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  1. General posts are not targeted to anyone specific, particularly not people who have already said they do not need the information contained in said general post.
  2. Some of you might like to work through the "Unf--- Your Boundaries Workbook." It might help make you feel robust enough to deal with a therapist. xx
  3. You don't need a mob to report. There are two reasons for reports to remain uncorrected: 1. The mods don't see it as necessary. 2. They aren't online at the moment. We're not always here because this isn't a paid job. (Ethel Mertz isn't a mod anymore. She sensibly retired. 😛 )
  4. Chapters 6-10 of 'The Tao of Trauma' might be interesting reading. It talks about what symptoms manifest when each stage of the stress cycle is interrupted. I'd had a stress cough for about a decade when I found this book, and it said stress coughs relate to being unable to protect oneself and one's people. Bingo. Just knowing that has reduced the severity significantly.
  5. My Nan and her girlfriends used to tell three different boys they could escort them home, then nick off out the back and catch the tram. She didn't meet her husband to be at any of those dances, but on the train. She wouldn't give him her number because he was drunk, but her friend handed it over and he went home and told his mother he'd met the girl he was going to marry. Great-Grandmother was not happy about this at all, but Grandad evidently wasn't too fussed about his mum's opinion.
  6. I agree with the Apples and Pears recommendation. ^
  7. We've got the trauma/autism related crappy core muscle tone thing happening here. What helps is the sort of gentle exercises they recommend for diastasis recti. Maybe your kids need a bit of pilates or something.
  8. I firmly agree with this. Last time I endured that muck, I nearly cried. Food is my love language and what did I ever do to these people for them to put such nasty tasting stuff in my mouth? 😭😭😭😭😭
  9. If that's what makes a mother bad, there are a lot of bad mothers in the world. My absolute honest opinion is that baby books should all be put in the thrift shop bag as soon as the giver is out of the house. Baby books belong in thrift shops where nice, scrapbooking grannies can find them. But if this is a thing you want to do, put in whatever you want to put in. You can't fit their whole life into a scrapbook, no matter how diligent you are. All you can make is a record of your experience of them, so make it the way you do/want to remember it all.
  10. Sometimes people's boundaries are so lacking they don't know they can be a good person without having poor boundaries.
  11. Often the problem is the quality of the food, but we don't all have access to organic grain/dairy bred for nutrition and grown by regenerative farmers and soaked/sprouted/fermented/whatevered the way those ingredients should properly be consumed. Okay, probably none of us do. When you think about it that way, it's easier to avoid your triggers. It's not so hard to eat rice instead of ordinary wheat (though often people with wheat sensitivities are fine with durum wheat, spelt and kamut, so maybe test that out) but it is a bit pricier to replace the fat from dairy with another source.
  12. I was lucky enough to see some of the Quinkins paintings. It was like a dream come true, because they were some of my favourite books back in primary school!
  13. Some of Percy Trezise's are on Youtube. There are resources you'll like better than others, but I'm not sure what you mean by quality when it comes to Indigenous stories. History books can be better or worse, but mythology? They tell what they want to tell, how they want to tell it.
  14. If you buy food and fill the tank before you leave, will you even need more on the way?
  15. And there is loss in other ways too. If around 70% of your average city is covered in tarmac due to roads and car parks, that's holding in a lot of heat, and can't have housing or food growing on it. Then you have to truck more of your food in from somewhere else. Anyway, these days, with all the tech we have now, people work on public transport on their way to the office (here, anyway.) Not that they should have to. So much for the labor revolution and the 8 hour working day.
  16. Geez. What do people pay rates/local government taxes for then? And how does that make sense if the land the footpath is on is, like Regentrude said, owned by the local government.
  17. Living in such a place myself, I perfectly understand that. I've no idea where the OP lives, though, and was watching something recently that said it is normal in American cities for about 70% of land to be covered in roads and carparks. We found this rather shocking. [quote] In my town, when a sidewalk is built, that land is taken away from the home's yard (because technically, people's property does not actually extend to the curb of the road, but contain an easement the city can use to build a sidewalk - they're not making the road narrower!). So while I am very much in favor of
  18. Why is not having footpaths so important to them?
  19. Maybe you need better public transport so there are fewer cars on the road. It's better for both the environment and economy that way.
  20. I've been happy to see more books written by autistic authors and bought one, a coming of age novel, for dd13 for Christmas. I also bought her a book by a Deaf author we've bought art from before, but had to give it to her early because her father had also bought it (he'd done classes with the author, Asphyxia, back in the day) and isn't shy about slipping spoilers. That was a kind of fun reading frenzy, lol. I also introduced dd to Teresa Scovil, who does autism and introvert flavoured comic strips. Dd laughed herself silly over them. In return, she introduced me to the Wikilanguages Youtube
  21. Complaining about husbands is against board rules. The OP has sorted her situation now, so I'm locking the thread.
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