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  1. Only the ABC article. It wasn't much more than an announcement.
  2. I don't think it is about laziness. I think it is about safety. Dichotomies feel safe.
  3. South and Western Australia each have a new case today. Both children.
  4. Nah. Manners dictate they ought to text you back, but it's their responsibility to choose whether to use their manners or not. This is a boundaries thing. Sure, you should be polite to your friends, I mean, you're probably friends with them because they are people you feel like being polite to. But you're taking wayyyyy too much responsibility for other people's boundaries. I've got a friend who can't be friends with me at the moment because they are so afraid of annoying me, even though the only really annoying thing they do is try to protect me from being annoyed by them. It'd be mu
  5. I read the first book on the advice of a young friend who discovered it in their angsty teen years, and since they are an angsty young adult, I can see the appeal. I figured I was too old for it and didn't read any more.
  6. I don't believe in -5f. It's not that I think you're a liar. I just don't want to believe in such an awful thing. How do you all LIVE? 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶
  7. We're lucky here, we can grow something or other all year round. I'm excitedly trying some summer greens this year to replace the spinach and rocket (arugula) I had over winter. My desire for a lemon tree is less about the lemons than about, oh, I don't know, interacting with the Earth or something. I've been reading Dan Barber's 'The Third Plate' to dd and want to *do* something. A fruit tree or two and some worm castings isn't much of a contribution to restoring soil health, but it's achievable and won't do anyone but the kikuyu any harm.
  8. It's their responsibility to ignore you if they want to. If you ignore yourself for them, where they can't even see, you're taking away their right to choose and they don't even know it. Send the texts and to hell with the consequences!
  9. I've gardened in dribs and drabs for years, but I've not planted fruit trees before and the ones I grew up with were well established. We're getting rid of our chooks in December, thank goodness. Daughter wants to try quails. My grandparents had some when I was a kid, but I was never involved so that'll be new to me too. They are quieter, thank goodness.
  10. I think I've killed my new lemon tree by over watering. 😪 I've cleared new garden beds and have fenced them off from the chooks, so I have hope for the summer growing season, if I can keep up with the watering. I feel like I'm learning to be multilingual in non-human languages and not learning fast enough! I need to learn to "speak" Tree and different dialects of it too! I've been reading that lemon trees raise their leaves instead of drooping them when they're thirsty. How would I guess that?!
  11. This is too political for the main boards. Take it to the politics group, People.
  12. My attitude with my daughter has always been "Uh, brains are weird and there's only so much we can do to negotiate with them."
  13. Confidence is the most important thing. Without that, she's not going to learn anything.
  14. I think sometimes people want other people to have treatment for ptsd when the "p" bit hasn't come into play. Treating current trauma like past trauma doesn't work. I also think it is so weird in such a very human way that people can collect more extended sympathy for a dead pet than a dead human.
  15. Yes, I must have heard it in a documentary because here in Oz we call them people smugglers.
  16. I hadn't forgotten you either. ❤️
  17. Yup. Click on the username and there'll be a button to press on their profile page. 🙂
  18. Isn't it just apple sauce with more of the liquid cooked off?
  19. My daughter's (homeschooling) bestie has a Redbubble shop: https://www.redbubble.com/people/petitecolours/shop There's nothing Christmas themed, her being Muslim and all, but she has some nice things people may want to give as Christmas presents. 🙂
  20. Garga wasn't trying to evangelise. She was trying to share heartfelt empathy. ((hugs Mamma))
  21. I'd say "Busted!" and provide instruction on what I consider an acceptable way to cope with insomnia, which isn't sneaking or watching Minecraft vids.
  22. I've got a friend who thinks they're doing me a favour by not speaking to me. I got fed up with that recently and sent them a card with a friendly warning: "Hades is a rubbish place to live. You’ve been down there too long and if you won’t come back up I’m going to come down and throw rocks in the Styx to frighten away the fish." They haven't come back up, so I've been sending a card or two a week containing irritating messages. One of us will relent eventually, lol.
  23. Make sure you talk to them about how grief *works* so they understand that everything you and they feel is normal, and fairly predictable. *When* something will hit you isn't so predictable in the early days, but that things *will* is certainly predictable. It helps if they can feel that anyone's meltdown is to be expected under the circumstances. And anyone's numbness and anyone's laughter, which their brain does to give them a rest from pain, is to be expected under the circumstances.
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