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  1. I live in rural area where it is not unusual to have business that do not take credit cards, so I would not be alarmed, but I do find it inconvenient. If you are not comfortable with using a personal check, could you do a bank transfer-sort of like online bill paying or electronic check? Our local bank as a feature (all done online) where we can have the bank send out checks to pay any bills. That would give you the documentation if case of problems.
  2. My DS got a checking account with debit card when he started his first job at 15. He is totally responsible for managing it on his own. I have no idea how much money he has at any one time. that account is separate from his long term savings so that he can’t easily get money from savings (parents savings for him)
  3. I understand being annoyed that she won’t give you a specific day or time or that she doesn’t plan far enough in advance to be convenient for your immediate family. My mother would have the exact same complaint about me. I think you are just going to have to come to terms with the fact that your lifestyle doesn’t match hers at this point in everyone’s life. When she calls at the last minute, whoever is free can have lunch with her. i wish my mother was more understanding of the fact that I can’t plan months in advance when I will come. I still don’t know if I (and one kid) will be able to visit over Thanksgiving. I can probably go visit of the Christmas (school) break, but that will be dependent on the weather since we drive 14hrs each way. Adult kids are on their own to plan visits or not. That is just the way it is right now.
  4. I agree that a student who plans to go to college needs to be able to do the 5-paragraph essay for any subject. My DH has reading and writing issues (not officially dyslexia, but “learning disability”) and is taking college DE courses. He has had to write essays for psychology and Introduction to Art so far. You may want to have him start learning to use speech to text software to compose his writing.
  5. It does have good forward leg room, just the seat height seems very low to me, but I do have long legs for my height,
  6. Not quite a full tour, but check out the Grand Canyon Railway in Williams Arizona. They do packaged train trips up to the Grand Canyon that includes one or more nights on the south rim. A bus tour is included and some meals.
  7. DC does sound like a good choice for you. There are so many museums, memorials, and historical places to visit that you would have plenty to choose from. There tour companies to take you places, but it is very easy to traveling the metro on your own.
  8. My parents have a Chevy Traverse and seem to like it, but I would never buy one because I hate riding in the back seat. The vertical distance from the seat to the floor seems very short. I always feel like my knees are up at my ears. (Exaggerating a bit)
  9. I am a U of H grad, so I am biased, but U of H as a state school and is probably going to be quite a bit cheaper than Baylor and TCU if that matters. I much prefer Houston over the Dallas area, but again, I admit I am biased.
  10. Double check with the college about the remedial math. In my state high school dual enrollment students are not allowed to retake the remedial level college classes, the thought is that if the student needs remedial level, they should be taking their high school level classes,
  11. The reason that districts can pay for an out of district placement for special needs students is because the district is required to provide an appropriate education for that student. When the district cannot provide that education (usually requires a big lawsuit to prove) then the district is required to pay for the education to be provided by another entity, I don’t see what you are wanting to work out. It sounds like a big mess and a whole big can of worms that I can’t image a district will want to open.
  12. There are some colleges and states that require this vaccine. Even though my state is not one of those, I would absolutely encourage my child to get it.
  13. The more you share about you son, the more he sounds like mine. I was a rule follower who completed all my school work just because I was supposed to do so. I took advanced math and science classes because I thought they were fun, and I much prefer working by myself. I hated (and still don’t like) doing group projects. My kid is the exact opposite, and I there is nothing I can do to change that. He is never going to want to do school work. He does not see any point in giving up his free time to be an A+ student. He does his work to avoid the negative consequences and that is it. on the other hand, he is a hard worker when asked to do non-academic tasks. He will do anything and help anyone as long as he is not working on his own. I actually think that the military would have been a good option for him, but he has a medical issue that prevents him from joining. We helping him look at career options with some of the same characteristics as the military. EMS/paramedic is his top choice right now, and he may choose to spend the next few years working at Boy Scout high adventure bases. I do think he would make a good professional Boy Scout.
  14. I have a DS like that. He did an online charter school through 10th grade. I pretty much had to sit with him for every subject that he did not thing was “fun” which was just about everything. What changed things for him was changing to a a blended learning program that is part high school, part college, part online and part in person and starting dual enrollment classes where he was attending classes with “regular” college students. He found out the he likes college much more than high school. He is still just a B student but he keeps up with his college classes himself. I still have to pester him about is high school classes though. Now he can see the light at the end of the High school tunnel and I think we are both counting down the days until he is finished with high school. The only way we made it through 10th grade without one or both of us having a break down was that I agreed that he could quit school and take the GED as soon as he was old enough by our state rules (must be 18 or have school approval to take GED at 16). He didn’t seem to realize that he would graduate before he was 18 anyway, it just me agreeing seemed to help.
  15. If he gets offered the job and if he wants to take the job, could he go temporarily on his own? Once he knows if he really like it, then you could work on moving later in the spring or even early summer. That would give you time to adjust gradually.
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