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  1. I'm wondering if Autistic Brother is written as a person in his own right or if he's a token gesture/plot point, kwim? Anyway, I'll look forward to your review.
  2. Whatever works, of course! (For the record, I don't care if you are nice to your MIL or not. 😛 )
  3. I imagine one can't tell the difference until later? I don't know. The only thing I write is platonic love letters. 🤣
  4. Perhaps that advice is about self care rather than the production of art?
  5. "Then" you wrote a poem about it. You couldn't write the poem during it, could you? Maybe people can with practice and the right inspiration, I don't know. It seems to me, though, there has to be some lapse of time to record anything. Gonna google spiderwort flowers now...
  6. What art can be created from the present, though? It has to come from a memory of something to be anything, doesn't it?
  7. @regentrude, I was trying to pm you but you're not accepting at present?
  8. It's like a pensieve from Harry Potter! Funny isn't it? This is what everyone seems to say, and I can't paint anything at all when I'm not okay. What is "best work?" Does it mean complexity? Is transcending the human experience a goal of yours?
  9. You are more than your thoughts seems truer to me. Of course we are our thoughts. We are also our feelings, our beliefs, our actions, our relationships, and part of our environments, not to mention the influence of other people's views of us. Thoughts and emotions are human things and humans can't make art without using humanness. I just finished a painting illustrating happiness and am working on another about the happiness and pain of human connection, the same concept as Alexander Milov's 'Love' sculpture, but personalised to specific people. I think turning into a robot requires more than ignoring thoughts and emotions. I think you would have to have a personality disorder to manage it. Or, I've never seen anyone who hasn't able to do it at all. Anyone else I've seen who tried zombified themselves. They didn't empty themselves like a robot.
  10. You probably aren't any more selfish than anyone else, and you might look up this book about boundaries I'm working dd through. (The language isn't my preference, but it's the best book I could find on the subject.)
  11. My parents were either obliged or wanted to observe Mothers Day for their own mothers, but that was flowers and going around for dinner or something, not spending a day doing things they hate and ignoring their own status. I didn't do Mothers Day this year. My mother was probably a bit offended, but understood why and didn't make a fuss. My brother bought her and I some chocolates, which was a relief or I'd have had to do something and I didn't have it in me.
  12. I do the "no" thing when I'm having intrusive thoughts about things that really don't need to be processed further.
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