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  1. I really love my bullet journal! One of the best things about it is that I am not locked into a layout. If I get a new idea, need something different, just want to try something on a whim, etc., I can do it. I'm not locked into the same thing all the time. It really suits my desire to customize exactly what I want! :-) I use a Leuchtturm 1917 dot grid notebook, some colored pens, and even some stickers and do whatever I want. :) My favorite bullet journaler is Kara at Boho Berry! She has a blog, a You Tube channel, and an Etsy shop. :D
  2. That was amazing to see live. :) Giraffe gestation is 15 months +/- 60 days. I'm not sure there is anything cuter than a baby giraffe. It's a BOY!
  3. I don't teach my kids that it's rude to text at those hours. I'm virtually positive that I (or dh) am the only "old" person that either one of them text. :lol: Their generation is establishing their own social norms based on their evolving technology. So, I can't teach them that my generation's norms in this area are what is "right." The 9pm - 9am "rule" developed when a typical 9am - 5pm job was pretty regular, moms usually were home during the day, long distance calls were expensive and rare, etc. Technology has made the world quicker and smaller. That allows for redefining the norms.
  4. I've read the whole thread now. It took me all day, but I did it. :lol: On the DND....I looked up on Google how to customize my settings exactly the way I want them. I have DND set from 11pm - 7am. All calls can come through. That takes care of emergency personnel, my kids' friends trying to reach me, etc. Only those on my "favorite contacts" will have their texts come through. That takes care of my adult kids, dh (in case he's not already in bed beside me ;)), and my mom. Each of the above mentioned approved texters have their own notification tone, so I know exactly which one is trying to get a hold of me before I open my eyes. Anyone can text me during those hours that I am on DND and I will see it when I wake up. My adult kids feel secure in knowing that they can reach out to me anytime - day or night. I'm not disturbed by anyone who doesn't actually need me. I try to make my phone work for me. :D
  5. So true!! During my dd's freshman year in college, I got a text from her at 2am. She goes to school in VA, so that meant it was 5am for her. All it said was, "Did the Pioneer Woman go to college?" I immediately responded, "Yes. I'm pretty sure she went to USC." She said, "Dang it! OK, thanks." Next morning, I text her and ask her why she wanted to know. She had been up all night struggling through her first mid-term season and was contemplating alternative career paths that did not include college. :lol: I have also had so many late night text convos with my 24 yo DS who is trying to figure out life right now. I wouldn't trade those text exchanges for anything in the world! :)
  6. This year was the first time I've seen all of that! They've always had the people handing out materials. I was there on a Tuesday in January this year. I got stuck there on the way back from Tampa to Portland due to an ice-storm. I was there on a Tuesday - Friday in February. A couple of the scantily dressed "cops" were in front of the Bellagio fountains. Directly across the sidewalk from the girls were a couple of scantily dressed male "cops" for the ladies in the crowd. ;) I have been to Vegas at least 40 times. I had family there for years.
  7. Not anywhere near the strip! I have been there too many times to count. I have actually been there twice this year already. It's gotten worse. There are women dressed as showgirls on every corner trying to get you to stop and pay for a photo with them. Some are dressed as traditional show girls, many are dressed as cops in very scanty uniforms. Some are completely topless other than pasties. In front of Harrah's, there were a couple of plus sized gals playing on the trend. They were wearing tutus and were topless except for duct tape right over the important parts. There are also still older men and women all up and down the streets handing out materials on strip clubs, women directly to your room, etc. The men have on t-shirts that say, "Get girls directly to your room." The women have on t-shirts that say, "Orgasm Clinic." On a recent visit, we saw a guy walking down the strip in nothing but a skimpy g-string with a red heart right on the front. Dh and I were there in February for his 50th birthday to see Elton John in concert. I would in no way feel comfortable walking the strip with my 11 year old at this point.
  8. I just took this one to Europe with me. I know it's more expensive, but I've been using it as my wallet at home when I am carrying a smaller bag. I actually really like it. :)
  9. Not at all. The soldiers with guns are a slight bit intimidating in the Brussels train stations, but we felt safe everywhere we were.
  10. Hi All~ I've been back for a week now. I'm still catching up on laundry, but otherwise, am back to routine. :) What a great trip! We went to Brussels, Brugge, and Paris! I scratched an item off of my bucket list when we saw the Mona Lisa. Brugge was a favorite! It is so charming and delightful! Our trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower was special because my daughter started making plans for that when she was 3 years old. :) I found all of my Rick Steves research profitable! It really gave me a realistic view of what to expect. We took trains all over the place. The high speed train from Brussels to Paris was a cinch, and the Paris subway system is super easy to use. We found the people in Belgium and France wonderful. We never picked up a single hint of them not liking Americans. They were very polite and always willing to speak English. I was inspired by the amount of people who were at least bilingual if not multilingual. They were amazing! I took two pairs of comfortable shoes. :) We did walk an average of about 5 miles per day, just like you all said! My boots were perfect. I also bought this pair of shoes from Payless of all places. I cannot tell you how amazingly comfortable they were. I walked in ease for miles and miles in them. I know they are technically "work shoes," but they are cute and you would never know they are meant for work. Thank you all for the help in planning. It was such a blessing to spend that time with my girl.
  11. She sure looks restless this afternoon. :)
  12. I thought you can't really tell until the hooves present? Her belly definitely looks different today!
  13. I just want to say that I am all packed and ready to go! :D I have an early morning flight to DC tomorrow to meet my dd and we set off to Europe on Thursday! I got everything into my carry-on and my backpack. :hurray: I still can't believe we are really going!
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