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  1. This deserves to be published. Loved every word.
  2. A sincere thank you for this thread @MercyA and all of you brilliant, articulate, generous folks for taking the time to make your posts and share your personal experiences. This thread has been incredibly helpful to me.
  3. My dh was the de facto medical care where we lived for many years in Central America. Our family has a well used and well loved copy of Where There is No Doctor. When my kids were little, they were spellbound by the graphic illustrations and no nonsense realism of the book. It is also available in Spanish, and there is also a Where There is No Dentist. (Some of our community's biggest emergencies were dental. We did not have the book.)
  4. I just finished watching In Defense of Food (PBS) with my son, and I think it would be a good, light-handed addition to a health class. It managed to inspire us to think about our food choices, why we are eating what we eat, without being too preachy.
  5. Does anyone have recommendations for an American Literature curriculum (not an online class), preferably one with some diverse authors in the book selections?
  6. I can't help but wonder when I read the bolded part of your post if the mama is dealing with her own executive functioning issues. I wonder if she would do well finding step-by-step, very incremental homeschooling materials. I don't know how you could suggest this, or if it's even appropriate, but it's a lot for people with EF issues to put together and stick with open ended schooling. Maybe if she had workbooks and daily schedules, like a complete curriculum with a schedule, she would be able to stick with it?
  7. It was a total hit! This is going on the permanent Thanksgiving pie menu. I would love to try it with labnah next year.
  8. Sour cream apple pie?! Mind blown. I hope the supermarket is open because I'm going to need some sour cream urgently.
  9. I am so sorry. Holding your family in my thoughts.
  10. I second Athleta for bra sized tops. They are pricey but well made.
  11. This is very controlling and not okay.
  12. My son soaked the bed every night until he was nine. We finally bought a bed wetting alarm, and it took only a few weeks for him to completely stop wetting the bed. Here is a link to the alarm we used. There are other brands that are less expensive and probably just as good. We needed wireless because my son sleeps without a shirt. Best of luck!
  13. Thank you RootAnn for the reminder and encouragement to do this. Even though my dd wouldn't normally gravitate towards either of the first week's books she thoroughly enjoyed both of them. It's so great when we step out of our comfort zones and discover that we like what's out there. She downloaded the second books today.
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