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  1. If you have a way to provide this feedback to your insurer, please do! I provide behavioral health advice via telemedicine due to the pandemic. We would love to continue to have this option, but it depends on what services and mode of delivery insurance will cover.
  2. That is really horrible and I am sorry for your. family's loss.
  3. I agree with you emotionally, Pam, but not objectively. Driving across the country would likely expose you a greater number of germs. How many total bathroom, food, and hotel stops would you need to make? Even if you packed food and slept in your car, at some point you are going to have to poop, and you are going to have to stop at gas stations to refill your tank. For a non-negotiable emergency I would fly, but not for any other reason.
  4. Glad to hear he is improving and hope for continued progress.
  5. Will you still be able to receive care at that hospital or that physician network in the future if you don't pay? Are you concerned about that?
  6. I think it is very difficult to predict with accuracy, but I doubt large group events ( greater than 50 people) will be happening in early July; mid-size groups are a maybe. I think as we open up there will be a surge of cases, and proceeding through each stage will be protracted. Honestly, I doubt I will attend mid-size group events unless they are outside in July.
  7. I'm sorry you are going through this. What a jerk. People who deliberately withhold child support are the worst.
  8. The research regarding of the cause of autism points to genetics, so that fits! Also, Science Daily is such a great read.
  9. Where can I watch this??
  10. That show is the highlight of my quarantine so far. It seems like is HAS to be fake, but apparently it is real.
  11. I second unlimited screens for you at this time. You can fade it back later. You personally have enough stress in multiple domains of your life - let the kids be occupied by something they enjoy so you can get your school work done. Hugs to you.
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