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  1. So excited that Taika Waititi won Best Adapted Screenplay for JoJo Rabbit!
  2. Yes. Call me Albert Einstein. 🤣
  3. Poor Maggie. Keep an eye on her. When my dd's cat was a kitten, she had a cone after surgery. Her head & neck were so small that even the smallest size cone was a wee bit loose. The vet office secured it with a bit of tied gauze. But, the kitten was maniacal about getting it off & kept managing to get the edge of the cone &/or the gauze jammed in her jaws (being therefore unable to shut her mouth). I ended up removing it altogether because it was an unsafe situation for her. I haven't had that situation with other cats but did want to mention it so you are aware to check her often.
  4. If you watch the Oscars, downloadable Oscar Bingo cards from How About Orange/Jessica Jones. (Not meant to be a debate on watching the Oscars or not, just providing the link for those who do & who want the bingo cards.)
  5. I think her drawings are adorable. Her IG account: Free downloadable Valentines:
  6. I almost never go to Aldi (it's not very convenient) but I do go out of my way to get their fair trade, organic coffee beans. It's great coffee.
  7. This is what I do too. I also have a couple of hooks (one inside the closet, one on the outside of the closet door) where I hang those items too.
  8. I was just getting to the end of my dental floss and had been looking at getting a refillable container (there are glass and/or metal ones on Amazon). I need to look to see if I can open the plastic container I already have to insert a refill (or if I should get a refillable container at this point).... If your dd is using reusable containers, sending her some chalk markers would be handy. I use them all the time for labeling jars of stuff. Also handy if she takes her own containers for bulk buying and she can write the item and code on the jar. The chalk washes off when you wash the jar. Lots of people on etsy make eco friendly products so that's another place to check. Years ago I bought some fabric sandwich wraps and food pouches from someone on there. Eta: If I get a refillable floss container, I will probably get a stainless steel one vs. a glass one. Many years ago, I bought some nice glass containers for travel shampoo, etc. Well, soapy hands and glass aren't the best combo. One slid out of my hand in the shower and then I was standing in the middle of shattered glass. In the shower. Just mentioning that for other klutzes out there as a reminder to think through your decisions, lol. Also, I know many people don't use Dixie cups anymore and probably just use a regular cup if you want one in the bathroom, but years ago I stumbled across a set of metal shot glasses made for camping (???). Anyway, they're a steel version of a Dixie cup and I love them. My dc love theirs so much that they put them in their makeup/shaving kits when traveling too. Dd likes a bigger cup so she actually uses the storage container as her cup:
  9. I've lost some weight. (Did it to lower cholesterol & get rid of pre-diabetes.) Partly by eating better, partly by joining a gym w/ personal trainers. As someone who never exercised (for the most part), this was huge. I am surprised how much I enjoy it (the challenge & the results). Clothes also look better, generally. I consider it an investment in my health, but it's also an investment in my appearance & attitude. Eons ago (when I earned well & had disposable income), I always invested in good hair, good glasses, & good shoes. Those, for me, were things that I wore often/had "on" every day. When I can, I still like to spend more $ there & be more frugal in other areas. Re: hair. I recently changed hair stylists, partly for a change of pace. (Old stylist seemed stuck in a rut w/ me.) Decided to cover a bit of gray by going w/ a few highlights. Didn't think I'd care either way, but I'm really happy w/ it. I've done it twice now, not sure I want to have to maintain it, but I will admit that it makes me feel/look younger. I actually met someone yesterday (probably in her 30s) w/ gorgeous pink/blue hair. (I got the name of her colorist.) I've been considering having the tips of my hair done in a darker color (darker purple, burgundy, or blue) since my hair is dark-ish, plus maintenance wouldn't be as strict because it's not as obvious w/ roots. Am I too old for this? I want to try it but haven't made the leap yet. It seems fun, though, so why not? (My hair is wavy, chin-length. If I hate the color, I can always cut my hair short.) I have a haircut appointment in a few weeks & I'll discuss w/ my stylist then.... As far as cut itself, my stylists through the years have always known that I want something that looks good on me, is stylish, & is easy (wash, comb, & go). Recently had eye surgery & needed new glasses. My old frames were being held together w/ duct tape & were scratched (but no reason to update them until my eye had healed & was ready for a new rx). Updated to some modern, pretty frames. (I've always tried to stay w/ modern frames, but the ones I had were a few years old.) Still have my same old shoes as I buy them to last & get them repaired as needed. (Except for sneakers which I replace as needed. I buy for fit & Brooks is the brand that fits me.) Generally my shoes are classic, modern, & very flat. (I like flat w/ no heel.) Clothes. I tend to have a "look" I like which is generally a skinnier bottom w/ an oversized top (except for a few pairs of wide-leg culottes for working). I don't tend to buy many clothes, but my sister gives me plenty & I keep the pieces that fit my "look". So, I mix very old pieces w/ some new ones, change up accessories (how I mix & match them), & just learned sashiko mending so that I can add some individual flair (as well as patch a few ripped, well-loved items) to a few pieces. I've gotten too into the habit of oversized sweatshirts but am trying to switch back to more of my sweaters & nicer-looking tops. I tend to prefer smaller purses rather than the pack-horse mom purse (which I don't need anyway as my kids are grown & I was never a fan of those even when I had young kids). At this point, I don't really wear makeup. I prefer a bit of lipstick but not much more unless I feel like I have to. My goal has always been to be stylish but low-maintenance. I also am not a fan of being a consumer more than I need to be. I try to keep all those things in balance.
  10. Baby Driver Inception The Dark Knight The Kill Bill movies The Lord of the Rings movies The Harry Potter movies
  11. I want to do Jolabokaflod (Icelandic book flood) for Christmas Eve. Or perhaps New Year's Eve.
  12. Those are so awesome. I love all the things on their website. I could easily gift many of them and just as easily keep many for myself!
  13. Since your ds is a gamer, is there a related sticker or vinyl cling you could get for his car? Seconding the rec for the portable car charger. They are awesome and we have used ours multiple times for various cars. It is more than your $25 limit though. Also, is there a charity that might be of interest to him? Make a donation in his name. I know my ds gives to a charity one of the gamers he follows does; I believe the gamer had a sibling or young relative with cancer and the gaming group set up a charity to help fund sending children to a summer camp. Eta: Ds gives to Tip of the Hats, which is apparently tied to an online streaming event each October: In looking around, I found this gaming charity which sounds pretty cool: AbleGamers
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