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  1. Agree with everyone else. Hugs to you all.
  2. Hope you and your kids are doing well.
  3. Are you in Seattle or very close? Aspiring Youth social groups or Outdoors for All could be possibilities. I would definitely look into Special Olympics. I agree that part of the issue is likely a lack of common interests. Some things that might help - is she into Tik Toks and memes? I know memes are nonliteral and therefore hard, but Tik Toks are super popular. You can restrict inappropriate Tik Tok content at some level in the "digital well being" setting. Try popular shows like The Voice, the great British bake off or other game shows, or local televised sports so she has something to chat about with other people that doesn't require following a complicated plot.
  4. I am so glad you found something to help!
  5. Living the dream! Congratulations!
  6. Have you looked at jjill's Wearever line?
  7. In Washington we don't change our plans, we change our clothes!
  8. Ugh yes, everyone should stay and watch all performers. There are behavioral expectations for the audience! It is very rude to attend a formal group recital and leave once your child is done, and yet I see this all the time and across all levels of performance.
  9. I strongly believe that intelligent people should always be open to new information, wisdom gained via personal or vicarious experiences, and scientific progress and change their thinking to include all new information (even if it doesn't ultimately change their position). I reserve the right to change my mind at any time! If we don't change we fossilize.
  10. Your son sounds like such a great person.
  11. I agree with you all on so many of these. I recently found Where the Crawdads Sing to be full of one-dimensional characters.
  12. I have relied on these for years: The container is tacky but it does a great job removing odors and it is non-spillable.
  13. I did. It was exactly as bad as I suspected it would be. 😒
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