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  1. https://twitter.com/RheaBoydMD/status/1400171825825345537?s=20
  2. I keep randomly picturing a cruise ship towing a banana boat now! 😄
  3. In my 20s, coming back from a work lunch, I suddenly stopped and said, "Oh no! I think I left my glasses on the restaurant table and need to go back." My co-workers were staring me until one finally said, "They're ON your face." A different time (also when I was in my 20s), I was riding with my sister and her friend. Friend casually gestures at an apartment complex we're passing and says, "That's where I got stoned for the first time." I was aghast (and naive). I asked incredulously, "They threw rocks at you?!?" (I figured it out right after the words left my mouth. And, I have never live
  4. This reminds me of a tip a friend had when our dc were young. Hers were very into pancakes at one point, wanted them every morning. So, she mixed up enough for the whole week, then put the batter in a squeeze bottle. Then, she would just shake the bottle, squeeze the batter out, & quickly cook pancakes. I thought that was a brilliant idea!
  5. Thanks for the link. A couple of quotes that stood out to me from the article:
  6. Yes, Michael's has them. Lots of other places do too, probably anywhere you can get craft stuff (WalMart, Target, amazon, ...). I have these. There wasn't a lot of choice when I got mine. Since I use them for labeling, next time I would get a fine tip (the ones I currently have are like writing with those old, thick highlighter markers) & brighter colors. Next time, I'd probably get something like this. I think there are also different brands, but I've only tried the ones I've linked. I'm usually writing on glass or on a metal lid, sometimes plastic. You can rub them off with you
  7. Dd's friend doesn't carry a purse. She says she only carries her id, a little cash, her keys, & her phone. Pockets work. If she needs a pen, in her words, "there's always someone nearby with a pen". You are that person, I guess. Lol. Even for the supposed non-dishwasher-safe bottles (insulated metal), I put them in the dishwasher. They seem to still do fine.
  8. Foot flakes. 😂 Instead of labeling leftovers like that, I use chalk pens. Love them for labeling jars/containers. Stuff washes right off & no potential for sticky goo to mess with. Laundry room won't work because it's also where a litter box is. So, part of my layout/routine is keeping stuff in cabinets & such because of pet hair, etc.... I fell down the steps years ago, hit the pantry doors hard, & one swung out easily for awhile until it got fixed. Guess I could make it work that way. 😉 Lol. Another random tip: ban glitter.
  9. To the original question, no.
  10. That's a cool idea. I have folding pantry doors. I will have to ruminate on this, though, & see what else might work. Also, @regentrude, thanks for your comments. Probably I should just see if I can find a bin that will fit in there so at least it would be easy to pull out. Will also second an earlier suggestion to run the dishwasher at night, unload in the morning, & fill it up throughout the day. Also, from when my dc were little, I stored cleaning stuff on the top shelf of the pantry & not under the sink. I kept hand towels, extra paper towel rolls, & such under t
  11. Also, I tend to view the half-full mark on my vehicle's gas indicator as "empty" (& I taught my dc to do the same). Therefore, when I'm getting close to half a tank, I go ahead & refill while I'm out. Keeps me from running out of gas or needing to get some when I have an emergency & don't have time to stop. (Can you tell my life has been filled with too many emergencies in the past few years?)
  12. I have mesh laundry bags (small, medium, & large sizes, hanging on a hook on the back of the laundry room door). If there's something in the load that I want to NOT toss in the dryer, I wash it in a mesh bag. Easy to see/pull out as I'm transferring stuff to the dryer.
  13. Keep an extra charging cord for your phone in your vehicle (in case you end up getting stuck somewhere you hadn't planned on being like a hospital or elsewhere). Minimizing what you own helps with streamlining. Store stuff where you would look for it (not where it "should" be stored). If you have a weird or unusual location for something, that's fine. Otherwise, if you store it in the "proper" place (i.e., that's where most people store the item), you'll never remember where you stored it. (This is a tip from the woman who does the A Slob Comes Clean blog & books.) I launder
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