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  1. For my mom, sometimes drinking a very strong cup of black coffee helps.
  2. If you are creative, you could make some kind of "treasure hunt" to find the gift(s) from Santa, making the process take longer & be more fun but with fewer items total in the end. Make it be cooperative, maybe have a different consumable item with each or some of the clues, then a gift for each at the end or a "big" gift or two that would be shared among them.
  3. For those who like Red Bubble, you might also like Society6. I have bought some duvet covers from them, as well as a t-shirt.
  4. @Lady Florida., hope your ds is ok now that he's home & the adrenaline rush is over. If he can take something like ibuprofen, he might want some tomorrow. (I had a wreck when I was about his age; the car was pretty mangled but I was ok. But, oh did I hurt the next day or two. At the time, I never really took any medicines, so it never occured to me to take something. In retrospect, it would have been helpful as the stiffness & soreness set in the next day.)
  5. A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote
  6. What big box store was this? I really need to pass this info onto my sister. (Hoping it's Costco as she shops there. Lol.)
  7. Me too. Up until exactly this point, I'm thinking it's pads & tampons "arrayed" like a spray of flowers. Duh. Spray cans. That is a horrifyingly funny gift. I need to tell my sister about it for a wild Xmas party she attends. It would be perfect!!!
  8. I have to digress here. I clicked your link. Underneath it, in the section "Customers who bought this item also bought"... is a cat muzzle. 🤔 Notice the picture is on a stuffed animal, not a real cat!! Thinking if your real cat needs a muzzle, a mere human will not be getting it on the cat. 🤣 Maybe partway... but then you'd have a dead human & a pissed off cat. I'm going to be giggling about this product for the rest of the evening. Now back to your regular thread....
  9. I'm sorry, Kathy. Give your ds a hug from me. I know it was scary but I commend him for swerving to avoid the animal -- it shows his true kindness at heart. I am relieved for all of you that your ds is ok.
  10. A longshot... looking for a digital Christmas-themed watch. Must be a digital face, not an analog one. Can't seem to come up w/ the correct search terms or it doesn't exist. Anyone???
  11. My dd's first cat used to snag her socks & underwear & drag them all over. (And Barbie stuff.) He was also very into attending tea parties. Dd would set up stuff & then he would show up & take a seat. 🤣 My mischievous cat re: the tree was (mostly?) flame-point Siamese. So, so smart. So, so busy. I adored that cat.
  12. I had a kitten once who liked to hang out on the limbs. He would climb the (artificial) tree, then shimmy out on a limb & just stay there awhile. We would have a cute kitten face peering out at us at eye-level. Had another cat who would get a running start (from the next room), then leap when about halfway to the tree so that he crashed front & center into the middle of the tree. He would do it over & over & over. That tree had a good-sized divot in the front by the end of the season, lol. This same cat was smart enough to realize a shiny ornament at the bottom of the tree reflected light & would make a light spot on the floor. He would tap the ornament, chase the light spot like crazy until it stopped moving, then do it again. He would amuse himself for a very long time that way. After that, we always hung that ornament at the bottom of the tree for him. He's been gone for many years but I still hang his ornament at the bottom & smile & miss him at the same time. Most of our other cats aren't into the tree or just want to stay under it, nice & cozy on top of any presents. (We don't do ribbons because we have a ribbon eater.) I'd put a tree up. Maybe no lights at all or no lights plugged in unless you are around. Leave it undecorated? Maybe make paper ornaments? Or use plastic/unbreakable ones? Could you tuck ornaments in the branches, not using hooks at all? Every cat is so individual. You'll just have to see how it goes.
  13. Yes. But they often have many different styles of stuff you can order (classic fit tee, tri-blend, women's style, etc...) so select the style that matches the type of shirt you most often wear. Years ago my dc ordered me a tee from them & got too small of a size in a women's style. Red Bubble was very nice & awesome about exchanging it for the proper size. We tend to order the classic tees, the tri-blends, or various hoodies.
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