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  1. Could the dad be offering a party and fuss to try and slow them down? Nobody has an engagement party and gets married two months later.
  2. Maybe he's just doing that "I'm gonna show how big and tough and the boss of my own house I am" thing, while everyone five minutes older knows being mean to your mum is how you show how grown up you aren't yet.
  3. You brought him up with a strict sense of right and wrong, and to take a firm stand on his beliefs. It is no wonder he has such a strong sense of justice and rebels against accepting that justice is no more reliable than luck. Justice is important! Of course it is his business, even if the details of any specific situation aren't! How will there be any justice if no one takes a stand to enforce it? Justice in that black and white stage of thinking tends towards the punitive. It should soften in time. ❤️
  4. If one treats their family member as an inappropriate or insufficient person, one must expect their affection levels to recede. That's only natural.
  5. Eh. If they can set a reminder on their phone for anything else, they can set one for spousal birthday shopping.
  6. I thought your state had ethics classes as an alternative these days.
  7. I bought that for dd, probably on your recommendation, and it is one of her favourites. ❤️ She keeps reading it out on the phone to me even though I've read it too. I think everyone should read the Secret Garden. Or, even better, have it read to them by someone who can do the Yorkshire properly.
  8. I was listening to a woman talking about gender balancing recruitment for BHP. It was interesting. She said those hiring refused to change until it was put on their KPI, then suddenly their thinking was revolutionised. Funny that, huh? But this guy you're talking about is the one with the power for now, so he can do as he likes until there's someone more obliging to replace him. 😞
  9. That's probably why women are doing well in truck driving. They don't have to listen to that b.s if they're the only one in the truck. Employers like women driving heavy machinery. They're a bit more gentle so there's fewer repairs needed.
  10. They are now. When those payments were first introduced, they were for the mother so she wasn't 100% reliant on her husband for money.
  11. They may need to think about how to acquire mature age, female apprentices.
  12. Both, and any other answer you might have heard elsewhere. Give some thought as to the point of religion. Someone who thinks the point is to be obedient to God is going to approach these matters differently to someone who believes religion is a self soothing tool, for example.
  13. I find myself resenting the people who told my younger self that I could do anything I wanted to if I wanted to badly enough.
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