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  1. I read an interview a few years ago by a bloke who gets mentioned as a victim of Prince Phillip's bigotry every time anyone in our media wants to run a story like that. He said the Prince had been misquoted, he hadn't been offended at all and they'd had a good laugh. Not that any of us are immune to behaving like jerks at times, but I think if you live too long, you run the risk of your sense of humour going out of fashion.
  2. I think just about everything is normal, so I'm not the right person to ask!
  3. You already know how to interact with your person. 🙂
  4. It is convenient to have friends of the same neurotype.
  5. And I have more. I think that's just personality.
  6. Linked to the mouth reflexes, I think. Peter Pan will have better information, but this is my observation. When my boy's mouth reflexes were less severe, he was more tolerant of loud noises. When the reflexes ramped up again, so did his problem with the blender.
  7. Then there's that whole thing where if you're too nice to people, you look like a jerk. Like resolving a problem quietly instead of gushing sympathy and leaving the person to suffer like you're meant to.* *I seriously don't know how that is a rule, but I know it is one.
  8. Mm. Agriculture can't work sustainably without animal input, so where will that come from?
  9. Please let's not do that "has a discernible EQ therefore not-autistic" thing. It is really not uncommon for Aspie types to have high EQ. We had to develop it to minimise the amount of trouble we got into.
  10. I have an autistic friend who loves making phone calls. They've got me so well trained I hit "accept" when they call even when I'm trying to hang up on them. 😅
  11. It's a common dynamic in my family of origin to prioritise the volatile and make a whipping boy/scapegoat out of the reliable ones. Worry less about how they feel about you, and concentrate on how you feel about them. Your decisions should be made from your point of view, not theirs.
  12. Bahahahhahahaha Don't you believe it. (Not you, the public.) But from the added information, there's definitely more going on than mere autism. Autism is not a reason to choose to be less healthy than one can be. ((Hugs))
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