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  1. I don't know the answers to your questions, but wanted to suggest you look up CSMP maths. My daughter wouldn't have learned maths at all without it. It might make a useful spine for your lad.
  2. I don't know why you're saying people on the spectrum. Everyone needs their needs met in order to maintain equilibrium. This isn't weirdo spectrum stuff. This is HUMAN stuff. (I have a bee in my bonnet at the moment about the way society behaves as though humans should not be human, as though being and requiring human stuff is a pathetic deficiency. I could rant long and venomously on this subject, but I'll spare you all for now. 😛 )
  3. Our government pretty much did this during the GFC. Generally people spend it on "catch up." The shoes, the trip to the dentist, replacing worn out bras. If people did spend it on a wide screen tv, they've just purchased what is pretty much their only source of entertainment so I find it kinda hard to shame them.
  4. Why does your Aspie want to argue with his brother so much? Is it because he hates his brother and wants him to feel pain? Is it because pretty much everyone in his life bores him to death so it's a back-handed compliment? You can only punish symptoms unless you find out the real reason.
  5. They bloody aren't, are they? But they are better than cooking chocolate...
  6. Horseshit. Have some Tim Tams, Lovely. ❤️❤️❤️
  7. Yeah! This is exactly the sort of stuff I meant about narrating the social-emotional stuff.
  8. Reading up on trauma can also provide insight. My dd probably is Aspie, but trauma is her main problem. I read a her little book called 'A Child's Guide to Trauma' and that helped explain her to herself a bit.
  9. Well, if no one is chasing her up the dome, working in her bedroom is probably fine. We have a very small house. When dd is here, she does her independent work in her room and collaborative work on my bed.
  10. The impression I'm getting on this journey through life, is that we are supposed to behave as though we have Stockholm syndrome with and towards pretty much everybody. And they wonder why we won't play nicely at parties. *shrug*
  11. It's got to be pretty hard for them to adjust to using a social/emotional/actually respectful model when they're working from the medical model. (Ha! Did you see me displaying empathy just then?)
  12. Collaborative, yes. Because, oddly enough, we think we are people and equally human to everyone else around. We don't like being treated like second class citizens and that makes it hard for us to learn to behave appropriately submissive. (Which means behaving like a victim while protecting the person in charge from knowing they are doing this to you.) You've got no idea how often that is expected of us, even when we are grown up. (Unless you have the same experience, in which case take "you've got no idea" as an expression of general frustration and pain.)
  13. This. Because this is what stress does to all humans. Make sure you don't get stuck into a system that teaches her to self advocate and also refuses to respect the boundaries she's setting. That only makes things worse. Also, learn to narrate life to her. Like you did when she was little with "oh, look, there's a snail!" but the social-emotional stuff.
  14. "For heavens' sake! I have enough of my own problems. I can't possibly deal with yours." You tried polite and it didn't work. Whose fault is that? *shrug*
  15. If he has a man crush on your husband, he's probably doing him a favour, not you. You're benefiting from his affection for your husband.
  16. Well, you're one less person she doesn't have to pretend to/for. That probably counts for something.
  17. As long as she's comfortable with that opinion, it won't damage her.
  18. Uh, I think we mostly keep this opinion, but occasionally make exceptions for special people. 🤣 You can provide scaffolding, of course, but you can't fix it. There isn't a person on this earth for whom Interpersonal relations run smoothly all of the time.
  19. 5km? 😳 (My best wishes for your sons' safety ❤️ )
  20. I don't think it is about will so much as the ability to care and a sense of duty, but whatever the proportions are, all three will wear out if overused and atrophy if underused.
  21. 1. "Your son wanted me to come see you, so here I am." She now has permission to blab or tell you he's overreacting as she sees fit.
  22. Not a damned thing for her son, that's for sure. And I would instruct my son in appropriate times for not doing as you are told, because that was one of them. Rude bugger.
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