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  1. A social media fast is very US-based. I'm sure there are places where they don't even know what social media is or have never used it. It's not dropping it forever, though. Just 10 days and I feel like it's for *us.* He talked about writing down your impressions and thoughts and feelings as you go along and how you are changed from being off social media. Social media can be good, but more often it is bad if just because we are seeing the curated version of our friends lives and thinking we are just not as cool as they are. I have a friend who said she won't be doing the 10-day fast beca
  2. He said to study about the temple and learn all you can about it. It does, but it doesn't seem to anymore. And Latter-day Christians would seriously give traditional Christians even more ammo against us I think. President Nelson said to say we're members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, so I'm going with it, being a long mouthful and all.
  3. Our temple is also currently closed for extra renovations. It'll open the second week of November I think. He did say something about if you don't live near a temple to study more about the temple. I was thinking since I definitely can't go to the temple for another month, I might do that. I figure even those of us that regularly go could do to learn more. I found it really awkward at first, but now it doesn't seem much different than home teacher or visiting teacher. I've had to explain what home teacher or visiting teacher means to many people. I wonder if ministering brother o
  4. Yes! I jokingly set one of the Conference Candy words for this session as anything related to the Second Coming... and they've gotten quite a bit of candy because of it. They've gotten more from that than the other word I picked (scriptures). It really does seem to be more common. We had Stake Conference two weeks ago and Elder Maynes came (he's a Seventy) and he started the adult session by saying how the prophet is keeping up a pace to usher in the second coming. I don't remember hearing references to gathering Israel, hastening the work, etc. quite so often.
  5. The home and individuals one looks absolutely amazing.
  6. So I was just telling Jamie and Ani that you recognized him and they're like, "He's not the bishop's kid anymore..." I totally forgot lol The bishop was released a couple weeks ago, right at the 5 year point since we became a ward. Now we have Bishop Fisher!
  7. I'm already reading the Book of Mormon currently. I've been doing one chapter a day and am up to 2 Nephi 5. I figured up that based on the number of days left in the year and the number of chapters I have left, I need to increase my reading to an average of 2 1/4 chapters a day. Sad to say that'll be easy given the time freed up by not going on Facebook or Twitter. I spend *far* too much time on those and I know it. I started reading the Illustrated Book of Mormon to my younger two boys a couple weeks ago. It's 8 volumes. We're a bit more than halfway through the first volume. We d
  8. I noticed that our fast was longer. Interestingly, I've been thinking about doing one myself because, um, political things have been too much recently. So I'll be doing it.
  9. I'm sitting on the couch watching from my own house. It's all good ?
  10. He's going to be serving in Honduras right where the Kimballs are living which is kind of crazy.
  11. I've been a nursery leader for over a year now so I was really hoping for two hour church. I love the babies, but I feel worn out like I've run a marathon every Sunday after church. 50 minutes of nursery will be so nice. Also, if it means we don't feed them a snack (and I assume we won't), it'll save so much money. I just recently bought $50 worth of snacks and we hope it'll last 6-8 weeks and we only have 10-12 kids any given Sunday! They eat a *lot* at snack time. We also recently took Adrian off his ADD meds because of an insurance/pediatrician issue and discovered he was having s
  12. I just pour some on and rub it with a cotton ball. The ink just sort of disappears.
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