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  1. The company I work for uses google suite exclusively. it is super easy to share calendars. We do that all the time, and multiple group calendars can be created. I only use it on the computer, but ,any of may co-workers use the phone app without any problems.
  2. I understand requiring physical activity/exercise, but if he prefers to do individual things, I don’t see a problem with that. Bike riding or running can be good exercise. I agree that it sounds like he might like cheer. My DS never made close friends at any of his group activities, so I would worry about that as long as he seems to be getting along and the kids are friendly while he is at the activity. He has made some good friends through Scouts, but they are kids he has met through camp and other non-troop activities. He is friendly but not close with the kids in his troop.
  3. That depends on several factors. I would be happy to go into more detail if you want to PM me.
  4. Have you considered working for an online public school? It is still public school and has its downsides, but it is the only reason I have stayed in education as long as I have.
  5. The longest trip we ever did was for 4 weeks in a 26ft travel trailer. We went from Houston to Maine visiting friends and relatives and many sights along the way. Parts of the trip were great, and Parts were not so good. The kids were too little to remember it, but I have some fond memories. If I was on my own, I would like to be full time mobile for several years and travel all over. My DH is not interested in full timing, so we will compromise with long trips, or I will take long trips without him. 😀 I now have a job that is compatible with extended traveling, and I have picked out the travel trailer that I want. My youngest will graduate from high school this time next year, then the serious planning will start.
  6. Funerals bring out the crazy in people for sure.
  7. Foster Farms makes gluten free frozen corn dogs. I just checked out box and it does not appear to have any dairy.
  8. Change seating positions in the car? Allow the older one to sit in the front, and have one parent sit in the back between the other too. When my two could not get along, I would “punish” them by making them do chores together. One summer I had the best weeded flower beds on the whole street.
  9. “Allowed to” is different than “choose to”. It depend on who they work for. I have found that in areas of high population doctors have the luxury of being more selective as there are plenty of patients. Where I live now, the pediatrician in the next town sees adults as well as children because there are not enough children locally. On the other hand, the only doctor in our town is a geriatric specialist (at least she was before she retired and moved here). She sees patients starting at 16 yrs old. Really, I guess all the doctors around here have to become GPs even if that was not there original specialty.
  10. Would he be interested in moving up in school administration? In the small town where I live, the person with the largest salary is the school superintendent. He makes more than our police chief even.
  11. I have been looking for a small trailer. We used to have a 26 ft travel trailer, but now that I am looking at traveling w/o kids .i want something much smaller. I have narrowed down to The nearest TAB dealer is several hours from my house, but DH and I recently took a day to drive up and check them out. My bottom line is a comfortable bed and a toilet. 3am treks to the restroom are no fun. If I was alway going to be alone, I would go with a TAB 320 S, but the inside height is too short for DH. He prefers the TAB 400. Brand new, these are more expensive than other small trailers, but much better quality. My DH was sold on the temperature difference alone. We went through several different brands of trailers, and on a warm sunny day, the TABs were much cooler inside.
  12. Although they are non-stick, I recently bought a set of Caphalon Select pans from target. I love how they are designed to stack together, and they only come in 2 diameters, so the lids are interchangeable. I can fit them all in one cabinet.
  13. I have had good luck buying feminine products when stores are going out of business. When our local Kmart closed, I bought lots of boxes at $1 or less. I also had good luck at the Dollar General clearance sale last weekend.
  14. No, cell phone numbers are from when we lived in Texas and have Texas area codes. My DS even uses a cell number that used to belong to his grandmother. When she moved out of her house to assisted living, her land line number was changed to a cell phone numbers and we added her line to our family plan. After she died, we kept the cell active and eventually gave it to DS. It is kind of weird sometimes when he gets junk phone calls for his grandfather who sided when my DH was 18 yrs old (over 30 yrs ago). This particular phone number has been in the family since my husband was about 5 years olds, Although the area code did change many years back when Houston added a second area code.
  15. My DS attends a public school that allows for job shadowing/volunteering/paid employment to count as an elective credit. Students must turn records of hours worked. There are options for how this info is reported. 100 hours os .5 credit x one semester. 200 hours is a full credit. There is additional paperwork required to start out and required progress reports during the semester. It is listed as “internship” on the transcript. The hours can be all at one location or a combination of several locations. I'm just giving an idea of how internships are handled at his school, and not suggesting that you have to copy what his school is doing.
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