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  1. A lady in my community became an EMT (volunteer) in her mid 60’s after her husband passed away. She was impressed with how the local volunteer ambulance service handled things with her husband and wanted to give back. She is in her early 80’s now and does mostly fundraising, but still responds to some calls.
  2. Here is a different thought. Why can’t he commute? I drove an hour each way 5 days per week to a big university for 3 years. I even had an on campus job. It did mean that I was gone from home for like 12 hours each day, but it didn’t bother me at the time.
  3. The fact the card was used does not mean that someone had to be in your house to physically steal the number. My daughter had a Walmart gift card that was used by someone out of state. Walmart was able to tell where the items were purchase and refunded her the money.
  4. I have used Hello Fresh and Sun Basket. I have been happy with everything we had from Hello Fresh. My main goal was to pick things that I would not already cook on my own, so I skipped most of the burgers, tacos, and pizzas. Most of the members of my family are not adventurous eaters, so this was a way for me to try new things without a huge investment. The main reason that I have not ordered a box in several months (aside from cost) is the time to prepare the meals. Certain days of the week we are more pressed for time, and don’t want to take the time for all the prep work such as chopping. i was not as happy with Sun Basket. Bothe times I ordered, there were problems with the quality of some of the produce. Several of the recipes that I picked I didn’t like. I have also done Home Chef meals that I pick up at Smith’s (Kroger chain). I have like most of those so far. I like that I can pick up just one meal and not have to order 3 meals per week. I have thought about trying the delivery meals, but I would have the same time issue as with Hello Fresh. Only one meal kit per week seems to work best for me. Also, most of the meal kit web sites do allow you to view the menus before ordering, but it is not always easy to find. Look at the bottom of the main web page. Often a link can be found there.
  5. When I started blood pressure medication, my dr said that she prefers her patients to take smaller doses twice a day rather than a larger dose only once a day. She feels that it keeps the blood pressure more stable. She did say that this is not the typical way of prescribing, but it works better for most of her patients. (She was a geriatric specialist before she semi-retired and became the pcp at our very small town clinic). -which does remind me that I need to go take my evening pill.
  6. I won’t give you my opinion of dog strollers, but when I travel, I don’t worry about what a bunch of strangers think about stuff like that. Ill never see them again anyway.
  7. I’m not a big fan of HOAs, but I have lived where they are abundant. what I remember is that the HOAs cannot choose to differentiate how the enforce their regulations. If they bend one rule for one resident, then they can face problems when a different resident takes them to court over a different issue. So basically, they have to be jerks to everyone. A 6 month grace period actually seems generous to me.
  8. I frequently shop in a city where stores are not allowed to give plastic Bags, and the have to charge (by law) for paper bags, so I keep my trunk filled with bags. Most of mine are giveaways. I did buy several from the grocery store what I first started using reusable bags. Many are 10+ years old and still going strong, but after that long I don’t feel bad when one tears and had to be thrown away. I have a couple of insulated bags. Those don’t seem to last as long. I tend to keep a cooler in the car instead of using the insulated bags.
  9. At Epcot, I like to eat at the food booths during the festivals. They are small servings, so it is easy to try different things at several different booths (especially if you are sharing). We have eaten at the counter service part of Morimoto’s in Disney Springs. It has some offerings that are not found at Asian restaurants where I live- a bit too adventurous for me, but my DS loved it. He has asked that we try the full Morimoto restaurant on our next trip.
  10. When I started on BP medicine last year, I do remember being extremely quick to tire the first couple of days, but nothing alarming. I just didn’t last as long as usual. Also, I started out with just the diuretic, so I think I was a bit dehydrated. I would have been absolutely fine just hanging out at home alone for a day. i will also admit that I was not as alarmed as most people on this board. I had been feeling weird and took my BP at home one morning and went to my primary care dr that afternoon. I do have a family history of blood pressure issues (my mother has been on BP meds since I was a kid) and I am extremely sensitive to sodium in my diet, so I was expecting the BP medication was inevitable.
  11. This is a fun thread. starting in the 5th grade, I wanted to be an archeologist. I was pretty serious about this for several years. I would read related National Geographic articles, and I loved to visit historical sites where I could observe digs in action. Sometime in high school, I decided that I wanted to be a doctor. I took every science class I could in high school. I started college as pre-med, but the second semester of organic chemistry did me in. Plus I met my now husband and decided that I really didn’t want to be in school for another 8yrs. (Couldn’t afford it either). While in college I had a job working at the on-campus child care center, and loved it. I changed my major to Early Childhood Education and got teaching certification. I graduated and after a couple of years realized that working at daycares and private pre-schools paid next to nothing, so I started teaching public school. I have been teaching in one form or another for 28 years.
  12. My DS just got the call today that he got the job he had applied for at Philmont .Now we just have to wait for the ground to dry enough to actually do the work day for his Eagle Project. Unfortunately, with the winter we have had so far, that could be May.
  13. My GF kid prefers to eat leftovers for breakfast instead of traditional American breakfast foods - mashed potatoes, fried potatoes, rice, pasta, refried beans, basically anything that is in the fridge. He does eat bacon. He also will eat grits.
  14. DS is a senior in HS. He did have to work over thanksgiving break, but most of that was catch up rather than assigned work. The fall semester (including final exams) ends before winter break, and spring semester courses are not open yet, so there was nothing for him to do over the break. He will probably have to work over spring break, but again that will be because he he is behind in his assignments.
  15. Somebody has tried twice this month to hack my uber account, but I have it set up with two part authentication so they have not been successful in adding a device.
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