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  1. I am just so, so sorry. Praying for your family in the days to come.
  2. Continuing to pray for all of you.
  3. Continuing to pray for your family. :grouphug:
  4. Heavy on my heart and always in my prayers.... :grouphug:
  5. Praying head to toe... :grouphug:
  6. :grouphug: :crying: :grouphug: May God's healing power touch all of you.

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    I have Apologia Chemistry 2nd Edition hard bound textbook and Solutions and Tests book. Both are in very good/like new condition with tight bindings and no writing in them. Asking $35 ppd. Paypal is preferred.


  8. Hey Friend! Loved the picture! LOL!!


    Just been crazy busy with dd's speech and debate year. I hardly have time to breathe let alone read. ;-) I'll be back in full force soon! :-D

  9. funny-pictures-lion-wants-a-book.jpg


    Hey girl -- just wanted to say hello & that I've missed seeing your posts in recent book threads. How's life going these days? :001_smile:

  10. Nan, This is the first chance I've actually gotten to sit down and read your post. I want to thank you for sharing the wisdom that comes from having already been there. This is something I really needed to hear.:grouphug:
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