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  1. Would assume that they would do the same things that an elderly person who has no children would do.
  2. I prefer to do layers rather than just a heavy coat. I have a water resistant parka shell from REI that is 10+yrs old and still going strong. Then I wear layers and have a fleece parka from Lands End that I can wear under it.
  3. Focus on his strengths. My DS was good at math even though he couldn’t read for what seemed like a long time. He attended a school that allowed him to accelerate in math even when he needed extra help with reading and writing. Strengths may not be academic. My DS is great with those little twisty metal wire puzzle things and other 3-D type puzzles that I cannot do at all. I remember buying him a wooden puzzle thing at a toy store, and he had figured it out before we got back to the car.
  4. Before COVID, I attended many IEP meetings (as a teacher at a virtual school) that were done as conference calls with no cameras, so that part alone isn’t a problem for me. I agree with the others to double check the paperwork that is sent home to make sure it is what you agreed on, but I would recommend that anyway. There really isn’t much that you can do about the person’s non-verbal behavior other than letting them know your son’s perception. You could request that cameras be used for future meetings.
  5. I find something I like in every package even when there are duds in every package. I was very honest in the “my style” box. I worked an online job for many years, and my wardrobe consists of jeans, t-shirts and hoodies. I recently took a job at a school and need work clothes. Most of the items that have been sent fit that criteria. Often they are things I would probably not have chosen on my own, but that is not a bad thing necessarily. Size is really the biggest problem. I am in their “x-L” range which they say is size 14-20 for bottoms. I get sent stuff that is too big or too small but h
  6. I went back and looked at my history with Nadine West. The most expensive top that I kept was $34. Two others were just under $25, and one was $22. I have kept one pair of leggings and two other pants. The bottoms were all under $25. I do feel that the quality is appropriate for the price when convenience is factored in, but I shop cheap. I get most of my clothes at Walmart or Family dollar, and most of those are on clearance. I also buy a lot used at out local thrift store or yard sales. Going to Ross is a splurge for me.
  7. I think online college classes can be done well, but just like in public school, online classes do not work for every student or every instructor. My DS had taken an online class at his college last fall, and it was a well done class and one of his favorites so far. However, it was designed as an asynchronous course from the start. This semester, he has one class that is asynchronous online, and this course was designed that way pre-Covid. His other course is part online and part in person. It has 2x week live lectures that are 3hrs each. The live lectures are what is hard for him. The cl
  8. I have an SE. I like it because of the size. I don’t want a phone with a larger screen. The only problem I have is that my phone does not ha e enough memory. It only has 16K. I have been avoiding upgrading because I don’t like the larger phones. When the second generation SE was announced, I started thinking of upgrading, but I have seen the rumors that the new 12 (possible called 12 mini) will be slightly larger than my current SE but smaller than the 2nd generation SE. If that is true, then I will get one of those. All of the new phones come with way more memory than I need. My iPad has
  9. I started using Nadine West a couple of months ago because Covid has made clothes shopping difficult and I never really like shopping for clothes anyway. The clothes seem comparable in quality to what I would buy from Walmart or Kohl’s. The items are a little more expensive, but I have to drive over an hour to shop, so I figure it evens out. I have kept many shirts and some pants. The jewelry always seems expensive to me for the quality, so I haven’t kept any jewelry. I didn’t keep anything out of my last package, but that was because it was all still summer weight clothing, and summer is
  10. Our state requires all public schools to provide and all online option for the entire school year. In person schools is hybrid or small groups only. Several school districts, including the largest one in the state, are doing online only at least through the first semester. locally, I know of one family homeschooling because the online schooling didn’t work well for them (very large family with many students), and two other families who choose homeschooling because they did not feel that their children should be required to wear masks.
  11. I don’t have any experience with this in dogs, but when I was a kid, my brother but a extension cord and got an electrical burn on his mouth. Other that a little plastic surgery, he was fine in a few days.
  12. I have a lot of sympathy for parents in this situation, because the way remote learning is being done by many schools is inappropriate at best. If I had a child in that situation, I would absolutely remove them from public school. However, I would not expect to “homeschool” with very little parent supervision. That is a recipe for disaster. I looked extensively at the Time 4 Learning curriculum a few years ago when a friend was using it. The curriculum itself isn’t bad, but if a child is expected to school themselves, then even the best curriculum is not any good.
  13. I play games on my phone. 😀 I too find it very difficult when kids (my own or other) work more slowly that I think they should. However, rushing them never seems to work out well for either of us.
  14. According to the Snopes article linked above Corningware sold the Pyrex brand in the late 1990’s to a company called World Kitchen, and “exploding” is a misnomer. The only Pyrex brand product that I have ever had break that wasn’t dropped was a large glass mixing bowl, but that was totally my fault. I had set the bowl on a burner of an electric stove that I thought was off, but the burner was accidentally left on “low”. I then moved the bowl to set it in the counter. The counter had recently been cleaned and there was still a little bit of water on the counter. While I was using my hands
  15. No videos, but a quick search of C&O Canal and the Civil War came up with several different web sites with information.
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