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  1. That is very interesting. My DD was very successful on medication for ADHD. We haven't ever tried meds for DS because he was more on the hyper side an the attention deficit side. As long as he is alowed to move around a lot and fight he does pretty well, but I think he might explode if he had to sit perfectly still for a long time. He could never be one of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier or Buckinham Palace guards are anything remotely like that. 😀 As he gets older and school work is more demanding, and he has to take long hours of standardized testing, we have been thinking about the idea of starting a trial of medication. this may just be the push we need.
  2. Many of your downsides to public school could still happen at a private school - "snobbery" may even be worse. Privates schools can be just as bad about drugs and alcohol- maybe different types, but don't kid yourself thinking that there are no kids at the private school using drugs.
  3. I think this is the primary reason. I have to grade a lot of writing done by 3rd and 4th graders, and typically, the ones who start from the bottom have a hard time making the capital letters larger than the lower case letters, and and the shapes end up being the same when they are not supposed to be the same. Why does it matter? When students are being graded on proper use of capital letter, it is important to be able to see which letters are actual capital letter. And I do expect 3rd and 4thgraders to use capital letters correctly (beginning of sentences, proper nouns - not starting random words or in the middle of words) However, if the visual differences are there, I dont care how the student starts each letter.
  4. My DS16, who has ADHD nut not AU, has a very difficult time waking up. Regular alarm clocks do not wake him up. I recently bought this (it is cheaper on amazon) It is helping. He will wake up when it goes off...but then he still goes back to sleep, but I go in to yell at him, he is more alert and quicker to get out of bed than without it. He ha only had it for a week, and I am hoping that with regular use he will get up completely on his own.
  5. Can you find and/or create similar problems for her to do that cover the same concept but with easier nun era to multiply. For my kids (who attended public school) staring in about 7th grade thee would be both kinds of problems those designed to be solved using a calculator and those designed to be solved by hand or mentally.
  6. City Mouse

    Need help with math and high schooler

    Yes- let her use a formula sheet. Since you said you were in Texas, here the one allowed for the STAAR testing for Algebra II (there are others for algebra I and geometry). When I lived and worked in Texas, most public schools allowed these to be used for all classroom math testing.
  7. City Mouse

    Where do you store your files?

    I keep all my work related stuff on my Google drive. I have a different google account for personal stuff,a nod I keep all my photos on Google photo.
  8. City Mouse

    Frustrated in my job search

    I have been in your shoes. I switched from tradition public school to teaching at an online charter school. While it was better, (much more freedom to go to the bathroom and less behavior issues) it is still public school, and it comes with he same stress on state testing and online school had different problems. I left in May to to take a seasonal job for a different branch of the same company processing enrollment documents. I loved it. 8 hr per day (plus lots of overtime) sitting in front of my computer. I did not have to talk to one parent or student for 4 months. That job ended and I have gone on to be a substitute teacher for the same company. I like subbing more than I thought I would, and when I start to get stressed about something that I think needs to be done, I remind myself that I am just a sub-I am not expected to do it all. I don't have to care about state testing. When parents contact me I gat to say "I don't know about xx at this school. I will,have someone get back to you." Best thing of all was getting to work with a school in a different state. The students and parents at this particular school were so much better to work with. They were much more supportive of teachers/school that my home state. The culture difference really amazed me. If I had had students and parents like these, I might never have left my previous job. Of course the downside to subbing is that in is not a full time job and has no benefits. Where I work we only do long term subbing, so at least there are no last minute, early morning phone calls to work that day, and we are limited to 150 days per school year.
  9. City Mouse

    Sports and Playing a Grade "behind"

    My DS played on agrade based basketball league when he was in 4th grade. (Rural area with very small towns and not many kids) He has a summer birthday and is next to the youngest kid in his grade. There was a boy in his grade who is almost 2 full years older than him, and several kids a full year older. Safety was never an issues, but skill level was. He did not have the skill level of the older boys, and the coaches focus was on the older boys who were better players. My DS did not wast to participate the next year.
  10. Kids are different. Last year at my DS's school (public school-blended learning) there was a kid who graduated from high school and got her associates degree at the same time. There was a another student who excelled at languages and completed 4 years (I don't really remember if it was 4 years but it was something crazy) of language courses in 1 year. My DS's closest friend at school worked on a group science project where the kids won a national award for their discovery of a new (and cheaper) way to make fire proof fabric. My DS on the other hand is happy with his solid B average and has figured out exactly how few classes he will have to take in his senior year to still graduate. I have made peace with the fact that my DS is a polite, happy, all around nice person who wants to be done with school as soon as possible. He would quit school tomorrow if I told him he could. (And I am the geeky kid who took Geometry and Algebra II at the same time and took 7 science classes in 4 yrs of high school)
  11. While this idea may not be popular here, video games can be a great way for kids to start learning to network in person and online. Most any time I am with a group of kids, they start talking about video games. It seems like their favorite ice breaker is "Do you play ...." I was out playing Pokémon Go with my DD today, and a "strange" car pulls in front of us blocking us in the road. As my big city anxiety was about to kick in, a lady got out of the car and ran over to ask if we were playing pokemon and if we would like to do a raid battle with them. Turns out her parents recently retired and moved to our town. She and her husband come down to visit often, and as a family they play Pokémon together. We exchanged phone numbers and joined her Pokémon Facebook group. My daughter made her first friends on move in day her freshman year of college because she was wearing a baseball hat that was of the design of Ash Cetchem from Pokémon.
  12. City Mouse

    favorite gluten free magazine?

    I was thinking the same thing! Maybe the glue contains gluten. but in all seriousness, I just had to Google and came up with Gluten Free Living.
  13. City Mouse

    Type 2 diabetes

    Moth of my parents are and have been for many years. I'm not yet but we are keeping a close eye on it as it is almost inevitable that I will be type 2 at some point, and I have been told to eat like I was already diagnosed. For a quick reference try the American Diabetes Association. Recipes are here My was diagnosed before the internet, and she has many of their cookbooks.
  14. City Mouse

    If you did DE....

    My DS16 has not been a really strong or motivated public school student, but he was allowed to take 2DE courses at the state university branch that is in the same town as his high school. (Over 1 hr each was to his high school bet he usually only had to go 3 days per week). He took Psychology and Statistics (which counts as a math credit for high school). He only made a B in Stats, but freely admits that he could have made an A if he had put in a little more effort. (He doesn't have the psychological grade yet, but he probably made a B in it as well). I had wanted him to start with only 1 course, but the college advisors and the high school counselor convinced him to take two. The work load wasn't that much more than a full high school load except that he didn't get to,take any "fun" classes such as an art or foreign language. He held his ground with the advisors for 2nd semester and is onlying planning to take College Algebra as DE so he can take a "fun" elective.
  15. City Mouse

    Did you keep or get rid of your wedding dress?

    I have mine too, sealed in a box. It is out in a storage shed which is probably not good for it. As much as I loved it at the time, the style is not one that anyone would want now. I think I would like to Kate something out of it, but I don't know what that would be.
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