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  1. I will be honest and admit that when I did have kitchen windows I didn’t clean them much at all.
  2. If he doesn’t care, I don’t think it matters as long as it fits comfortably.
  3. I’ve left messages with the doctor and a lawyer, but I’m not expecting to get a call back until Monday at least. I did talk with a person at the Agency on Aging who needed to check with other staff member, but she quickly called me back. If the person is considered competent, then that person as the right to refuse any and all services. Her only suggestion was to call Adult Protective Services to check on her if I think there is a problem. In Texas it is not easy to get a person declared incompetent, not that it should be easy, but it sounds like Texas may be harder than other places.
  4. Just to add more details. We had all hoped she would agree to move when dad does. The place he choose has a suite available that has two separate complete large rooms, each with kitchenette, large closet, and nice large bathroom for each room. It is like two i divvy rooms with a connecting door. The base cost was priced out for them to both move. The place only has the one suite open, so he has decided to rent both rooms for now which the hope that she will change her mind once she is truly alone. That would be the ideal situation at this point. Luckily, my dad did a good job of financial
  5. My DD is 26. She likes to tell me all her problems, but she often doesn’t want any advice or suggestions. What to me seem simple solutions or at least some solution is to her me not understanding how wrong the other person is. I have learned to shrug it off and butt out. When she tells me something now, I just sympathize unless it is something that impacts me directly. (No, you cannot quit your job and move back home just because your co-worker is an idiot). Our time together has gotten better for me once I learned to respond differently. Also, I do not let the complaining go on too long aroun
  6. I decided to start my own elderly parent thread. I am hoping that someone will have a suggestion that I haven’t thought of yet. What can be done with/for an elderly person who refuses needed care? My dad has decided to move to assisted living. He is moving next week. My mother refuses to move, but is also refusing any home health services which she does need. She wants to have family members provide her care, but that cannot happen for a variety of reasons that I won’t list all here now, but I can add more details later if requested. Here is one example though. She will not allow anyone b
  7. I save my glasses from the 2017 one. I live streamed the eclipse to my students at the online school where I worked at the time. That was a lot of fun.
  8. I too have a “difficult” parent who may be getting her own thread here soon. I think your plans sound fine. I am going to have to come up with something soon. Going in the evening gives a solid end time for the visit which I think is helpful. when my sisters (live close to mom) go by, they have specific tasks to accomplish. Often they do not stay any longer than needed to complete those tasks. I live 12 hrs away, so when I go, I have to stay for several days in a row which is proving difficult even when I only go 2 times a year. I have learned that I have to break up my days with thin
  9. Maybe try The Container Store, but I think it will be way more expensive than IKEA.
  10. I try to keep lots of fresh fruits and raw vegetables around to snack on. I like low fat or fat free salad dressing with my raw vegetables. I find that eating an orange is helpful especially when I am not sure if I am actually hungry or just want to munch because it takes some time to peal and eat an orange. My special “treat” is fresh cut pineapple when I can get it at my grocery store. I have a really hard time with portion control, so I buy multi-serving packs of crunchy snacks. What works best for me are the Halloween treat size packs like the kind a kid would share with a class (o
  11. I rejoined back in September. I am also on green, and I have lost 26 lbs so far.
  12. That doesn’t surprise me. Some states already require some immunizations in order for students to live on campus- meningitis comes to mind, but I haven’t done any research to confirm.
  13. Another idea to consider My DS started with a two wheeled scooter. Once he was really good at balancing and traveling on the scooter, the transition to a bike took about a week.
  14. My DS is in a room with the main breaker box and a gas line just like pictures. He has had that room since we moved here when he was 8 years old, and he is now 18. I never thought to be concerned. The older part of the house is around 150 yrs old and was built long before electricity or natural gas. In our house, the gas lines go to wall space heaters kind of like this https://www.amazon.com/Mr-Heater-Corporation-Vent-Free-Radiant/dp/B01DPZ56KU/ref=sr_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=propane+wall+heater&qid=1617495471&sr=8-8 I couldn’t find the exact ones we have but this is close. The h
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