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  1. I didn’t get to watch much live, but it left me feeling hopeful which is a nice change.
  2. I see Immediate cause: Acute something myocardial infarction massive - I think that mean heart attack Due to: something cardiosomething
  3. I live in New Mexico which has very tight restrictions. There is a quarantine,but it isn’t being widely inforced. Hotels are at reduced capacity, so you could have trouble finding a room in many places, and there is no indoor dining. Well, that is not exactly true. 1 county is now in our yellow level and can have indoor dining at 25%. One country made it to green, but it is the smallest county in the state and it does not have any restaurants or hotels anyway. I would strongly suggest that you do not plan on staying overnight in New Mexico if at all possible. Also, I remembe
  4. The staying doesnt bother me. I am no more worried about contracting Covid from surfaces than I would be of general cleanliness of the place. I would be more concerned about the location, traveling to get there, and resources of the location.
  5. Well, this may not be a popular option, but my DD took two years of high school credit sign language through his Connections Academy charter school. Connections/Pearson does have a private school that does sell individual courses. I thought the sign language course was well done. It was a mix of asynchronous online lessons that included lots of videos and some live online sessions. For many assignments, he had to make videos of himself signing specific things.
  6. I am sorry that you had such a bad day. hopefully, by the time she needs to go back, maybe the pandemic will have passed. Could you ask to have her scheduled for the last appointment of the day so that it will be less likely to see the general public? The medical staff should be able to handle being around her outbursts.
  7. That is what Common Core was supposed to do. And we all know no well that has been accepted.
  8. That is an interesting view. I wonder in the end if it will be a better choice than vaccinating the elderly first. I don’t think that such a plan would work in the US since the idea of doing something simply to keep other people healthy is looked on by many as violating personal freedoms.
  9. Have you thought about asking if they will pay mileage or pay for your travel time? Pre-Covid I was working a contract job that required 4hr commute (2hrs each way) 2 days per week, and I was paid for travel time. My DD works for a small convenience store chain. When they ask her to work at a different location than her home store she is paid mileage from her store to the other stores.
  10. Nothing has been announced here yet, but I am guessing that in-person testing will be canceled again this year. At this point only elementary students are even allowed to have hybrid learning and/or small groups. Middle school and high schools are online only still. If the kids can’t have school in person, then they should not be required to test in person, but that is just my opinion.
  11. I went right to them without an adjustment period, but I know what you mean about the computer. I used to have a job that required a full day in front of a computer that was a laptop and a second monitor, I often had trouble finding just the right place to see everything well all at the same time. I solved that by enlarging the print size on the computer just a bit. Also, there is such a thing as trifocal glasses. A third viewing distance can be added so that there is one for distance, one for reading, and one for computer use. I had a pair of those back when we had really good insurance,
  12. We did not do much of anything just us when the kids were young enough to need to have someone babysit. We might go to special events 1 or 2 times a year. When the kids were old enough to be left without an adult, DH and I did start to do things without the kids, although we did not have “date night”. Mostly we would run errands together at time, go shopping etc. The older the kids got, the more/longer we would be gone. Mostly we go on long drives together. That is when we have the best opportunity to talk without distractions. Sometimes the drives have an end goal of a specific place to go
  13. Reforms need to go way deeper than a specific curriculum. No matter how good you think a particular curriculum is, forcing a change from one curriculum to another just continues the same problems. The good teachers (and there are or were many,good, educated creative public school teachers) need the freedom and respect to teach their students with the methods and curriculum that work best for them.
  14. I don’t know about online, but my local CBS station is airing it now. However, the commentators are talking the entire time, so what is actually happening cannot be heard. You might look for a live stream on YouTube.
  15. I got the last thing today. It was a for me, and when I bought it( Mickey Mouse Amazon Echo wall clock), Amazon said it was back ordered until Jan 29, so it actually came early.
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