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  1. This is the NSW fire map: Yellow means 'Watch and Act,' blue is advice. Here's QLD's:
  2. Oh yeah, I used to get that kind of stuff from my father. "It's not that I'm closed minded. It's that I considered all the points you've made many years ago, so I already know what I think about it." (ARGH! I get that this is new to you, Dude, but it's not new to me and I know more about it than you do! ARGH! To change my mind, I would actually need NEW INFORMATION, which neither of us have right now.) ((Only one reason I don't talk to him any more))
  3. I can offend people while sitting silently in a corner wearing a poker face.
  4. Have a look through the School of Life's vids on Youtube. They have a lot on relationships. You might find something useful there. You should certainly prewatch, though. I'd be emphasising that one's feelings and one's actions don't have to align, and sometimes they shouldn't. You may feel for someone, but that doesn't mean you owe them a relationship, and you certainly don't owe them more than you owe yourself. You never owe it to someone else to be unhealthier than you could be, and it won't help Struggling Person anyway. Struggling Person need to be their adults' responsibility.
  5. Australia is the name of the island and the continent. Oceania is a region.
  6. It is always best to vote against people you don't want to win, yes. The way you do that is by spending all your votes on the tolerable people.
  7. Therapy is a good way to teach a narcissist how best to hurt you. Bugger that.
  8. The person in the middle is afraid of losing the badly behaved one. Others, as you know, enable that because they a) don't want to hurt person in the middle who they see as a victim more than a co-creator of the drama and b) the Prodigal Son story- standards are higher for good boys and girls, and consequences are harsher if they "make trouble."
  9. I'd remind your husband that his sister is going to hurt your mother even if he also lets her hurt his household. His choices really are: Mum hurt, you and your kids not. Mum hurt, you and your kids hurt too.
  10. I quite agreed with some parts, found other parts enlightening, and still others thoroughly annoying. It's a bit NT/DSM flavoured in parts and her "all autistic people do or don't do X" generalising can be a little offensive. It's not one I've bothered to purchase.
  11. On the other hand, sometimes they are the funnest people to overshare on. Sometimes they'll continue being jerks, sometimes their self perception as decent people who don't pick on poor disabled people kicks in and they start behaving. NT people need social scripts too.
  12. Unless I am relying on them to "paint my dunny door," yeah. (That phrasing of my great-grandmother's deserves immortality.)
  13. Welcome to the club, Indigo Blue. Overshare if you want to. People can either suck it up or give you weird looks and avoid you. No good comes from pruning yourself to try and appear NT. You'll never be able to fake it quite well enough, and really NT people don't have any more right to be protected from the inconvenience of autism in their presence than you do to be protected from the inconvenience of neurotypicality happening in your presence. Save your masking energy for the times it suits you. Be yourself and go find nice, sensible autistic friends. 🙂
  14. That's how it is in an abusive relationship. ((hugs)) Not engaging gets easier with practice. You learn not to care enough to bother.
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