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  1. I literally type my entire twelve hour shift - keyboard, phone…. I find it’s way easier to clean up. 4 steps: First dries out the nail so it bonds; second is the base (set under UVlamp); third is thin coats of polish with UV lamp in between; fourth is the top coat to seal it all in. Acetone to remove when set. The polish wipes off with alcohol until it’s put under the UV lamp. So you can put on a thin coat of one colour, set it, add another- oops made a mistake! Wipe it off with alcohol and everything underneath is unaffected. So, for example, French manicure. Mess up a smile line? Wipe it off. Or at the beginning, do one, get it right, set it, do the next. Overall, it takes me more minutes because of the time under the uv light. But to not have a smooshed nail, or mess up one and have to start over? So worth it to me. Also, my nails aren’t constantly chipping, so I get more than a week of continuous growth. I can point you toward some amazon links if you’re interested. My DH got it as a Christmas gift for me after we went for a manicure and spoke to all the women he works with (love them!)
  2. I’ve been doing the soak off gel (Gelish) and similar since Christmas, and am loving it. I type about 11 hours a day at work, so I usually redo them ever 8 days, but when we were on holidays, they lasted all 16 days, plus my first day or two back at work.
  3. DH has lived his for years, best kind of headset he’s used. He went to the audiologist recently, who explained that he can hear better with them than anything else because of the damage to his ears! Still loves them though!
  4. There is probably a button that will let you unlock the door and pause during the first few minutes after you start a load to throw in one more thing.
  5. Exactly what happened here. DH and I had only seen it on TV as kids. Our second thought was finally understanding about the Key and Gatekeeper….
  6. DS went to camp for 3 weeks the summer he was 13. He. Are back and informed me he no longer needed tucking in. I took it like a champ, closed my door and cried silently for a while. He’s 16 now, and although I don’t “tuck him in”, he still asks me to come to his room and “say goodnight”, which quite often involves a chat, or he’ll come to my room for the same. I also go to DS13’s room to “say goodnight” where I make sure his stuffies and covers are in order. Now, it’s not necessary the way it was when they were little, so if we’re at grandma’s or something, they just say goodnight. But whatever they want to call it, I guess they’re not quite done yet….
  7. Really, you are providing a greater service by checking on him regularly and providing some social time! I would personally say, “I have many powers, but dealing with mice is not among them.” Uh, I just visualized dealing with a dead mouse. Still a hard no. ETA: If somebody else took the drawer outside and put it in a garbage bag, I could probably dump the drawer into the bag and take it from there. Probably.
  8. So funny! This Canadian is reading this thread for ideas because we’re hoping we can come down in August, but you are ruining my ideas one by one with the crowds!
  9. Still love my crosswave! It has a spinning brush that scrubs. My co-worker was super impressed how clean her grout was when she got one.
  10. Meh.... I get home at 6, last kid out the door at 8:45, and back at 4... me up in time to be out the door at 5:15.... It’s really not that bad, because I am completely and utterly unconscious from 9-3:30, lol. ETA: I do agree with your dad, though, as much as I prefer to be out cold by 6:15. I am NOT a morning person, but that 30 min before the first kid has to be up gives me a taste of what morning people rave about. I get the kitchen cleaned up if it’s not, throw a load of laundry in, etc. And lest anyone think DH isn’t pulling his weight, he’s working 6 12-hour shifts out of every 8 days right now, so he gets some slack.
  11. People at work wonder why I come home from a night shift, make the kids breakfast, and send them off to school while DH sleeps. Because he canNOT do morning routine quietly, does not believe them - or the schedule on our family calendar - about what time they need to be out the door. So, with all the shouting to get them out the door half an hour early for the bus in -30, the banging of dishes, the SINGING AND TALKING, I’m not sleeping anyway, and the kids may as well have a non-yelly morning if possible.
  12. Thanks! I didn’t think they were near me, but who knows, if it was a short drive, or something!
  13. I can’t find anywhere on the site a map of what areas they’re found!
  14. Oh, I saw a great show about this.... I will have to ask DS if he remembers who made it. Basically about how putting out the natural fires all the time created an environment where every fire was huge. There was a comparison between fire management at a park (I want to say Lake Tahoe) and constant fire suppression.
  15. I sincerely appreciate the lengths you are willing to go. Also glad I popped in before falling asleep!
  16. Gosh, you’re really in gift certificate territory then, aren’t you!
  17. Does she live on her own? Attend college? Work? Play a sport? Etc?
  18. La Cité universitaire francophone at the University of Regina has online offerings for chatting at their Franco-Club and also had classes, etc.
  19. Because I can’t see both this thread and the answer at the same time, a picture:
  20. DH isn’t on social media at all, so I sent him screenshots of places I like that are delivering brunch. He let me know that he took the hint and picked one. My boys went with me today to get gardening supplies. We bought some baking to take to my mom’s for an outdoor visit. They don’t know it yet, but they’ll also be packing up the little propane “fire pit” and chairs, as well as setting up my mom’s outdoor furniture for her.
  21. If anyone is interested in how it works in my province..... I presented my provincial health card at the time of immunization. They verified my identity by date of birth, address. I did get a card stamped with the date, but I’ve also just checked my electronic health record, and it’s there, with date and time, place and vaccine type.
  22. This is the first time I’ve ever lived in a town over 1500, and there’s always *that* person! The last town it was the school custodian. Nobody at the coffee shop knows?
  23. This. That you explained about the need during recovery. That you are flexible about day/time (maybe even breaking it up into multiple days?) but if she can’t do it, you will have to find someone who can.
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