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  1. What worked on you when you were a teen? Not trying to make me talk worked on me, lol.
  2. You are allowed to post a link in answer to enquiries. 😊
  3. When I was growing up we kids had to sit at the table and adults sat in the lounge watching the news. When I had kids, we mostly didn't have a table to sit at, and we spent so much time together, meals were a good excuse for introvert time.
  4. If you are a narcissist you won't even contemplate the idea unless you are doing so as a manipulation strategy.
  5. Have goals. Only care about stuff insofar as it contributes towards those goals.
  6. I think you are underestimating the power of a martyr complex.
  7. I knew I should have bought Tim Tams this morning. ☹️ I never heard someone refer to a sleeve of bikkies before. Dialect strikes again.
  8. I think we're done here.
  9. I'm sorry Um_2_4. There's no one to call because all that kind of abuse is legal.
  10. And meaningless in mine. You have to do it, because there's nothing else you can do, but they don't have to read, believe or care. I lost count of the amount of logical fallacies the court room supplied!
  11. Passive income. Dd will probably quit school early to pursue a trade, so that's two extra years of income. She intends to do her apprenticeship in a high COL area, but move back to a low COL area after. Also, she will have help in the young mum phase.
  12. It's what you have to do to stay married to a narcissist, sure. I'm not sure how it is in an empowering way of expressing your own actual self, unless you are a pretzel. Maybe it's different for NT people but I don't even want to describe the processes I have to go through to do this in a sustained way. It'd require a trigger warning.
  13. I'm talking about when you have crossed the line where your abuser doesn't even need to bother because you do it to yourself. Possibly you are talking about an earlier stage in the journey.
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