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  1. Yup. Brains do weird stuff, often without asking. It's not a character flaw. My daughter recommends 'Some Brains' by Nelly Thomas. (I honestly thought she'd find it a bit babyish, but she seems to find it comforting and rereads it often.)
  2. Fall was almost a year ago, so I assume not.
  3. Well, there you go. I thought it was to be a movie and was waiting for it to come out at the cinema!
  4. I knew a couple who were willing to give their kids 100k towards a house under two conditions. The first was they saved the deposit themselves. The second was they would pay it back if they ever got divorced.
  5. It's often a self esteem thing too. If someone doesn't feel they are worthy of help, they'll shy away. I've got a close friend who is struggling at the moment and I had to send them a 'School of Life' Youtube clip on the purpose of friendship to get them to even begin to understand why I think they are at all my responsibility. They always help me if I ask, though even when they are so angry with me they'd rather wring my neck. They grew up in a family where help was a form of shame-based manipulation.
  6. Being authentic and mending pieces of people's souls, when they're up for it. People are for cultivating.
  7. This is a fun recipe. It'd be weird to make a sandwich loaf out of it, but I made bread rolls that were good with salad, and some nice flatbreads. She might want to halve it though, since it uses about 12 cups of flour!
  8. A cast iron frying pan with a lid that I got from Aldi a few years ago.
  9. I make bread rolls, since I'm only cooking for myself. They don't dry out as quickly as a cut loaf. Sometimes I make dough and only bake a bit at a time, leaving the rest to sour. I've never lived in a desert, though, so I don't know what works there. Breads with milk in them don't dry out as quickly either. The only other thing I use reasonably often is a dutch oven.
  10. I think the point of such books is to break people's sweet innocence. I've just finished reading Rosalind Wiseman's book to my daughter. We've been plugging away at it for 3 years. She agrees it was useful for her, but "Yay, we are finished with this filthy book!" was her sentiment. You wouldn't want to read all of it to a 10yo, but some chapters will be regrettably worth reading, I'd say.
  11. My daughter thanks you for posting the video. 🙂
  12. Half would sit and wait for my friend to finally agree to go to the black smithing class a few towns over, and the other half would get dd and I down to the beach to explore rock pools before the summer is over.
  13. Thank you! I'll show it to dd when she's up here next!
  14. And in a lot of places, that work has to be done by volunteers. If you have any...
  15. It looks like the wind has changed and the fire is heading north instead of into town?
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