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  1. Ds did the same at the ocean. Gave a couple of surfers and a nearby fisherman a good laugh.
  2. I don't belong but my sister does, so I go with her when she's in town. I am always amazed at how huge everything is. It looks "normal" in Costco because the building space/ceiling height is huge. Then I get the items home and they are HUGE in relation to my pantry/storage/fridge/freezer shelves. Just an observation. Lol. (Many, many years ago, I bought a "take & bake" pizza that turned out to be wider than my oven! Admittedly, my oven is small. But still...) From the prepped food area already mentioned, my young adults love the salmon with herb butter, the mac & cheese, & some kind of sandwich roll-up spirals (maybe turkey?). I always find plenty of things from foods (love the giant bag of frozen stir-fry veggies) to non-perishables like parchment paper to seasonal items like plants & decorative solar lights.
  3. Years ago, I was dog sitting for my sister. She and her dh had left a few days earlier and had a couple friends fill in until I could get there. Early the next morning, the dogs and I are sleeping in the bed. The bedroom door suddenly flings open and I hear a guy telling the dogs to come on, it's time to go outside. The bed had a very high footboard, so I knew the person couldn't see me. In the meantime, the dogs are standing on the bed, barking like crazy, refusing to get off the bed (protecting me). He keeps telling the dogs to get down and come outside. I'm thinking if I don't sit up and say anything, this dude will be coming closer in a minute to get the dogs. But if I sit up, I will probably give him a heart attack. I sat up. I can still see the look of complete shock on his face and it still makes me giggle thinking about it. I didn't want to get out of the bed in my pjs, so we're basically screaming to each other over the barking dogs to establish that, yes, I was now in town and, no, he didn't need to come back to take care of the dogs. (I don't know why he didn't notice my car in the driveway.) I laughed all morning about it. I couldn't wait to tell my sister but she was in a different time zone so I called her a few hours later.
  4. My mom had one done about seven years ago. The doctor put in the wrong lens & it was basically medical malpractice. She was very depressed for over a year (& she doesn't do surgery lightly because she's highly allergic to common anesthesia). I'm saying that because she (understandably) refused to get the other eye done for years. Finally, her other cataract was so bad she was effectively blind. She had the other eye done this summer. She's 77 & currently going through chemo for two types of stage 4 cancer. Everything went fine & she healed well. And she's so glad that it's fixed (even though it was more complex because the cataract itself was so large/advanced). She had no problems.
  5. I just do an equal amount of oats and whatever "milk" (usually soy for me) or water. I tend to add chia seeds (a small spoonful), cinnamon, vanilla, raisins, sometimes vegan mini chocolate chips, berries (fresh or frozen) & mix it up. I will also sometimes add additional fresh fruit the morning I am eating them. Eta: Since I tend to eat about the same combo everytime, I store all my pantry items together & I make 3-5 jars at a time. I often also add nuts or some nut butter, but it sounds like that won't work for you.
  6. I thought this was a good article for explaining some of the search process: What Rescue Crews Are Doing in Miami Right Now https://slate.com/business/2021/06/miami-surfside-condo-collapse-emergency-manager.html
  7. I saw something (I think it was in a big Miami Herald overview article, but I can't find it right now) that addressed something I've been wondering about. There are different dog search teams there, some for detecting the living & some for detecting the dead. There was a statement early on that the search dogs (for the living) weren't tagging anything. That's what I had kind of guessed looking at the devastation, the fires that have cropped up, & more, but that seems to be a piece I haven't seen in most of the reporting. I haven't seen anything saying if the cadaver/death-sensing dogs are detecting anything/more.... It's a horrifying tragedy.
