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  1. This is best one I have: I was taking care of my mother and I had to go inside one of her Doctors office to pick up something. I brought my oldest son with me. He was about 7. So, the waiting room is completely packed. Wall to wall elderly, no place to sit and it's very awkward. No one is talking. Which was surprising because there is always some talking. Anyhow, I was waiting for my turn with the front desk when my son let out the hugest, longest fart I had ever heard. Without missing a beat, he looks at me and says: "mom!!!".
  2. I'm so sorry Scout. I'll pray for you. Politely ignore the mess in my upstairs as my daughter and her besties mom repaint her room. (She's planning on moving home once she gets a "real" job.) Enjoy my downstairs while my youngest went to big brothers house to swim. Tons of stuff to do, but feeling not well. Hope everyone is having a good Sunday!
  3. Friday! Gramma and granddaughter day! 💞 Play, play play!
  4. Oldest son's bday today. Amazon return with youngest. Grocer! Been putting this off... Pay bills! Shower lol
  5. My granddaughter loves the books by the author of moo baa lala. Lately she's been loving Doggies by same author.
  6. I had heard nothing about Lost. Started watching it. A couple of seasons in my daughter came home and blew the ending 😭
  7. Rainy storming day. Watching my granddaughter today while my son the bday man and his wife celebrate all day and evening. Gotta love their enthusiasm lol. So, right now she's napping. I'll be taking her home this evening and will put her bed. Hopefully her parents will be home at a reasonable time.
  8. I quit, but my dh watched all that was available.
  9. MooCow


    Surprise! You be a cat gma!
  10. We'll be having our traditional party this evening, but with less people for once which feels really weird. Grilling, Cornhole, bubbles galore and later fireworks.
  11. We have playpens. One for upstairs and one for downstairs. However, she's only one and we've had them since she was born.
  12. We throw two parties a year that all are welcome to: New Year's Eve and the 4th of July.
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