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  1. My husband also had significantly low-iron due to bleeding hemorrhoids, also had the scoping procedures that came out normal, and has been on supplements for a long time (10+ years). It sounds right based on our experience and I would not worry about cancer if you have no other symptoms.
  2. Thinking of you and hope the move went smoothly.
  3. I want to add my story, which heavily influences my own thinking: My dad died of cancer when I was 8 years old, more than 40 years ago. I don't remember the last Thanksgiving or the last Christmas Eve or Christmas Day we spent together. I *DO* remember the exact day after Christmas when he and my mom left for the hospital so he could have the exploratory surgery that led to his diagnosis. I remember standing in the living room with the light blue carpet as they walked out the door. He never came home. If missing one of those holidays would have given me extra months or years with him, I w
  4. Don't go. You are high risk. Missing one Thanksgiving dinner this year will be a disappointment. If you get covid and can't get the right medical care because the hospitals are full, you'll miss a lot more than one event. Your family needs you alive. Please don't go.
  5. I am hoping and praying that he makes a full recovery. I can't imagine what you are going through. So many hugs.
  6. How terrifying! I am glad they survived, are on the mend, and your sister can come help. Hugs to you all. This will not be easy. 2020 is the WORST.
  7. Hugs to you. That sounds like an awkward situation and so frustrating. I hope you stay healthy.
  8. Please don't take personally what isn't personal. They should go to another church more aligned with their beliefs if they aren't willing to serve others this way. Hugs to you.
  9. Assuming that everything is accurate and you are satisfied with the IEP you received, I would likely let it go. Next year, if the meeting is not in person, I would request that everyone keep their cameras on before the meeting even starts. I am frankly surprised that they had them off. That feels inappropriate to me. If you are not satisfied with the final document, I would request another meeting and attend in person or request that all cameras be left on. And I might say something like, "This isn't the document I thought we agreed on. I guess I could not judge our agreement accurat
  10. I am curious who is providing the daycare. In our school system, many teachers are either over 40 or have a health condition that makes them vulnerable to covid. On the other hand, many daycare staff are young women under 30, who may be less vulnerable. Teachers and daycare providers do not perform interchangeable services.
  11. This is a town, not a city, but Ashland, OR is amazing and has a year-round Shakespeare festival when it isn't being battered simultaneously by a pandemic and wildfires in the state. This would be a fantastic stop between SF and Portland.
  12. Sorry you are going through this! I have heard of plenty of similar stories from a variety of schools. They are all overloaded with trying to respond to all the changes and are not showing their best selves. Hugs to you and DD.
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