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  1. Well, I am not religious at all, but ant organization is going to have expenses to run on a daily basis even if it is just to pay for the building and utilities. What if everyone in your church decided that the general fund was not worthy of their donation? How would the church function? I would say that if you want to be a part of this organization then you should be giving financial support in some way. With limited funds, I do think it would be fine to donate some to the church and some to another organization. in fact, when I was a member of a church that was exactly what was encouraged by the church leadership.
  2. That sounds more like an anxiety issue than a speech therapy issue.
  3. From Oklahoma, northern New Mexico is a close option. Red River might be a good option with many activities besides skiing.
  4. I saw this article on Facebook this morning and though of this group.
  5. When I had a similar knee injury, I was sent for an MRI before being sent to a specialist for a suspected torn meniscus. This was after an x-Ray did not show any obvious injury. Turned out that I actually had a bone bruise at the joint from the bone in my thigh banging into the lower bones. Since it was a bone bruise, it just took time to heal. For a very long time it would hurt whenever I tried to pivot on that knee, but as long as I was walking straight it was fine. I tripped over a uneven sidewalk and never actually fell down, but hopped hard on to that one leg to avoid falling and I was 225+ pounds at that time.
  6. The most successful (raised the most money in a short time) for my DH’s Venture crew has been making then selling bbq(in Texas so it was slow smoked not grilled). There was a larger organization that would lend a large smoker in a trailer. A local store would let the group set up in the parking lot for 2 days. Local business would would provide meat at a large discount -Chappell Hill sausage at cost. A chicken processing place would donate bulk chicken leg quarters, and brisket was gotten cheaply somewhere. Some of the group would stay up the night before cooking all the meat. The other people would take turns the next day selling, serving, and delivering. They took pre-orders from business such as car dealerships and individual as well us lots of walk up orders. Besides being in Texas where people will follow the smell of the smoke to find fresh bbq,🙂 it worked well because the group was made up of kids old enough to do a lot of the work including driving around to pick up donated meats and deliver large pre-order. I don’t know that this would work in a group of younger kids where only parents could really do the work. An easy one that our local BSA troop does is selling Christmas trees. We have a source for free trees, so one weekend the kids get together and go cut down a bunch of trees, then they take turns after school and on the weekend at the lot selling the trees. It is a big deal here. As soon as November gets here, we start hearing “When are the Boy Scouts going to start selling trees?”
  7. Custer state park was a favorite of ours as well. My DS really liked Reptile World (I doubt that isthe correct name, but it is all I can come up with right now). It is basically a small zoo that focuses only on reptiles. I found the tour of the gold mine interesting. I don’t even remember which town it is in, but it is right in the middle of town. About 20 yrs ago I toured it when it was still a working mine. Now it is shut down for gold mining purposes and a part of the tour is about the future plans for the underground spaces - scientific research labs and stuff like that.
  8. Sounds like this situation is really more about your frustration with SIL than it is about the car. As others have said, a car that is over 10ys old would be expected to have some dings and scrapes. But then again, we are a family that does not repair cosmetic issues on old cars, and out newest car is a 2008 that we bought used last year.
  9. I would go with having a posted schedule, and not worry about the crying. I wonder how Mom reacts to the crying at home?
  10. I have t been to either one, but my DS17 still loves zoos. We hit every zoo we can when traveling, so I would say both.
  11. Walmart has a lot of Great Value brand gluten free items, but no one store seems to carry them all. I sometimes buy online. Mostly we just figured out how to make our standard meals gluten free - use gluten free pasta or substitute rice or potatoes. We pretty much only use gf bread for packed meals away from home as DS has never been a huge fan of sandwiches. I make my own spice mixes from online recipes. Mission makes GF tortillas and most corn tortilla products are GF. I have tried out lots of different mixes over the last few years with mixed results. I pretty much stick to my regular recipes now with Bob’s Red Mill 1 to 1 flour now. I make my own Chex mix with GF ingredients. Junk foods probably defeat your purpose of going GF, but Cheetos are GF and most Lays, and some flavors of Lucky Charms are GF.
  12. I much preferred a stroller over a carrier or wrap they were much to hot for me. ”must haves” are so individual that it is hard to plan in advance. What one mom likes another will not use. Clothes diapers, wipes, burp rags, blankets, bottles, and a car seat would be all that I consider essentials. I would not even buy many bottles in advance because baby may have a different preference. All that and a safe place to put the Baby down is all that is absolutely necessary. Everything else are nice extras. If it was me, I would be looking for gently used items. The only thing I would be set on buying new is a car seat. I would suggest a second car seat or second base for grandma’s car so that you don’t have to mess with re-attaching the car seat every time a different car is used. my most favorite item was a water proof sheet thing that snapped around the bars of the crib over top of the “pretty” sheets. Then when the baby spit up or had a diaper blow out, all we had to do was unsnap the one sheet and snap a new one down. It was so much easier than changing out standard crib sheets each time. But that was 25yrs ago, so I don’t know if something like that still exists.
  13. I have a friend whose son was born with a malformation. Possibliy the type that was mentioned above but I don’t really remember. As a result, his drs requested that he not be circumsized at birth. He had reconstructive surgery at about 18mos old and the core skin was used as part of the reconstruction so he was circumcised then. i haven’t looked up the statistics I Day, but when my DS now 17 was born, approximately 50% of baby boys were being circumcised in the US at that time. I hope it is less now.. With older generations having rates, I could see that the overall rates of circumcised males would be high now, but I would suspect that the overall rates would slowly decrease as the population changes.
  14. Because then they would need an addition staff member to police the front door. Also,it is a brewery/restaurant, and the servers have to be over 21. I thought about going to work there over my summer break, but $9 per hour wasn’t worth giving up my time. Miminum wage is going up in this state in January for the next couple of years to get to $12.50 I think. I have two other part-time jobs in education that just started up this week, so I have no time to add another job now. I live in a community of about 800 people of which many already work full time or more and many others are too young or too old to work. Many local teens start summer jobs at 13 with a work permit jus because the town needs workers. In the summer, the population increases huge amount due to our one large tourist destination. That employer higher as many locals as will work and something like 1500 seasonal workers from out of state. This year they are severely understaffed in several departments.
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