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  1. Kind-of late to the thread I think, but I'll add my 2 cents... I always thought I wouldn't color my hair. I'm one of those people who likes to wash & comb my hair, then walk out the door. I had nice dark brown hair w/ great thickness & it was so easy to style. (I always paid for good cuts & wore it quite short for decades. It looked great w/ no fixing.) Once, in my 20s, the stylist suggested adding some color (darker mahogany/reds, I think). On a whim, I did. It was fine but I didn't especially care for it & it wasn't worth the expense & time for me. My mantra was to have low maintenance but great-looking hair. I started growing my hair out more probably 5-7 years ago. I was surprised to discover that what had been straight hair was now quite wavy. Thanks, middle-age! (I guess?) Some days I can look Albert Einstein-ish, lol. Couldn't (still can't?) quite figure out how to manage it at least some of the time. Mostly I don't worry about it. I like the less short (a length between a pixie & shoulder-length) look now on me. I have some gray. It didn't bother me. (I was hoping for the cool look that my grandfather had which was white w/ a jet black streak in the middle, but no luck.) Last year (after a few very rough personal years & losing some of my hair because of stress), I decided to try a new stylist. On a whim while there, I had her add highlights (or lowlights or baylayage or whatever it's called -- I have no idea about this stuff!) to cover some of the grays in the front. She basically turned them blonde-ish & they're not really noticeable when growing out (imo). Plus, as she said, it's fashionable now when roots show so even if you notice it, it's not a big deal. I go about every 6-8 weeks for a haircut & she has done the highlights every other time. It has worked out great for me. Anyway, I didn't know what I would think w/ some blonder hair (since mine had once been fairly dark), but I love it. I do think it makes me look younger & less worn down too. (Definite pluses considering the last few years.) Today I went purple. Lol. (It's basically over where the blonder parts are & as the color fades, it will fade back into the blonde-ish color, according to my stylist.) I am not used to it yet but I had wanted to try it & decided to go for it. We will see what I decide next time.
  2. If there are pets, don't forget plenty of pet food & water & other supplies like meds, litter, treats, etc.
  3. From Pritikin (which is pretty close to the way I eat these days): Olive Oil Nutrition – What’s Wrong With Olive Oil?
  4. Similar here. Stopped dairy. Stopping cheese is not as hard as you think it will be. I was a pizza fiend but learned to save it as a treat and just order a slice or two with just sauce and veggies, no cheese. The hardest adjustment was putting plant milk in my coffee instead of whole milk. Not gonna lie, the adjustment with my coffee took a full month to get used to & was not fun. Now, it seems totally normal. I eat plenty of natural fats (nuts, avocados), but greatly reduced my added fats by learning to water saute, bake/roast using parchment paper instead of greasing the pan, eat salads with just balsamic vinegar (no oil), reduce processed foods (including protein and granola bars, salad dressing, crackers). With natural nut butters, I tend to pour off excess oil when it separates. Try to find olives in brine instead of oil. I think reducing sugar also helped. I also added a lot more oatmeal and chia seeds to my life. And tons more veggies. The added fiber is very beneficial. Learn to read labels again (even though you don't eat a lot of processed foods). So, I think my top changes/tips are: 1. Eliminate dairy. 2. Significantly reduce added fats. 3. Increase fiber. 4. Reduce sugars. These changes made a significant difference for me. I will second an earlier suggestion to check out Dr. Gregor at .
  5. What a beautiful daughter! So glad you are both doing well. Sending happy hugs your way!
  6. Stacia

    Chia seeds?

    I prep chia seed "pudding" jars as my to-go breakfast.... 2 TBSP chia seeds 1/2 cup milk (I tend to use soy or almond) 1 tsp honey (optional; I tend to omit this) Stir together in a jar, let it sit for 2 or 3 minutes until it starts to thicken, then stir again to ensure there are no clumps. Repeat if needed. Put a lid on the jar & store in the fridge. When ready to go, top your chia seed pudding w/ any of the following... Nuts & seeds (my favorites are walnuts & pepitas) Nut butter (I add a few dabs of almond butter) Fruit (love berries on here) Shredded unsweetened coconut Spices (cinnamon, ginger) Squeeze of lemon &/or lemon zest (especially good w/ berries) I will often prep jars for the entire week; in the mornings, I then add toppings, grab a spoon, & have my breakfast on the go.
  7. So excited that Taika Waititi won Best Adapted Screenplay for JoJo Rabbit!
  8. Yes. Call me Albert Einstein. 🤣
  9. Poor Maggie. Keep an eye on her. When my dd's cat was a kitten, she had a cone after surgery. Her head & neck were so small that even the smallest size cone was a wee bit loose. The vet office secured it with a bit of tied gauze. But, the kitten was maniacal about getting it off & kept managing to get the edge of the cone &/or the gauze jammed in her jaws (being therefore unable to shut her mouth). I ended up removing it altogether because it was an unsafe situation for her. I haven't had that situation with other cats but did want to mention it so you are aware to check her often.
  10. If you watch the Oscars, downloadable Oscar Bingo cards from How About Orange/Jessica Jones. (Not meant to be a debate on watching the Oscars or not, just providing the link for those who do & who want the bingo cards.)
  11. I think her drawings are adorable. Her IG account: Free downloadable Valentines:
  12. I almost never go to Aldi (it's not very convenient) but I do go out of my way to get their fair trade, organic coffee beans. It's great coffee.
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