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  1. My oldest is very proud of his beard and I"ve heard guys complement him on it, so I'm saying it's here a few more years.
  2. I just pray you get all better soon.
  3. I made ribs, a cheesy potato mix, and Brussel sprouts. For the rest of the week: roast in crockpot, fancy salad, some type of Mexican dish, chicken casserole, clean out the freezer night
  4. My adult children never stop talking. They are like giant toddlers. So annoying. Eta: I write this as my daughter came home and immediately started talking. .........still talking........
  5. This reminds me of when my mom was dying of renal failure and her newish doctor refused to write her an rX for pain meds because it would "ruin" her kidneys....inserteyerollhere
  6. That is so funny! Thanks for the laugh :)
  7. There is no comparison is my thought. Now, Chicago Med takes a while to get good, but it does get better (as long as you only compare it to the first episodes ). It's one we watch now that hubby is into it. Sorta.
  8. Continuing my theme of not really cooking, it was pizza. And frozen ;) I bet my family can't wait for tomorrow's dinner!
  9. After a week of half fast meals with little to no cooking we're having Panda.
  10. I loved Jack vs Martha Stewart! And the Jeep with the dinosaur
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