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  1. Can you, with her permission, video the tics? I would be concerned these were seizures and not tics, and they don't always show up in the doctor's office. Showing a video can be helpful in diagnosis (which would obviously include an EEG). I think I've read something on sertraline inducing tics. Were they present before she started Zoloft?
  2. I don't see any point in waiting for the psychiatric referral. If it turns out to be "only" anxiety/panic disorder, it's a very severe disorder and I wouldn't leave that to a pediatrician to treat.
  3. I was going to suggest PANS/PANDAS as well as ruling out any other type of physical issue. Neurologist maybe to check for seizures and anything else that would cause a sudden onset of such severe anxiety,
  4. One year more than the last time you asked. Why do you choose to make an issue over this every year? It's really old news. It's not rude or snarky. It's honest and to the point. This woman needs a life. Is she super good at her job? That's pretty ballsy of her to insult her boss and his wife every year.
  5. If he's been put on a blood thinner like Warfarin and needs to avoid Vitamin K too, google for a list of foods. The doctor's office was incredibly useless at advising my mom. They said "avoid dark greens" and nothing else. Vitamin K is in tons of things. I found her a PDF and she printed it and tracks everything. Her nurse is always impressed by her numbers. Well, duh! If that's the advice they give everyone...
  6. It bothered my oldest. We used one of those little brow razors (amazon or Ulta or Sephora) until she took over plucking them herself.
  7. Target and some grocery stores carry some fancy ones called Curate (accent over the u that my old computer keyboard won't do): http://www.lacroixwater.com/category/lacroix-curate-flavors/ The blackberry cucumber and cherry lime are my favorites. They're good mixers too, if you're avoiding sugar but want some booze. ;)
  8. Agree that it has more to do with venue and the couple. Once upon a time, 7pm wedding would mean cocktail or semi-formal. Now? Who knows. We went to a 7pm wedding with a reception at a nice Westin, and there were people in jeans. I felt slightly overdressed in a cocktail-ish dress with fancy jewelry. (Faux jewelry. The Queen wasn't in town to lend me anything.) It was a wrap dress in that new-ish stretch jersey crepe stuff that looks nice but is super comfy in a non-seasonal color that can be worn any time of year. I think it was under "cocktail" at Nordstrom, but it was right around $100. The
  9. I make a really strong iced tea concentrate and then dilute with bubbly instead of still water.
  10. I don't think this group is representative of society as a whole.
  11. If you've never been on a cruise, I might not risk it for a big anniversary. If one of you winds up desperately sea sick, it would SUCK. (My friend's husband and child were so, so sea sick on her 40th birthday vacation present from her parents. She spent the whole time caring for them.)
  12. Dude. I should do that. I can BS creatively.
  13. I'm sorry, Quill. DH's issues with his parents came to a head around his birthday (they didn't call, ha...) which wound up being the last straw for him. (Not the not calling part; that was not even a tiny drop in the bucket of crazy!) I hope you had a nice birthday. :grouphug:
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