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  1. It was a total hit! This is going on the permanent Thanksgiving pie menu. I would love to try it with labnah next year.
  2. Sour cream apple pie?! Mind blown. I hope the supermarket is open because I'm going to need some sour cream urgently.
  3. I am so sorry. Holding your family in my thoughts.
  4. Thanks. LOL. So much conspiracy weirdness out there these days, it's hard to know what people are reading.
  5. I second Athleta for bra sized tops. They are pricey but well made.
  6. Can we just agree that this is a multifaceted problem. We have a mental health problem and a gun problem in this country. Until we address both problems we will continue to have these tragedies every twelve heartbreaking days.
  7. This is very controlling and not okay.
  8. My son soaked the bed every night until he was nine. We finally bought a bed wetting alarm, and it took only a few weeks for him to completely stop wetting the bed. Here is a link to the alarm we used. There are other brands that are less expensive and probably just as good. We needed wireless because my son sleeps without a shirt. Best of luck!
  9. Thank you RootAnn for the reminder and encouragement to do this. Even though my dd wouldn't normally gravitate towards either of the first week's books she thoroughly enjoyed both of them. It's so great when we step out of our comfort zones and discover that we like what's out there. She downloaded the second books today.
  10. LOL! In my past post I thought we were on the Middle Grades forum. I should have written that the folks on this board are knowledgeable.
  11. IMHO tutoring is great because someone has done this before so there is less of a learning curve for you, but it really isn't necessary all the time. It sounds like your daughter has some very solid skills, and I'll bet the two of you can tackle this together. I would encourage you to find a little time to have her read out loud to you every day. Just ten minutes or so. You can alternate pages or chapters so that it isn't too tedious for her. It will slow her down and force her to break down words she doesn't know, and it will give you and opportunity to stop now and then to talk about
  12. Mom of two dyslexics here. There are a few different programs for dyslexics that I recommend you look into. One is Barton. It is expensive, but extremely comprehensive. It is worth going to their web page and doing their free screening. There is High Noon Reading Intervention. I personally haven't used their program, but I have met several people who swear by it. When I look at their samples I am impressed and it is a fraction of the price of Barton. I don't think it is as comprehensive as Barton, but maybe enough for your situation. The last one is Dancing Bears reading and App
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