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  1. Amy, I'm so glad for y'all! Prayers for housing!
  2. I only know you from here, but I am so proud of you and just in awe of how strong and honest you are! Seriously, you are the kind of person others root for. Huge congrats and if you don't celebrate today, I'll be forced to make a cake and eat it in your honor 👍
  3. I grew to detest having to please the moms in my life before I got to have a mother's day. So, while we were all at lunch today celebrating my dd graduating from college, my oldest asked me what I wanted for mother's day and I looked him in the eye and said: for you to give your wife an awesome mother's day. Stay home. She gets to enjoy her entire day. I said this because honestly, that's all I've ever wanted. I didn't want to be disrespectful to the moms.
  4. If I was in your situation, I would turn down the job. You are ignoring clear signs that something is off at this new place. Listen to it. I know for me it's really hard to wait..... patience is not one of my virtues. When I listen ,I've always been relieved and just thank God. I'm praying for you.
  5. We bought a manual along the time our oldest was learning to drive because that’s how we learned. So far two out of three kids have failed at it. Lol
  6. I also remember, he is huge and gorgeous! Happy birthday!
  7. We bought our daughter her first piece of "real" jewelry.
  8. Mine is always super busy now that things have slowly opened up. I've known her for over 13years and the new norm is about three texts, then she'll respond. Eta: I would stalk her though (not really) because I can sit in her chair and I know she'll make my hair look nice.
  9. I think that's super awesome!!
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