursula LeGuin, afterword by Boris Strugatsky. I think it's from 2012.
  19. Based on this comment I got Roadside Picnic out of the library and already finished it off. Wow wow wow, how did I not know about this until now? I love sci fi, and this is so different than the usual stuff.
  20. My 21yo informed me last week that cargo pants are quite in style with her peers right now. Go live your dreams! UPDATE: Arizona Jean company has great sized pockets. Skinny jeans have been out of style for at least a year. "What you need to get is a jean jacket like that Calvin Klein jean jacket (thrifted) that has 5 pockets because that inside pocket fits a large paperback book." (21yo just got home from work)
  21. My 21yo informed me last week that cargo pants are quite in style with her peers right now. Go live your dreams!
  22. Oh, I love Kewpie Roasted Sesame dressing! It really fancies up a pile of vegetables! Plus I discovered I could buy a large jar of pickled ginger at the Asian market, so I can pretend I'm doing some sort of Asian fusion cuisine with my sesame dressing plus ginger.
  23. I suspect the point wasn't to help while miserable, but to have equanimity. Not grasping for the "feel good" moment, not turning away from the "feel bad" moment -- simply to get on with the job. Having clarity about what you're feeling is usually a good thing, and a good skill to have. It's okay to pat yourself on the back some if you're aware that you're doing it.
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