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  1. Agreed. Buy a nice handmade card from some small businesswoman if you don't make cards yourself.
  2. The family atmosphere isn't really a thing here. My kid moved out when she was 9. I don't have a kitchen table because my house is too small. I don't like cooking and I see no reason to take responsibility for feeding an adult who earns more than I do. I'm not talking about being a scrooge and never sharing. If I'm in a cooking mood, I often share with my neighbour because there is no one in my house to share with. I wouldn't charge my child for eating excess produce out of the garden or leftovers of something I'm not going to use up, but to me, adults are responsible for things like feedin
  3. I don't think he's the right person to be teaching small children 'stranger danger,' which tends to be a feature of early childhood education.
  4. Uh, well I'm an Aspie and my child is an Aspie and in this situation my child would absolutely be buying their own food and doing their own cooking.
  5. I suppose I don't treat hard stuff as hard stuff so much as just stuff. I just explain it all out. Messes work in fairly predictable ways, really. They are systems and I explain the systems.
  6. My parents didn't have a lot to say about about their personal finances other than "we can't afford it," but Mum did demonstrate the concept of budgeting, what one was budgeting for and what was and wasn't worth spending money on. What they couldn't teach us was much about making it because they still believed that going to school and getting good marks would lead to a safe job; or what to do with money if you had it, because saving until your savings got wiped out on kids shoes, or a new fridge was as good as it got. They didn't pass on many of the hands on skills they both had either.
  7. It's best not to think about it. The parents get to make their own decisions about who sees their new baby, pandemic or no pandemic, excuses or legitimate reasons. Sucks though.
  8. The conversation can be continued here if you are a member of the politics group. If you're not, you'll have to apply to join and wait for Amira to confirm you because she's the group admin.
  9. I'm locking the thread. As Desertflower said, take it to the social groups.
  10. Help desk should sort it in the next day or so. They had to check something with me, and of course I'm in a different time zone so didn't reply until just now because I was asleep!
  11. That ability is not entirely lost. You'd be surprised how many threads don't get reported. 😄 (The board went through a very sensitive phase where mere disagreement was taken as personal abuse a signifiant amount of the time, but there's not a lot of that any more and hasn't been for a few years.)
  12. I feel better if I treat "I could care less" as short for "I could care less but I'd really have to try."
  13. I don't think our societies are very good at platonic love, particularly between the sexes.
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