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  1. I don't know about reporting it-if he thinks it will work, then, yes. But, just wanted to offer hugs and understanding about college professor's who have unreachable expectations and who seemingly don't have a clue. That may sound harsh, but I had some who caused me to shake my head.
  2. Pretty sure I did something wrong and I won't even bother worrying the mods about it yet. I couldn't get in with my old screen name. Wonder what my post count will be when I hit submit?
  3. So, on the old boards, we had an I'm first post. For the blackout, I guess we will have an I'm Last post.
  4. King Ranch casserole, corn, black olives, salad Crispy or grilled chicken salad/ Taco salad Pulled pork sandwiches
  5. I teach in an elementary school and we do not use textbooks for math-not sure about science. We use Sharon Wells curriculum for math and it is aligned with the state standards. Any time there is a change in a state requirement, the curriculum will be updated to show that change. In being aligned with the standards, it is naturally geared to helping students be successful on the state test. Teachers are sent to workshops each six week grading period to help them become familiar with the text and receive tips on teaching it. Textbooks become dated so quickly. This way, the material is more up to date. Our math teachers require students to keep a journal which is filled with supplemental material. This can be thought of as the student's textbook in which they are the author and illustrator.
  6. You may find it helpful to sleep in a recliner when you get home. Those hospital beds will spoil you with their range of motion. When you come home and start to lie flat, it may stretch a little. YMMV
  7. Clean bathroom, including waxing floors Finish folding laundry Put away clean dishes Clean out fridge Mend three skirts Exercise Spend time in the sun for psoriasis treatment-if the sun comes out today. Lots to do before Spring Break 2018 is over
  8. Side note-Hamburg is my mother's home town. I grew up 15 miles from there.
  9. I am so tired of itching and having splotchy, scaly skin. Have you found anything that works?
  10. Sweep Vacuum Dishes Fold laundry Deep clean then wax bathroom floor Clean shower Church activity Trip to dollar store I need to get busy!!
  11. The school website probably has a few email addresses to choose from.
  12. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I have lost a sister and it is so difficult.
  13. fried venison steak mashed potatoes and gravy some kind of vegetable toast
  14. Cheesy Sausage Stromboli from Taste of Home. Not sure what I will fix with it.
  15. I do not make tea anymore, but my parent (Arkansas) Boil the Tea. Then they let it "sit" until the next day and add water.
  16. Or will it be too tough? I plan to cook it in the crock pot, if that makes any difference. Thanks
  17. Use to have Amazed by You (Lonestar) Ds recorded dh snoring and used it as a ringtone for quite some time. It was pretty funny.
  18. I had the flu the year before I got pregnant with ds23. I have read that sometimes the flu is followed by a severe depression. This is what happened to me and I ended up on medication. I have gotten the flu shot every year since then.
  19. I use them to clean the gunk out of the sink drain, apply medicine in ears, clean ears, apply vicks salve. At school, I can hand one dipped in vaseline to a kid with chapped lips.
  20. I buy many things from Dollar Genera; seems like every little Texas town has one. Many times on their receipts they have a coupon for $5 off of a $25 purchase. So, while I do not generally buy clothes there except underwear, it's great for cleaning supplies, hba, and lightbulbs.
  21. My mom never bought us winter clothes. Never one time did they purchase a pullover sweater or cardigan, or even long sleeve clothes.. Never bought us boots of any kind. I remember purchasing a winter coat myself with my own money. Never bought school clothes. I remember making a skirt or two myself, just a basic A-line skirt. I went to work at 16 and started buying everything for myself. Then she wouldn't keep my sisters from using my things.
  22. Sounds like a comfort food feast to me, also.
  23. I get it. My dh is supposed to drive home tonight. The commute is just over an hour in good conditions. I wish he would just stay put.
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