  8. https://twitter.com/RheaBoydMD/status/1400171825825345537?s=20
  9. I keep randomly picturing a cruise ship towing a banana boat now! 😄
  10. In my 20s, coming back from a work lunch, I suddenly stopped and said, "Oh no! I think I left my glasses on the restaurant table and need to go back." My co-workers were staring me until one finally said, "They're ON your face." A different time (also when I was in my 20s), I was riding with my sister and her friend. Friend casually gestures at an apartment complex we're passing and says, "That's where I got stoned for the first time." I was aghast (and naive). I asked incredulously, "They threw rocks at you?!?" (I figured it out right after the words left my mouth. And, I have never lived that one down. Lol.) When I was about 12 (back in the days of landline phones and no answering machines), some guy called for my dad. I asked if I could take a message and the guy gave his name but I didn't write it down, knowing I could remember it. Hours later, I remembered to tell my dad about the call but couldn't remember the name. He tossed out a few guesses, none were it, and I finally said something along the lines of, "It was something like Bill Robertson" and my dad immediately goes, "Oh! Rick Schafalasky!" And I said, "Yes! Exactly!" My mom and sister were very confused at this exchange but it made sense to my dad and me. Last one is not about me. I worked at a library. A woman came in to meet with the branch manager. But first, she had some things to take care of, fines she needed to pay because she forgot the due dates, help resetting her password because she had forgotten it, some other things due to forgetting. (She looked familiar and I finally realized it was because I had once, years before, taken an "Intro to Yoga" class from her.) Got finished helping her take care of her various items, then went to get the manager for her. She was there to talk about an upcoming class she was going to teach at the library. Topic? Mindfulness. I had to chuckle a little.
  11. This reminds me of a tip a friend had when our dc were young. Hers were very into pancakes at one point, wanted them every morning. So, she mixed up enough for the whole week, then put the batter in a squeeze bottle. Then, she would just shake the bottle, squeeze the batter out, & quickly cook pancakes. I thought that was a brilliant idea!
  12. Thanks for the link. A couple of quotes that stood out to me from the article:
  13. Yes, Michael's has them. Lots of other places do too, probably anywhere you can get craft stuff (WalMart, Target, amazon, ...). I have these. There wasn't a lot of choice when I got mine. Since I use them for labeling, next time I would get a fine tip (the ones I currently have are like writing with those old, thick highlighter markers) & brighter colors. Next time, I'd probably get something like this. I think there are also different brands, but I've only tried the ones I've linked. I'm usually writing on glass or on a metal lid, sometimes plastic. You can rub them off with your finger (so if you have little ones that constantly handle stuff, these may not be for you). If it doesn't come off completely, I just use a little soap on my fingertip & rub over it before sticking the item in the dishwasher. ETA: I keep them in a kitchen drawer, so they're handy for quickly labeling leftovers/stuff heading into the fridge or freezer.
  14. Dd's friend doesn't carry a purse. She says she only carries her id, a little cash, her keys, & her phone. Pockets work. If she needs a pen, in her words, "there's always someone nearby with a pen". You are that person, I guess. Lol. Even for the supposed non-dishwasher-safe bottles (insulated metal), I put them in the dishwasher. They seem to still do fine.
  15. Foot flakes. 😂 Instead of labeling leftovers like that, I use chalk pens. Love them for labeling jars/containers. Stuff washes right off & no potential for sticky goo to mess with. Laundry room won't work because it's also where a litter box is. So, part of my layout/routine is keeping stuff in cabinets & such because of pet hair, etc.... I fell down the steps years ago, hit the pantry doors hard, & one swung out easily for awhile until it got fixed. Guess I could make it work that way. 😉 Lol. Another random tip: ban glitter.
