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  1. We always DIY toilet issues. Dh has been known to take the toilet out and put it back in just for the sake of easily painting or wallpapering behind it. Other than being heavy and bulky, they're pretty straightforward. Our basement toilet didn't have a shutoff valve when we moved in, so that was the diciest one we've dealt with. We had a plumber install the valve, btw.
  2. GailV

    Struggling with being left out

    In my head this entire thread now has a soundtrack of Joyce Country Ceili Band, even though they use a male lead and thus I can't pretend it's you singing. The snow coming through sounds like it could be stressful to deal with -- we're at the other end of the storm track, trying to figure out return-to-college travel.
  3. GailV

    What's your house salad?

    DH eats at least 2 salads every day: 1. "Breakfast" salad -- spring mix, cucumber, blueberries, roast turkey, dressed with olive oil and fresh lemon juice 2. "Lunch" salad (or bedtime snack) -- spring mix, cucumber, avocado, pickled red onions (pickled with ACV and honey), roasted salted pumpkin seeds, roast turkey, dressed with olive oil and fresh lemon juice My salads usually involve arugula and quinoa (I make large batches and freeze in small containers), bottled dressing, pumpkin seeds, other protein, something orange (eg, carrots, butternut squash). I aim for a Pret a Manger vibe with my combos.
  4. GailV

    Don't make me blush, but...

    Insert typical comment from me that there are swathes of women who have given up on purchased underpants and bras, and make their own. Lots of patterns out there, online and IRL shops selling necessary notions, fabrics suitable for sport or stunt (or just plain everyday), the exact amount of froth/lace/trim you want, endless group discussions on nuances of fit and style (sort of like public school vs. homeschool, but for underwear).
  5. GailV

    S/o underwear thread...Stunt undies

    Total thread derailment moment -- dd just did a Broadway musical tour as wardrobe assistant, and one of her jobs during prep was purchasing underwear for all the performers (4 sets each since they had a 4 show day at one point). So, if you really want to pursue this dream there's an actual career path.
  6. GailV

    homeschool retirement

    Hmm, my request to join is still pending from ... last time this came up, which was at least several weeks ago. I can see other people have joined recently, so y'all are apparently still accepting requests. So .....
  7. GailV

    Rethinking our diet—fermented foods

    That's exactly what I like about fermented foods! (Also why I liked teaching elementary school science -- it had much of the same vibe.) Alas, no one else here really likes eating what I come up with. Dh likes Bubbies sauerkraut better than the home-fermented. As for raw cheese, when the kids were younger that's what I bought all the time -- especially brands like Organic Valley that are distributed fairly widely. As a matter of fact, it was on sale at Whole Foods just last week.
  8. GailV

    headlight cleaners . .

    I just went into an auto parts store and purchased one they had on the shelf -- I chose a Turtle Wax Headlight Lens Restorer. Worked great, and I was so proud of my DIY job! Beforehand I spent some time reading product reviews and car-related forums to see what brands people had the most success with, but in the end I decided I didn't have time or money to order the more expensive, fancy kit that got the best reviews -- this was for dd's 2003 Malibu that had always been parked outside, and she needed to drive it halfway across the country soon after we got it cleaned up. We sold the car about 6 months later, so I don't know how long-lasting it was. They looked fine when we sold the car. I didn't even know cleaning headlights was a thing until I saw how bad hers were and started researching it online. Ever since then I tend to walk through parking lots judging how yellowed and cloudy the headlights are.
  9. GailV

    And now her watch is done

    I'm so sorry.
  10. GailV

    Travel plans for 2019

    Older dd and her bff found tickets from NYC to Germany for something like $300. They're planning to do a Bertolt Brecht (playwright) pilgrimage this spring -- not an official tour, they're both just huge Brecht fans. They're using DuoLingo from the library to learn German. But they figure a well done play is good to see whether you understand the language or not. I mentally file all of this adventure under Theatre Grads Being Extra.
  11. GailV

    Travel plans for 2019

    Denver over Labor Day weekend for a wedding. We're thinking of driving -- we're in St Louis, could visit SIL in Kansas on the way home. Paris or London in the fall. Dd will be attending university in UK for fall semester, so that's our excuse -- theoretically we'll be able to meet up somewhere for a couple of days. Dh was just commenting that he would love to go to DC every year, so maybe we'll head back there this summer. Mostly he wants to hang out in the museums and eat at a certain restaurant -- I forget the name, but it's one of Jose Andre's.
  12. GailV

    Can I take Christmas down tomorrow?

    I'd make sure everyone in the house is on board with the idea of taking it down. One year we were slammed with activities all through the season into the new year, and I really needed the extra space the tree, etc, took up, so I started taking everything down without really announcing my intentions. Dh was so upset -- I think if we had talked it over first it wouldn't have hit him so hard -- it was just the shock of walking in and finding everything unexpectedly being boxed up. (That was the year the basement flooded , which was a few days after the de-decorating happened -- it was a wild year, whew!)
  13. Oh man, that really stinks. Overall, it seems like more competition does help us have better choices, and in many ways we do have less competition these days, particularly in regards to airlines -- the Big 4 control 80% of the domestic market. So I'm inclined to agree with you on that -- 25 years ago perhaps you could've decided to no longer use Stupid Airline ever again for any flights anywhere, and just gone with Competitor of Stupid That Isn't Cut-rate-cheapo. Now, though, you're often stuck without much choice. Best of luck getting where you need to go. Treasure the kind interactions. Ponder ways to subvert monopolies.
  14. Just popping in to say that Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the original Sherlock as a cocaine user and a jerk, so it would be rare to find any version anywhere that meets your criteria. My personal votes for are for Star Trek Next Gen or else Enterprise.
  15. GailV

    coming back home for Christmas

    Dd has spent a huge amount of her time sleeping, so not much to remark on here.
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