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  1. When you passed her a few aisles later you should've been quietly, absent-mindedly singing "Let It Go" as you slowly glided by. Also, the fact that this whole thing reminds me of a pile of Buddhist teaching-stories shows me that I've been spending too much time reading Buddhist teaching-stories lately. I need to get out more.
  2. I need to inscribe this somewhere in my house. Possibly on the inside of my eyelids.
  3. Wow wow wow, I checked out PrintPath before I did my usual Tuesday afternoon session of helping a handful of kindergartners with various school work. SO MANY COOL THINGS including the dino letters -- we used one of those today. Plus a couple of the mazes. And, yes, the BIG HIT of the afternoon: The hole punch activities. Why did no one ever tell me the way to engage 5-6 year olds in any sort of learning was to hand them a simple printout and a hole punch? It was MAGIC. They adored finding beginning sounds, ending sounds, the letters of their names. They squeezed those hole punches so m
  4. What fun! And now I'm looking around the room, wondering what space I can commandeer for more bookshelves ....
  5. Saw it this afternoon with younger DD, who thought she needed to see it before returning to college since "everyone" will have seen it. She was definitely on the young side of the audience, most of which was age 65 and up, and openly weeping during much of the movie. I loved the framing of the narrative. Great costumes. Liked the sets. Much decent acting. Dd and her friends are mostly interested due to Timothee Chalamet. Although older dd commented that he always looks like he knows what an iPhone is, and thus does NOT work out in period pieces. Also, desire to support Greta Ge
  6. Go. I'm saying this as someone who has had several relatives die this October/early November -- see everyone while you can. Holidays with relatives are not guaranteed.
  7. Meru on Amazon Prime. It's a documentary about climbing Meru, made in 2015 I think. It's so visually appealing, and the way they put the story together really keeps your interest.
  8. I suspect that this person is secular, or okay with a secular slant to homeschooling (given that she's friends with my dd) so this sounds really good. My comment about religious groups was about what we have around here. Some of them are pretty rigid about what's acceptable, and if you wander into one of those thinking it will be ecumenical you might be disappointed.
  9. Not to my knowledge. I assume that's a good one to be in since you're mentioning it. I know in our area many organizations are listed, but some of them really aren't worth the time, particularly if you're not a certain religion/denomination. I'll pass along that suggestion. I really think the most efficient thing is for her to talk to real live people in her area, so finding the appropriate groups to suggest to her is fantastic.
  10. Apparently she's met with teachers and it has gone poorly (I just learned this from dd).
  11. My dd asked me what I could suggest for one of her friends. The friend's 1st grade son is too advanced for his Long Island school, and is bored in class. The friend heard that dd had been homeschooled and thought dd might have suggestions for resources to look into homeschooling for her son. Friend works 9-5. She is a tailor and is considering opening a shop in her home, thinking that might make work-plus-homeschool more viable. We homeschooled in Missouri, so I don't really know which homeschool groups and organizations to suggest she contact to discuss what it really takes to hom
  12. My favorites vary depending on what I'm knitting, but I really do like Addi Turbos. For some projects, though, you just gotta have wood. For that matter, sometimes the ability to prop a straight needles under your arm and just work the other one is grand. And there are certain projects that call for circs that I find so much easier on dps because it's easier to keep track of the stitches (plus use any extraneous dp in the set for cables). Mostly I don't plan on limiting my selection any time soon. I'm okay with having All the Needles.
  13. 1. Accreditation? As others have said, not an issue. 2. Transcripts? The biggest issue I had was TOO MANY CHOICES. There are websites and books on the subject of writing homeschool transcripts. It was much easier for the second child since I'd already chosen a format and could just plug in the new information. Also, the Common App was so much easier the second time through. I think that they've made it more homeschool friendly, plus I knew I'd already survived it once. 3. Hard time getting accepted to college? My kids are in theatre, which is a different process. They were
  14. Okay, that's actually a little comforting -- dd's Cruze doesn't have a spare, and dh tends to act like it's a quirk of that exact car designed to make his life miserable. We ended up purchasing a tire and wheel (full size) that she keeps in the trunk. As for the original discussion, heck, older dd moved to a place with decent public transport so she could totally ditch the car (regardless of transmission) and its need for upkeep and insurance. I supposed one could bash back at the pro-stick people with an argument about the morality of forcing the U.S. to be so heavily reliant on indivi
  15. We finally finished today, having watched it one episode per day. I liked it so much better than season 2. There were still plot holes, like sometimes it took forever for the Mind Flayer to get from place to place, and why was Billy sitting in the mall parking lot revving his engine all that time? -- but I'm willing to forgive because the overall story was decent. Coincidentally, dh and I had watched Red Dawn a couple of weeks ago. So much of this season arc seemed lifted from that, including the helicopters at the end. Also, as an aside, I'd forgotten that Red Dawn is such a crappy mo
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