  16. To the original question, no.
  17. That's a cool idea. I have folding pantry doors. I will have to ruminate on this, though, & see what else might work. Also, @regentrude, thanks for your comments. Probably I should just see if I can find a bin that will fit in there so at least it would be easy to pull out. Will also second an earlier suggestion to run the dishwasher at night, unload in the morning, & fill it up throughout the day. Also, from when my dc were little, I stored cleaning stuff on the top shelf of the pantry & not under the sink. I kept hand towels, extra paper towel rolls, & such under the sink. Nothing that could harm them & it's handy if you have a leak! Lol. It got switched around again at some point when my dc were older, but I need to rethink layout of stuff again. Don't be afraid to rethink stuff. (Though your family may complain at first when you switch it up, lol.) I store empty food storage containers with the lids on them. That way I never have to look for a lid. (And it helps keep inventory down.) Mostly, mine are glass containers with snap-on lids or Mason jars. I use cardboard magazine holders sideways on my pantry shelves to hold stuff like boxes of ziplocks, saran wrap, aluminum foil, parchment paper.... I like the Marie Kondo way of storing (my few) folded clothing items. That way, you can see & access what you have easier than from a stack. I keep things in the bathroom cabinet & drawers, rather than on top of the sink area. Yes, it's a little work to clean out/pare down so stuff fits solely in the drawers/cabinet, but so worth it to have a bare countertop in the bathroom. (It's so easy to wipe.) I got a battery holder a few years ago & I love it. (I will note that the lid doesn't latch so it may not be good if you have small kids. Also, we just keep ours stored on the top shelf of our coat closet, so we do have to keep it flat when lifting it out/putting it away. So it might not be the holder you want. It works for us.)
  18. Also, I tend to view the half-full mark on my vehicle's gas indicator as "empty" (& I taught my dc to do the same). Therefore, when I'm getting close to half a tank, I go ahead & refill while I'm out. Keeps me from running out of gas or needing to get some when I have an emergency & don't have time to stop. (Can you tell my life has been filled with too many emergencies in the past few years?)
  19. I have mesh laundry bags (small, medium, & large sizes, hanging on a hook on the back of the laundry room door). If there's something in the load that I want to NOT toss in the dryer, I wash it in a mesh bag. Easy to see/pull out as I'm transferring stuff to the dryer.
  20. Keep an extra charging cord for your phone in your vehicle (in case you end up getting stuck somewhere you hadn't planned on being like a hospital or elsewhere). Minimizing what you own helps with streamlining. Store stuff where you would look for it (not where it "should" be stored). If you have a weird or unusual location for something, that's fine. Otherwise, if you store it in the "proper" place (i.e., that's where most people store the item), you'll never remember where you stored it. (This is a tip from the woman who does the A Slob Comes Clean blog & books.) I launder things together (tees, jeans, towels, etc.). We don't have anyone who does anything exceptionally dirty so there's no need. I don't see that it reduces the life of the item. I do love the color catcher sheets. Store things you use together, together. I use my coffee pot everyday. The cabinet shelf above it holds the coffee, the mugs, the small spoons. The grinder & the water pitcher sit on the cabinet next to the coffee maker. Freedom Filer system (which I'm pretty sure I saw recommended on these WTM boards years ago). I hate filing & paperwork, but this has made it a lot less painful. I burn papers instead of shredding them. So much faster. (Fireplace or burn pit. I just put them in a small paper bag & keep it with the wood.) Our recycling "bin" in the house is just a brown paper bag. When it gets full, the whole thing gets tossed in the recycle bin that gets rolled out to the street. Keep my purse emptied out & use a small purse. I hate lugging stuff around & try to keep it minimal. Years ago, I said if it couldn't go in the washing machine or dishwasher, I didn't want to own it. I've basically stood by that motto & it helps keep stuff from coming in & it makes keeping the items clean easy enough. A tip I saw years ago & was helpful when I had littles if they were sick -- make up the bed with two layers, so a bed pad, fitted sheet, another bed pad, another fitted sheet. That way if there's an accident in the middle of the night, the little one doesn't have to stand around while you strip & remake the bed. Just pull off the top layer set & the child can get back into bed right away. Use the library as much as I can, rather than owning thousands of books. Also, make use of the "holds" & "suspend holds" system to manage how many books I get at a time. ----- I would love tips on storing reusable water bottles. We have quite a few, use them all the time (at home & when out & about). They're too tall to store in my normal cabinets, roll around when sideways. I leave the tops off so they don't trap any moisture inside & have them in a lower cabinet but it just seems a mess & a pain. (I have some lesser used items behind them but I either knock over bottles trying to get to them or have to pull a bunch out.) Any ideas or solutions? I have seen the idea of storing them stacked in magazine holders, but I'm not convinced that's the right solution for us....
  21. I'm sorry. Sending hugs your way.
  22. https://humanlibrary.org/ https://twitter.com/Back_dafucup/status/1398138598633791489?s=20
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