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  1. I redirect to something I can agree with, since my person who does this always has something sensible and empathetic lurking about under the conspiracy muck. If they are upset enough that I can't make them feel better using words, I make them cake. (I wouldn't make cake for vague acquaintances at swimming pools. They can buy their own.)
  2. You may not ever entirely get rid of that anxiety, but avoidance is a good way of reducing the opportunities she has. Another is to practice feeling anger. Work on that "Who the hell does she think she is to treat ME like that?!!!" and "I don't even like the old baggage anyway!" Anger doesn't feel great either, but it's a step on the road to recovery. (Once you get the hang of that, you start working on apathy.) Your dad is a flying monkey, whether he meant to be or not, so he's not your ally. Books to read: Un##ck Your Boundaries Workbook is good. (Not my choice of language, but I worked through it with my dd and it has helped us both.) The Tao of Trauma, chapters 6-10. One of the most valuable books I've read.
  3. It's okay to snarl "Don't you speak about my children that way EVER AGAIN" and slam the phone down. Just sayin'
  4. I'd also keep tally marks for every stink eye etc I was given, and use those numbers in a "You might all think you are fine, but I AM NOT FINE" way. Sometimes people forget the emotional labour. Sometimes people forget the person who fixes everything is a person too.
  5. Drawing is mostly about thinking. I get stuck because I see from too many perspectives and don't know how to learn which ones to ignore. Maybe something like that is the reasons the programs he's tried don't work for him.
  6. Honestly, Mamma, I'd tell him he was being revolting and I can't please someone who is working so hard at being impossible. Then I'd remind him he's allowed to feel things that aren't true, but it's bad policy to believe things that aren't true. And hug him. And tell hubby to hug him too.
  7. Yeah. It's horrible. And I'm an unsociable Aspie who doesn't want to deal with most people, most of the time anyway. I don't want to imagine being an extrovert. I would like another try at marriage because I didn't get a proper go the first time. I haven't btdt And if we're talking about age, yes, I would definitely go older! I would want someone too old to pull the man-child stunt.
  8. Mm. I had a friend who has invested so heavily into having problems that he can't tell the difference between abuse and friendliness. He'd relate anecdotes about his boss being a condescending jerk and we'd say "Mate, he's giving you advice on how to care for yourself. That's nice and friendly. The guy is caring for you, not abusing you."
  9. They threatened to take me to court again if my daughter changed her behaviour towards this person too. They haven't, but possibly because I have no parental responsibility and their lawyer told them there cannot, therefore, be a case to answer. Or they got bored, I dunno.
  10. Their proxy didn't show up, so it got thrown out.
  11. Yeah, I got accused of elder abuse for not facilitating enough sugary foods to a diabetic and not making Christmas magical. They had me taken to court over it.
  12. There are books. You can frame it as part of a personal development/Health course.
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