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  1. I don't think I've ever used PetMeds. I have ordered feline diabetic testers online but it has been awhile & I don't remember the site I used. I also used an online site for a compounded rx cream that one of my cats needed, but it was through whatever company the vet office sent the rx to. (I am in the SE & the medicine was compounded & sent from the NE.) Love Chewy. Haven't used them for meds, but do use them regularly for cat food, treats, & sometimes other things like litter or toys. I consider it to be like the of the pet world. Easy ordering. Easy shipping. Etc.
  2. I know our state keeps vaccine records. I googled for it quite a few months ago when I needed a final/updated version of ds' vaccine record. Do a search for "[insert state name] vaccine registry" or "[insert state name] immunization registry". I was able to request a copy online. (There was a link on the registry for an "Immunization Record Request Form".) I had to scan my driver's license as part of the request because they only release the info to the person (18 & over), a parent (if a minor), or medical facilities. (Perhaps educational facilities, if asked?) Anyway. It was pretty short & easy & I received a copy pretty quickly.
  3. I agree. It's a great idea to check with your realtor/her company about using this. I wonder if a staging company would offer this kind of service too? I don't know about particular programs but here is one I found:
  4. Hugs to all the care-giving moms/ parents/ families. I know it is so hard & I can't even understand the full extent of it because it is not my life. My best friend (since high school) has a 19yo disabled son. His is physical (genetic) disability only, not other forms. I watch them & they are so burned out. It is a hard & unrelenting life &, even so, they deal with it with grace & happiness most of the time. Some of you have mentioned benefits re: paying toward mortgage, etc. Is there a link or two you could provide that I could give to my friend? I think they are aware of various resources, just haven't followed up on as much as they need because of the sheer overwhelm of daily life. They are also looking for a home care helper (especially for lifting, as their son is tall, he has a rod in his spine so has to be supported a certain way when lifted, etc) -- any advice? I try to help when possible or to help research info & give them the condensed version, help watch their son for a few hours so they get a break, etc. What else can I do to help? What other resources should I mention to them? Thanks so much for any guidance. You can PM me if you feel any of this will derail the thread too much. And, again, hugs. You walk a challenging life. I know it has rewards, but I know there are plenty of really hard times too.
  5. I haven't read the entire thread but I so agree with the sentiment that some people need help to see the possibilities in a visual way. I say this because a friend was house shopping. She looked at two houses in the same neighborhood. Both by the same builder, both with *exactly* the same layout. First one had the front room being used as a living room (there was a separate family room across the back of the house). Friend wasn't interested because she didn't want/need a living room. The other house had that front room used as a home office. Bingo! She needed a home office & could see the set up. Guess which house she bought? (It boggles my mind because I can imagine possibilities without seeing them, but her looking/buying was a lesson for me in that some people need an exact layout/staging to make them want the house.) For the quirky area, could you have one of those computer programs where you put in the room, then decorate it different ways? Then print it out each one & put them on a display board in the room to show the various possibilities like wilrunner has mentioned?
  6. I know it frustrating and embarrassing, but I also think it's not uncommon. We used to have a different long-haired cat, but her hair wasn't nearly as long. When she was elderly and not grooming herself as well, she developed knots and I was embarrassed to have to take her in. The vet assured me not to worry, even her mom's cat would get knots that she needed help with. All that to say, don't feel badly. Dd's cat just posed for me so I had to post....
  7. My dd's cat has tons of really long hair. She really can't keep it all groomed well herself because even her neck ruff is so long that she can't get to the end of it with her tongue. She also hates being brushed or combed. Do you have any cat-only vets in your area? That's where we were finally able to find a cat groomer. Our cat goes in every once in awhile for a good combing, as well as a pretty short shave around her rear (really helps reduce litter box issues from getting stuck there).
  8. Hugs for you, your mom, & your son.
  9. Perhaps. I, too, live in an area filled with gun rights activists. I think the main arguments I consistently hear are 1) it's a Constitutional right 2) it's important for self-defense and 3) the "guns don't kill people" argument. Imo, this is a major health crisis for our country. I am not alone in thinking this. From the American College of Physicians (ACP): ACP Calls for Sweeping New Policies to Keep Guns Away From Those a Threat to Themselves, Others And also: It’s a Twitter war: Doctors clash with NRA over gun deaths (bolding is mine)
  10. Ime, when discussions about school shootings have happened here & then the conversation turns to gun ownership, things devolve very quickly.
  11. Timeline of Worldwide School and Mass Shootings Gun-related tragedies in the U.S. and around the world More info (not all necessarily related to school shootings, but rather gun violence which includes school shootings): America’s unique gun violence problem, explained in 17 maps and charts In the developed world, these levels of gun violence are a uniquely American problem. Here’s why. (You may want to join the "WTM Politics" club if you are looking for a place to further discuss the topic.)
  12. Investigators look into report STEM school security officer fired at sheriff's deputy Detectives are also trying to determine whether it's possible a bullet from a private officer's gun hit one of the injured students.
  13. (I am not aiming my comments directly at you, Mbelle, but rather responding to this topic/comparison you are mentioning.) At least in the military, it is adults who are serving (most often by choice), they get paid for their service/job, and they know that being deployed to a combat zone is a possibility or likelihood. They are also trained repeatedly for scenarios involving combat, weapons, working as a team to overcome adversarial or dangerous conditions, etc...; they often have protective gear, high-tech equipment, &/or other defenses. Why should our school-aged kids to have to navigate such violence? (And, just like military members who return from combat with PTSD, we are also saddling our students with PTSD from this. In March, two survivors of the Parkland shooting each committed suicide from the trauma, PTSD, & horrors they initially survived.) When we're comparing the safety of our kids in our schools in our country vs. our military actively serving in combat zones & the numbers are getting close as far as gun fatalities (& semantics are being argued vs. just being upset that more kids keep being killed in a not uncommon scenario), we should be outraged, screaming, & making changes. Comparing these two things (students vs. military) shouldn't even be a thing, yet it is. It's not even apples vs. oranges but more like apples vs. rocks or some other completely ridiculous comparison. It shouldn't be a comparison that we should have to make in the first place. Ever. It shows how seriously we are messed up as a country and with our values. It is completely insane. ETA: A different set of statistics regarding firearm deaths (not just school shootings but all shootings) & children in our country (bolding is mine): Study shows alarming increases of firearm deaths in US school-age children
  14. Hugs. With my cat who had kidney issues, we used the transdermal ear cream (in addition to a kidney-friendly diet). Much later (after a few years), I gave him IV fluids at home. He lived for quite a few more years after his initial diagnosis & still acted like his same old spunky, busy self the entire time to the very end.
  15. Books that come immediately to mind (I have others too, but these are at the top of my list): Slaughterhouse-Five, or The Children's Crusade by Kurt Vonnegut News of the World by Paulette Jiles The Plover by Brian Doyle Sweet Dreams by Michael Frayn Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell (as well as the movie) I think all of these books ultimately carry a similar underlying message, which is reflected in this quote from Cloud Atlas:
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