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  1. I though it was shallow story and found the Barnum character unlikeable.
  2. Hugs to you all. I have "been there, done that" too and it is one of the hardest experience of adulthood. draining doesn't even begin to describe it.
  3. Agreed. I know that, in my work life, overconfidence in people I manage or people I collaborate with is exhausting.
  4. hugs to you. How terrifying. I hope your dog is okay.
  5. Hmmm, I might call the local Girl Scout chapter over this. You should be able to join Girl Scouts relatively cheaply (compered to hotel costs) and add in to wherever they are staying (your husband too. Men can be members of Girl Scouts). Their van pool is inadequate if there's not enough room for assistants for a child who requires assistance. That's their problem. This is not inclusive of people with disabilities and I think it violates their guidelines. A wheelchair at Universal may be necessary but I do think it will help her get around and will facilitate getting extra help from the crew, which is nice. Good luck!
  6. That's awesome! I hope you and your kids have an excellent time in D.C. Make sure to go see the war memorials at night.
  7. That sounds amazing! Please update us with pictures when you are back!
  8. How terrible for you. She is so wrapped up in herself she is unable to understand how that feels to you. Ugh.
  9. I would look at the anxiety piece of this, have someone who is not you teach executive functioning skills (not just help with homework), and strongly encourage a new meds evaluation. School refusal can be addressed with an emergency IEP meeting. They may be willing to reduce academic demands to increase attendance, and/or placing him on grading just as pass/fail is another common solution. Good luck!!
  10. DH and I both have Master's degrees. I expect my kids will find whatever path works best for each individual.
  11. This BCBA right here is praying for you and DS to get the BEST classroom for him. 🤞
  12. I encourage you not to think about how you appear to outsiders. Who cares what strangers think? Wear what YOU normally wear. The part that matters is the friendship, not how you might align in your wardrobes.
  13. Full disclosure: I have not sold a house, we live in the first house we bought. So I may not be completely knowledgeable. I think you have to take matters into your own hands. Call and make appointments with outside vendors. When you have things arranged, call and leave a message and say that since you haven't heard from the husband, you've made other plans. Observe the realtor's response carefully to determine if you still want to list with her when the work is done. I'm not sure she was completely professional funneling work to her husband, who himself has been less than professional.
  14. Too many red flags. I agree that there should be a short visit with a parent first. A challenging grandparent and a kid with quirks does not predict a healthy interaction.
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