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  1. When I had an MRI a few months ago, I was required to wear(change to) the disposable mask that was provided by the facility. Same thing happened when I went in for scheduled surgery.
  2. My youngest had a difficult school career, so I was counting down the days to his graduation since he started 9th grade. I started making plans for myself then too. Plans changed, some out of necessity and some due to Covid, but still a huge wait was lifted off me once he graduated. I have one less full time job. We aren’t true empty nesters yet as DS still lives at home while working and finishing up his EMT training. DD26 finally moved to her one apartment in the next small town over. Due to her special needs, she may never live far away, and still needs assistance sometimes in navigating adult life, but a few years ago I wasn’t sure she would ever be able to leave home. Even so, it is nice to be able to make plans without them sometimes. We took our first vacation with no kids this summer to Disney World. While different, it was still a lot of fun. We even got one of those “I’m celebrating” buttons and added “1st trip with no kids”. That turned out to be a fun conversation starter all over Disney. I’ve just started planning a vacation for next spring that will also be no kids. It has also been much easier to deal with issues with my elderly parents when I don’t have to by worried about day-to-day stuff with my kids. It was much harder to navigate elderly in-law care when I young kids that needed my attention. Really, I just think of it as the next stage of life, not bad or good, just what happens next.
  3. Maybe, but maybe not. I have never lived completely on my own. If something happens do DH, I want to live on my own terms for awhile. I would like a break from being responsible for other people, not to mention cleaning and cooking for other people. my BFF and I joke that we will be roommates at an assisted living apartment somewhere near the ocean after our husbands are gone.
  4. We just bought a used car yesterday after looking for 3 weeks. The market is sooo very tight right now that there is no haggling at all, and expect mark ups over the sticker price on all new cars. One small dealership that we went to last week had only 2 new cars and one of those was electric.
  5. Wow, that is a big difference. I would guess that some increase (but not that much) would be expected since a children’s hospital is a specialty service. When I used to take my kids to a special pediatric dentist, cleanings and x-rays were more expensive than at my “regular” dentist, and the specialist was not covered by our dental insurance, so I had to pay it all.
  6. I recently upgraded to the iPhone 12 mini, and I really like it. It is slightly smaller than the new SE. I had the original SE (which I perched used) and avoided getting a new iphone because I didn’t want a larger phone. The mini fits well in most of my pockets. The battery life is great as long as I am not streaming video or constantly using data/internet. On my trip to DisneyWorld earlier this summer, the phone lasted full park days without needing recharging as long as I didn’t play a lot of Pokémon Go. I had packed several of our power packs to use to recharge during the day, but after day 1, I could leave those in the room.
  7. I haven’t been in this situation, but i don’t think I would be paying for a separate room for a teen and the teen’s “friend”. Mostly because I am too frugal. My under 18’s have always stayed in the same room as a parent. As far as encouraging the physical relationship of under 18’s, I didn’t have to worry about that either. I’d like to think I would have handled it the same way as I handled other issues in that age range. I’m not buying you cigarettes or alcohol, paying for a tattoo, or buying you a motorcycle. Once you are 18, and have your own money for those things, I will support any decisions (as long as they are legal) you choose to make even if they are not what I would choose.
  8. I cant answer your question about plastics, but we by local meat that is wrapped in paper rather than plastic.
  9. I like the idea of checking with a shelter, but I am guessing that they won’t want it. My dog eats way more disgusting things than dead ants, so I could see the freezer trick if you had space. Do you have a local Facebook group where people post things they don’t want? Someone might have a use for it.
  10. My DS attended a charter school that used Rosetta Stone for high school foreign language credit. While I don’t think that is the ideal way to learn a language, it does allow students to start to learn a language that can’t be taught in person due for a variety of reasons. My DS was able to take a semester of Japanese that way. At some point ha also took a semester or 2 of Spanish. I will say that the style of instruction in Rosetta Stone drove me crazy, but it was great for my DS.
  11. I looked up the school online, and based on the vocabulary used in some of the descriptions and the videos of the Live Lessons, I am going to make a huge leap and say that I strongly suspect that is using the Pearson (Connections Academy) curriculum and platform that has been rebranded for this particular district, but I could not find any documentation on the web site to say what curriculum is being used. Pearson curriculum is not necessarily a bad thing. Public school curriculum in Texas is so regulated that there isn’t a whole lot of difference in any approved curriculum. The big issues is that it is still public school with all the requirements of Texas public schools. If you are planning to use a virtual public school eventually, then starting in middle school is not necessarily a bad thing. It will allow you both adjust to the new routines and requirements at a time when grades are not as important as they will be later in high school. Also, many kids will start taking HS credit courses in 8th or even 7th grade in Texas( or that was the case back when my oldest attended middle school/HS in Texas) If your child starts public school in 9th grade he will those HS credits that other students may already have.
  12. I wait and add the cookies right before serving. Otherwise they do get soggy, but sometimes soggy vanilla wafers are good.
  13. https://www.nmhealth.org/about/phd/idb/imp/sreq/
  14. I totally agree. Different job field, but my DH had a job where people would show up at our house at all hours of the day or night instead of calling the appropriate phone number for assistance (911). To make it even worse, we have a dog, so many people would just pull-up out front and honk until someone came outside to greet them.
  15. Married30 years in August- mostly friendly and comfortable. We don’t spend that much time together in our daily lives due to work schedules and differing interests. It isn’t what a lot of people would thing of as a typical “good” relationship, but it works for us. We enjoy traveling together including long road trips, and we make plans for the future when we are both retired and have more time to spend together.
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