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  1. Rosie_0801

    Clenching fists to show excitement - not autism?

    I think of it as a different dialect.
  2. Rosie_0801

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    Public School? Hahahahha The Welfare System? Hahahaha (Automatic reaction, possibly based on a lack of imagination on my part. But I also seen too much tall poppy syndrome from those who are higher up the socio-economic scale towards those who are lower. Classism is alive and well, and those perpetrating it in my situation wouldn't even recognise it as such, for complicated reasons.) Prisons? I should bloody well think so. This generally doesn't happen, though, as far as I can tell, because society is so bloody punitive. Anything that would remediate anyone is perceived as being "soft on crime," at Society needs it to be that way so those sorts of people remain Not Us. I wonder what it would take to change the culture so that Society would allow the various initiatives that are working or at least helping reduce recidivism rates?
  3. Rosie_0801

    Doctor Who!!!!!!!

    10 smacked Donna's mum pretty hard. The "bit off in the social etiquette" category feels the same as the way 10 played it, to me.
  4. Rosie_0801

    I'm going on a holiday :-)

  5. Rosie_0801

    Doctor Who!!!!!!!

    13's style seems to be sociable but very serious. Perhaps it is necessary for the first female doctor to be more serious than the blokes.
  6. Rosie_0801

    Doctor Who!!!!!!!

    To be fair, 10, 11 and 12 did a fair bit of that too.
  7. Rosie_0801

    Doctor Who!!!!!!!

    I liked the series, though it seemed Ryan was written by someone who doesn't know dyspraxia. It was nice to have contained episodes without the fate of the universe resting on the choices of some sheila from wherever, but doing that also meant some issues were resolved too tidily. As if Ryan and his dad would have worked through their stuff that quickly... I think Graham is a well placed character. He takes on most of the nurturing so that Jodie doesn't have her Doctor-ness diluted by it.
  8. Rosie_0801

    Speaking of weddings...

    I wouldn't want to rely on imaginary help either, so I would be putting an end time in place and I'd clean around people if they didn't have the manners to leave.
  9. Mm. I wonder how many times I've politely said "Have you tried thinking?" only to have that greeted with gratitude for the brilliant idea.
  10. Rosie_0801

    Speaking of weddings...

    I wouldn't even expect to enjoy my own wedding if I had one. 😂
  11. Rosie_0801

    Weather Whine - feel free to join in

    Yup. I've just taken my washing off the line. I'm about to hang another load though. If there's any rain up there, it'll evaporate before it hits my washing. It sure smells like a storm though.
  12. Rosie_0801

    What is wrong with people? :::rant::: UPDATE first post

    She'd better put up her rent...
  13. Rosie_0801

    Aggressive men

    Not an Australian one! I wouldn't dare scream and run away! 😶
  14. Rosie_0801

    Aggressive men

    It's just low-contact wrestling. All sorts of dumb stuff like that goes on around here. I walked into the kitchen one day to find ds pinning a rag doll to the ground, and when I turned around next, the doll had him pinned to the ground. He and dd used to wrestle on my bed around dusk every night. People around here seem to think it is funny to offer to punch each other in the teeth, really politely as though they are offering to do a favour. I think of it as expressions of enthusiasm, since that's what it seems to be. But still, if you don't like it, your son should find someone else to do it to.
  15. Rosie_0801

    Teach me to pass the bean dip...

    "I don't want to talk about it." It's not your responsibility to make people feel good about being stickybeaks after you have said that.
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