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  1. My DD was allowed to enroll in private lesson as a non-major. As a non music major, she would normally have been limited to the lessons given by grad students, but because of her instrument she was allowed to take the majors only lessons directly with the professor as there were no grad students for her instrument. I do remember taking her for some sort of audition process when she was still in high school, but I don't remember any details of what or why.
  2. Crowds shouldn't be that much of an issue. The water park has a large indoor section which is where I would go in July. Galveston Island State Park used to have a nice beach that was less crowded but I haven't been to it since before that last couple of big hurricanes, so I don't know what it is like now. Moody Gardens is nice but expensive. Texas has open beaches meaning the actual beach/shore line is public. There are access points all over the island where you can drive out to the beach. You don't have to go to the paid public beaches closer in to town.
  3. My DS has never expressed an interest, but if he did I would use the same age limit that I use for a girl. I do t see any difference with a boy, but my DH has had his ear pierced since before I met him. He still wear an earring occasionally, and he works in an extremely male dominated career.
  4. I have plenty of mucus and I don't drink milk. I do eat some cheese and the occasional yogurt. my allergies cause mucus, post nasal drip, runny nose, sinus pressure, etc. if you are allergic to milk I would suspect that could cause an increase in mucus.
  5. No personal experience, but Dr. Phill advertises Doctor on Demand on his TV show.
  6. My DS drives a small truck CC that only has room for one passenger, so we dont have to deal with that issue. I will have to be honest and admit that I don't always follow the speed limits and my DS knows, but we have had conversations about accepting the consequences of your actions. If I get a ticket, I expect to pay the fine. IF DS breaks a traffic law and gets a ticket, he will be paying his fines on his own. We have also talked about how driving becomes more automatic with experience. A new driver needs more focus on driving, and any distractions can cause problems. One concern that I would have with a teen driver who chooses to ignore the law regarding the number of passengers would be the consequences if an accident were to happen. I am pretty sure that the parents of the driver could be held liable if they knowing allowed the teen to drive with excess passangers. I don't think it would matter who purchased tha car, since the driver/purchaser is under 18.
  7. My cat is 11 yrs old, and he still does that some time. He got worse after our older cat was gone. Even when he doesn't have the crazies, he will sit right next to my head and tap me on the face to walk up with his claws out just enough that I feel the but not enough to leave marks. If I pull the covers over my face, he will start scratching my hair. I just push him off the bed and roll over.
  8. you could go talk to the local law enforcement and find out if there have been any, or how many, calls for service have gone to his property. That is public information. You can find out if there have been any reports written and the nature of the reports. That may help you make a decision one way or another. You can find out if he is on probation. Were I lived before, I never came in contact with anyone who had been to jail for anything more than unpaid traffic violations. Where I live now, it is unavoidable to be around people who have served time. While I don't go to their homes and hang out, I have changed my view of people like that. I would no longer avoid someone just because they have served time.
  9. I find the non cotton ones just cause the sweat to run into uncomfortable places. At least the cotton soaks it up. Then I change right after.
  10. At bedtime, I would just not engage. Maybe say something g sympathetic like "I am sorry you feel that way" and then move on. I agree with the thought that he is probably over tired. Would it help if he went to bed earlier? During the day when he is not upset, the I would bring it up and find out if he wants you to help solve the problem or if he just wants to vent. No one is good at everything. with my own DS, I spent a lot of time pointing out how different people are god at different things.
  11. I too wear my regular undies when working out. When the older ones were moving around too much, I bought a new package. They stay put until the elastic stretches out a bit.
  12. I agree that you need to,contact your doctor or even go to urgent care. I know of a girl that choked on a piece of apple and inhaled a bit. She did not tell anyone when it happened. Just a couple of weeks later she died from pneumonia. Is wasn't until after she died that the cause was found.
  13. Not used for a bedroom, but it should work. I bought a Portable Partition from Walmart. It is about 5ft by 5ft. Light weight tube frame on wheels. Light does not pass through. It is very easy to move when needed.
  14. We went through this with my DD now 23. (She was diagnosed with autism in college although that was not a surprise to me). She ended up leaving college with 1 year left, and honestly she stuck it out 1 semester longer than she wanted to. We have slowly changed our view of what her life may be like. She has had a lot of temporary and seasonal jobs since. She recently started her 2nd "real" job that is full time with benefits. It seems to be a good fit for her, but I thought that about her previous full time job which she lasted 6 months. She is aware now that higher paid, but higher stress, jobs are not right for her. She would really like to live on her own in the not so distant future. We have a plan for how that might happen, but it is not part of the typical path for someone her age.
  15. Lands End sells tops and bottoms separately.
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